Boehner And Republicans Plan To Reverse Growth Numbers and Kill Jobs

Americans have had very little good news to celebrate over the past two years due to declining wages, unpunished racial killings, a rush toward theocracy, and most recently, the prospect of the most extremist right-wing Congress in the nation’s history. There has been steady good news on the economic front in consistent Wall Street gains, record corporate profits, world-leading oil exports, falling gas prices, and job growth numbers as a result of the Obama Administration’s rejection of Republican economic policies. However, now that Republicans will have control of both houses of Congress, they will start, immediately, passing legislation to revert back to Bush-era economics and undo the economic progress of the past six years.

Republicans campaigned on, and have lied perpetually about their storied “40 bills” on job creation such as opening up our world leading oil production for American jobs, building Canadian corporation TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline, reducing tax rates for the rich and corporations, balancing the budget, and abolishing environmental regulations. Boehner and Paul Ryan have complained bitterly “that all 40 jobs bills are dying over there in the United States Senate.”  The problem for Americans is that beginning in January the 40 jobs bills, all gifts to corporations, will be brought to life and instead of creating jobs, will create more wealth for the one-percent at the expense of the poor, the middle class, Americans’ health, and of course jobs; typical Republican economics.

None of the House jobs bills were designed to create even one job. It is difficult, indeed, to imagine any American believes that abolishing overtime pay, giving tax breaks and credits to corporations outsourcing Americans’ jobs, or providing tax incentives for the rich and corporations to conceal their wealth offshore will create jobs; but many are stupid enough to believe lying Republicans and probably think they did pass 46 jobs bills. But for any American capable of a 6-year old’s cognitive ability, or noted economic experts, the GOP’s jobs bills are a joke.

According to five noted economists who reviewed the storied jobs bills, three decades of trickle-down economics, current economic disasters in Republican states, and current economic successes in blue Democratic states, not one of the Republicans’ so-called “jobs bills” will have any measurable impact on job growth. In fact, as history proves, and Republicans intend, the bills serve to kill jobs and economic growth while promoting the Koch, Wall Street, and Republicans’ agenda; enrich the oil industry and corporations at the middle class and poor’s expense.

Some of the more absurd “jobs bills” are worth noting including four of Boehner’s so-called education bills purported to be monumental job creators. According to Cecilia Rouse, the dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, “not one of them would affect job growth like Republicans claim.” Two of the bills require colleges to offer loan counseling and push the Department of Education to provide information for potential college attendees. Rouse said all colleges already have dedicated loan or financial aid counselors, and like the second bill, will not create any jobs.

The other two education “job creation” bills “seize control of primary education from the federal government by allowing states to transfer public school funding to underperforming private and religious charter schools; something the  Obama Education Department champions as part of its (not so stealthy) anti-union school privatization crusade. Much more on this in another article.

Republicans claim that cutting social programs is a sure-fire job creator, and they cite two special bills they claim boosts economic growth and creates an explosion of new jobs. One is Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget that every economist not with the Heritage Foundation said would “not only harm poor Americans, but also hinder job creation by depressing demand in the economy.”  The other proposal is a harsh work requirement to qualify for food stamps that will not create jobs for the majority of recipients who already work; including active-duty service members.

An economist at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Strain, questioned exactly how imposing work requirements will create employment opportunities in a slow economy; particularly for the elderly and children who make up a substantial number of food stamp recipients. Strain said, “The problem with talking about these things is in a depressed economy, the jobs need to be there. If the jobs aren’t there, you can’t impose work requirements.” A Brookings economist, Gary Burtless, said that “pulling people’s fingernails out in order to get them to take a job does not add to the total stock of jobs in the economy.” It is important to note that Republicans are not interested in adding jobs, just cutting food stamp funding to give the wealthy tax cuts.

The largest number of bills are aimed at deregulating the dirty energy sector (oil, coal, and mining) that Republicans claim will create jobs by “saving companies a lot of money.” But according to University of Michigan public policy professor specializing in environmental policy, Barry Rabe, “It’s sort of a classic argument”  from Republicans to claim that any these bills would help Americans who are looking for more jobs.  Rabe said that the bills are a response to Obama’s environmental goals that will put a damper on the Republican goal of “saving energy companies a lot of money.” For example, one “jobs” bill bans the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing emissions standards, and another “job creation bill” requires the EPA to give its authority to Republicans in Congress.  The total number of jobs created from both bills is absolutely zero, but the total profit for the Kochs to decimate the environment, like the other bills enriching corporations, is immeasurable; but that is the whole point of every one of the Republicans’ so-called jobs bills.

The only reason there has been consistent job and economic growth since Republicans crashed the economy during the Bush era is because President Obama has rejected their disastrous economic policies. In fact, the Obama Administration has presided over the best job creation streak since 1939, and so far 2014 has been the strongest year for job growth since 1999; all in spite of  Republicans’ Herculean attempts to kill jobs, thwart economic growth, and basically do nothing but bitch and moan about immigration, Obamacare, Ebola, Benghazi, and something about a WTF war on religion.

The President is certainly going to be busy using his veto over the next two years, because as is their wont, Republicans will do everything in their power to decimate the economic gains in jobs, GDP growth, revenue, and  debt reduction as a result of a Democrat in the White House. It too bad the Americans who voted for Republicans according to their promise of enacting the 46 jobs bills that do not create jobs were too racist, too religious, and too incredibly stupid to notice that the only reason there has been record job growth is because Republicans did not control Congress. Next month that changes and for the next two years they will do everything in their power to reverse the past few years impressive job growth numbers, give the rich more tax breaks, kill regulations, and keep Americans’ wages from growing.

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  1. Yes you are right about the Republican legislation – all written by ALEC, Heritage and funded by Koch.. But why did that stop the Democrats for not going after the jugular. Tax the rich and close the loopholes. Why don’t they cry at the top of their lungs that 4000 top multimillionaires don’t pay Federal Taxes do to all those tax breaks written by ALEC over the last 40 years. Or how about the annual $3 trillion corporate tax breaks that Democrats have voted for as recent as last May. Even here President Obama threatened a VETO on $444 billion in reinstated tax breaks for corporations. So now it down to $45 billion with nothing for the people. The worst is it would take less then $176 billion to bring 222 million people out of poverty – to the poverty line and save millions of lives. When is The Fed going to rain money on the people, like they rained $40,000 for every man, women and child on the banks in 2009. Enough is Enough – Dems do your job, support the people.

  2. Would it be racist to say that the majority of White America are a bunch of brain dead ignorant asses for giving these arsonist matches to burn your own house down because you don’t like a blah for President?

  3. The worst part is, in my opinion, that if President Obama and Democrats are able to limit the damage done by Republicans and keep the recovery going, Republicans will be saying it is because they controlled the House and the Senate just like they claim when it comes to Bill Clinton’s time in office. Sickening.

  4. al Qaeda? Bah!!! Nothing. ISIL? Bah!!! Nothing. Republicans? They are America’s worst, and most destructive enemy.

  5. dj, there are way too many Caucasian Democrats for you to make that statement. I’m usually right there with you on your comments, but I’m somewhat offended by this one. Now, if you want to say that the people who voted for Republicans, with the majority of THEM being white, I’ll agree with you.

  6. I’ll add that I am 1/4 Native American (Cherokee from my father and Illini from my mother) but for all intents and purposes I am seen as Caucasian.

  7. I hear you but I just look at the exit polls. Now my question is what are we not doing to convince whites that are in the same boat of bovine excrement that I am in to vote for their interest to move the country forward?

  8. Don’t take his the wrong way but you have the best of two worlds. I don’t know how it is where you live but any claim of Native American blood in OK you get al forms of Federal Benefits. My brother claim Native American blood and he gets healthcare. I am like n@ggir please, stop fronting. LOL

  9. For the record, I’m a white guy…

    Yet, it seems like race is always the one thing that seems to be the reason behind their antics.

    So, to say that you are racist would be wrong because, you know, it’s the truth.

  10. I don’t know dj, I have people I’ve known all my life who struggle every day yet they hate Democrats and can’t get them enough of some Republicans. Many of them are family members and others are old schoolmates. I argue a lot with friends on Facebook and some have unfriended me but I don’t unfriend them just so that they have to look at my shares from various liberal websites. That’s all I know to do is get the word out any way possible.

  11. You have to ask what the gop gets from killing jobs? Corporations do not make money without jobs. Maybe the billionaires are trying to shut down the millionaires. Even billionaires do not continue to make money if there are no jobs. The money they have is useless if people are not making product for them. Wall street will turn against them.

  12. This is in reply to your reply before this one (no reply button on this one). I know I don’t have to suffer racism, and I see a lot of it and know that anyone who says we are post-racial is either blind, or a total liar. I’m in Illinois and I have cousins and aunts who are recognized as Native American but I have never done the paperwork myself, I’v thought about it many times, but haven’t done it.

  13. I think in future elections there has to be a nonobjective party/committee, with no skin in the game regarding the US. That committee should oversee all voting done.

    I know a lot of Dems did not vote, but I really believe more votes were stolen that we realize. As well, the gerrymandering should be undone if possible. Seriously, I think with this last election, we have already tipped the scale into the GOP playbook. We cannot afford this again in 2016.

  14. I think even Nate Silver has said that something doesn’t add up, that the pre-election polling, and the post-election results, were too far out of kilter to easily explain.

  15. So, what/who/where do we go to start something on this? I have no idea, and personally would not mind starting something to look at this. I don’t even know if we can trust our own election committees at this point, state or national.

    I read comments before the election on many, many different sites. The consensus was get rid of the GOP. There is something rotting from the inside out in this past election.

    Any ideas of who/what/where to contact is greatly appreciated. I refuse to let those bastards cheat and turn a blind eye to it.

  16. Thanks, Captain Obvious, The business model has been around since Reagan. “Starve the Beast” ruin our economy ….get everyone believing a “Global Economy” is our only chance and corporate America is going to save us the trouble of moving to Bangladesh by removing all impediments to our freedom, such as minimum wage, health care social security, any/all supports for food/education/housing…MMmm freedom!!!

  17. I cannot imagine, given the seriousness of this election, that Democrats especially would stay home in droves.The apathetic would. This is one problem which is difficult to treat.. nO amount of explanation of the situation will penetrate until it becomes up front and personal Almost certainly there was also a great deal of interference in the results

  18. That’s it exactly. Republicans run on “the government is broken” and when elected they go about making sure it is as dysfunctional as possible. I know that is not an original by me, but it certainly applies.

  19. No it isn’t racist but Blacks didn’t vote like they should have. They shouldn’t complain when laws are passed to help the rich and hurt the poor. People have to get out and vote.

  20. I’ve gotten to the point where I believe every repub governor that lost on nov 4th that won’t allow Rove or some other cheating bastard come in and rig the voting machines in their state. Remember Rove ate crow in 2012 and had to promise his masters a victory one way or another. They want control of this country and they’ll get rid of everyone in their way.

  21. repub goal – the rich get richer, the middle class disappears – the repub goal to create havoc

    Havoc opens people to all kinds of extremist solutions, the repub goal of turning america into a right wing extremist southern baptist / evangelical theocracy (the very people of the bible belt south whose worst nightmare has come true – a black president

    Repubs well know that the economic collapse created by the treaty of versails let to that madman hitler taking over and WWII and 55 million death

    they just want to add theocracy to the mix.

    go to youtube and hunt around for pastors hating on gay people and also on our first black president

  22. When I voted, there was a large crowd of people. Everyone asked for paper ballots to create a paper trail of their vote. I was sure we would get rid of the idiots in Kansas. I was stunned to see the results the next day. I agree that a crime has been perpetrated against the American people.

    I have tea party family members that wear blinders and they were committed to vote against Sam Brownback. I asked them why they thought he won reelection. Their response blew me away…. “We and most of our friends live outside of the city and our property taxes have not increased” so they voted for him again.

    Please people of all colors, let us not bicker among one another. We may have different skin tones, but we do share like causes. We must stand together because it makes our voices much louder when we speak.
    Don’t follow, LEAD!

  23. The GOP/TP have a unspoken saying which is “If it doesn’t affect me personally, then it isn’t really a problem.”

  24. And for the next 2 years republicans will lie some more and convince the ignorant American people that even though they have control of Congress, it’s the president that is stopping them from creating jobs and that they need the White House to really create more jobs. And then the olygarchy will be complete and the fall of America will quickly come. A party who’s only success over the last 6 years has been lying and deceiving the American people and bearing false witness against this president, is surely not working on behalf of something good and righteous but rather something very evil and sinister. America’s biggest threat is not terrorism from without, but terrorism from within.

  25. You all can quit spinning your wheels. If people were so disgusted with the lies and deceit of the republicans then why are they being elected to run the country. Something doesn’t add up here. Politics is ruining this country or shall I say it has already ruined it.I suggest we all hang on for the next two years; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  26. steve, the first line of your post has been the rethug plan for years..way back to the first time funds were given to Vets coming home, from WW2 to attend school, and get a hand at the ladder of success.
    Their plan now, is to start the process going back ward. Can’t have the poor or uneducated getting a chance anymore.

  27. You are right there Terry. Take the last election, rethgus won with 1/3 of the vote and are claiming a mandate. Did the same with shrub and will do it anytime they are in control…Imagine what would be their voice IF, they ever did get a mandate…

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