John Boehner Is Deliberately Killing 3 Million Construction Jobs

In the lead-up to the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans, led by John Boehner (R-OH) promised their highest priority was “jobs, jobs, jobs,” and despite offering no concrete plans to stimulate hiring, the nation anticipated some kind of sweeping legislation to get Americans back to work. It is now the lead-up to the 2012 General Election, and Speaker of the House John Boehner says the American people want to know; “where are the jobs?” It has been a year-and-a-half since Boehner and Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and besides not producing any jobs, Boehner has revealed himself to be the most incompetent House leader in recent memory. What Boehner has accomplished, is attacking women’s right to choose their own reproductive health, attempted to pass legislation purposely designed to kill millions of Americans’ jobs, as well as push the Keystone XL pipeline to enrich the oil industry and himself. If the American people want to know where the jobs are, they can look no farther than John Boehner’s desk.

In a rare bipartisan move, the Senate passed a highway and transportation bill that saves 1 million construction jobs and creates 2 million more, but led by Speaker John Boehner, the teabagger extremists in the House are failing to hold a vote on the transportation bill to keep unemployment numbers high and damage President Obama’s re-election chances. What Republicans in the House did propose was an economically shortsighted bill that kills a half-a-million jobs next year alone. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said, “It defies imagination that the Republican leadership and chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee would turn their backs on the needs of our country and pretend it is good government.” Even the ultra-conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasted the Republican version of the transportation bill as being “devastating to construction and related industries—materials, equipment, design, engineering. As important, in the long run, disinvestment results in a less competitive economy and a drag on GDP due to underperforming infrastructure.” In an even rarer letter to Rep. John Mica (R-FL), author of the Republican measure, two Democratic and two Republican representatives wrote, “Reducing investment in America’s transportation system at this time will have a negative impact on the construction, engineering, manufacturing and materials companies which are already struggling with high unemployment. Transportation infrastructure is one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy. Studies suggest that for every $1 billion spent on transportation projects more than 35,000 jobs are created.” The Senate’s transportation bill, worth $109 billion creates 3,815,000 construction jobs and yet, Republicans like Speaker John Boehner are asking; “where are the jobs?” They are sitting on your desk Speaker Boehner and you cannot see fit to hold a vote on helping the construction industry, the hardest hit by Bush-Republicans economic catastrophe, by creating over three-million construction jobs.

Republicans in the House are refusing to hold a vote on the Senate’s transportation bill for myriad reasons, but chief among them are bicycle lanes, the Keystone XL pipeline, and their incessant attempt to kill as many Americans’ jobs as possible to keep unemployment numbers high. It is obvious Republicans want to prevent construction workers unemployed because they are primarily union jobs, and their aversion to bicycle lanes are rooted in keeping Americans guzzling gasoline to bolster the oil industry’s profits, but the Keystone XL pipeline obsession is a devious ploy by Boehner to manipulate share prices in Canadian tar sand companies and enrich the foreign oil market.

This column has reiterated several times that Boehner invested in seven Canadian tar sand companies in 2010 in anticipation of construction of the Keystone pipeline and it prompted the SEC to look into the issue of share manipulation based on their fallacious job creation numbers provided to the U.S. government that Speaker Boehner parroted without pause. Boehner and Republicans are well aware that the pipeline will only provide about 2,500 two-year jobs for pipeline construction specialists and that since the oil belongs to a foreign company, TransCanada, after refining in Texas the oil will be sold on the foreign market but, regardless, they are willing to hold hostage 3 million American jobs to enrich the oil industry and Speaker John Boehner. The presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Willard Romney, says if elected, he “would immediately approve the project if elected because of the construction jobs it would create and the oil it would bring from Canada.” It is no surprise that pathological liar, Willard Romney, touts the fallacy of construction jobs, or that Americans would ever see one drop of Canada’s oil, because he will say anything to win the presidency. In fact, in February, Romney promised that, “I’ll get us that oil from Canada that we deserve.” When Willard says “we,” he means the oil industry that has invested $3.5 million in his general election effort across the country, and that is in addition to the $200-million pledge from oil barons Charles and David Koch. It is astounding that to enrich one industry that American taxpayers already give $4 billion annually in subsidies and tax breaks, Republicans are willing to hold hostage 3 million construction jobs, but that is the Republican Party in 2012.

Americans should be irate that Republicans are deliberately killing 3 million jobs for any reason, but that they are holding them hostage to enrich big oil, Willard Romney, and Speaker of the House John Boehner is the depth of depravity. Boehner exemplifies greed and underhanded politics by asking “where are the jobs,” when they are sitting on his desk, and if the corporate media would do their jobs, the American people would rise up and end the Republican’s reign of terror and job killing agenda, but they stand to benefit greatly if a corporate whore like Willard Romney wins the White House. However, as despicable as Romney is, his corporate pandering pales to the incompetence of Speaker of the House John Boehner who continues asking, “where are the jobs” when they are sitting on his desk.


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  1. So the GOP’s promise to focus on ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ is fulfilled, i.e., they have been focused on KILLING jobs, jobs jobs.

  2. Boehner will not create needed jobs until he can eliminate abortions and contraceptions for Women. They have included these clauses in the transportation bills for sometime now. Alos. who are these construction jobs created for legal immigrants, documented workers, or any Americans? Why is a chinese firm general contractor contracted to oversee all thsese projects, esp in the Northwestern region of Am
    erica? I think we should create jobs for all americans.

  3. And the republican constituency stands by and cheers their leaders –as if. I mean how stupid can people be? Once again the ones screaming the loudest–we want our country back–are the very ones backing the GOP party who is TAKING THEIR COUNTRY away! With every civil right and any dream of hope right along with it. ALL WHILE THEY BLAME PRES OBAMA.
    Once again as they lie ..PRES OBAMA is not a job creator! Hates business. Of course he’s not CREATING JOBS when the GOP is HOLDING BACK EVERY POSSIBLE JOBS BILL all so they can blam Pres Obama for NO JOBS! I will never understand the dying devotion the people on the right have for their GOP leaders WHO HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT HOLD BACK JOBS, RUIN THEIR CREDIT AND OUR COUNTRY’S STANDING ETC ETC ETC. I could go on and on. They follow and believe the GOP like those who followed Hitler. As people suffer the RW constituency cheers on the GOP.. I kid you not. Who follows and believes in such a cold blooded party? Who? You people are going to help them make this country PRIVATELY OWNED BY CORPORATIONS! I MEAN HOW STUPID AND BLIND CAN ONE GET??? Look at the GOP and how they have ABSOLUTELY DONE NOTHING FOR YOU. Get your heads out your arses and vote for something for your future and your kids! Stop listening to the GOP who is taking away any form of education for your kids. Any form of assistance so NO ONE CAN MAKE IT IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY EVER AGAIN! Why I ask are YOU voting for the GOP? The GOP has impacted MILLIONS OF AMERICANS lives with their denial of job creation..YOU HAVE NO ONE TO THANK FOR YOUR SUFFERING BUT THE GOP. It does you no good to lie to yourself and blame it on this president. YOUR SUFFERING IS ALL BEHIND THE GOP! Learn to grow up and admit that its YOUR PARTY (THE GOP) who has brought this country down to its lowest form. I beg of you to stop them before they completely destroy this country and everyone in it. THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!
    ALL SO THAT THE RICH CAN GET ANOTHER TAX BREAK! What part of that tells you they give a shit about you your life or ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS FUTURE?????? They DON’T!

  4. All you saying . Bill Clinton,so you what a white person in the wh..he would get more done ..please… NON-CON.. is blockin everything the Pres’t have ..

  5. There’ll be no jobs, jobs, jobs until they get to close the public schools, schools, schools so they can make the little kids, kids, kids work for peanuts, peanuts, peanuts.

  6. John Boehner and the rest of the GOP leadership in Congress has little incentive to earn their pay (just a pittance compared to the multi-millions they will earn from Corporations to whom they pay homage) as they know that they can “win” elections by deceit, fraud and courtroom rulings. They don’t really need a majority of popular votes, they don’t need the majority of Electoral College votes. Red states, Blue states, whatever states. They have a lock on the elections as long as we do nothing.

    Boehner has no incentive to do anything they don’t choose to do among themselves other than make Mr. Obama a ONE-TERM-PRESIDENT. They see no negative consequences in their choices.

  7. as long as Boehner has his stock of Jack Daniels… the middle class is just one republican trickle down lie toast away.

  8. I guess what we are seeing, as it relates to a disconnect from reality for devout GOP’ers, is the result of Stockholm syndrome for Fox News and company. I think a majority of right wingers are intellectual lightweights as it is, but have been brainwashed into utter stupidity from the effects of the ‘rightstream’ media. In order to combat the hellish consequences of the fact-failing media, we need to go after them. Remember when Bush Sr. used the word ‘liberal’ as an epithet? We have to do the same with ‘conservative’-‘rightwing’and ‘Tea Party’. We have to be defiant, use catch phrase messaging and NAME names for who is behind this anti-America movement. We have to be consistent in message and unrelenting, resolute…patriotic. This is a war, plain and simple. Are we going to get our act together in order to save the republic or hang our heads in despairing aquiesence? Folks, now is the time to stand up and ask ourselves: what can I do for my country?.

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