Shellie Zimmerman Finally Gets to Serve Estranged Husband George with Divorce Papers

George and Shellie Zimmerman

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According to a TMZ exclusive, Shellie Zimmerman was finally able to catch up with her service dodging husband, George Zimmerman, since he was trapped in jail.

Shellie Zimmerman’s lawyer, Kelly B. Sims, told TMZ that jailers at the Seminole County Jail helped them finally serve George Zimmerman with divorce papers. Shellie filed for divorce on September 5th, but George has been avoiding service while shacked up with his new girlfriend.

George Zimmerman was arrested yesterday on felony assault charges for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a gun and today in court, allegations were made that he also choked her. He also allegedly threatened suicide. Zimmerman was released on bail today and warned to stay away from his girlfriend and firearms.

I’m sure that will go as planned.

A few warning bells on the lethality assessment scale that read like a detailing of George Zimmerman’s recent history: Leaving is the most dangerous time. Women who leave their batterer or abusive partner have a 75% higher chance of being killed than those who stay. Experts assess a batterer on the “lethality scale” in order to determine level of potential for lethal violence. They give high points for stalking, controlling, threatening suicide or homicide, choking or strangling, access weapons and use of weapons in the past.

“An abuser’s prior “choking” or “strangling” of the victim as an indicator of extreme danger…. When a batterer possesses weapons or there are weapons or dangerous objects around the house, the batterer is more likely to use them in an assault. A batterer who has used weapons in previous abusive incidents or made prior threats with weapons may be more likely to use weapons again.”

When Shellie Zimmerman revealed that she had left George the night before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, it raised alarm bells for me about the possibility that he had a high need to control the woman in his life, as is typical of an abuser. Contrary as it may seem, abusers/predators often dodge service even when they have seemingly moved on. It’s all about control.

I warned then:

Just as with domestic violence, by not holding Zimmerman accountable, the state has given him a license to kill again and he will use it. This is also another argument for taking domestic violence more seriously, because it’s not as if it’s a surprise to see a person with domestic violence in their past taking innocent lives later.

Since that August 29 revelation, police were called again when George allegedly threatened Shellie and her father with a gun. They declined to press charges.

This sad, predictable trail of violence should serve as a warning to law enforcement and society. When someone tells you who they are, and they demonstrate no remorse or desire to change, believe them.

It’s great that Ms. Zimmerman was finally able to serve her estranged husband, but I hope someone has detailed a safety plan with her and with George’s girlfriend. Mr. Zimmerman is at the top of the lethality chart. Both women along with the general public would be wise to heed the warning.

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