Fox News Bumps Climate Change Denier Sean Hannity’s Show for Coverage of Winter Storms


In a juicy bit of irony, Fox News is bumping climate change denier Sean Hannity’s show and replacing it with an hour of news coverage dedicated to the extreme winter storms.

TVNewser reported, “Shepard Smith is bringing the News Deck to primetime tonight to cover several days of severe weather up and down the east coast. Smith will anchor the 10pmET hour, pre-empting Sean Hannity’s show, focusing on the snow, freezing rain and ice mixture stretching from Georgia to Maine.”

Last year, Hannity claimed that the Earth is no longer warming. It’s cooling.

In 2010, Hannity claimed that the worst snowstorm in years disproved global warming.

Here’s Hannity claiming that the left blames global warming for everything:

During the cold snapped that gripped most of the country in January, Hannity said, “If it snows, global warming. If it doesn’t snow, global warming. If it’s cold, global warming. If it’s hot, it’s global warming. If it rains, global warming. If it doesn’t rain, global warming.”

In 2009, Hannity said, “The debate is over. There is no global warming.”

Video of Hannity claiming that there is no global warming:

The National Climatic Data Center disagrees with Hannity:

The average temperature for the contiguous United States during 2013 was 52.4°F, 0.3°F above the 20th century average, tying with 1980 as the 37th warmest year in the 119-year period of record, according to NOAA scientists. The year consisted of a warmer-than-average winter, summer, and autumn, and a cooler-than-average spring.

For the year, the average precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was 31.17 inches, 2.03 inches above the 20th century average. This marked the 21st wettest year on record and the wettest since 2009. California was record dry, while Michigan and North Dakota were record wet; Alaska had its third wettest year.

What Hannity has been saying is not only stupid and wrong, but it is being disproven by the fact that climate change denying Fox News is dedicating an hour of airtime to the extreme winter storms that have killed dozens in the South. Hannity can say that there is no such thing as climate change until he is blue in the face, but Fox News’ special coverage of the winter storms suggests otherwise.

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