A Desperate Darrell Issa Subpoenas The Entire Department of Justice

Darrell Issa

Republican witch hunter Darrell Issa is getting desperate, so desperate that he has subpoenaed the Department of Justice in an attempt to revive the IRS scandal.

In a letter that accompanied the subpoena, Rep. Issa wrote, “The Department’s refusal to allow Mr. Pilger to testify about matters highly relevant to the Committee’s investigation unnecessarily delays and frustrates the Committee’s Constitutional oversight obligations. The Department’s obstruction in this regard, coupled with its failure to produce any relevant material to date, leads the Committee to conclude the Department is not seriously committed to cooperating with the Committee’s investigation on the Committee’s terms.”

Issa is now claiming that the DOJ is part of some massive cover-up of the IRS scandal. Rep. Issa has long claimed that President Obama and the White House were behind the “targeting of conservative groups.” By subpoenaing the DOJ, Issa is trying to advance his conspiracy theory.

The evidence uncovered by Issa’s own previous investigation revealed that that the White House was not involved in what happened at the IRS, and the details of what occurred at the IRS are something that House Republicans really don’t want to talk about.

The IRS targeted both liberal and conservative groups, because the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling led to a flood of groups trying to claim tax exempt status. What the IRS scandal has always been about is Republicans trying to intimidate the IRS into letting their shady super PACs violate the law by not paying taxes.

After the attempts to revive Benghazi have gone nowhere, it looks like Rep. Issa is trying to dig up the IRS scandal again. House Republicans keep going over the same worn out ground over and over again. There is no scandal here. Time is running out, and Darrell Issa is getting desperate for something to use against President Obama.

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