Obama Outwits Boehner and Stops His Plot to Kill The ACA Dead In Its Tracks


President Obama has outwitted John Boehner again by proposing his own changes ahead of Boehner’s plot to kill the ACA with votes disguised as “fixes” to the law.

National Review quoted Boehner as telling House Republicans,

Remember the strategy for stopping Obamacare we laid out to you back in July. It had two components: Aggressive, coordinated oversight, and targeted legislative strikes aimed at shattering the legislative coalition the president has used to force his law on the nation,” Boehner said, according to a person in the room.

That plan is being executed as we speak. But none of it will be effective if we aren’t communicating. If we aren’t telling the stories our constituents are sharing, then we’re letting them down. It means we aren’t doing our best to stop this law.

The best way to be sure that Boehner fails is to do what President Obama will do today. The president is going to announce an administrative fix for the people who are losing their junk insurance. The president will announce that people will be allowed to keep their policies, but insurance companies will have to tell them about other options. Republicans are going to counter what the president announces with howls that it is inadequate, but Democrats will get back on board as soon as the president announces something.

Everything that the Speaker is doing in the name of “fixing” the law is part of an elaborate plan to kill it and deny hundreds of millions of people the benefits of the ACA. The president is cutting off Boehner at the knees, by not allowing the decision to be made by Congress.

Boehner is going to keep trying to repeal the ACA, which is why Congressional Democrats can’t panic and fall for their tricks. The president has fought hard for the ACA from day one. If Speaker Boehner thinks the president is going to stop now, he is in for a big surprise.

The president has outwitted Boehner again. Instead of the debate being centered on the Republican backed Upton bill, the president is going to fix it on his own.

Republicans never learn that this president is always two steps ahead of them. Boehner’s efforts to kill the ACA will fail, and he will be left with nothing but more pointless votes on repeal.

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