The Religious Right Is Using Hatred To Try To Fundamentally Transform America


It is unreasonable to believe that people in every nation love the country they live in, or that they would not likely emigrate to another country for obvious reasons such as escaping tyrannical dictators, depressed living conditions, less-than-hospitable geographical locations, or religious persecution. Americans are fortunate they have the freedom of, and from, religion thanks to the Founding Fathers who knew too well that left unchecked, religious leaders would persecute non-believers and impose harsh biblical laws on the entire population and make America an inhospitable country that citizens hated. There is a relatively large contingent of disgruntled citizens who seriously hate this country with a passion, and yet instead of fleeing America for their concept of Utopia, are Hell-bent on transforming America into a land Europeans emigrating to America sought to escape.

The election of an African American man as President in 2008 was absolutely intolerable for the great majority of racist evangelical Christians who, within a few months of Barack Obama’s inauguration, met and concocted a declaration that they would not rest until all Americans submitted to theocrats and decried the Constitution as obsolete and embraced the Christian bible as the law of the land. The document, the Manhattan Declaration, was written by evangelical leader Charles Colson who served prison time for his part in the Watergate scandal, Princeton law professor Robert P. George, and Beeson Divinity School dean Timothy George. The declaration reveals the authors and signatories’ intent to bring their biblical morality to bear on the government and society through religious tyranny founded on their bastardized Christianity and biblical morality laws. The declaration is contrary to the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal rights, freedom from religious imposition, and the Declaration of Independence’s pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that evangelicals believe are abominations.

Whether one just peruses the Manhattan Declaration, or studies it carefully, it is crystal clear its devotees hate everything about America, its people, the Constitution, liberty, free will, and equality for all. The declaration informs the level of hate evangelicals and the conservative Christians have for all aspects of American society including single parents, promiscuity, divorce, education, entertainment, government, science, laws, gays, and of course, Americans unwilling to bend to Christian domination. In fact, buried in the document is the statement that, “Immunity from religious coercion is the cornerstone of an unconstrained conscience. No one should be compelled to embrace any religion against his will,” and yet that is precisely what the thesis of the declaration informs is its intent.

Where the declaration exposes is the true nature of the religious right’s lie they are persecuted and victims because they are forbidden from imposing religion on the nation is the line; “nor should persons of faith be forbidden to worship God or express freely and publicly their deeply held religious convictions.” No-one in America is forbidden from worshipping god and the religious right knows it, but their definition of worship and public expression of their religious convictions means forcing them on the entire population; when they cannot, they claim their religious and moral commitments are trampled on. This sentiment permeates the declaration that is really nothing more than a manifesto advocating a Christian form of Sharia Law on the nation.

A great portion of the manifesto is devoted to “religious liberty” and “free exercise of religion” that was the basis of Arizona’s failed legal right to discriminate legislation and more recently; Hobby Lobby’s case before the Supreme Court. The goal of both Arizona Republicans, Hobby Lobby, and religious right movement in general is abolishing the 14th Amendment and laws against discrimination the “righteous” regard as tyranny, trampling their religious freedom, and prohibiting  ”free exercise” to impose their religious will on the nation. According to the religious right declaration, “the use of anti-discrimination statutes force religious institutions, businesses, and service providers of various sorts to comply with activities they judge to be deeply immoral,” informing their true goal is imposing their Christian morality on as many Americans as possible by convoluting free exercise of religion with prohibiting Americans from engaging in  ”activities they judge to be deeply immoral.” According to the manifesto’s long list of activities evangelical fundamentalists find deeply immoral, there is no aspect of American law, politics, government, society, or culture that escapes their definition of deeply immoral. Particularly the nation’s laws; including the United States Constitution.

The manifesto claims that “In recent decades a growing body of case law has paralleled the decline in respect for religious values in the media, academy, and political leadership. We view this as an ominous development.” What they view as ominous is the U.S. Constitution and its prohibition of religion imposing on Americans whether it is through the media, academia, or government and that is precisely what the manifesto’s thesis engenders; religious values, Christian religious values, its morality, and biblical laws forced on all aspects of society and culture. In fact, the Manhattan Declaration is an expression of Christian Dominionist’s intent and goal of dominating all aspects of American society.

It is a travesty that so many Americans, especially those on the left, dismiss the religious rights’ threat to their freedoms that goes far beyond forcing women to become perpetual birth machines or tormenting gays, because there is no aspect of society Christian tyrants will not target for their wrath; and it will be wrathful. There is a reason the religious right began decrying loss of religious freedom and that the President was waging a war on Christianity within a year of his inauguration; it coincided with the release of the Manhattan Declaration conservative Christians used to take advantage of racial animus toward the President. It also coincided with a well-executed claim the President was a Muslim and “the abortion president” that Republicans promoted through their silence and the preponderance of legislation targeting women’s reproductive rights.

The Manhattan Declaration is the thirty year culmination of the religious right’s entrance into the political arena thanks to Republican demigod Ronald Reagan, and although religious extremists in the Dominionism movement have been methodical in working behind the scenes to impose a Christian theocracy, there has never been anything resembling the blatant attempt to rule by bible that few Americans recognize as a credible threat. There was little outrage, or outright terror, at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling destroying the Separation of Church and State and Establishment of Religion when the Court’s Christian conservatives asserted sectarian prayers at government meetings was not only constitutional, but represented the “traditional ties between religion and government that date back to the nation’s earliest days.”

There is precious little any American can do to halt the march toward theocracy after the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, or the impending decision in the Hobby Lobby case giving free rein to any evangelical to ignore any law or statute if they claim it violates their “free exercise of religion.” There is nothing as dangerous as religion left unchecked, and according to the Manhattan Declaration there is no aspect of American society or culture that evangelical Christians will not attack with the same religious fervor of Europe’s Inquisition, Salem witch trials, or Taliban’s religious tyranny. If any American thinks for a minute they will not be targeted by the Christian right, they only need peruse the Manhattan Declaration and shudder because it reveals they hate everything about American society and culture that is not steeped in Old Testament dogmata. Most Americans are aware of how non-compliance was dealt with in the bible and if they are not, look at how the Taliban dealt with violations of Islamic law and substitute Islamic with conservative Christian.


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  1. One of the defining characteristics (“DCs”) of Fascism is the intertwining of religion and government…as I’ve been correctly saying and writing for nearly three years, the GOP are Fascists…they adhere to all 14 of the “DCs” of Fascism…
    Wake up, people, especially if you’re a GOP Progressive or Moderate…your party is now comparable to Papadopoulos’ Greece, Salazer’s Portugal, Pinochet’s Chile, Suharto’s Indonesia, Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy and the most brutal Fascist regime since Fascism replaced Feudalism: Nazi Germany… seriously, GOP Progressives and Moderates: WTFU….All seven of those regimes I wrote above were Fascist regimes because they, too, like the GOP do now, adhered to the 14 DCs of Fascism…

  2. We live by Man’s laws, not god’s laws. If you don’t believe this, try to recall the last time and adulterer or your disrespectful child was stoned to death in the church yard or city center.

  3. they keep making same mistaken assumption that those of us who disagree with their theocratic state will simply lay down and accept it. We will not! And like they are so fond of saying, “we will use our Second Amendment rights” to make sure it does not happen.

  4. I am quite certain that this is tied in with the Bundyism, blantant open-carry, and persecution of women seen as anti-gun (the latest stunt that I know of being the swaggering gunsels in Chipotle’s). I am guessing it is not long until we see another truly stunning act of violence in a public place.

  5. They will be worse than any Sharia Law. Wait until the in-fighting starts and who is stricter. They all will want to be the top Preacher. With so many crazies it will be hard to choose. None tell the truth. All they want is power and mucho money. Funny how Jesus and his followers lived in poverty while these modern day soothsayers live in palaces,private planes and their wives must be model like.
    I laugh at the fools who send them money. How can you believe everything they say when they do not practice what they preach. Of course the Prosperity Gospel doesn’t exist.
    It’s the pick and choose Bible Bangers.

  6. The safest thing for the Religious Right to do is leave this country that they so profoundly and profusely hate. I here Putin in Russia would enjoy having All of you and your NEOCON buddies there ASAP.
    Why not have all of your numerous Billionaire buddies help you all leave in a mass exodus. Just think you could all do a life act of Moses.

  7. The Religious-Right and their GOP partners are now all working openly and without any shame, directly for the “ANTICHRIST” himself (if one truly does exist). Just like their “Holy-Bible” says (which they must not read) the antichrist” will mislead the “chosen”. And he has chosen these evil, greedy, filthy bastards. In my opinion. Should we who are aware of whats going on in the U.S.A. just “kick-back” and wait until Jesus himself comes back with his army of angels and throws them all into the pits of Hell forever for their sins or can we the people handle this problem all by ourselves?

  8. ….Crescent Cross and Crying Star, how I wonder just how far. You will go to rule the earth, Guilt us to our graves from birth. We must stop them or face the 4th Reich.

  9. During WW2 I was a small child and brought up in the Church of England, I also took religion (mandatory) in school. I do not think we ever showed hatred in our church for the enemy that was bombing our towns night
    after night. We prayed for the injured, for those bombed out, for our soldiers and we prayed for an end of the war.
    My aunt was a matron at a womens land army hostel, where they worked the farms as all the men had gone to war. They had some German prisoners of war to help on the farms. After the war when the prisoners went back to Germany many wrote my aunt to thank her for her kindness to them, I found the letters after her death. Now I see hatred in this country towards other americans for petty reasons, even from so called religious people, it makes me really sad!

  10. Yeah Raymond they hate this nation and it’s people and they arrogantly demand that we who do love this nation and work together and comprehend the Constitution, leave. They are truly insane and arrogant beyond belief.

  11. I read that Manhattan Project of a manifesto. They are way too concerned with what women do with their bodies and what gay people do behind the privacy of their own homes.

    This party cannot be called pro life and support

    Gun proliferation (talk about a culture of death)
    Capital punishment
    Denial of food stamps and prenatal care
    Denial of basic health care.

    What’s the sense of protecting a fetus if your going to kill it when it becomes the post-born?

  12. There comes a time when people have to stand up and say, “FUCK YOU! I refuse to be cowed by your inability to understand the fundamental principles our country was built on and I refuse to be cowed by your inability to understand what “Freedom of religion” really means.”

    Zealots use religious persecution as a crutch to compensate for their astounding ignorance. They’re free to choose whatever religion they wish. They’re free to practice it. NOBODY is taking that away from them.

    What they are NOT free to do is to impose religious dictates on anyone or hold them above any law. You want to practice relgion? Great–go to Church. You want to be tolerated? Great–don’t fucking get all “holier than thou”. Your God even tells you that is wrong. You want to be respected? Don’t be a hypocritical douchebag. Practice what your holy book promotes: love your fellow man.

    The saddest thing of all is that they have no clue how close to Sharia law and the Taliban they are.

  13. Beware of any attorney or other legal worker who has belonged to the Blackstone Legal Fellowship unless s/he has seen the light and hath repented.
    The Blackstone Legal Fellowship seeks to reconnect religion and state, which makes it an imperative that NO alum of this gang EVER mounts a judicial bench anytime, anywhere, at any level!!!

  14. This alleged war on religion is nothing more than we sane people saying one word…NO! When you say NO to their fantasy they call it war. So be it! We secular SANE Americans will win.

  15. Not only do they hate the values the United States was founded on – they hate the values that Christianity was founded on – the values demonstrated by Jesus Christ in the scriptures.

  16. You know whats funny? I live in Tennessee and have quite a few very religious former coworkers on my FB. They no longer mention Jesus, only god. I think they found out jesus isnt down with all the guns they are collecting. And these are women

  17. The Religious Right, as a group, are more fire and brimstone Old Testament zealots than New Testament followers of Jesus and his message of peace and tolerance.
    In 1964, after LBJ crushed Barry Goldwater and left the Republican Party bloody and bruised, tossed to the side of the road, the Religious Right saw an opportunity to gain control of a national political party. They slowly and methodically took over and created the Republican Party seen today, with its tolerance of hate and intolerance of diversity. Just like Adolph Hitler, they came to power with the votes of the citizens. Only with the votes of the citizens will they be tossed to the side of the road, bloodied and bruised.

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