Opinion: Trump Administration Email Scandal Involves Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

"Was Rex Tillerson that worried about climate risks for Exxon? Or was he more worried about the risk of revealing them to his shareholders and to the public? Or was it both?"

Oil Industry Unleashes Attack Dogs and Pepper Spray on Native American Protestors

“This demolition is devastating. These grounds are the resting places of our ancestors and cannot be replaced."

Tables Turned – A. G. Subpoenas Koch-Related Climate Deniers’ Documents

Republicans use subpoenas to terrorize climate scientists, but it is an infringement of their rights if the tables are turned.

Greedy Republicans Will Take Everything From Americans, Including Their Lives

It is nearly impossible to list everything Republicans have already indicated they will take from Americans given the opportunity

Republicans Protect and Serve The Industry That Really Harms and Damages the Unborn

A new study finds that expectant mothers living in active fracking areas are 40 percent more likely to give birth prematurely

Vindictive Koch Republicans Plot To Impeach EPA Administrator

Paul Goser (R-AZ) claims that McCarthy committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" by trying to define and protect Americans' clean water supply

Oklahoma Supreme Court Shocker: Earthquake Lawsuit Against Oil Industry Can Proceed

It was encouraging, then, that in a Republican-controlled state virtually owned by the oil industry, a High Court issued a procedural ruling that has the potential to hold the oil industry liable for injuring Oklahoma residents and damaging their property.

Nestlé CEO Exacerbating California’s Drought Would Steal More Water If He Could

This is the same Nestlé corporation whose chairman condemned the UN for the ridiculously "extremist idea that drinking water is a human right"

California Corporate Farms Increase Water Use While Small Farms Offer To Cutback

In California, the greatest natural resource, water, is in extremely short supply and the oil industry, the Nestle Corporation, and corporate agriculture is rapidly draining what is left of California water for pure profit.

Drought-Stricken California Farmers Buy Recycled Oil Wastewater For Irrigation

Before anyone praises the oil industry for making a profit from stealing irrigation water to process oil and then selling it back to drought-stricken farmers, they may be interested in knowing the processed waste water used on crops they eventually consume is tainted with high levels of acetone and methylene chloride two chemicals that are highly toxic to human beings.

The Absurd Call for Obama to Save Keystone XL by Regulating It

The idea that Republicans would ever go along with further regulating the oil industry is laughable, and funding? Forget about it

State of Emergency – West Virginia Water Supply Poisoned Again

At a time when Republicans and their money-machine the Koch brothers are waging a ferocious battle to put a stop to clean and renewable energy, and oppose any and all regulations on fossil fuels, another man-made disaster in West Virginia reveals why dirty fossil fuels are a clear and present danger to Americans' health.

Koch Congress Still Pushing Keystone After Four Pipeline Explosions In A Month

Of all the reasons to not build the Keystone pipeline, one that is often overlooked, and ignored by the corporate media, is the real and present danger of a break in TransCanada's rupture-prone pipeline the company claims is safe and environmentally friendly.

Corrupt John Boehner Conspires With Foreigners Against America’s Best Interests

Boehner has enlisted a foreign corporation (TransCanada), the Canadian Prime Minister, and a foreign energy department to put pressure on America, and particularly its President, to approve construction of a pipeline Canada is well aware is an environmental and ecological disaster.

New York Bans Fracking Due to Health Risks – Wisconsin Bans Fracking Regulation Due To Greed

Republicans depend on lies and deceit to convince their ignorant base to support dangerous policies, and it is why they criticize science and unbiased research so vehemently; particularly surrounding issues surrounding the fossil fuel industry and its risk to the environment; and Americans' health.

Boehner And Republicans Plan To Reverse Growth Numbers and Kill Jobs

Now that Republicans will have control of both houses of Congress, they will start, immediately, passing legislation to revert back to Bush-era economics and undo the economic progress of the past six years.

Bold Democrat Mary Landrieu Should Be Truthful About KeystoneXL

It may have been Democrat Howard Dean who said not long ago that if given a choice between voting for a Republican, or a Republican-lite, voters of both parties will always opt for the real Republican; because they cannot trust a Democrat pandering for votes as a Republican. It is a lesson Senator Mary Landrieu, and soon-to-be-former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, would do well to heed.

Republicans Celebrate Veterans Day By Dishonoring Veterans In Word And Deed

Republicans have no respect for the valiant service and sacrifices of veterans. In fact, for well over a decade, at least, Republicans have done everything within their power to dishonor their service.

Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success

According to Georgia Republican Senate candidate David Perdue, his only reason for serving is to prosecute Democrats and President Obama because he does not approve of the "direction of this country."

Corporate Greed Forces First City In California To Run Out Of Water

For several California cities, that corporate greed is finally paying dividends, and not the good kind, leaving them without water.