Bill Clinton Takes On the Tea Party and Closes the Deal for McAuliffe In Virginia



Bill Clinton stumped for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia last night. He reminded voters not to take the election against extremist Tea Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli for granted, even though the polls look good for McAuliffe. The election will be decided by a few thousand votes, due to the low turn out expected with off elections.

Clinton said, “Just remember, the people who aren’t here today, who go to the other fella’s rally, they will be there on Election Day. I’ve dealt with it all my life.”


Watch here courtesy of Blue Virginia:

The former president stared off with that perfect “Bubba” folksy pitch, “I know today I’m sorta preaching to the choir, but I want to talk about why I’m here and why I’ve been working hard for Terry. I know what a good man he is, and I know he over-married, which is a first requirement.”

Clinton told the revved up crowd that conservative ideologues from the Tea Party will be out to vote on November 5th, but extremism doesn’t work. He said that extremism excites people but it doesn’t get anything done. Former President Clinton warned, “Political extremism does have one political virtue. Once you get people all torn up and upset, steam coming out of their ears, people will show up and vote.”

Clinton made sure everyone knew what the stakes were. If you want to move this country forward, you have to go out and vote even in off years. “Will you care as much as they do and show up and vote? In non-presidential years, a whole different country shows up to vote. Those of you who want to move forward have got to care as much about this election as you did about the election in 2012.”

Bill held up a card and said he was doing it because Hillary did it when she was there, and the crowd erupted again in cheers.

Clinton was not kidding about ideologues and extremists. Cuccinelli is so out there that he makes Ted Cruz look moderate. For example, Cuccinelli was made into a laughing stock by the ladies on The View for wanting to ban oral sex.

Blue Virginia detailed some of McAuliffe’s speech in which the Democrat laid out some of Cuccinelli’s bizarre and frankly disturbing beliefs:

At a rally in Dale City, Virginia with Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe points out that Ken Cuccinelli has called Medicaid “outright welfare,” and has said that Social Security and Medicare were “created by bad politicians to make people dependent on the government.” McAuliffe also noted that Cuccinelli has complained about Virginians “clog up emergency rooms,” and was the “sole sponsor of legislation…that would allow emergency rooms to fingerprint individuals who were not able to pay their bill immediately” (crowd gasps in horror).

If that little tidbit didn’t get you all warmed up, just ponder that other gubernatorial candidates who ran as “moderate” Republicans turned into hard core ideologues once they were elected. They proceeded to destroy democracy (Governor Scott Walker and Governor Rick Snyder come to mind but they are just two examples of several). So, when a Tea Party candidate tells you their big ideas, they’re not just talking. It’s Scott Walker on steroids, and that is not a good thing for any state — red or blue.

Terry McAuliffe couldn’t have had better help last night getting the crowd fired up and ready to take action. Bill Clinton drew a very simple picture for voters: You either take the time to vote or you will get beaten by the frothing Tea Partiers who vote in every election.

Bill Clinton wants you to run to the ballot box. Do it for your country.

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