Creationist Battle With Neil deGrasse Tyson of Cosmos Is Humiliating For America


Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a premise to be true. Belief is closely related to faith that is confidence in a person, deity, or religious dogmata absent of facts. Faith is often a synonym for hope, and hope is relevant to any discussion of religion because without a shred of proof a religion’s dogma is true, its adherents can only hope they are not being deceived by teachings with no basis in fact. Young children believe a kindly senior citizen from the North Pole who makes an overnight visit to every child on Earth, and even as they start suspecting Santa Claus is a myth they still hold out hope he is real. Obviously hope, belief, and faith are no substitutes for facts, and yet there is a large segment of Americans that contend without reservation their religious beliefs are immutable and unquestionable truths uttered from their deity’s lips.

The ongoing, and one-sided, battle between creationist Ken Ham of “Answers in Genesis” notoriety and highly-regarded astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson of Fox’s Cosmos is humiliating for America because Ham typifies the right wing evangelical Christian ignorance founded on ancient mythology. Dr. Tyson is not involved in Ham’s battle because one thing he likely learned early in life is that it is futile for a scientist to dialogue with religious fanatics who base their arguments on factless faith. Each episode of the scientific series brings a new charge from Ken Ham, and it is apparent that his primary target is not Neil deGrasse Tyson or Cosmos, but science itself.

Each week without any “answers in Genesis” to support his claim that Cosmos and Tyson are wrong about the Universe, age of the Earth, or why evolutionary theory is fact, Ham resorts to Republicans’ Koch brother tactic of questioning the veracity of scientists. If Ham could find the “answers in Genesis” he claims repudiate science or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s empirical data to back up facts supported by peer-reviewed scientific research, he certainly would have presented them by now. Despite offering no facts to support his creationist sophistry except “bible,” it has not stopped Ham from weekly assertions that science is fraudulent because, like every good scientist, Tyson readily admits science, by nature, is an evolving process and does not have all the answers. That is the primary difference between science and devotees of the creation myth; creationists claim to have all the answers because god.

After the first Cosmos episode, creationists led by Ham demanded the program give equal time to young Earth creationists who were livid that Tyson dared assert the Universe and life on earth started without god. Of course, giving the ignoramus sect parity with a leading scientist to promote their absurd contention that all Americans need to know about the cosmos is that in less than a literal week Christianity’s deity created the Universe, Earth, as well as life. Maybe the program’s creators should have given Ham a very, very short segment to expound how the Universe came into being in six days if for no other reason than exposing the bible creation story for what it really is; an inconsistent child’s fantasy.

Generally, an answer is a reply to a question that is relevant to the said question, and since Ken Ham represents about half the American population clinging to the Genesis creation myth, it is worth summarizing the creation story to expose its inconsistency with itself. Ham and about 150-million Christian Americans take it on faith the answer to how the Universe and life on Earth came into being is in Genesis, but it is likely they never read farther than “In the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). If they read all 21 verses in Genesis chapter one, they would comprehend why they are the subject of ridicule for claiming science is an abomination and the creation myth is an immutable truth.

According to answers in Genesis, on day one god created heavens and Earth and said, “Let there be light” and divided light from darkness and called the light day, and the darkness he called night. On day two, god made the firmament in the midst of the waters and divided the waters under the firmament and above the firmament, and god called the firmament heaven in spite of already creating heaven on day one. On day three, god said “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” He called dry land Earth and the waters seas, and while he was at it he created vegetation.

On day four there are more recreation events where god said, “Let there be lights to divide the day from the night; God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day (Sun) and the lesser light to rule the night (Moon).” He made stars as well that, like the day and night on day one, were already created as part of “the heavens and Earth” and divided the light from the darkness he called day and night. On day five, god said, “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.”

On day six, it appears god recreated day five’s “every living creature” and “created man in the image of god he created him; male and female.” According to “answers in Genesis,” god rested on the seventh day, but he should have kept working because in Genesis 2 it says, “Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. And god blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which god had created and made.” But in verse seven, god recreated “man of the dust of the ground, breathed into him the breath of life that made him a living being.” Later in verse 21, god remade the woman from one of the man’s ribs and it begs a question the “answers in Genesis” never answers; why did god create man and woman, day and night, heaven and Earth twice?

The truth is that it does not matter one iota what the bible creation myth says, or that 46% of Americans believe it is factual. However, it does matter that men like Ham, the Koch brothers, and Republicans use the ancient bible mythology to deny science that is having a deleterious effect on the whole of humanity. There is no difference between Ham challenging Neil deGrasse Tyson by sowing doubt about science with no “answers in Genesis,” and the Koch Republicans who spending millions in advertising questioning the validity of the overwhelming majority of scientists’ assertions that global climate change is real and poses an existential threat to mankind. Neither the Kochs nor religious fanatics like Ham ever present valid arguments to prove their positions because they do not exist, and they clearly understand that a tragically large segment of the population will reject science for irrational belief because god and bible.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is doing America a great service by attempting to educate the population about science and how it has taken humanity from believing religion has the only answers to dispelling every religious preconception men in positions of power still use to control superstitious people into supporting them as they rape and pillage the Earth. It is likely that creationists, and 46% of the population that clings to Genesis for answers, are incapable of comprehending even a fraction of the science Neil deGrasse Tyson is exposing to the masses every week because their cognitive abilities have been permanently retarded by childish dependence on archaic bible mythology.



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  1. Science and religion are two totally separate systems. One relies on scientific method of hypothesis, experiment, results that are repeatable.

    The other is built on belief in superior being and revelations that are not testable in the real world.

    This is the reason science and religion cannot debate. The creationists need to prove their case by using science’s own methodology, getting their results published in science journals.

    We have to stop listening and talking to creationists about the evidence for evolution etc.

    It’s not going to change their minds and demeans science by even talking about the “truth” of religious beliefs.

  2. What amazes me is how these creationist types just cannot integrate the two together. After all what is Genesis but a series of stories in trying to explain how things got created. There has been multiple creationist myths from all over the world. I find it interesting that they just can’t wrap their brains around the fact that their religion is just a myth or series of stories/parables. Of course what is time to GOD, how does a divine being measure time. Yes, I am giving equal air time to both arguments. There is a lot to be said for this in being able to integrate science and creation together. When I was growing up I got into table top Role playing games and I learned about mythology (Greek, Roman, Aztec, Babylonian)when I got introduced to Christianity, I just took it as another Mythology and treated it as such. To me Jesus was no different then say Hercules.

  3. For me, the right-wing has already done a pretty good job of humiliating the US long before “Cosmos” came around.

    If anything, despite the creationists BS, “Cosmos” is still doing a lot of good. It’s an excellent push-back against the embarrassment the American right-wing has caused our country worldwide for years.

  4. The really sad part is the creationists are winning the battle in the red states that already have the most ignorant people.

  5. I have watched each episode of “Cosmos” with enthusiasm and in awe. As an ordained Christian theologian with a graduate degree from Seminary, I regard Ham and those like him as being in a state of perpetual denial of our cosmological reality. A Priest once remarked to me how he believes Genesis came at a time when humans went from hunter-gatherer to agricultural farmers. Genesis attempts to represent and explain the world of the writers in their time, with extremely limited knowledge. Ham forces his theology of ignorance with desperation. People like Ham cannot think outside their myopic box because their world otherwise becomes shattered. I see “God” being quite active in the evolution of our universe and earth. How one defines “God” is up to them. Personally, I like the Native American Indians’ “Great Spirit”. Ham does a grave disservice to the Christian faith, to God and to Jesus Christ.

  6. I really don’t feel like getting into this today, but……Who do the lunatic fringe think that Cain, when tossed out if Eden, mated with? Obviously, an evolved human. Cane came from the newly called “chosen” people. That is the crux of what I have always believed. God made possible that the beginnings of evolved life possible. And why did God make possible that the humans He created could have sex and make children if the “apple” from the forbidden tree was a no no and such a mortal sin that they also were thrown out of the garden, and women would always be punished for it when giving birth so terribly painful. Poor little Adam only got his hand slapped. I don’t see any conflict between evolution and creationism.

  7. “The other is built on belief in superior being and revelations that are not testable in the real world.”

    To tell you the truth, I’m even skeptical of the so-called “miracles” attributed to new saints like Mother Teresa and Popes John Paul II and John XXIII.

    It also strikes me as hypocritical and desperate that the Catholic church waived several criteria those latter two cases hadn’t met, to speed up the canonization process (granted, they were both remarkable men and Church leaders in changing times).

    I guess I’m the poster child for fallen-away Catholics.

  8. If God were a university student he would have partied for 6 days and put everything off till the 7th Day.

  9. Religious fundamentalists are the Republican Party’s strength and Achilles Heel. They are so focused on narrow issues that if a Republican mouths the right words, he’s got an immediate support base. Anti-abortion. Anti-Muslim. Anti-Mexican immigrant. Pro-War. Pro Death Penalty.

    But these positions alienate the ‘old right’ libertarians and the Independent swing voters, so by hanging on to the Fundamentalists, the mainstream Republicans make themselves irrelevant.

    I think it is ridiculous to argue Creationism vs Evolution. I’ve tried it many times and have only succeeded in pushing the Creationist deeper into his fallacies. Faith is not debatable. Faith simply IS. Facts be damned.

  10. God was already creating days before there was a sun and an earth revolving around the sun giving us our day… Creationists are the simpletons of the world and will believe anything they are told even if all of the conditions that contradict creationist beliefs are plainly in front of them…. Creationists are purely retarded beings who are incapable of rational thought.

  11. Specifically, people like Ham, Brian Fischer, Franklin Graham et al. drive people away from Christianity as an option for spiritual faith. More of my friends/acquaintances have turned away from “worship of Christ” since the advent of the Tea Party’s insistence of making this a “Christian nation” and the shrills of the Christianity persecution meme. The only ones still doing it are the born-again Christians who everybody basically tolerates while ignoring their faith-based pronouncements. Yes, the disservice is done by these “good Christians” all in the name of Jesus himself.

  12. The absurdity of those supposedly leaders in the Christian community debating creationism vs science in the public square profound. The writer of Hebrews declared the standing of the Christian view on this subject:
    “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”
    Hebrews 11:3
    The world rejects faith unless it is for something they can see. The have no faith in what they cannot see. Or they pervert the meaning of faith to hope for what a cult promises. There is so much superfluous babble coming from the world and it is unfortunate, that with so many souls unaware that Jesus loves them and ready to save them the attention of Christians and the world is on something so insignificant to the saints of old and Christ Jesus and His Holy Spirit.

  13. Creationism is not a failure to understand; it is a REFUSAL to understand. Evolution is for grownups.

  14. It just depends on what kind of Christian you are–if you are one. I’m a Christian–but i have no problem with Creation and Evolution coexisting. I believe that God got the ball rolling (not EXACTLY as Genesis says in a timeline mind you) and that evolution took over from there. I have no issues with this at all. It’s the Bible literalists that can’t deal with this. I feel bad for them, because they really, really look stupid when they go on TV proselytizing about their very narrow view of life.

  15. Hey Creationists, you have prayer on several stations of every cable package I can purchase, forced upon us whether we want it or not. You have three major motion pictures right now based on your faith. You have always several mainstream shows, like Highway to Heaven, Touched by an Angel, etc., and you have a Family Channel, the 700 Club, you have even turned History Channel into a station that spends its every waking moment trying desperately to find some semblance of plausibility in biblical tales rather than talking about actual history. We have this show, and because we have this one show, you’re acting like you’re some kind of persecuted victim here. But then, that’s all you guys know how to do: jump on a cross and scream, “LOOK HOW PERSECUTED WE ARE! WAAAAHHHH!”

  16. This is what happens when the god loving red states allow a ton of fracking and other “energy exploration.” The South. Becoming Charles and David Koch’s personal toilet.

  17. I was watching some of deGrasse Tyson’s you tube videos complete with a few comments about his race,
    including one, about how liberals “fall all over themselves when seeing a well spoken black man, just like we did with Obama and MLK” among other fascinating comments.

  18. I agree. There has been so much disconnect laid on faith by the Religious Right that few today who watch the creationists understand this one fact: they are not Christians. They are Dominionists that emerge largely from a sect, Pentecostalism that has been around just a little over a century. Yeah – they got themselves a lot of attention with their rants, but they don’t remotely represent the mainstream. Pew polls in religion recently showed that white mainline Protestants believe in evolution MORE than the general – including non believing – population. Since before Darwin, mainline faith groups have accepted science, understand the Bible is both history AND allegory, human attempts to pursue truth, but not immutable laws to be followed mindlessly. Faith like philosophy is a quest for truth, is an unending and diverse process, and science is essential to that pursuit. Don’t confuse people of open minded faith with those who live in fear. They’re not the same.

  19. It is hypocritical, but they need to find ways to keep people from leaving the church. They lost quite a bit after Vatican II and even more with the child molestation scandals. It’s a PR stunt plain and simple.

  20. “Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from creationism, which at the end of the day is a kind of paganism – it’s turning God into a nature god.”

    –Brother Guy J. Consolmagno, SJ, research astronomer and planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory.

  21. Sidnee, what you say makes you a Deist not a Christian. Know who you identify with. One of the shortest verses in the Bible is “Be ye not deceived.”

  22. I haven’t missed an episode of the New Cosmos, but I have to say, a good ole Tent Evangelist would be a lot less boring. Science is Boring unless you are ‘hands on’.

  23. Don’t know if you remember the great scene in “Inherit the Wind” when Clarence Darrow who supports the teacher, Scopes, asks Wm Jennings Bryant, the fundamentalist where Adam and Eve’s sons found wives? Bryant simply said it did not matter to him, the Bible would have told him had it been important.

    That is the ONLY way fundamentalists can deal with science. It isn’t important. The Bible tells you what is important, and the rest doesn’t matter.

    That’s the difference between the Religious Right and real Christians. The latter accept science as the explanation.

  24. Paul the second enhanced the modern church; john paul tried to take it back to the dark ages; way more quit under JP cultural conservatism. JP responsible for Ratzinger he resigned and another pope, Francis, has come to try and rescue the church by restoring humanity and the philosophy of Christ the man.

  25. Xians live to play the persecution card. They’re desperate to have everybody else notice what ‘martyrs’ they are.

  26. Easy Roger, your going to piss off the flat earther’s and the “sun and planets revolve around the earth crowd.

  27. To be able to comprehend anything in this world people need a reference point to be able to refer back to.

    The so called reference point is our consciousness or the part of us that does not think because believe it or not our personality is not entirely comprised of thoughts based on our experiences.

    A THOUGHT IS A VARIABLE manifestation of choice and seeing as how our thoughts are not constant they cannot be who we are.

    Many scientists say that freewill is in the hands of humans and not a creator and most christians tend to think otherwise but what if I was suggest that it is both.

    Now what does freewill have to do with our observance capabilities(i.e. capacity to absorb information and not be affected by it)you may say in the context that I have presented it.

    Well Seeing as though CONCIOUSNESS IS A CONSTANT or otherwise observance would not be possible states very clearly that free will and gods will by simple logic are one and the same thing because what we want is…

  28. (refer to above comment) we are programmed for(i.e. our consciousness is a program in a sense or otherwise it would not be a constant).

    To clarify about earlier comments the changes in our personality are made by possible by the fact that, the choice program if you think of it in terms of a computer program has to have all the information about every single function it can carry out before it does so, therefore implying that function of choice really incorporates the information of all other possible universal functions inside of it or otherwise the information in essence would not be there to act upon.

    This notion of choice being the master program also implies that the masters of reality are us and God because we both really want the same outcome.

    Now we have a variable to our personality but no motivation to choose differently, this is where the notion of survival comes in. Survival is in essence the one thing that keeps us from doing what we love to do or are programmed …

  29. The last area of concern to sum up my idea of reality is emotion. I can hear the cyncism to my last two comments already beginning how can a person be just a program but hear me out.

    Everyone is familiar with the idea of a computer virus right, well what if I was to tell you that the idea of an end to an identity is a virus, after all CONSCIOUSNESS IS A CONSTANT otherwise the behaviour of obervance would be impossible.Now how does the end of an identity tie into the explanation of emotion, well it’s very simple actually there is a constant part of you that is energetically supported by the universe(i.e. energetically supported = Happy)and then there is the constant part of you that has chosen to forget it’s true nature by being wrapped in specific arrangements of molecules(i.e. The Human body and brain). The human body is a variable and is always constantly reaffirming that we are not constant and we have to do things that others want to stay in existence.

  30. (refer to above comment). It is our fear of others harming our impermeneant bodies, that convinces us to do things that are not who we are, which takes away the energetic support of the universe and gives us the consequential emotional experience of sadness(i.e not expressing our consciousness = sadness).

    Every emotional reaction can be tied back to whether we are doing what we were intended to do (i.e. what makes us happy)or not doing what we intende to do (i.e. what makes us sad). Now seeing as though happiness can only be related to one choice (i.e. what thought naturally comes to you without any effort)states that only one choice about a given circumstance can make you feel a positive emotion so what does that mean for all the other emotions, well they are just indicators of how close you are to your true programming.

    Complete and utter sadness (think hopeless suicidal) is really the end pole of the personality spectrum which indicates least energetic support from universe.

  31. (refer to comment above)

    As for all other emotions they fit in between happy(most energetic alignment with personality constant) and utterly hopelessly sad(least energetic alignment with personality).

    If you find the concept of emotions just being an energy gradient to ridiculous to consider, question what foods you ate last time you felt sad ,were they low energy or high energy foods like chocolate. You see high energy foods are only consumed to give someone a sense of energy to be able to ignore the true energy drain of being sad and how uncomfortable that feels.

    Another example of fighting the effects of sadness (or low energy based on choices that align poorly to your personality constant)are taking a walk outside to breathe in air of a higher oxygen content, than the air that is present indoors which enables the body to break down energy stores faster, as oxygen is a metabolic catalyst giving one an increased sense of energy or happiness.

  32. This idea that scientists should not confront people like Ham is wrong. Besides the fact that it obviously isn’t working. Scientists aren’t reaching the people that need to be reached. The children of religious people. Let me explain.

    I was raised as a Pentecostal christian. We’re talking, speaking in tongues,slain in the spirit, demon believing, christian. My whole childhood my rational mind questioned the things I was being told, but I didn’t dare ask. Besides the fact that it was considered a sin to question your faith, I was surrounded by christians. Everyone, my parents, siblings, friends,and even my teachers were christians. And yes, evolution was in our textbooks, but that chapter was conveniently skipped in the classroom.

    What happened? A teacher in college that exposed me to science. He didn’t attack my beliefs, he just told us facts, and why they were facts. He let my own mind decide the truth. It turns out, the evolution taught to me by christians was a complete l…

  33. The only thing “remarkable” about JP II is that he helped cover up sex abuse scandals and then placed those offenders in situations where they could continue to molest children.

  34. Boring? Anything but! Science is fascinating! Perhaps you just need more background education in the sciences? Example of an episode which took us into a dewdrop. Creatures that live there which outnumber humans on earth. I could go on, but I am enthralled with each episode and especially fascinated with the scientists in the past who have faced persecution to further our understanding of our home.

  35. Well i call evolutionism WILLFUL IGNORANCE aided by atheism.
    Evolution is bad science – Richard Smalley, discoverer of buckyballs who became a Christian when he found out the truth about evolution but died of cancer before he could ensure the world knew.
    I wonder if this will get posted or moderated away. Oh well . . .

  36. I was raised within the Church,..attended Sunday School, later went to services..until the day I heard my Uncle say “Anyone who doesn’t attend [name of his Church] is going straight to hell!” My young mind could not & would not accept that idea. Then years of reading the Bible (even today when I am in the mood) & other sources, I have become an agnostic. I believe more in Science than what I call the Poof-Poof theory! I want, no, I NEED facts and proof before I give my brain to a subject so sensitive as our creation. I know too many people who speak one thing but DO another. My concept of the Bible involves the dEVIL & GoOd {Evil & Good). I believe in the beginning, the wiliest people made up the Biblical story to CONTROL the masses!
    I believe religion is mass brain-washing! It doesn’t allow one to think for one’s self. It TELLS you how & what to believe! It does not offer proof but instead asks us to believe by Faith alone. Going to church doesn’t make you a…

  37. So… I take it you are just in it ( religion ) for the money… Since you understand, plainly speaking… the bible is just old time bull crap.

  38. You believe religion is mass brainwashing? That is the silliest thing i’ve heard. You’re saying the greatest scientists who BTW are Christian Scientists (i’ve got another link to 80+ more, all YECs) have been brainwashed?
    Please let this be posted.

  39. What a strange story considering the Bible commands you to question things including your faith and these people (and 80+ more including MRI inventor, Raymond Damadian) had/have no problem with it.

  40. What must other countries think of us these days? They see a nation of flat-earth believers, toting guns in churches and schools and banding together to kill federal marshals. A Congress hell-bent on destroying America’s economy, and along with it, its military might. A country not only ignoring the perils of climate change, but refusing to believe it’s even occurring. We are either the target of their wrath or their pity, and frankly I find no solace in either option.

  41. For years, creationists and intelligent designists argued that there is no such thing as junk DNA. When you let evolutionists run the show, science can be held back for a decade all because of beliefs and assumptions by evolutionists. Believing in creation does not make scientists stupid. Trying to fit facts into the billions of years theory is bad for science because you have to cherry pick and ignore other evidence that doesn’t support evolution. In real science, no evidence can be ignored. Just ask the intron.

  42. I don’t know what bible you read, but I’ve never seen anywhere it telling you to question your faith. In fact, exactly the opposite is stated throughout the bible. Romans 14:23 for instance:”But whoever has doubts is condemned if he eats, because the eating is not from faith. For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.”

    I can quote dozens more.

  43. im laugh because all you earth loving liberals will burn in hell for questioning gods word. when i am in heaven because i am good i will rimember you sinners and laughing.

  44. Whats gods word?

    “earth loving liberals will burn in hell”

    You do realize that makes no sense at all? And do you think god would let you in while you are laughing at others? I doubt it

  45. I really don’t see the necessity for religion and science to be mutually exclusive. i believe we all must realize that the scriptures (meaning any of the Holy books regardless of the particular religion) were written as a guide to human behavior in mostly parable form and were never meant to be 100% historically or scientifically accurate.

    To adhere to a fundamental belief that all who do not interpret the scriptures in exactly the same way as any single ‘anointed interpreter’ will result in eternal damnation is actually in diametric opposition to many of the teachings contained therein.

    Further more those who deem themselves the one true “interpreter’ clearly declare their own selfish ambition to exercise control over others usually for ulterior motives and often opposed to the real benefit of the masses.

    There are many fine dedicated clergy in every religion whose intent is sincerely meant to guide and comfort their fellow humans in a positive and non confrontational m…

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