Right-Wing Media Is Predictably Outraged Over President Obama’s Comedy Sketch

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As we detailed in a story earlier on Tuesday, President Obama appeared in a Funny or Die web video with comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis. The video is part of an interview series that Galifianakis does for the comedy website known as ‘Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.’ Overall, the interview with the President was pretty darn funny. At the same time, the President used the video as a way to inform people of the health care law.

Anyway, the predictable outrage hit immediately at Fox News. During Fox & Friends, Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, “Some would argue that it’s inappropriate for the president of the United States to be advertising a law, an insurance plan.” This was after co-host Brian Kilmeade stated it was inappropriate for the President to be sitting down for a fake interview that was really a comedy skit. This is really rich. Somehow, Hasselbeck feels that President Obama should not be saying anything positive about the current health care law or encouraging people to sign up for health insurance.

I would assume, then, that Hasselbeck has issues with current Republican lawmakers speaking poorly of the ACA and actively campaigning against it. Right? Of course not! That is all perfectly OK with her. However, god forbid the President, or any other Democrat, come forward and tell the American people how a law works and try to get them to adhere to said law. As for Kilmeade, I’m guessing he had all kinds of issues with President George W. Bush taking part in the White House Correspondents Dinners while he was in office. I am sure Kilmeade was appalled when Bush joked about being unable to find the WMDs while two wars were being fought.

After Hasselbeck and Kilmeade got the ball rolling, seemingly the rest of Fox News, as well as other conservative media figures, jumped on board and got right to work attacking the President for the ‘inappropriate’ interview. A normal person who watched the interview probably thought it was funny and it showed that the President has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. However, normal people don’t work for the right-wing media outrage machine.

The Daily Caller and Washington Free Beacon, both conservative news hustlers, got columns up right away declaring how awful and agenda-driven the interview was. Laura Ingraham, Katie Pavlich and Martha MacCallum, all Fox News personalities, took to Twitter and made sure to advance the narrative of the day that this was a very, very bad thing that the President did.




It’s really just so predictable and typical. President Obama does something. Right-wing media must attack. Rinse. Repeat. While this was just an innocuous little comedy sketch that was mostly for fun but also helped provide a message about the Affordable Care Act and the federal healthcare exchange, conservatives couldn’t just ignore it and move on. They had to get up in arms about it and make it a big deal.

However, what they don’t realize is that by railing against it and calling it ‘inappropriate’, all they’ve done is make it likelier to be watched by even more people than it would have normally. With their faux outrage and constant harping, they’ve only broadened the audience that will now go and see it. They’ve forced this to stay in the news cycle longer. It is quite possible that they may have made more people fans of the President.


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14 Replies to “Right-Wing Media Is Predictably Outraged Over President Obama’s Comedy Sketch”

  1. HATERS! Plain and simple. The best Obama interview was when he toasted OReilly and his crap news channel at the Superbowl. He is like the Dos Equis ad guy. I dont do interviews very often but when I do prefer to shut them up.

  2. I want to thank RW media for helping to promote the ACA! By railing against it, they’re providing free advertising and driving people to healthcare.gov.

    It’s a win-win. The clip of Pres. Obama’s appearance on Between the Ferns’ goes viral, and the RW gives the ACA a boost!

  3. Sure, bush joked about finding no weapons of destruction, and sure, a lot of Americans lost their lives at his expensive joke… but that was different.

  4. Oh, come on guys. Let the president have some fun. No need to be mean…

    Oh, wait. The Right Wing doesn’t know what ‘nice’ means unless it came with a briefcase full of unmarked $100 bills.

  5. What else is new. Obama can`t tie has shoes with out the GOP finding some thing wrong. HEADLINE: Obama cures cancer GOP complains!!!

  6. The republicans should just keep their mouths shut, they shouldn’t be mad at President Obama, they should be mad at silver spoon W. Bush for exposing their party for what their really about.

  7. I never heard of this man before. Who is he?

    As I love love Pres o and am a huge supporter of his I did not find this skit to be funny at all. (Boo don’t diss on me. )

    Bloomberg poll says Pres o polling numbers are on the rise re the ACA. At 48%
    Regardless what the other sites are commenting on. Now that is good

  8. Did they watch themselves at CPAC? It was the worse display of hatred, sick humor, race bating & propaganda that spewed out their nasty mouths. And it went on for days! Obama’s Fern to Fern was a way to reach young people that never watch the hideous Sunday political shows. I was more upset when Obama did the super bowl interview with that rude sack of shit O’Reilly. He interrupted the President like 43 times in 10 minutes. That was an ambush Obama did not need.

  9. I think the president humiliated himself and the interviewed showed him contempt. “How does it feel to be the last black president?” isn’t funny.

    It’s outrageous and insulting.

    The only people I know who found it funny enjoyed watching the president being humiliated. Just look at the reaction when asked “How does Michele feel about being married to a geek?”

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