‘Wrong!’: MSNBC Hosts In Disbelief After Trump Proves He Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

Either the businessman president doesn't understand basic economics or he is intentionally misleading the American public.

Study Says Trump’s Climate Change Denial Spells Economic Disaster for His Supporters

Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than the toxic things the petulant president says is what he doesn’t say.

Wall St. Economic Expert’s Warning Should Terrify All But Rich Americans

Trump’s economic plan will confer vast monetary gains on the very wealthiest Americans while leaving Trump’s electoral base further behind.

Conservative Economist Ben Stein Says Trump May Make Him Vote Democrat for First Time

"I don't know where he got the idea that you can just somehow drive a big pickup truck into Mexico and bring back all the jobs."

Trickle-Down to Keep-the-Worker-Down: It’s Not the “Skills Gap” Driving Down Wages

Witness the reality of the GOP's keep-the worker-down economics and its persistent drive to re-distribute wealth from the bottom to the top

Rand Paul Fears Sanders’ European-Style Socialism Leads to Genocide

Paul compared Sanders' European-style socialism to the communist regimes of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot as though they are identical

John Boehner To Hold Tax Repeal Vote To Increase Welfare For the Rich

Speaker of the House John Boehner will hold a vote to repeal the "Estate Tax" and give the very richest of the rich another government handout at the expense of the rest of the population.

Countering GOP Obstruction Obama Initiative Creates 500,000 High-Paying Jobs

The President launched an initiative last week to train 500,000 Americans for high-paying jobs in high-technology services.

Fox News Ignores Latest Jobs Report Showing Lowest Unemployment Rate In Seven Years

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released February's jobs numbers on Friday showing that the unemployment rate ticked down to 5.5%, the lowest rate the country has seen since May 2008, months before the financial crisis that rocked the American economy and led to huge job losses.

President Obama’s Economy Continues To Surge As 257,000 Jobs Added In January

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released January's jobs report and, as has been the case for some time now, the news was good. The economy added 257,000 jobs during the month.

GOP Trickle Down Has 70% of Americans Near Financial Calamity

Instead of changing course and helping the majority of the population, Republicans still propose heaping wealth on the rich and increasing taxes on the bottom 90% of the population to complete the utter destruction of middle income earners. According to yet another report they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

Rick Perry Quotes Jesus To Justify Income Inequality and Poverty

Perry's message is clear; there is no reason to address poverty, income inequality, or make any effort to help those suffering, and people in Texas are suffering, but not because it is written in scripture.

Boehner And Republicans Plan To Reverse Growth Numbers and Kill Jobs

Now that Republicans will have control of both houses of Congress, they will start, immediately, passing legislation to revert back to Bush-era economics and undo the economic progress of the past six years.

Paul Ryan Plans A CBO Rubber Stamp For Trickle Down Disaster

Paul Ryan is quietly working behind the scenes to make sure the next head of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Congress's objective eye in all matters concerning fiscal policy, is an ardent proponent of the Koch's Americans for Prosperity economic agenda.

Child Homelessness and Poverty Are Rising So Republicans Plan Harsh Program Cuts

Coupled with inhumane austerity cuts, the GOP is getting precisely what they apparently live for; more despair and destitution among the poor, especially children.

Obama Has Best Job Creation Streak Since 1939 So Republicans Vow To Return To Bush

In Republican vernacular, returning to the "old ways" is "taking our country back;" but back to what? If the subject is the economy, it is back to Bush-era economic policies that are wildly popular with conservative mainstream media, but still not austere and severe enough for the Koch brothers.

Chris Christie Doubles Down on Koch Fueled Cluelessness About The Minimum Wage

Chris Christie refused to let Fox News save him from himself as he doubled down on his misinformed opinion that the country doesn't need a debate about the minimum wage.

Business and Wall Street Agree: Republicans Are Killing the Economy

Now, after over five years of economists' warnings, banks, Wall Street, and the preponderance of retailers have joined Democrats in calling for quick and complete implementation of President Obama's economic policies to save America.

Who Is Lazier, The Welfare Recipient Or The Rich Guy?

The right-wing negativity critical of those individuals receiving food stamps and other welfare benefits irritates me. The recipients are always characterized by the political extremists as "lazy."