Racist Rockin’ Eve: Fox is Having a New Years Eve Party with Duck Dynasty & Sarah Palin

sarah plain duck dynasty

“Sarah Palin, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Clan to Ring in New Year on Fox News”, Breitbart News announced today. Sarah Palin and the Duck Dynasty ‘clan’ will be bringing in the New Year on Fox News, celebrating the values of hate that bring them together. Maybe “clan” wasn’t the best word choice. Or maybe someone at Breitbart is a subversive.

Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook Page, “Looking forward to ringing in the New Year tonight on Fox with “Duck Dynasty” stars! We invite America in our homes to ring in a great New Year (while other networks may invite you to stand outside to watch a crass character or two “entertain” you with “jokes” that get less funny every year in the media’s ever increasing search for “shock ratings.” C’mon and join us because you and your families deserve better than that!) We’ll keep New Year’s Eve happy, happy, happy for you!”

Yes, you and your families deserve to hang out with the Duck Dynasty klan and the head Klan Mistress as they do fun things like search for the President’s birth certificate! In years past, Sarah Palin urged her cult to “ask questions” about the birth certificate, because nothing says I’m just a Real American like demanding the first black President show yet another version of his birth certificate because you just don’t believe he’s legit. Something’s… off.

Palin never had the courage to come out and join The Donald in Outright Birtherism to which she gleefully gave birth with her “pallin’ around with terrorists” other-ings in the 2008 campaign and onward. But she delights in egging those around her deeper into the mud until they’re frothing with rage and illiteracy.

The Klan will tsk tsk over the 47% of “those people”, while Palin laments the “exotic” nature of the darker people in Hawaii (according to her father, she had to flee college in Hawaii due to the dark skin tones).

They’ll bring good tidings by bashing the gays because nothing makes a certain kind of white person feel better about themselves than finding a group they can pretend they are above, especially if they can say Jesus condones their hatred! Joy, the old fashioned way!

Get yer guns and yer liquor, boss. Come hang out with those who have no sense of humor when they joke is on them, but taunt the President’s children under their right to free speech. The persecution is going to be high, so high, my patriots!

Extra points if you wear your sparkle stripper America short shorts with a very large cross so no one mistakes you for a sinner.

Image: Breitbart News

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