After Getting Pummelled By Fact Checkers Koch Brothers Dump Obamacare Horror Story Ads


The Koch brothers spent millions of dollars on ads that focused on bogus ACA horror stories, but after being eviscerated by fact checkers, the Koch boys have changed their course.

The infamous cancer Obamacare victim ad that Sarah Jones described as, “An ad so misleading that even conservatives won’t back its Obamacare claims. In the Americans for Prosperity ad aimed at destroying Michigan Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Gary Peters, Julie Boonstra inaccurately claims that Obamacare is threatening her cancer treatment and that it “jeopardized my health.”

It turns out that Boonstra was a Republican through and through, and her story of ACA victimization was widely debunked by fact checkers everywhere because it failed to mention that Boonstra would save $1,200 on her health insurance premiums under Obamacare.

The Koch funded ad completely backfired in Michigan, and has helped its target, Democrat Gary Peters, to lead the U.S. Senate race.

These completely fabricated tales of Obamacare woe have been turning up in states all across the country, and they have been called out for being false at every turn.

Because of the negative backlash, it appears that the Koch brothers are trying a new approach. Instead of claiming that the ACA will literally kill you, Koch money is now being spent on ads that argue that the law doesn’t work.

Here is the latest ad:

Notice the difference? The new ads have retreated back to the same widely debunked lies about millions of people losing their health insurance. The Kochs have been reduced to treading over the same old tired ground that Republicans have been working for the past four years.

The dramatic tales of Obamacare killing granny are out, and in comes the same batch of lies that almost destroyed the Republican Party during the government shutdown last fall.

Koch front group, Americans For Prosperity, denied to TPM that they were changing tactics, “We are currently on-air with many different types of ads, including personal testimony of Obamacare impact. This is the same strategy we’ve been using for 6 months. This does not represent a shift in strategy.”

The Koch strategy of claiming that Obamacare will kill you has completely failed. Judging by the millions who are still flocking to sign up for the ACA, people don’t believe what the Kochs are selling.

One of the biggest signs of their defeat is the desperate manner in which the right is flailing about trying to find that one Obamacare lie that will carry them to victory.

The Koch brothers had their lies called out, so they changed tactics. Like copies of copies, each new tactic is weaker than the previous attempt. It all appears to be a futile effort. Not even the Koch billions can stop the Obamacare lies from slowing fading away.

The truth is that the stench of defeat has once again consumed both the Republican Party and their billionaire puppeteers.

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  1. In the old days that is pre-internet all you could do was watch the news and read newspapers or magazines to form your opinions. Now everyone has everything at their fingertips so its much more difficult to dupe the public and brainwash them. It would not surprise me if the right wingers and the rest of their crowd start decrying the internet as evil and needs to be restricted to the 1% for safe keeping.

  2. Once again, “REPUBLICANS FAILED TOO STOP OBAMACARE!” The Koch’s money had no power of persuasion. This is great news our country.

  3. The truth will always set you free. All the cheating and lies the republicans and koch brothers will always rise to the top. If the democrat (young, minorities, women and gays come out and vote as if 2014 was a presidential elections, we can silence these obstructionist for years to come.

  4. Best tweet of the Day: @Kahsai

    PBO spend 6 minutes on ‘Between To Ferns’ gets 17+ million views — ACA ticking -> 7 million insured…
    Koch Bros. spends $$$ millions in false ACA horror = ZERO..

  5. Advice to Democrats Running for Senate, Part 2: The Koch Brothers Gambit Is Bullshit (Except in Alaska):
    If you go to the websites for two Democrats-In-Trouble, Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Kay Hagan of North Carolina, right there on the homepage are headlines referencing the Brothers Koch. That would be little Davy and Charlie Koch, the conservative billionaires who are interested in opera, oil, and manipulation of the electorate through various PACs that create lie-filled or lie-adjacent ads against candidates, like Mary Landrieu or Kay Hagan. These scum-fucking pollution mongers can’t explicitly advocate for a candidate because that’s against the law. But they can say, “Mary Landrieu wants to work with the president to rape your children with Obamacare,” and that’s cool because freedom.
    Read More

  6. Take away their tax exemptions for political ads and let’s see how much of their precious money they will spend?

  7. What????? It’s working fine for me.. I am seeing my own doctor and can finally afford health insurance! This is just a bunch a bunk…from wealthy privileged jerks who can pay whatever they want for doctors. Now everyone can have a medical care!

  8. The video you see here is the same that has been playing in NC for awhile. The only difference, she is going after Sen. Hagan with that deceptively soothing voice. Every time I see this, I want to yell at my TV, “Liar! It is about politics! And nothing else but politics.” Okay, sometimes, I actually do yell it at my TV.

  9. Well, poor Julie Boonstra’s ad, or a version of it, was on television this morning (HGTV, one of those channels you go to to avoid politics). I quickly switched her off. There should be fines for the ad creators and for the stations that show advertisements that are clearly devoid of facts.


  11. When some in the MSM began debunking the Julie Boonstra ad, Boonstra went silent and refused to answer any questions. She would only say, after being confronted with the facts, that she still doesn’t believe that Obamacare has helped her in any way. Here in GA, the insurance companies are running ads about every 10 minutes pushing Obamacare and offering their assistance. I’d say they have the insurance market pretty saturated here. It was announced last year that they intended to pump millions into ads supporting Obamacare. Why anyone would listen to billionaires tell them not to buy health insurance is beyond me because the Koch Bros. will never have to worry one second about providing the best healthcare for themselves and their families. I wish people would think about this before they listen to these greedy b*stards. The real reason the Koch Bros want to repeal Obamacare is because it would save them a few dollars in taxes–the petty, uncharitable b*stards.

  12. Unfortunately, Tim, if we wait long enough–and enough of us don’t go out and vote–all we have to do is wait a bit, and the Kochs will be in a third world country. Trouble is, so will the rest of us. We can’t let them do this to us!

  13. Unfortunately, we really ARE in danger of losing the Senate. Democrats have a terrible time motivating people to vote during special elections and for midterms. If you’re not actually a poll worker (I’m an election judge, myself), the most effective thing any of us can do is volunteer to actually drive people to the polls on Election Day or during early voting periods.

  14. LOL, now I can’t stop looking at her nose!!!!!!

    it’s like a clown nose. I want to go in and paint it red!

    why did you say that? why why why??


  15. In the olden days, the *MEDIA* were the fact-checkers. Since conservatives started falsely accusing the media of “having a liberal bias” in the 70’s however, they are afraid to call anyone out on any lies. Thus, main stream journalism has turned into just quoting what people say, without any regard to facts or evidence.

    This is why actual fact checking organizations are so important. Predictably, conservatives have already begun assaulting fact-checkers as “being biased” too in an effort to cover up their lies.

    Of course, conservatives also claim that dictionaries and encyclopedias have a “liberal bias”, so there really is no reasoning with unreasonable people.

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