The Religious Right Says No to Las Vegas as Site of 2016 Republican Convention

Sinning - Republican style
Sinning – Republican style
Do you ever wonder how much power the Religious Right wields? Repeatedly, for several decades now, liberal pundits have hailed the demise of the Religious Right, but against all expectations, their power only continues to grow, even as their demographic shrinks. This year, they are flexing their muscles as the Republican National Committee chooses a city to host their 2016 convention. Apparently, Las Vegas, the Sin City, is a front runner (the less sinful Dallas is another).

The Religious Right is less than enthused, and Reince Priebus, who has, after all, admitted that the Republican Party IS a religion, has been put on notice that he best find more auspicious digs. Because, no matter what the ads say, what happens in Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas, especially when the spotlights are on you.

I mean, it’s a great choice for these pretend family values types, right? They can indulge themselves in all manner of debauchery in the name of their Lord Jesus Christ. And it doesn’t have to be somebody’s wife, Vance McAllister, especially the wife of a friend and campaign donor. There are prostitutes galore!

The Dallas Morning News reports that,

The leaders [including Tim Wildmon, AFA, Phylis Schafly, Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition, Paul Caprio of Family-PAC, and James Dobson of Family Talk] sent a letter last week to Republican chairman Reince Priebus, putting him on notice that picking Vegas would generate friction. They call the city a “trap waiting to ensnare. … What could go wrong? The answer is obvious.”

For once, these guys have gotten something right.

Ask James Dobson, he knows! He said Tuesday that,

Even though Vegas has tried to shore itself up and call itself family-friendly, it’s still a metaphor for decadence. There’s still 64 pages of escort services in the yellow pages. … You can’t have it both ways.

I will carefully not inquire here how he knows there are precisely 64 pages of escort services. I did not know that.

According to The Dallas Morning news,

Jack St. Martin, executive director of the Las Vegas 2016 host committee, sidestepped the evangelicals’ objections Tuesday. With so much hotel and meeting space, he said, the city “offers the Republican Party and the conservative cause the best opportunity in a generation to house, train, educate, motivate and activate the grass-roots volunteers that make up the foundation of the GOP.”

Now is an odd time, don’t you think, for the Republican Party to suddenly find pragmatism?

Caprio certainly – and unsurprisingly – thinks pragmatism is a bad, baaaad idea. He says, “This is the city of deep, dark secrets. … Are they going to cross the Rubicon?” Alright, they crossed the Rubicon when Goldwater lost and they’re plundering Rome as we speak, but Caprio has a point when he warns, “Parties have images to American voters as to who’s pro-family and who isn’t. … The base is already somewhat de-energized.”

Hilariously and predictably, misogynist Erick Erickson of RedState, who called Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie,” and submitted to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, is worried about beautiful women. He published a piece Monday titled RNC, Please Don’t. He cautions,

At every opportunity the left has decided to fight the GOP by using amateur and professional acquired video of embarrassing moments. Along with moments that could be viewed as hypocrisy, the left and its friends in the media will run story after story about wild and crazy nights in Vegas at the RNC. Good Christian delegates getting drunk, gambling, stuffing dollar bills in strippers’ g-strings, etc. will be the toast of not just MSNBC, but the front page of the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Huffington Post, and more.

That’s just a little silly, don’t you think? ABC, CBS and NBC never ever talk about Republican transgressions. Well, okay, they did talk about conservative buffoonery during the 2012 presidential race but they barely scratched the surface and that was only because the GOP had gotten so egregiously repulsive that even the mainstream media could not ignore it any longer. And of course, we all know the Republican blamed not their own behavior, but the “liberal media elite” for their defeat and they’re more than happy to do so again.

But it does seem they’ve learned a little caution finally from their experiences. Not that they’re bigots completely out of touch with today’s America but that they have to limit the exposure to their Clown Car antics. (Don’t forget Priebus’ changes to the GOP primaries this time around.)

Because, you know, reporting the news is a bad thing. It never occurs to them not to say repulsive thing in the first place, as this week’s clown show more than demonstrates.

Here, it is obvious, whatever the Religious Right says, that Las Vegas is not the problem, but rather the moral fiber of the Republican delegates, unable to resist sin when it is literally thrust into their faces. Blaming Vegas is rather like blaming a gun, from the Republican perspective, if only they could see it.

Too, you would think the Religious Right would rush to embrace Las Vegas as a test of character, an opportunity for the forces of God Almighty to show their moral fortitude in the garden of earthly delights. You know, show America, “See, we’re immune to beautiful, scantily clad women (and/or men)!” And drugs. And booze.

Instead, God’s would-be prophets run from Satan with their unmentionables between their legs, while the dauntless he-men women haters, led by Reince Priebus, yearn to rush into the jaws of sin to demonstrate their manly manliness to any woman who will show an interest or take a few bucks. Having slaked their manly lusts they will then no doubt turn around the tell us women are whores and sluts.

In Religious Right terms, Baal wins this round. Go Baal!

You can tell the Religious Right’s demagogues don’t trust either themselves or their fellow conservatives, if you’ll pardon the vernacular, to keep their peckers in their pants. And with good reason. When opportunity knocks. the first thing out the window is their family values.

When you think about it, it is rather humorous to think that the leaders of the Religious Right, of all the people on this planet, have a more realistic appraisal of human character than the Republican Party. It is just a shame they don’t have a realistic appraisal of anything else.


20 Replies to “The Religious Right Says No to Las Vegas as Site of 2016 Republican Convention”

  1. A very good article HH, my hats off to you. I lived and worked in New Orleans for many years. I was a chef in the French Quarter. Whenever the religious organizations would have their get togethers at the Convention Center you could be guaranteed that Bourbon Street would be full every night they were there. They would stroll down the street with their paper name tags still on their chests sucking down hurricanes and beers. The pro’s would be out in full force as were the drug dealers.

    Maybe they should think about having their convention in a corn field in the middle of Nebraska. It’s pitiful that they KNOW if they go to Vegas some of them will get busted behaving badly.

  2. This is one battle that the Religious Reich will lose. They are tilting with a foe and friend that has toppled temples and governments alike. They are doing battle with the real GOD of the GOTP!! They are up against MONEY!! and Mr Adelson has the power of a god in his coffers. And besides the GOTP would be better of if LasVegas was the site, then perhaps the biggest problem that they have will not attend. I’m talking about the pathological self righteous, arrogant IGNORANT Christian Reich! They are the disease that kills anything and everything in it’s path. I’m glad it wasn’t Columbus Ohio! I couldn’t stand to have that much evil that close! Even 30 miles is not far enough to have security from the dark cloud of Republican Insanity.

  3. They’d like people to think that they won’t convene in Las Vegas because of the sin and the sinners there. The truth of it is that they can’t trust their delegates to behave in Las Vegas – a place where everything forbidden to them is available in the blink of an eye.

  4. I just love how they’re afraid of being filmed doing what comes naturally. Running out of excuses, are they?

  5. Sarah, it’s simple he was looking for the “family values prosti-er call gir-uh…escorts” to “escort” them. And there is always the ubiquitous “live lingiere’ modeling”. I’m betting that they prefer the Blonde Nazi dominatrixses!

  6. Hell, they’re all pissed. I wonder how many of them lost their hotel deposits? I heard that the last time the republiscums met in Vegas, they could hardly get any work done, because so many of their delegates were AWOL. They were in the casinos and strip clubs, and the Bunny Ranch had their best weekend ever.

  7. It’s hilarious to watch them in the casinos, strip clubs and adult bookstores, wandering around, refusing to make eye contact and pretending they don’t know each other.

  8. You would think that they would want to flaunt their “values” as unbreakable in such a place as Las Vegas. If they could battle the endless temptation of Vegas, they would appear to be invincible.
    But, as we all know, they are weaker than the average man.

  9. It’s like the old joke, “How do you keep a Christianist from getting drunk on a camping trip? Invite a second Christianist.”

  10. Come on guys… Let them go to Vegas. Their mishaps would be worthy of prime time television. It’ll be like The Real World, except it’s… you know, real.

    and chock full of your daily requirement of laughter!

  11. Ah yes, but folks, Sheldon will bring his wrath down upon you if you don’t feed his pockets in LV. Betcha none of his “favorite” candidates will do anything but praise the choice of LV.

    GOPTP, if you really had ANY morals at all, you could stand up to any wickedness, waving your banner of self-righteousness. Since you’re so against/afaid of LV, I have to conclude that you are nothing more than the “evil sinners” that you rant about, and you just don’t want to get caught at your own debauchery. It’s clear that Satan loves you guys.

  12. I said it once and I’ll say it again! the RR is a POLITICAL organization, I’ll say it again, they have NOTHING in common with spirituality, NOTHING! so for my liberals “conrads” who wanna verbally joust with me I say BRING IT, I’ll be right here waiting lol. The religious right showing this show of strength is touching! but heres the REALITY, I guarantee you over half of these fake christians go to Vegas and make the david vitter look tame!! I probably disrespect the religious right more than most atheist do, WHY? because they don’t adhere to ANY of Jesus’s teachings, yeah yeah, I know my post read as ANYTHING but christian most times but the GOP’s religious right would make ANY saint swear!!! VIVA LA VEGAS!!

  13. Actually, they get busted behaving badly all the time, with or without the apparently “immoral” trappings of Vegas. Further to this point, why isn’t the Religious “Right” in a sanctimonious uproar about the recent Sheldon Adelson love-in in Vegas?

    These clowns are masters at hypocrisy.

  14. How interesting is this? This could be the first sign of marital problems between the Republican Party and the arch religious white (no, not a typo). I’m going to watch and see how this turns out. The GOP could become a viable option for Americans if the fundamentalist faction were removed. STAY TUNED.

  15. I’m betting that’s why Adelson called his posse out there last week. Quid pro quo, I will throw out some campaign money and you bring the convention here so the casino coffers get filled.

  16. Mr Adleson has already waved his check book under the GOP candidates nose(s); they WILL “hop” and the GOP WILL have the 2016 convention in Vegas.

    This is such brilliant move! Adleson is tempting the GOP beyond their wildest dreams as well as keeping the fundies way from the GOP “party”. It’s brilliant!

    Sheldon is showing/proving to the Fundies who is REALLY in charge; need I spell it out? Mr Adleson knows who will be the first to go when when the Fundies start “thinning the herd” during the Rapture.
    Adleson knows that Jewish history has repeated itself over and over; gentiles never keep their word once in power…he’s no fool.

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