GOP Planned Parenthood Inquisition Expands To Punish Research Scientists

Those being burned at the stake are our scientists who hold lifesaving medical breakthroughs in their hands.

Obama And Democrats Close To Huge Victory As Republicans Cave On Budget and Debt Ceiling

President Obama and Congressional Democrats are close to a big win as progress is being made on a two-year budget deal that would raise the debt limit and force a major cave from Congressional Republicans.

TPP On The Fast Track To Failure As Opposition To The Bill Remains United

House Republicans have been trying to gather votes for weeks, but they remain at least 20 supporters short of the number needed to pass a bill that would give President Obama fast track trade authority.

Republicans Could Be Toast In 2016 If Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare Subsidies

Congressional Republicans are starting to see the writing on the wall. If the Supreme Court rules against ACA subsidies, they could face a massive voter backlash in 2016.

Boehner Backstabbing Backfires: 63% Of Americans Oppose Netanyahu Invite

A new CNN/ORC poll has found that the American people see right through John Boehner's scheme to humiliate President Obama by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress and they aren't happy about it as 63% inviting Netanyahu without telling Obama was a bad idea.

New Poll Shows American People Support President Obama In Netanyahu Speech Dispute

A new poll reveals that by a 47%-30% margin respondents overwhelmingly agree that it was inappropriate for John Boehner to invite Netanyahu to address Congress without consulting President Obama.

Democrats In Full Revolt As Republican Netanyahu Speech Scheme Completely Backfires

Republicans and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu are facing potential humiliation as congressional Democrats are in full revolt and refusing to attend the Israeli leader's planned speech before Congress.

Obama’s Move To The Left Is The Beginning Of A Nightmare For Republicans

obama moves left

President Obama statement on net neutrality and climate change agreement with China are two strong signals that the president is building a unified front with congressional Democrats that will be a nightmare for the new Republican majority.

John Boehner Wigs Out and Calls Obama Lawless For Trying to Close Illegal GITMO Prison

In a statement filled with hypocrisy, Speaker of the House John Boehner called Obama lawless because the president is looking at options for closing GITMO.

John Boehner Screws Over The Unemployed Then Skips Town for Vacation

John Boehner and House Republicans skipped town for Memorial Day vacation while still refusing to vote on the Senate passed unemployment benefits extension.

Desperate To Save His Job John Boehner Declares War on Tea Party Groups

In a private meeting John Boehner claimed that outside groups aren't real conservatives, as he escalated his war on tea party groups that's designed to save his job.

Obama Outwits Boehner and Stops His Plot to Kill The ACA Dead In Its Tracks

President Obama has outwitted John Boehner again by proposing his own changes ahead of Boehner's plot to kill the ACA with votes disguised as "fixes" to the law.

Default and Run: House Republicans May Ignore Senate Debt Ceiling Bill Then Leave Town

It is being reported that House Republicans are considering ignoring the Senate debt ceiling deal, passing their own unpopular debt ceiling legislation, then leaving town.

Obama Gives Republicans Nothing By Rejecting Boehner’s 6 Week Debt Ceiling Offer

Obama is giving Republicans nothing. The president has rejected John Boehner's offer to keep his hostages by raising the debt ceiling and opening the government for six weeks.

The White House Obliterates John Boehner’s Fake Government Shutdown Outrage

John Boehner's latest attempt to muster public outrage at Obama over the government shutdown was destroyed by the White House with a single tweet.

President Obama Ruptures John Boehner’s Pipeline of Keystone XL Lies

President Obama went on the offensive in a New York Times interview, and appeared to argue against Keystone XL by debunking the Republicans' pipeline talking points.

Republican Policies Result In 20%-32% of Kids In the Poorest Red States Living In Poverty

Republicans in Congress and statehouses have made every attempt to create a permanent underclass living in poverty, and they are unfazed at the devastation they are creating for children

The Media Ignores Facts in Order to Push Republican Lies on Fiscal Cliff

The AP is assisting Republicans with their desperate meme that Democrats are to blame for the failure to avert the Fiscal Cliff.

Republicans Are More Willing to Cause Another Recession than Abandon the Rich

The tragedy is that Republicans are more than willing to see America suffer a deep recession than they are to abandon their ideology of upward wealth redistribution to the wealthy.

Failed Republican Economics are at the Root of America’s Decade of Economic Woe

The GOP bears most of the blame for the economic woes over the past 12 years whether it was unfunded tax cuts, two wars, blocking job creation, credit downgrade, sequestration, and the fiscal cliff.