Creepy Old Dudes Make Up The Majority of Readers On Some Right Wing Websites



Judd Legum, Editor-in-chief of Think Progress, noted today that the Daily Caller is “doing a great job of serving the creepy old dude demo.” In other words, everything you suspected about the “conservative” movement is true.

Quantcast can prove it too:


They also have no kids, are white, and make a lot of money. It’s possible that they don’t have Quantcast’s code (like we don’t) running, but it’s also possible that someone has been waxing wishful in their self reporting when everyone is a rich, childless dude with spare time he likes to waste on the Daily Caller, and yet the majority of their commenters struggle with basic English grammar.

It seems all conservatives one encounters online are rich job creators who hate everyone else automatically, based on their inaccurate assumptions that liberals don’t work or pay taxes when in fact liberals are subsidizing most conservatives. The fact of the matter is that with only a small percentage of people qualifying as rich, most of these people are playing a game of Fox pretend, which might explain their inability to cope with reality and subsequent votes against themselves.

But old white dudes (of a certain temperament)? I will buy that, because it fits in with the demo voting Republican, watching Fox, and generally having the loudest, most difficult time adjusting to these here newfangled times during which there’s a half black man in the White House and women are running wild with birth control like it’s 1969.

What’s not to love at Daily Caller for old white dudes of a certain temperament? They have the angry rudes yelling at the President in the middle of his speech, t & a, and of course it wouldn’t be “conservative” without the misogyny and racism, all topped off with an unfiltered, irrational and very emotional, butt-hurt rage that permeates their all of their “news”.

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  1. And oh, how they lie. They don’t “make alot of money.” They just say they do. All you have to do is show up at one of their rallies to know this.

  2. The old ones are the easiest to convince that the problem is with liberals, and ignore the 1% man behind the curtain

    Here, be a shill!

  3. If the Baggers were wealthy and job-creating wizards, they would spend their internet time creating and employing people; not behind a screen on RWNJ websites.

    They are likely unemployed and may receive a small pension or disability check they depend on and do not pay income taxes any longer.

  4. This article is absolutely spot on, that’s why I keep making my comments about caucasian republicans, c’mon! the GOP is over 90% caucasian and whenever you see one of their rallies it looks like someone threw out everybody at the old folks home. That’s not being racist, it’s being factual. BTW GOP, when Obama became president you erased ANY doubts about the world calling you racist, remember Barack The Magic Negro?? or your republican chairmen texting pictures of the Obama family with MONKEY faces pasted to them?? So much for your RE-BRANDING campaign!! it’s just the SAME OLD $HIT from you NEO CONFEDERATES!!

  5. Well there is one upside. The vast majority of those rednecks will be dead in 5-10 years. As for Daily Caller they do’t let facts stand in the way of their truth.

  6. While I agree with you Phil, if you look at the Nevada scenario, there are tons of racist dumbassed rednecks ready to replenish the dying breed. I don’t know how you get rid of the stupid. i suggest Apache helicopters and drones.

  7. The biggest problem with those Nevada militia men is that they didn’t look like they were in the best of health. Many of them were over weight, probably have abominable diets, were heavy smokers, probably heavy drinkers and men who will probably accidentally shoot themselves in a mishap.

    These are also guys who just don’t care any more. Their piece of the pie is shrinking even more. They will be lucky if they make it to the age of 65.

    I know I grew up in a heavily redneck area and it was incredible how many of them died in stupid mishaps, head on collisions, killed while cleaning a gun, getting hit by trains, getting killed in a biker bar. Winding up in jail, If you have a chance to see The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia do so. It was like watching my childhood.

  8. These people are anti American. They are NOT “heroes”, not even decent people. They are criminals and belong in prison.

    I agree the stupid fearful old men make up the majority of the right, and I wish they would just hurry up and die…but we have to be able to work around them in the meantime…we have to vote out EVERY POSSIBLE republican in this election and the next.

    FWIW, I’m a 66 year old white man and I can not stand to even be around these morons.

  9. It’s would make sense to find out that that these old creepy dudes are also into Ayn Rand. She too was childless, so her selfish theories could only apply to the childless trust fund heirs. I’ll bet this demographic has a high divorce rate, which would explain their bitterness and misogyny. They are also a miserable bunch, which explains their censure and finger wagging towards everybody who wants to have a good time, whether it would be smoking pot or participating in a gay pride parade.

  10. Eykis – if what you say is true and they are on disability they have a real surprise coming if they continue to vote Republican–those worshipers of Ayn Rand and the “Starve the Beast” theory which has the purpose of getting rid of ALL safety nets which includes social security, disability, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, a minimum wage (they want none at all). In fact they have openly stated they want to take the country back to the days of McKinley (which was the Victorian Age). So the old f*rts better read up on their Charles Dickens’ novels.

  11. The stand the Republicans are making towards denying an extension to unemployment benefits (when it has been proven that the majority of the long term unemployed are over the age of 50–blatant age discrimination)- will hopefully get then kicked out of congress. How can the Repubs continue in office when they have alienated women, blacks, Hispanics, the unemployed, those who work for a minimum wage etc. It just means that people need to turn out to vote.

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