In One Fell Swoop Obama Announces Solar Jobs For 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change


President Obama Delivers Commencement Address At West Point
Over the past five years Republicans have opposed any and every attempt by President Obama to jumpstart the economy; particularly when it came to creating jobs. He also made, what Americans concerned about anthropogenic (manmade) climate change believed were, modest proposals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; that is until he called for a thirty percent reduction in carbon emissions earlier this year. Republicans reacted to that news with their typical fossil fuel industry devotion by launching vicious attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency tasked with ensuring power-generating plants’ comply with the new requirements.

Yesterday, in one fell swoop, the President took decisive action to address both job creation for Veterans and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The White House announced that beginning this fall the United States will launch a six-year job training program for America’s Veterans in the growing solar panel installation industry. Since Republicans have relentlessly obstructed jobs programs for America’s Veterans, the President took it upon himself to enact the program at American military bases and provide job training for at least 50,000 veterans. It is training for about 50,000 more Veterans than Republicans have provided despite several proposals and requests by the President to help America’s fighting men and women returning from war.

The Veterans’ job training program is just one of many initiatives the White House said will reduce carbon dioxide emissions contributing to climate change by more than 300-million tons, and save American homeowners and businesses billions upon billions of dollars in energy bills. To create even more jobs, as part of the President’s lone crusade to reduce the damaging effects of climate change, the Agriculture Department will spend nearly $70 million to fund 540 new solar and renewable energy projects that will target rural and farming areas. There is also a new Energy Department proposal for stricter efficiency standards for commercial air conditioners the energy department said will cut emissions more than any other efficiency standard it has issued to date, and help businesses cut their energy costs substantially.

It is true the President’s proposals to create jobs and reduce the effects of climate change are modest compared with his previous requests for Congress to act, but with Republicans opposing any action on jobs, especially for Veterans, or to address climate change, something is better than nothing.  This President has begged, cajoled, and attempted to shame Republicans in Congress to do their jobs for the American people and promote cost-saving clean energy, invest in job-creating infrastructure projects, and support carbon emission reductions to no avail, so Obama exercised his Presidential authority and addressed two issues at once.


It is certain the Koch brothers will direct Republicans to launch an opposition campaign against both the Veteran’s job program and clean energy proposals. Through ALEC and the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, there has been a multi-faceted assault on any renewable or clean energy programs across the nation because the Koch’s will not tolerate any energy source that cuts into the oil industry’s profits. In fact, it was reported yesterday that in Texas, the state’s Republican comptroller said it is unfair that the wind energy industry received tax credits to grow the industry. Susan Combs singled out wind energy and said tax credits gave the industry “an unfair market advantage over the other power source.” Translation; the fossil fuel industry will not countenance competition despite its “unfair market advantage” amounting to billions-of-dollars in tax credits, billions in taxpayer-funded subsidies, and freedom to pollute.

What is typically Republican about Combs remarks is the lie that cheaper energy costs and clean energy adversely affects Texas residents’ wallets. What Texas Republicans and the oil industry did not find unfair were tax exemptions covering the “high-cost natural gas drilling” that cut operators tax bills by more than $7 billion according to data from Republican Combs’ own comptroller office. Combs also failed to address the Texas state Legislative Budget Board’s recommendation to overhaul oil industry tax breaks and taxpayer-funded incentives that have “reduced many producers’ tax liabilities to zero.” Interestingly, a partner in an oil industry firm in Austin said that having a zero tax liability was being “misconstrued by the folks that would do harm to the oil and gas industry as a giveaway, but it’s really not.”

President Obama’s one-man action on climate change and a much-needed job training program for over 50,000 Veterans, although modest, is something the Koch-Republicans are not going to allow without a fierce battle.  It is noteworthy that the President’s action will not only help 50,000 Veterans, solar energy installed at military bases and installations will save the Defense Department untold billions of dollars in energy costs now and into the future that one would think budget conscious Republicans would celebrate. However, they have shown that where the fossil fuel industry is concerned, cost savings and budget restraint never enters into their austerity agenda.

Republicans have spent over five years demonstrating they are not the least bit interested in providing job training or jobs for any Americans, much less Veterans because they claim it is too costly. Subsidies, tax breaks, and incentives for the oil industry, on the other hand, are a necessary cost in Republicans’ minds. That’s why the President’s idea of a job training program specific to the renewable energy sector is brilliant; if for no other reason than to send Republicans a message that this President is serious about taking care of Veterans, creating jobs, and combatting climate change whether they like it or not.


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  1. Just when I am about to give up on him, Obama pulls beautiful rabbit out of his hat and I am reminded that discouragement is a fatal disease.

    Nice going, Mr. President.

  2. The repugs will lay low on this till after the elections. They can’t afford to piss off vets and families with obstruction in those races too close to call. BUT…. After elections look out. They will take on carbon reduction as government over-regulation and cry and whine that all of this will destroy Amurrica. Green is OK as long as it’s green money in their pockets. For the rest of us? They don’t care.

  3. Just another trap for the republicans to fall into at the behest of the kroch. Anyone who tells the Vets they cannot take this training because of oil will be laughed at.

    Credits to alternative energy attempt to balance out the socialism we give to big oil. It comes short but maybe someday it will be triumphant

  4. Excellent news and for the downvoter, I know you are a coward whose idea of supporting Vets is buying a sticker made in China saying support our troops, I would like to hear your explanation on why you hate our Vets?

  5. Though modest, its a start. I salute you Mr. President. You are fighting the fight alone and will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents in history.

  6. It is sad that our country is run so inefficiently by the republicans and the Koch brothers.
    Thank you, Mr. President, for thinking of the veterans.
    It is too bad that this country has such a dis-jointed government that items such this can’t be part of everyday legislation.
    VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU.

  7. I agree with tbone64, I think Obama is a great president, and maybe I am being one of the un-informed but I do not know why they keep saying he is not popular, and which of his policies do they hate so much?
    Is it the fact that he wants americans to have health care?

  8. Maybe Harry Reid needs to look at the job bills that the House of Representatives have sent to the Senate and he just sits on. There are over 200 bills the House has sent to the Senate for various areas to address jobs and other items, but Harry Reid will not move them forward.
     The Hire More Heroes Act (H.R. 3474) passed the House on March 11, 2014, with support from 183 Democrats. The Senate has done nothing.
    The Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act (H.R. 10) passed the House on May 9, 2014, with support from 158 Democrats. The Senate has done nothing.
    The Innovation Act (H.R. 3309) passed the House on December 5, 2013, with support from 130 Democrats. The Senate has done nothing.
    The Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act (H.R. 624) passed the House on April 18, 2013, with support from 92 Democrats. The Senate has done nothing.
    The American Research and Competitiveness Act (H.R. 4438) passed the House on May 9, 2014, with support from 62…

  9. Damn reading is fundamental
    H.R.3474 Hire More Heroes Act of 2014 – Amends the Internal Revenue Code to permit an employer, for purposes of determining whether such employer is an applicable large employer and thus required to provide health care coverage to its employees under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to exclude employees who have coverage under a health care program administered by the Department of Defense (DOD), including TRICARE, or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

    WTF does that have to do with hiring Veterans. Just another way to repeal the ACA.YOU BIG DUMMY

  10. It’s a brilliant political move, because it puts republicans in the position, if they take the Senate, of taking jobs away from veterans, which can be hung around their necks in 2016. How jaded would conservative veterans have to be, to oppose this initiative? I can see the ideological battles about to take place in veterans’ organizations, as the conservatives try to frame their opposition as anything but petty partisan obstructionism.

  11. Homeschooling is no way to go through life
    Innovation Act – (Sec. 3) Directs a party alleging infringement in a civil action involving a claim for relief arising under any Act of Congress relating to patents to include in the court pleadings, unless the information is not reasonably accessible, specified details concerning:
    •each claim of each patent allegedly infringed, including each accused process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter (referred to as an “accused instrumentality”) alleged to infringe the claim;
    •for each claim of indirect infringement, the acts of the alleged indirect infringer that contribute to, or are inducing, a direct infringement;
    • the principal business, if any, of the party alleging infringement;
    •the authority of the party alleging infringement to assert each patent and the grounds for the court’s jurisdiction;
    •each complaint filed that asserts any of the same patents; and
    •whether a standard-setting body has specifically declared such patent to be essential, potentially essential, or having potential to become essential to that body, as well as whether the United States or a foreign government has imposed any specific licensing requirements.
    I can see in your bagger reality that this is a jobs bill. YOU FAIL AGAIN

  12. After looking at the bills you claimed were “jobs” bills, they can all be considered “Give the wealthy more money, and they will create more jobs” bills.

    Sorry to inform you, but after giving the wealthy truckloads of tax incentives to create jobs, their performance in that area is weak-to-nonexistent. Yet you seem to think shoveling more money into their large pockets will somehow work this time. Please explain.

  13. The reason the Republicans don’t like Obama is that Obama Care is working. President Obama is trying to do things for the average American, and God forbid it wasn’t an idea of a Republican.

    All military personnel and especially retired or disabled need to see this story and vote blue. If the Republicans win this election our country is in for a depression, which will not hurt the rich, McConnell, Boehner etc.

  14. The left never fails to amaze me the way they twist the facts to make shit small good. This is nothing but a way to give more money to his friends. Do you remember the billions that were given to solar manufacturing companies as part of the stimulus package? Those companies then went bankrupt and keep all the money. He attached the “veterans training “so that anyone that disagrees with the spending is said to hate veterans. I am a combat veteran and disagree with this BS spending.

  15. First of all if you are referring to Solyndra that was started by bush in 2005 and the biggest losers were the Walton Family. Solyndra isn’t a typical solar company: Solyndra did not make regular, flat solar panels.

    It made a more advanced, cylinder-shaped device designed to capture the sun’s rays on its entire surface — hence the company’s name.

    It was the rapidly declining price of traditional, flat solar panels and silicon — mostly from China — that did the company in.
    Take your bullshit somewhere else

  16. You mean actually read the bill like the Dems read the ACA. They have to pass a bill to find out what is in it.

  17. Always wrong that is not what Pelosi said dumbass. She was talking to you baggers who was making up stuff which BTW you were wrong, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG on every count.

    It amazes me even when shown you are a liar, stupid and just plain ignorant you people keep repeating the same talking points. Is it inbreeding that makes you people the way you are?

  18. How dumb can you be? It was the SENATE teahadist who blocked funding because of some bullshit over Iran. It was your party that had Vets laying their piss and shit at Walter Reed. If you can get pass your See dick run books here is some info for your enjoyment

    Overall, Obama Has Done More For Veterans Than Any President In the Past 30 Years.

    Republicans and conservatives have spent 4 years spreading the lie that President Obama hasn’t done anything for veterans. They have repeated it 100x per day for all 4 years and spent millions promoting their lies. The thing about records is that they are recorded. So let’s set the record straight.

  19. There should be a BIG push for residential and commercial GEOTHERMAL installation. Right now, to get a geothermal installer, you have to pay thorough the nose.

    NJ had a vibrant geothermal installation and promotion program, that was mostly dismantled by Chris Christie when he appointed a new Board of Public Utilities head, who came from an Oil Company.


    Geothermal is the most energy efficient heating and cooling system on the planet and, with a couple of solar panels, can heat and cool your home with a ZERO CARBON footprint.

    AND… there ARE NO requirements for Natural Gas or Fuel Oil to heat your home. Just either minimal electricity, or a couple of solar panels and some batteries–completely off the grid.

    That’s why the NJ BPU scrapped geothermal technology, it would take away profits from the power/fuel companies.

  20. You’re not a “combat veteran” and we all know it. You’re a Koch Bros. troll, being paid to offer bogus baloney, which you then try to give authenticity, by claiming you’re something you’re not. The only combat you’ve seen, is with other Koch trolls, trying to sell your faked-up advertising to your vile benefactors. The V.A. problems were a legacy of the incompetent Bush administration, and you know it, but intellectual dishonesty makes your money, so piss off.

  21. Idiotic statement, you are showing your ignorance. The VA didn’t just start in 2008, any assclown that thinks that is a talking point against the President is in serious need of a history lesson.

  22. Mike, in any new business venture there is always the chance that it fails. Duh..that is the learning curve. Learning from mistakes. So, I don’t buy your BS.

    If you never attempt something new, you will never get anywhere. If it is a loss, you pick yourself up and learn from the mistakes to make it better.

    You just want to demonize our President, that’s your problem. Vet or no vet.

  23. Fox News an Whirled NUT Daily headlines…Dictator Obama Forces Military to Adopt Failed Liberal Science And Force Veterans Into Slave Labor FEMA Camps.,….Film whenever we can string together enough sound blurbs to fool our ignorant constituents…

  24. Thank you Mr. President for doing something for our vets and our country that will help our economy and national security, helping make us energy independent. We can all breath a little better already. Keep up the good work, I appreciate you.

  25. 50,000 + potential Veterans who will sign up for this program will certainly be in line voting for any Democrat over the Job hurting Republican candidates/incumbents: See a surge in Military voters voting for the Democrats. Nice move. Although it wasn’t meant to be political, the timing is perfect with the announcement. Bingo!

  26. personally i think if they were all that worried about carbon pollution they would stop flying all over the world after all those jetliners dump far more carbon into the air then most people even realize it’s actually much cleaner to drive across country then to fly sure it takes alot longer but hey thats the price we have to pay to do our part if you look at people like john kerry that guy spends more time flying across the country and around the world then he does standing on solid ground government needs to lead by example not shout out demands they work for us not the other way around

    and if you look at past statistics you will find that democrats never produce jobs it’s always the republican’s that create jobs every time democrats have had control of both house and senate jobs jumped off a cliff when republicans controlled both jobs climbed it’s proven fact that democrats kill jobs they are always trying to hold people back and they are classic liars and you suckers beli…

  27. And if we look past your stupidity then one can see facts
    U.S. Presidents from Which Party Create More Jobs – Democratic or Republican?
    In the modern era, since 1933, over 43 years the Democratic total is about 73.4 million jobs for an average of 1.7 million jobs per year.

    Meanwhile, over 36 years Republican presidents created about 34.8 million jobs for an average of 967,000 jobs per year.

    Not only did failed math being homeschooled we also see that summer school was help

  28. To Mike:

    Read this:…

    Then take your BS somewhere else…. (You were told that awhile ago)

  29. LesCalif..those bills that you tout as good bills, may be so..but riddled with tax cuts for the rich,as well as the complete gutting of ACA,privatizing of social safety nets for seniors and all around rich guy goodies,why are you Republicans and the mouth pieces who adore them so afraid of a clean bill ? why do you hate America and its veterans ? our President will succeed with or without you haters…

  30. Awesome move Obama. All these trolls are reminding me of the 2012 and 2008 elections! We saw a lot of paid trolling then too. BUT ALL REPUBS HAVE IS OBSTRUCTION AND RACISM!!

  31. Mike…to make shit “small” good? the word is smell Mike and that is what your comment does..and the odor is…..shit…as in what you and your comment is comprised of. Don’t tilt with we on the left Mike you and your ilk will lose every time.

  32. Rachel..get a clue darling! It is in fact YOU and YOUR ilk who have been scammed and you’re either too stupid to know it or you simply cannot admit when your wrong. Your side denies factual reality every single day and then back it up with NOTHING!! Your link is ridiculous as you are.

  33. Well, it does include the words ’employer’ and ’employee’ three and two times respectively, so of course it MUST be a jobs bill. Merely by mentioning the acts of being an employer and an employee, it implies jobs being held by someone, somewhere, however vaguely and tangentially!

  34. Actually you are completed full of crap. It causes less carbon polution to fly across the country then to drive. Even on short flights if you are by yourself it causes less carbon polution to fly then to drive. As far as jobs, history shows more jobs have been created under democratic Presidents then under republican Presidents. You didn’t get anything right with your comment. Next time actually do some research before commenting. Maybe then you wouldn’t look like such a fool.

  35. Robert..your entire posting was completely in error, from the first letter to the last period. I don’t have time to pull it apart error by ignorant conservative error but the most glaring fabrication and a complete conservative lie is the statement that Democrats never create jobs and good economies and only the Republicans do…THAT is a total lie and can be destroyed by this thing called HISTORY and those pesky things called FACTS!! You sir are a either a complete idiot or you have been successfully brainwashed by Fox news and the conservative Goebbels media. I pity you sir, I can’t hate you..

  36. Unfortunately your replies and statements lose credibility because you resort to name calling. Thats too bad, because eyou do come up with some valid points. I would suggest if you are trying to make a point, you don’t insult the person you are making the point too. Your replies would carry much more weight if you would state facts and the references and then let the person read it and decide. Once someone calls me a name, everything they say from that point on goes right in the trash. Just a suggestion.

  37. Don’t even bring up the solar project money. If your white turd friends the Tea- baggers (named after sucking a man testicles)would have voted on any kind of solar bill that company would have never went under.This is a political party that voted in a Plumber for god’s sake.Just a bunch of white trash kissing the asses of Rich white trash. Go the hell away already.

  38. I don’t do stupid or liars. If they are posting then before they post its this thing called Google. Before I spout or spew take your choice I look up my facts. I am sorry that people fee fee’s get hurt but for the past 6 years I have heard every derogatory name called about the President his wife and even children from the very same people I insult and I am suppose to cut them some slack?

    For too long progressives have been painted as sissies, hippies and everything else because we tried to reason with their better angels only to be spit on. They are destroying this country with their ignorance, sexism , homophobia and racism. So if for one second you think these teahadist would listen to facts then you are the one who is gullible. I know they wont read what I wrote, their ignorant minds are made up. When I post links its for others who everyday listen to their and the media bullshit and don’t really know.

    But I thank you for your feedback. Peace

  39. never give up on Obama! He is smooth cool when it comes to these sour grape Republicans! Just about ALL Republicans in this country are big freakin LIARS and a huge joke. Their a disgrace! and so are the fools who put them in their jobs! I wonder if the Obama critics led on by the conservative loony media will ever see the light……Sad to say ……I doubt it.

  40. your view is scientifically false and by speaking your propaganded ignorance…you perpetuate the problem.

  41. yes. the republicans are losing in several important house and senate races and are freaking out. folks, the media and the republians have underestimated the democratic turnout. well, we have been waiting four long, long, long, long years to fix the mistake we made by electing republican and tea party clowns in the 2010 midterms. on November 4th, I will be first in line. im off all day. I will be the first vote for democrat in my town!!! two weeks out and I can see a democratic wave approaching!!! get out and vote! the righties are desperate. they know they are about to be humiliated at the polls. this is the reason websites like this have now been infested by paid rightwing trolls. this is a desperate move from a desperate animal. don’t let republicans fool you folks again!!! vote on November 4th for dems!!!

  42. Obama busy creating jobs and focusing on the middle class as the GOP and their base of crazies are busy spreading unwarranted panic, hysteria, and fear over anything and everything. shame on the rightwing. seriously. you fools have no brains, no clue, and no class. dems will keep the senate.

  43. don’t forget one of the most successful presidents ever and the best economic president in the last 40 years. Obama approval rating 48% and rising. GOP Congress approval rate is a record low 6% and sinking and are, by far, the worst congress in history. Obama is at least 40% points HIGHER THAN THE GOP. when dems keep the senate, it should not be that big of a surprise for those who follow politics closely!

  44. Actually you’re the one being scammed, duped, lied to and laughed at. A vote for any republican is a vote for cancer, war, poverty and ignorance.
    They’ve got nothing, no accomplishments, no honor, no integrity. You can not name one thing that the republican party has done for the average American in the last 45 years.
    So, a republican will say anything, and it will do everything it can to stop democrats from voting.

    Learn the facts instead of spewing right wing talking points. (And by the way, since the gop is so concerned about costs, I bet you’re really upset that last year’s gop shutdown cost us $24 billion. Or maybe you’re upset that the more than 50 attempts by the House gop cost us $55 million).

    For example, aside from the millions who now have health insurance, health costs are rising at their lowest rate in many years. Profits for major health insurance companies have increased up to 34% since the ACA took effect. (Yea, free markets). 25% more ins companies are in…

  45. If GOP policies are so good, why is it that most of the states that have the worst outcomes in education, health, standard of living, to name a few, are GOP-led states? Conservatives complain about government, yet why is it that most of the ‘top’ states that receive more in Federal aid than they pay into the system are Republican-led states? (Talk about moochers and takers). Conservatives complain about people on food stamps, yet the majority of recipients are Whites in Republican-led states.

    Conservatives claim they’re fiscally responsible, yet roughly $11 trillion of our $16 trillion debt is due to Reagan (“deficits don’t matter”), Bush I and Bush II. We were told that tax cuts for the “job creators” would create jobs. Where were all those jobs under President Bush?

    Contrast that with: More than 57 consecutive months of private sector job growth under Obama. Stock Market and corporate profits at all-time highs. The $1.3 Billion deficit left by W has been reduced by ha…

  46. If you are a combat vet, thank you. If you’re so concerned about giveaways, you must’ve been upset when: Halliburton made $39 billion during the Iraq War; $4 billion in annual tax breaks to oil companies; $11 trillion of the $16 trillion debt is due to the last 3 republican presidents; last year’s GOP shutdown cost us $24 billion.

    Respectfully, it’s people like you and Rachel here who are being duped. You believe the right wing talking points, you do the bidding of the wealthy, vote against your own economic interests, and are laughed at all the way to the bank, or the Cayman Islands, by the wealthy.

  47. Expect another round of Koch-ordered Senate and House “investigations” and more claims that “Obama is “lawless” and “overreaching.” It’s all GOPTPers and their supporters have. They refuse to lift one finger to do anything for our veterans and any other American who needs help and don’t want dems in Congress, or the president, to do anything to help them, either. As far as I’m concerned, they can piss off and eat dirt.

    The GOPTP commenters here have been sold a load of prime 100% Bullsh*t by Fox News, RW pundits, politicians, and others.

    Facts are NOT their friends.

    Their love for Bullsh*t is what had them reeling on November 6, 2012, when they had to watch in humiliation as Romney delivered his quickly-prepared concession speech, canceled the fireworks bonanza he had planned for Boston, and sent his campaign workers home, where they discovered at their drop off points that he’d canceled their accounts and they had to pay their own cab fare.

  48. For the love of dog Robert, please go back to the folks who are paying you to post on progressive sites, and tell them that whenever you use the words, “always,” and “never” to describe either an individual’s or party’s actions, you immediately send up a red flag! In other words, you my friend, are full of sh$t!

  49. The USA used to be first in the world to move into advanced technology, to exploit it, to make it work to improve lives not only in our own country but across the globe. Now the nation is stymied by the Luddites and Corporatists that keep us mired in old ways, costly ways, harmful ways of doing things simply to service nonsensical religious freaks, scientific naysayers and numbskulls, and industry interests. Thank you, President Obama, for bringing intelligence and forward thinking to the arena. Thank you for moving our veterans into useful, productive training and for moving America into bright new worlds. We once owned the future. I’m glad to see President Obama dragging the GOPers kicking and screaming into the future, whether they like it or not.

  50. Read the fine print. Millions of dollars were cut from the VA budget by the GOP. The failure to give proper service to our vets can be blamed on the oversight committee not the POTUS>H REMEDIATED the problem, didn’t he????????????????????

  51. Solyndra was a private entity in 2005 when it started in California. IT HAD 0 TIES to any GUBERMENT agency, office, or Politician. Major investors included George Kaiser Family Foundation, U.S. Venture Partners, CMEA Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Virgin Green Fund, Madrone Capital Partners, RockPort Capital Partners, Argonaut Private Equity, Masdar and Artis Capital Management.[16] : Wiki

    It actually posted profits in 2009 and 2010 three digit’s in the millions.

    Funny thing happened after the money from ARRA (the Stimulus). The money disappeared, the company disappeared, and the American People lost 400 Million dollars. POLI-TICS-IANS from the Democratic side were running things at this point; both houses and the POTUS. If you want to argue the positive things Mr. Obama did, Soyndra is not one of them. Nor did it have anything to do with BUSH. Want to know where that money went? There are a couple people who know. Bergdahl, Manning, and The former CEO who about broke INTELL’s…

  52. So according to YOU giving training and JOBS to Vets is the wrong thing to do? You MUST be a rethuglicant because YOU want Vets to die on the street homeless and jobless. You are a disgrace. THIS vet LOVES the POTUS, he’s the only one fighting for us.

  53. I see it was on the White House website 6 weeks ago. I guess the lamestream media was focused on some shiny object at the time….

  54. Your memory is very short. Let’s look at the Reagan years, I believe that falls into your last “45 years” comment. Regan (1) ended the Cold War (2) Under Reaganomics, 16 million new [full time] jobs were created (take note Obama) (3) Regan made steps to strengthen the military those efforts ensured that America remained a military superpower as to opposed to Obama who striped the military (4) Tax reform: Not only did he cut tax rates, but the Tax Reform Act of 1986 simplified the income-tax code by eliminating many tax shelters, reducing the number of deductions and tax brackets. Now we have a 17 TRILLION Dollar deficient thanks to your President.

  55. LOL, we are still paying for Reagans follys today. I was paying taxes under the great traitor, he severely cut taxes on the rich and took away deductions for the poor and middle class. he spent so much on the military the next 3 presidents all were cutting it back. His debt is part of why we are now in debt. During reagans “for the rich only” the common peoples wages started to stagnate.

    You forget Bush cut taxes too, that put us deep in debt. Then there was the 2 little wars he didnt budget at all. No, the 17 trillion doesnt belong to Obama

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