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White House Economic Adviser: Trump Should Declare a “National Economic Emergency”

A White House economic adviser has called on Donald Trump to declare a national emergency because of the Coronavirus and stop collecting payroll taxes. Stephen Moore co-authored an op-ed in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal calling for radical and apparently unilateral action to shore up the struggling U.S. economy. “Last week Mr. Trump acknowledged that compromising with Speaker…


Despite Obama’s National Economic Success Republican State Economies Are Failing   

Republicans ran on, and won big with, their claim that the GOP is “the party of solutions” founded on conservative pro-growth economic policies, deregulation, and tax cuts for the rich they claimed were more successful than anything “hapless” Democrats or Obama could ever hope to achieve. This is despite the President’s nearly five-year job growth record, world-leading GDP growth, and increased revenue paying down the nation’s debt at a record pace.


2nd Court Slams Brownback For Underfunding Education To Expedite Kochs’ Tax Cuts

  Now that Republicans control both houses of Congress, Americans should brace themselves for a serious Koch-style assault on revenue and government agencies. Last year, Mitch McConnell told Kansas Governor Sam Brownback that Republicans were panting to enact a Koch-Kansas economic assault on America that Brownback imposed by giving the rich monumental tax breaks at…


Obama Dares Republicans To Test His Willingness to Fight

President Obama held a press conference to defend the compromise that he reached with the Republicans on a temporary extension of the Bush tax cuts in exchange for a long term extension of unemployment benefits. In response to critics of the deal, the President dared Republicans to test his willingness to fight, “I will be happy to see the Republicans test whether or not I’m itching for a fight on a whole range of issues. I suspect they will find I am.”

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