As South Recedes into 13th Century, Food Runs Out, Health Declines

Confederate GladsenThis is one possible interpretation of the inability of Southern states, especially Mississippi (six years in a row), Louisiana, and Alabama, to feed themselves. Other possibilities include, obviously, divine wrath. God may hate the South, or it is even possible that the South is under the control of Satan, who is determined to starve the population there for reasons as yet undetermined.

A more likely explanation is the complete and utter failure of Republican governance.

According to Gallup’s 2014 State of the States:

For the sixth consecutive year, Mississippians were the most likely in the U.S. to report struggling to afford food. In 2013, 25.1% report there was at least one time in the last 12 months when they did not have enough money to buy the food they or their families needed. Residents in West Virginia, Louisiana, and Alabama were also among the most likely to struggle to afford food. Residents of Alaska, New Hampshire, and Minnesota were among the least likely to have this problem.

Here, have a gander at the list:

Not Enough Money for food

If you look at which party controls which state, my reasoning becomes clear:


The Devil…er, um…I mean, the GOP, controls most of the states on Gallup’s list. Statistically then, you are more likely to starve in a Red State than in a Blue State. Seven out of 10 states on the list are fully controlled by the GOP. The GOP has only full control of four of the 10 least-hungry states. Conversely, Democrats fully control only one hungry state and three least-hungry states, with dual control over all the others.

Table 1: Hungry States = Red States

State Governor Legislature
Mississippi GOP GOP
West Virginia Dem Dem
Louisiana GOP GOP
Alabama GOP GOP
Arkansas Dem GOP
North Carolina GOP GOP
Kentucky Dem Split
Georgia GOP GOP
Oklahoma GOP GOP
Arizona GOP GOP

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The first thing we might note is that three of these states – Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, are among the most conservative states in the country, according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the States.

Another thing that pops out is a comparison with the biggest moocher states, those that suck up the most taxes. Most of them are in the Old Confederacy and solidly red. Mississippi #2, Louisiana #4, Alabama #7 (Kentucky is #9).

And did you notice that Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, are not only among the biggest moochers but also the most conservative?

Gallup Most Conservative States

And that all three are in the top ten hungry states? Here’s something else: Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, also all appear among the bottom ten of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index:

Gallup Well Being Index
And are on Gallup’s 2014 top ten list of most religious states:

Gallup Most Religious States

They are also on CBS’top 19 list of states with the toughest anti-abortion laws.

The heart of the Old Confederacy is solidly Red, solidly unhealthy, religiously conservative, hungry, mooching, and in the fast lane to the thirteenth century. This is clearly no coincidence.

On the other hand, out of the biggest tax producing states, New Hampshire is #4, Minnesota #5, and Illinois %6, are all Democratic controlled and are all healthier than Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, and less politically and religiously conservative.

You might notice too that according to Gallup’s annual State of the States, released on February 1, that none of the hungry states appear on the list of the most moderate states:

Gallup 2013 Moderate States

Even an inbred, Confederate flag-toting, tea bagging cracker ought to be able to see what I’m cooking here, and it is not pretty. And look, as I said above, it is also not necessary to blame God for this mess. It is far more reasonable to point fingers at the Talibangelical Republicans who run these states. And what you see here is a foretaste of the Republican prescription for the rest of America. This is a poison that will spread.

But the world of facts aside, if you insist on viewing the situation through the GOP’s red-tinted glasses, you cannot avoid the conclusion that God hates Red States, because whatever else is going on there, they are certainly not enjoying the milk and honey of the Promised Land.

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  1. Heck of a job, Neo-Confederates.

    Even simple survival concepts don’t penetrate the Southern brain, even after being offered a chance at Modernity over 160 years ago.


  2. Can’t we just let them secede successfully this time?

    Their Randian , “Christian” leaders can guide their willfully imbecilic electorate back to the good ‘ol antebellum years….

    Then, they can live that comfortable, pre-Modern lifestyle, found in places like Uganda.

  3. North Carolina GOP is doing everything possible to become #1 on these lists, and it’s working! Unemployment is rising in just about every county. The GOP experiment in NC is proof of things to come. Keep praying.

  4. I will say it once again. This wasn’t a good idea in 1860 and it’s still not a good idea in 2014! The South is a part of the United States whether we like it or not!

    Besides, the region may be talk “secession” publicly, but privately, it knows which side their bread is buttered on. The relationship between the South and the rest of the country is more complex than your simplistic solution suggests.

    On a personal note, my heritage is Southern (despite not being born there and only living there for 2 years at the most). I also have relatives who still live there. So, sorry, pal, I don’t want the South to secede. Besides, they will eventually join the 21st century (even if it means they come kicking and screaming).

    Also note that major demographic shifts are occurring in several of these states. Why do you think so many Southern states have voter suppression laws? The GOP is trying to stop the inevitable. Well, good luck with that!

  5. Nope. Once you join the Union, you can’t leave.

    Besides, having the South leave the Union isn’t as simple of a solution as you think it is. Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom here still applies in 2014. As a matter of fact, the South is even more interconnected with the rest of the country than it was in 1860. So, having them secede from the Union isn’t just hurt them, it will hurt the rest of the country as well.

    Don’t worry, the South will join the 21st century, even if that means it will do so kicking and screaming.

  6. The predicaments in which the residents of these states find themselves is a predictable result of reflexively and consistently voting for Republicans. By every quality-of-life index, the states fall pitifully short in providing for the well-being of their constituents. It’s ironic that too many people in these states don’t see the disconnect between Republican policies that impoverish them and the enormous wealth of the politicians who push these pauperizing policies. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention that these states have so many poor people or to the reasons there are so many.

  7. I’m southern born and bred and still reside here (although there are those who would argue that Florida is different, and to some extent, it is), but allowing secession is out of the question – imagine having allowed some southern states to secede as a block, to form their own new nation as it were – using the charts provided by Hraf, what we would have is a hostile, exceedingly poor third world country with an expansive, indefensible adjacent border, we might as well abut Iran and Afghanistan. Like a desperate starving animal, they would be making war on us to feed themselves, and to attempt by violence to do what they now attempt to do through subterfuge and deception, to convert us to their religious beliefs. No thanks, it’s easier to deal with them as we are currently, as difficult as that is.

  8. Basically the south are slaves to the gop. religiously blind to the cancer that surrounds it, working tools for the wealthy and clamoring to be treated worse

  9. The southerners welcomed the era of cheap labor with open arms. They hold nothing but contempt for the liberal northern states and our elitist views on a living wage. I say, let the jackasses eat cake.

  10. The last time I checked it cost absolutely nothing to vote. They are the result of their own lackadaisical attitude of not voting. I can’t understand how people in the south can be so hungry when they have the highest obesity rates in the nation. They believe in the right to life except when it comes to gun regulation or the death penalty. They believe in the sanctity of marriage with the highest divorce rates. They don’t want the Federal government in their business except when they need highways and bridges built, and of course when a hurricane comes through and then they scream where’s FEMA.
    I lived in Louisiana for many years because my job took me there. I hated it everyday. I being white and my wife being black had to endure people not wanting to rent to us, not wanting to serve us in restaurants. She became sick(diabetes) and when I took her to the hospital the white doctor told me, “I don’t treat crackheads” and walked off, my wife did not do drugs. The south, let’em have…

  11. There are those of us who live in the South, with roots and families here, who also aren’t fond of extended periods of cold weather, etc., who love their country and who want to stay a part of the US. And, I see change occurring here that those who don’t live in this part of the world are unable to see…and, it’s positive change!

  12. I live in Tennessee but lived most of my life in Michigan. There is nothing that makes you feel more alive then walking out into a zero degree day.

    Then going back into the house

  13. Florida is indeed “different”, any way you put it, and I mean to be an exile neither from it, nor from the United States.

  14. Well, this certainly makes the case for some “socialistic” federal intervention, doesn’t it, like a living minimum wage of $12 – 15 per hour or single payer universal health care for all to start with? In addition, education needs to become a priority again, and not just the home school variety either, which may or may not be up to par.

  15. You can’t flog a dead horse. I think it will take one maybe two generations to finally get through to them. But that is if the next generations coming up have a brain to think with and the will to affect change. Unfortunately as long as the people of the south keep living with blinders on they will always be poor and prayed upon by their masters.

  16. Maybe we check the voter registration of all southerners who want government aid. If you are a registered Republican, we will honor your wishes, and keep the government out of your life. No government aid for Republicans. This solution is more fair than secession, which hurts everyone in a southern state. I wish we could identify everyone who votes Republican, and make sure they get no government assistance, since they are opposed to it anyway (unless it’s for them personally- then it’s fine and dandy). I know this is impossible, as we vote by secret ballot, but I would love to see something like this implemented.

  17. What happened to their famous “THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN” pledge? Maybe its true for a very few of them (the plantation masters etc.) but the “rest” of its people are all happily (so it seems) being pushed daily deeper into the GOP GOD’S HELL ON EARTH theme parks and they are all enjoying it. In my opinion. Can you believe that this kind of crazy shit is even possible today in the U.S.A.? How does that old song go? I wish I were in the land of Dixie, look away, look away (or be turned into a pillar of salt by their GOP’S GOD). This is some really weird evil shit happening. It must be in the contaminated water and the air that they drink and breath. Plus all the shit that they hear and see on the radio, television and in their churches.

  18. And still, they continue to vote against their own best interests and blame the president for their predicament partly because their minds have been messed up by their extremist religious beliefs.

  19. The South was toddler-like 160 years ago and needed parental intervention from adults (rest of country).

    Now, they are like 5th graders, who continue to take more from their parents/adults (rest of country) than they give back.

    How many millennia will it take before the South reaches adulthood?

    Sure, we are all economically “interconnected” and, by artificial premises, all “Americans.” But, they represent a bygone, atavistic worldview that at least 75% of Americans cannot fathom.

    They exist by Federal, and largely “Northern,” (urban) Noblesse-Oblige.

  20. You make a very valid point about their blaming of the president due to the extensive brainwashing they have been subjected to. I’m not at all surprised that they blame President Obama, but I have to wonder if they blame both Bushes and Ronald Reagan for what have been long-standing economic problems that these presidents helped to exacerbate. I would probably guess not, since they are suffering from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance.

  21. The South is more of a black hole that is sucking the rest of us down with it…I think that must be what they meant

  22. They seem to want to pretend that George W. Bush never existed. Very convenient way of blaming Obama for all Bush’s many and egregious errors

  23. Then this could really be the GOP and their GOD’S one-way ticket onto a real Hell ON EARTH theme park ride that the GOP and their masters want to put us all on? Can we abort this or is it to late?

  24. The culture in the deep south is very hostile to newcomers, especially to growing minority groups. I live in the deep south, and just dislike going to the store, since many whites just do an evil stare. When I was in the park, a group of men just yelled racial slurs at me and to go back to Mexico. I’ve noticed that many live in their own klannish world. Everything here is very weird, nothing I’ve experienced anywhere else. There are good people living here too, I’ve met tolerant and liberal southerners. I already converted two former republicans into democrats who will be voting this November.

  25. I have been saying for years that it’s too bad we had to wage the Civil War in order to keep most slave states in the Union, only to have them drag the US as a whole from making progress every step of the way, I think we need to look a little deeper at the Gallop Poll and other indications of their backwardness.
    I strongly suspect that the living standards of most of the whites of those States are comparable to that of the rest of the country. It’s the living standards of the majority of the African-Americans there that have not kept pace with the national standard; I think because of the basically unchanged economic and educational system and Republican policies enacted in response to the 1960’s. In the South, even more than elsewhere, race always is a major factor. If policies and laws can be enforced that harm the African-American’s MORE than the poor whites, then a majority of white’s will support those policies. Divide and conquer–and race is the 1st tool they use.

  26. They vote like they do… so all of us can join them in their happy foodless, payless, southern charm living scheme.

  27. That is very true, there is racism outside the south. I’ve been a victim of racism in New York City. In my experience, northern states tend to be more open culturally, minimization of scapegoating of immigrants, and I can freely speak Spanish with my family. On the other hand, there are anti-immigration laws in Alabama and Georgia. In addition, those states scapegoat minorities, so they don’t pass any bills to expand medicaid. One important quality is that the white political structure in the south is very powerful, and can pass any laws they please. I don’t see any state passing anti-white laws.

  28. Cry me a river, we mexicans have experienced bigotry for many decades. First, the white settlers move to Texas and populate with large numbers. They break from Mexico and join the US. Now, the Mexican American population is growing in Texas, and we are getting called moochers and invaders in our own land. Meanwhile, white southerners with their own privilege, can discriminate anyone they want. That is the difference.

  29. The Southern States CAN’T secede. Where would all the people get their food stamps from then??? Resident of South Carolina, where they’re too uninformed to realize what the Repubs are ( have been) up to.

  30. Some body is looking at the south with rose colored glasses. It’s been , how many years and the old south still can’t accept the fact they LOST?
    I’d call that pure denial. To join the rest of the country, in education, taking care of the poor, giving medical attention to those who need it, paying a decent wage for the worker, You first, must accept that you LosT! That the North beat you. Are better educated then the home scoolin, down home good old boys of the south. Sorry I don’t believe you rose colored future.
    If the south goes down, I could care less. To use boneheads, phrase. “So be it”

  31. You are right about GOP-controlled southern states saying f*ck you to the federal government until they want infrastructure improvements. When it was revealed here in GA a couple weeks ago that Pres. Obama’s budget doesn’t include any funds for the dredging of the Savannah River to improve its’ port, the GOPTPers had a major fit. The GOPTPers in Congress agreed to no more earmarks, and the president agreed. This meant that since the GOPTPers consider the funds for the dredging an earmark, Pres. Obama did not include it in his budget. They are pissed, but they have only themselves to blame. Some of the GOPTPers in the state legislature wrote to the WH OMB asking why the funding wasn’t included, and the response was that since the funding was categorized as an earmark, it wasn’t included. Sometimes the GOPTPers cut off their noses to spite their faces, and this is a prime example of them doing just that. The GOPTPers don’t like living by a rule they created themselves. Tough titty.

  32. I was born, raised, and still live in the South. Based on my long history of observation, I agree with everything Gallup and other research shows. I’ve witnessed it for myself. In my state, there are millions living in poverty, but they still either don’t vote or they vote for republicans. My state is on every list in this post. Millions are without healthcare and live in poverty, but the GOPTP majority in the state legislature doesn’t care. They’re too busy kissing the asses of Big Business and making sure that the needs/desires/wants of their donors are addressed. Many here complain, but they never change. They place all of the blame for their circumstances on the federal government while giving the GOPTP majority a free pass. They appear to have been brainwashed by Christianity and anti-gay and anti-abortion sentiments. They don’t care that GOPTP pols screw them over as long as they meet the three criteria I identified. If some are being screwed, it’s their own fault.

  33. A lot of the old south is dying out and a better group of people is taking their place. The new generation will not be like the older generation but there will always be a few who will still be like the older folks it is just part of nature that we can’t get rid of. We will always have a small group of people who hate every race there is and think that the white race is the better race and was here first inspite of the fact that they weren’t. But in a few years as the white race start decrease instead of increase and the miniorty races increase the hatred will get worst until they learn that we have to get along with each other. With the mixing of all races bring the need to learn more about each other and how to get along with each other. This president is not our first black president he is our first mix race president, he is half white, half black, so history will be made again when we elect our 1st black president, male or female, he just open the door for it to happen.

  34. ummmm… don’t they have to join the 20th century first? it seems like an awful long wait until 2213 to get into the 21st century…

    ‘Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.’

    Karl Marx

    often shorthanded as ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’

  35. A very good article.
    We here know what is going on. It is comfortable to write here and air our views.
    But, are we doing any good? Is this information being spread?
    How this info would spread if each of us went on a right wing web site and spread this news. Very respectfully
    I know there would be disbelief and it might get intense.
    But if each of us lit a candle on a RW republican website, things might change faster.
    At least we would be out of our comfort zones and we might change one person’s mind.

  36. As much as I like your article, I have a real problem with the language.

    I would love to post this on a conservative web site so those people can get a solid idea about what the GOP is doing to them but because of your condemning language I can’t do that.

    Think about some of the techniques you use. Terms like “Mooching”, Belittling religion in a way that ultimately insults their intelligence and so on. This might be entertaining to liberals but we are never going to solve anything if we look down our nose at other Americans.

    I get it. These people can be very close-minded and confrontational and because of that, They’ll never read your article and learn from it. They’ll never demand that the GOP behave itself and start putting in the work. They’ll certainly never vote left. Instead, they would rather fail than to admit that in this case the left is right.

    You do some great work here. Next time, Write it for the sake of conservatives and single-handedly solve the p…

  37. So, what happened? How do we change it?

    I think the problem for the Republican voters began when their Party leaders and their billionaire corporatist donors, fostered an alliance with the fanatical fundamentalist, anti Christian, theocratic, dominionist, misogynistic, anti-science, Bronze Age wing of the party, the John Birch, racist, fake libertarian, destroy government, re-litigate or actually re-fight the Civil War, Neo Confederate Insurrectionist Tea Party wing of the party, and the autocratic, corporatist, robber baron, .01%, wing of the party, along with their TV, radio, internet, and print media partners. …..

  38. This political/religious/business/media alliance has become a threat to the survival of our Democratic Republic. It has consistently sought to manipulate the real, imagined, and insidiously seeded frustrations of the electorate. The political and media class repeat the ”government doesn’t work” meme ad infinitum, while they are simultaneously working with every resource they can muster, to destroy, sell, and/or privatize the workings and property of the people’s government. They always appeal to prejudice, preying on, and cultivating every fissure of disunity in our society. They never miss an opportunity to play upon the fears and vanities of the populace, inciting them to turn on their fellow citizens and against their own Democratic Republic. …………….

  39. The Republican Party has become a party that has a disdain for the recognition of human rights, and the arts, and science. They identify enemies as scapegoats for their unifying cause. They believe that religion and government should be intertwined. They are male-dominated, and believe the state is represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution. They seek to suppress abortion, and birth control. They demonize homosexuality. They use fear as a motivational tool. They protect corporate power, and suppress labor and unions. They protect rampant cronyism and corruption. They manipulate elections with smear campaigns against their opposing candidates, and use legislation to control voting numbers and political district boundaries. …..

  40. This conservative alliance has created a cult like mentality in their base, programming them into a fear based consciousness that denies their connection to humanity and nature with a fanatical maliciousness. They have created an entire lineup of scapegoats for their base to blame all their real and contrived problems on; the poor and less fortunate are the lazy takers who are destroying the country, the gays who are destroying the family, the immigrants who are taking all the jobs, the unions who are bankrupting corporations and municipal governments, the Muslim Americans who are trying to institute Sharia Law, the uppity women who think they have a right to birth control, an abortion, or equal pay for equal work, anyone who disagrees with theocracy or their specific interpretation of the Bible, scientist and academics who who speak against corporate interest and in favor of our environment, all minorities, or any of the rest of those ”vile Godless heathen liberals”. ……..

  41. The Republican Party’s base is addicted to hating these scapegoated ”enemies” provided to them. Now, like junkies for hate and disinformation, they need a bigger and bloodier pieces of red meat every day. There is no shortage of political and media figures on the right clamoring for the opportunity to get the media exposure for providing it. They act with a particularly fanatical zeal, as they are hypnotized into some sort of delusional self aggrandizing religious fervor. I guess believing that God is on their side makes all their hating and blaming feel so easy and righteous. When I hear the rhetoric the Republican Party uses I get the feeling that they dream of wielding violent power over others, and that they enjoy seeing people and nature suffer. The hateful and divisive rancor they espouse has become a malignant contagion of acrimony, spitefulness, and disinformation spreading through the id of the United States of America like a cancer. ………

  42. This is the story, and the reality, of the Conservative Base, and the GOP Brand.

    I, for one, intend to make them own this, every day, in every way. My bet is with the intellection that perceives most American’s are not being deceived by a few dissimulative tweaks to their offense rhetoric, when their corporatist, and theocratic policies remain the same, or continue to become even more severe and draconian.

    The key to combatting this political/religious/business/media alliance is through exposing the methods they use to ensnare and deceive, and by informing the voting populace about the real life implications of their policies and ideology.

    Fortunately, this is something that every citizen who opposes this Conservative Alliance can participate in, every day, in a variety of ways. If Americans talk to each other, and the reality of the GOP Brand is exposed sufficiently, their operational ability to steer the conversation and influence the perimeters of the debate will completely …

  43. I think the Democratic party in general needs new messaging. The GOP uses the mass churches preaching against abortion and gay rights as the main principles to control the vote of the citizens in red states. They listen to radio by Rush Limbaugh and TV by Fox news. I think it helped when the new Pope was appointed. If we could reach more religious leaders who really come from the principles of Jesus, more can come around. If we make 2014 just as important as 2012, then all Democrats must get out to vote. We must gain the majority in the House and we must get Democratic governors back in office. Then citizens would receive & understand the Affordable Care Act. They would receive a minimum wage that’s higher and equal pay for women. Social Security and Medicare would be protected. Education would be available for all. Our infrastructure could join the 21st century along with a jobs bill. Fire, police & teaching jobs would return. Supreme Court would be for the people not corporations.

  44. You’re right a horrible brainwashing has taken place that brings the worst out in human nature and makes people vote against their own best interest without actually following actual Christian values. More should take place to expose the the treachery of the Republican party. The veil needs to be lifted. We must pray that the people understand that when there’s a disaster, Democrats will always vote for assistance. When there’s a need for jobs, there will be a jobs bill that doesn’t harm the country in the process. Your social security and medicare will not be privatized against your best interest. We must keep spreading the truth in a respectful but alarming manner. We must strive to show the truth. We must vote the extreme Republicans that are full of hate out of office. The Republican party needs to be reformed. In the meantime, a vote for our democracy is a must and that’s a vote for the Democratic party in our House, Senate and State governors races. Get informed! Thank you

  45. A good point Tom, but
    even without the insulting language, the “research” is flawed. (A common analytical error…the “post hoc ergo propter hoc” fallacy — “after this, therefore because of this.”) And off the top of my head, one error easily spotted is that in N.C. the legislature wasn’t controlled by the GOP (for 100 years) until the 2010 election. Hardly an indictment of Republican policies.

    Now as much as it pleases Democrats to believe the opposition is ignorant and stupid…they aren’t. The author shows no cause and effect relationship between any actual GOP policy and the results of these rankings. Most Pubs would easily see this.
    The argument is part illusory and completely circumstantial , but who knows, it’s worth it for Democrats to try to score some political points, even if the presented evidence rings hollow.
    A single snapshot of some economic rankings combined with current political leanings fails to prove much of anything.

  46. My comment is about the Tea-Bagger flag, the deadly rattle snake, ready to strike at all who dare to mess with it. Guess those baggers have never seen what several species of hawk and eagle can do to that snake. lol Once in a while the snake gets a bite in…..but thank G-d those snakes can proliferate quickly and in large numbers…..otherwise, they would have all been eagle food, a long time ago. lol

  47. I’d be interested in the particulars of your claim that the secession of the South will harm the nation as a whole; it CERTAINLY won’t be from an economic standpoint, since red states cost the fed more than they contribute. Balance of representation in the legislature? Why would that be a problem now, when it wasn’t before other states were added?

    I’m really curious — I’d like a cohesive answer to the question, and (not to offend, I’m more than ‘once burned twice shy’)not loaded or colored with neocon talking points.

  48. You hit the nail on the head and this the part of the USA addicted to militarism. Always in search of a scapegoat to dump their problems on always talking about responsibility for others but denialing their own.

  49. These are Gallup polls Geez… like they mean anything.. anyone that answers the phone and takes the short survey is making up most of these numbers especially the religion ones. This isn’t science or accurate overall. As for the south.. Texas isn’t considered ” the south” .. it is “Texas” get it right. Also, I see alot of businesses moving south for a better more conservative climate to be able to run their companies from with lower taxes. So they may be poor, religious and out of shape but they will fight to the death for what they believe in and I for one would never underestimate that. The only state that has truly threatened to Ceed is TEXAS which they still do and ultimately could and survive, they have harbors, natural gas, refining capabilities, growing land, ranching and the will to follow through. What they are lacking is water, which they are quickly running out of.

  50. Yes, they go south for the conservative climate. Low or no taxes that the people who make little in general terms, have to make up for. Little if any laws on pollution, Texas is one of the most polluted states. They dont go there for the children’s education, thats for sure.

    Texas would never survive. Besides, they cant seceed.

    Texas is close to last in almost every human living needs. But then again, that’s the conservative climate.

  51. That’s the Republican “Path to Prosperity”.

    The Village Idiots Vote Republican.

    The Republicans they elect become Prosperous.

    The Village Idiots remain just as Poor and as they were 100 Years ago.

    Seriously. How do you HELP People who are too damned STUPID to Help Themselves ?

  52. So the great State of Texas is running out of h2o….The sooner the better. Don’t put you paws on our h2o, unless you pay per gallon. As it is, our h2o runs down stream, per the Mississippi. We get first choice…So Texas, where’s the money when yours is gone. also Don’t think of moving up north, remember it’s cold up here and we don’t need the crazy’s from Texas. We have enough of our own.

  53. Balkanizing the North American continent by allowing the South to secede would bring unintended consequences. By allowing the South including Texas to become a nation of their own it wouldn’t be long, given the South’s gun loving bellicose nature, before they would declare war on surrounding nations including the North. There’s a reason why the military concentrates its military recruitment in the South.

    Before Texas became a U.S. state from being a part of Mexico, it included all the states west of Texas including California. Texas lost that territory when it became a state and many Texans have resented the loss ever since. I suspect that the first act of a Texas nation would be to reclaim Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and southern California. Water, among other resources, would be the reason.

    Dividing the U.S. into more than one nation would not end the conflict between the North and South but instead would exacerbate it. Better to have the South on the inside of the tent …

  54. We may be in the north here in Pa, but very solidly GOP controlled everywhere but Philly and Pitt. Fortunately our lovely Rep Governor Corbett has a 23% approval rating and is NOT expected to be re elected. Even the GOP supporters in my area are tired of the lies they keep pushing. Tired of hearing how tax cuts will bring jobs, yet they never seem to materialize, unless you count min wage fast food and retail jobs. Tired of watching our school budgets slashed and slashed again, in the name of fiscal responsibility, yet watch the schools crumble and test scores drop. Tired of the fact that as they continue to push EVEN MORE tax breaks for the rich and big business and turn around and make up for it by raising the gas tax 18 cents a gallon (9 cents this yr and 9 next yr)and then some county’s have (mine incl)an additional gas tax. Ours is 14c, So thats 32 cents a gallon we are paying ON TOP of the gov tax. Who do these tax increases hurt the most ? The middle class and poor !! Thats who

  55. Unfortunately, I agree with Craig.

    The south has few resources of their own, many disasters requiring near constant aid, have experienced a giant brain drain which has left them with far to few skilled laborers (and somehow I don’t think the geniuses of NASA would stick around once the extremly anti-science populace began lynching non-beleivers), and consciously ignore the trends for the sake of feeling like they are on the righteous, winning team.

    By letting them seceed we would be relieiving a huge burden (and headache) temporarily, but we would replace it by establishing an indefensible boarder with a militant, theocratic, third world country which would probably take a month to decide that their god want’s them to wage war on the non-beleivers to the north and west who live so sinfully and fruitfully.

    It sucks, but we need to require (and pay for) the south to evolve as a member of the USA because they straight up can’t be trusted to evolve on their own.

  56. The education levels in some areas here in Tennessee have been horrifying up until the last couple years.And now we have Students First doing their best to put them right back where they were in the 20’s. Learning religion and eating their homework

  57. I believe if the southern states went on their own, that they wouldn’t be able to take the federally funded armed forces of their states. They would lose all federal funding for everything, schools,infrastructure, medical facilities that were federally funded, all govt contracts etc.
    For them to think they would be able to rise to the challenge of warring against anyone is sheer blustering.
    They would have to pay import taxes to us for food, roads fire depts everything.

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