John Boehner To Hold Tax Repeal Vote To Increase Welfare For the Rich

John Boehner

Despite the ever-widening income gap in America with the poor and middle class losing wealth to the richest Americans in the top one percent of income earners, Republicans still are on a crusade to hand more riches to the already uber-wealthy. This week, Speaker of the House John Boehner will hold a vote to repeal the “Estate Tax”  and give the very richest of the rich another government handout at the expense of the rest of the population.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, “The Estate Tax is a tax on your right to transfer property at your death” to your heirs. As it stands now, no-one pays ‘Estate Tax” on any inherited estate unless it exceeds $5.4 million that affects the top 0.2 percent (two-tenths) of households in America. Everyone else, including the top 1 percent, pays no estate tax for inherited wealth up to $5.4 million. It is what gives the wealthiest families in America the ability to stay wealthy and become more powerful from generation to generation all while paying nothing for newfound wealth. Republicans want to completely eliminate the Estate Tax to unburden the richest 0.2% of households that include the likes of Romney and Kochs of America.

If one listens to, or believes, Republicans this country just has not been as generous to the wealthy as it has the overwhelming majority of Americans either wallowing in poverty and low wages or struggling to remain in a rapidly vanishing middle class. It is worth noting that the median income in America is below $50,000 and those families not only have little if anything to pass on to their heirs, they will likely struggle to survive right up until the day they die. Still, Republicans complain bitterly that the majority of Americans are sucking money from the government and the wealthy that should be given to the beleaguered and struggling ‘job creator‘ class.

The only problem with that assertion is that the wealthy are major recipients of government welfare most Americans are unaware of. If Republicans can eliminate the estate tax, super-wealthy families will be able to hoard, and increase, their wealth in perpetuity and become ever wealthier from other forms of government welfare Republicans refuse to subject to “reform” revealing the lack of morals they are known for around the world.

It is true that no-one in their right mind would ever accuse any Republican of having any morals, and in no small part  it is due to demands Republicans make on the working poor and poverty class in order to receive government aid they need to survive like food and healthcare assistance; demands and requirements Republicans would never consider making on their wealthy recipients. Republicans have never subjected farmers receiving agriculture subsidies, oil companies receiving billions in subsidies, churches getting hundreds-of-billions in subsidies, or Pell Grant recipients getting free tuition assistance to any of the limitations or demeaning requirements they are putting on poor Americans for something as necessary as food stamps.

Further, wealthy and upper middle-class families profit handsomely from mortgage interest deductions on not just  one large home, but often two, and they are never required to take a drug test, prove they are not using their homes for entertainment, manufacturing methamphetamine, growing marijuana, or letting family members pay rent under the table. Yet, Republicans in states are frantically attaching stringent requirements to receive government aid on the poor, most of whom work low-paying jobs and the elderly and disabled Americans; including active duty military personnel and recent Afghanistan and Iraq combat Veterans.

Most Teabaggers and Republicans bemoan federal assistance to the least advantaged among us but never complain about hundreds-of-billions of taxpayer-funded corporate, uber-wealthy, agricultural, or religious welfare because they do not see the free handouts to those who do not need it. Political scientist  Suzanne Mettler labels it the “submerged state” effect.  Aid such as Food stamps, healthcare assistance, welfare, and to a lesser degree Social Security and Medicare are highly visible benefits the barbaric Republicans, especially religious Republicans, believe should be eradicated to make room for more free welfare for the rich, corporate agriculture, the oil industry, and religion.  The double mortgage interest deduction, billions in subsidies, and high-income earners’ tuition deductions are invisible, or  “submerged” away from the public’s gaze. However, it is still free government welfare for those who already have, and take, enough from the government. The welfare for the rich, corporations, and churches are handed out “in round-about ways” through smaller or non-existing tax bills, unwarranted tax refunds, and payments the better-off do not have to make for Medicare, Social Security, or are allowed to deduct expenses the poor cannot afford.

As Mettler’s research reveals, a very high percentage of Americans who think they get nothing from the government and complain the poor are draining “their” resources actually benefit more from any number of federal programs than the working poor and those in dire poverty including children, the elderly and disabled, and Veterans. Republicans are well-aware of the welfare for the rich and religious and as a distraction they consistently incite righteous indignation from their wealthy donors and anti-government supporters who also rely on government welfare and want whatever those who need it most might receive out of sheer greed and ignorance.

As just one example of government aid the wealthy receive regular Americans cannot is the mortgage interest deduction for big houses and second homes that benefit 5-million Americans making over $200,000 annually. Those deductions alone amount to more housing aid than the over 20-million Americans living on less than $20,000 a year receive from the federal government; under $20,000 for a family is considered dire poverty. Because Republicans will not eliminate or limit deductions for the wealthy (over $200K is wealthy) they are incited to buy bigger homes, and invest second deductible homes simply to receive government housing assistance disguised as tax breaks only the rich qualify for. In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the special deduction is tantamount to the government handing wealthy taxpayers free money and not them keeping more of their own wealth.

The wealthy also get what is known as the ‘yacht deduction‘ because the big boat they own is considered a second home. Plus, if the big boat is loaned or hired out to a charter business when it is not being used, the owner can write off all expenses related to a marine vehicle including purchase price, insurance, maintenance, storage and docking fees; all while having complete access for personal use. Like a wealthy person’s first and second home, the yacht deduction is like getting free welfare from the government just for being rich enough to own a big boat.

Obviously there are plenty of other government handouts to the rich that the rest of the population will never qualify for, much less be aware of, and they will never be targeted by Republicans the way they focus on social programs for the poor and middle class. In fact, instead of even giving the appearance of helping the population, Republicans are specifically looking to eliminate what few restrictions on the super-wealthy becoming even more wealthy. The idea of repealing the estate tax is just one example of Republicans’ working for not just the one percent, but the richest two-tenths of one percent. What is telling is that this upcoming vote to help the richest of the rich get much richer comes on the heels of Republican budget proposals taking even more from the poor and middle class. The only thing that is curious is why Americans are not taking to the streets demanding that some Republican heads roll and it may have something to do with the mainstream media not reporting on what Republicans are doing or why they are doing it.

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  1. Another day, another attempt for the Republicans to fork over money to the richest people.

    Yep, it’s Monday.

  2. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the estate tax repeal would cost $269 billion in reduced revenues between fiscal 2016 and 2025. If one counts the incurred interest on the debt from the deficit it would create, the figure jumps to $320 billion.

    Fiscal conservatives my ass. Lets see when this comes to the Senate how Rubes, Rafael and Randy vote

  3. Im surprised Boehner has time to do anything. Hes so busy open-mouth, kneeling servicing his billionaires instead of the American people. Netanyahu must have given him a good one from behind. Boehner is a traitor and should be punished as such.

  4. To think of it: all the steps we as a country have taken to inhibit the break-out of an aristocracy have been sabotaged by conservatives, while conservatives rail and whine about “original intent” of those who drafted the Constitution!

    The hypocrisy is absolutely stunning.

  5. So, I take it that the Republicans have managed to come up with a ‘budget offset’ to insure that it’s ‘revenue neutral’?

    Rhetorical Question. The only time they’re concerned with all that is when a Democrat wants something.

  6. Well, he can try. This also has to pass by the Senate and I’m pretty sure the Democrats can tie this up for as long as they want.

    If they can’t, then Mr. President get your veto pen primed and ready.

  7. Go ahead, we dare you.

    Every single CongressCritter and Senator who votes for Welfare for the Wealthy will have their noses rubbed in it in the next election.

    “Vote for me, I steal from the poor and give to the rich.”

  8. This was one of the key issues McConnell ran on last year. Calling it the death tax. Idiots in Kentucky ate it up. Most probably didn’t realize this would never apply to them.

  9. How is it welfare? It’s their money in the first place and it’s already been taxed.. They should be able to do whatever they want with their money….. unless you people actually believe since “money” is printed by the government, it’s the government’s money in the first place. But the value that a person creates from his efforts is his, right, minus the taxes he must pay, right? The blowback from this is just another example of how the left distainfully views individual rights and property rights.

  10. Golly gee, folks we should not be so hard on poor bonehead. He has to show the Koch’s something for the money he’s getting doesn’t he?

  11. Oh for gawd’s sake did you even read the article? I think not, otherwise you wouldn’t be spouting off about individual rights. The very very rich don’t create jobs, they simply pass along their immense bank accounts to their families — hence the inadvertent creation of an American “aristocracy”, as previously mentioned. I’m very much doubting that you or your heirs will benefit from the passage of this bill, and you might just consider that those (Cheney et al) who benefitted hugely from the war that Bush put on your nation’s credit card shouldn’t reap any more rewards. They use the roads and bridges and airports as much, maybe more, than you do, and yet you are quite content to pay a much, much larger share of your own income to ensure your country’s safe infrastructure.

  12. “Vote for me, I steal from the poor and give to the rich.”

    This is a false narrative. If somebody gets rich using loopholes in the tax-code, like corporate welfare, (which the left and some libertarians out there, like me, think is not”fair-ness” or “equality” under the law..)Then it’s those loopholes that need to be gone after. The whole system of “incorporation” needs to be revamped. Go sue a corp, and you immediately learn that the people, or individuals, that own the corp, are individually protected…and that you are sueing a legal entity… But an individual that wants to bequeth his fortune to his heirs is not taking from anybody. The question is really if the system favored him unjustly in the first place..

  13. I guess Paris Hilton created her own wealth or the Kochs for that matter. Do you even understand what this tax is? Let me try to explain it to you if you are TWO YEAR OLD. Your parents worked hard. They made a lot of money. They die. A percentage of their estate is tax free. The remainder is tax. You as their son didn’t create shit so you are not entitled to all of their money

  14. Study up on the founding of America and why the Founders were concerned with “privilege” and an Aristocratic Class. The Estate Tax didn’t come out of nowhere and certainly wasn’t created by “leftists” or Socialists. It is based on the Conservative principle of “earned” wealth and individual (not family) merit.

  15. So, if some rich guy, gives his estate, that built himself, to his heirs,…which he has already paid taxes on… That’s a form of welfare?

  16. I’m older than two Djchefron. You made my point though. In the view of a progressive, wealth is really not property, it only is “held” by the owner of it, until government, or the “majority” thinks that they need it for “the common good”…

  17. It’s worse that that. Tom Cotton and the others will not rest until they have their war with Iran. With these further reductions in tax revenues there will be even less way to finance this war.

    The GOP will be the death of America.

  18. LAWS that create Harm are illegal: Governments, and the elected officials are violating their legal duties if they each act in a way that, collectively, is known to lead to grave harms.
    Petition: Tell John Boehner: Don’t Eliminate the Estate Tax
    Please take a minute and oppose this Republican Legislation: H.R. 1105 Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015
    Landmark Dutch Lawsuit Puts Governments Around the World on Notice! : 4-10-15 Here are some of the ALEC legislation written and approved by the 5 Conservative Catholic ALEC Supreme Court Justices allowing Corporations that cause great harm to trump the welfare of the people

  19. He ran commercials featuring families working on their little farms in Kentucky as if they would be affected. lol

  20. Boehner and McConnell=proof positive that congress is
    controlled by servants of the plutocrats. Ike warned us
    about the rise of the military industrial complex. Now we
    see the privileged lavishing themselves with even more
    tax cuts beyond Reagan’s trickle down joke and Dubya’s
    handouts to his wealthy benefactors. Why is it surprising
    to anyone that the greedy are never satisfied until they
    own everything others possess? My first college poli sci
    professor told us that if he were rich he’d be a repug.
    Nothing has changed since then apparently.

  21. It seems some of you did not live thru the the 1950’s, the tax rate for the rich corporations was about 35%.What is now about 3%. That 35%.
    That 35% went to our education system, infrastructure, etc. Have we seen the tax deductions that have been taken away by Republicans, over the last half of the 20th century? Just take a look at the state of public education, infrastructure.

  22. Give me a break! Boehner again screwing ‘the people’ who once ‘made this nation great’.

    Our increasingly oligarchic nation is making America a 2 or 3 caste wasteland. And people wonder why we’re scoring far below almost every international benchmark? We’ve become very unexceptional – face it. Exceptionality come from the people, not the upper class.

  23. More undeniable truth modern Republicans are miles farther right then where their party forefathers stood.

    It was a Republican who signed the Estate Tax into law in Ted Roosevelt, a president who was a true progressive.

  24. A power to dispose of estates for ever is manifestly absurd. The earth and the fulness of it belongs to every generation, and the preceding one can have no right to bind it up from posterity. Such extension of property is quite unnatural.
    —Thomas Jefferson

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