Cowardly Ted Nugent Cancels CNN Interview After Getting Called Out By Wolf Blitzer

Cowardly Ted Nugent can’t take the heat. After getting called out by Wolf Blitzer for calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel,” Nugent canceled an interview on CNN 2 hours before it was supposed to air.

At a gun show, Nugent unleashed a burst of his particular brand of racist hate, “A Chicago communist raised, communist educated, communist nurtured subhuman mongrel like the Acorn community organizer gangster, Barack Hussein Obama, to weasel his way into the top office — United States of America.”

This caused CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to go off, and let viewers know the roots of Nugent’s deplorable slur, “That’s what the Nazis called Jews to justify the genocide of the Jewish community,” Blitzer said in a Feb. 18, 2014, interview. “They called them untermenschen, subhuman mongrels. If you read some of the literature that the Nazis put out there, there is a long history of that specific phrase he used involving the president of the United States.”


Later, Blitzer mixed it up with Newt Gingrich who was trying to defend Nugent, “I’m not — I’m not saying you should have it both ways, Mr. Speaker. What I am saying is that the Republican candidate for governor of Texas should not be appearing with someone who refers to the president of the United States as “a subhuman mongrel.”… Hold on a second, Newt. In this particular case, the man who wants to be the next governor of Texas is willing to go out there and embrace someone who refers to our president as a subhuman mongrel.”

Ted Nugent reacted by labeling CNN an Alinsky outfit:

Nugent talked tough on Twitter, but when it came time to appear on CNN for a scheduled interview, Ted called in sick. According to Erin Burnett, two hours before his interview was supposed to air, Ted Nugent called and canceled. He offered up the excuse that he was sick.

Ted Nugent is the perfect Republican hero. He talks tough and spews his racist hatred against the president, but when he gets called out, Nugent turns tail and runs. He is a faux tough guy who couldn’t even handle a softball interview with Erin Burnett.

The great irony in all of this is that CNN has given Nugent a platform and airtime for his NRA propaganda and racist views in the past. Burnett hosted NRA board member Nugent for an interview last year where she allowed him to do an infomercial for the NRA on her show. Nugent had nothing but love for the “mongrel network,” until Blitzer called him out.

Either Wolf Blitzer is more of a bad ass than anyone ever realized, or Ted Nugent is a total coward. I think we all know that when the going gets tough, cowardly Ted will always cut and run.

2 Replies to “Cowardly Ted Nugent Cancels CNN Interview After Getting Called Out By Wolf Blitzer”

  1. I would give my first day in hell to see The Hulkster and Mr. T deliver a number 9 beat down to Nugent and Hannity. They’d be best with their tongues cut out.

  2. If I were to communicate with Ted Nugent…I would point out that he refuses to own his very words. I saw his interview today on CNN trying to excuse his figures of speech when demeaning our President…claiming he has never been a racist. Baloney Mr. Nugent!! Your words give you away…do you not realize that in order to justify slavery of our Black citizens, the children in our country were taught by their families and at school that black people were sub-human. Thus they could be property..bought and sold like livestock. This allowed the citizens of that time to go to sleep at night without guilt on their conscious. For being such a self proclaimed “patriot” he should really study the history of his country before he opens his mouth.

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