Gay Republican Organization GOProud Is Throwing In The Towel And Calling it Quits

goproud reports that the conservative LGBT organization GOProud is closing up shop. The organization was formed five years ago, but never could quite find its niche within the homophobic Republican Party. GOProud founder Jimmy LaSalvia quit the organization and left the Republican Party last year, blasting party officials for their intolerant views on his way out.  Co-founder Chris Barron also exited the GOProud organization in 2013 after a dispute regarding the group initially being denied participation in the CPAC convention.

The troubled organization has always seemed a bit slow to recognize that the Republican Party is not welcoming to gays and lesbians, regardless of how conservative they may be on economic issues. No matter how much the GOP leadership talks about personal liberty and individual rights, they ultimately bow to social conservatives. Anti-gay discrimination is enshrined in the GOP’s national platform, and many state party platforms also explicitly support anti-gay discrimination.

As long as Republicans running for office continue to pander to the socially reactionary Christian Right, gays in the GOP will be treated as second class citizens. While some LGBT conservatives may hope that the party will embrace them as long as they hate Obamacare, love guns, and despise capital gains taxes as much as they do, the truth is the religious conservative base has no use for gays and lesbians period. Bigotry is like that. No matter how much LGBT Americans seek acceptance within the Republican ranks, that acceptance will not be forthcoming until the Republican Party purges itself of the intolerant social conservatives who control much of the party machinery.

GOProud was simply never a viable group within a party that is all to eager to ratchet up antipathy towards gays to win over the support of  social conservatives. Apparently the organization has figured out after five years of existence that they really have no home inside the Republican Party. GOProud is proud to be GOP no more, as they are disbanding.


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  1. Talk about slow to come around … sad. C’mon, we’ve been shouting everything said in the article to them for years and they just didn’t seem to ever “get it”.

    Oh well.

  2. I dont think they6 can hate anything enough to make the religious freakazoids like them. Perhaps if more gop were to lose elections it might dawn on them, hey, we need to pretend to like people

  3. They will still vote republican because to even try to identify with the American Taliban is a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome

  4. I for one feel the same about black Republicans…and women Republicans, and Hispanic Republicans, and working class Republicans… well you get the idea.

  5. What were they EVER thinking in the first place? “Gay Republican” should be the 1st example in the dictionary under “Oxymoron”.


  7. Serves them right for thinking the GOP would treat them as human beings. How much damage did they do by trying to split the cause? No sympathy.

  8. What took them so long? This was nothing more than an exercise in futility.

    But I wonder…how many of them will continue to vote for Republicans?

  9. a gay republican is as silly as black republican, Muslim or Arab republican a Hispanic republican You cannot be in a political party that hates who you are! It is as simple as that!

  10. “Co-founder Chris Barron also exited the GOProud organization in 2013 after a dispute regarding the group initially being denied participation in the CPAC convention.”

    This like saying “oh man, that snake bit me and wouldn’t help me after he bit me!”
    What the hell?? We as a community have never been accepted into the republican party and we wont. Shame on him for founding such a silly group anyway.

  11. Gay republican? really?? how about Jews for the third reich or poultry for the Kentucky fried children foundation?!! ANY non caucasian male who votes for the GOP deserves EVERYTHING they get!!! SUCKERS!

  12. I would never want to belong to a party that despises me, just as I would never live in a state that is filled with stupid bigoted people. You just can’t fix willfully stupid. It’s an ingrained mental illness same as schizophrenia. I hope that they gave them a stadium size worth of FU before they left the building and turned off the lights.

  13. This is like a tuna saying he’s gonna stop going to sushi restaurants because it’s not working out. You wonder about the basic intellect of the tuna.

  14. The fact that GoProud was even allowed to start up is in itself a wonderment considering the abject hatred of the “others” by the GOP.

  15. I just had to go check out their website. I read the first line or so and quit. They start off by saying that they don’t like liberals because we think we are intellectually superior. Smarter than a republican, seriously? Let’s put GWB on Jeopardy against Hillary or Elizabeth Warren.

  16. GOProud finally realized that you can’t change hate mongers.

    The GOP represent hate and there is no room for anyone except old white guys.

  17. “But…no…but…see…we’re not single-issue voters! We don’t vote with our genitals! Being gay is just a part of our life, it doesn’t define us! We’re socially tolerant, it’s just that we’re fiscally conservative! If we subjugate ourselves for them, then they’ll really wuv us!
    We’re not Reagan/Bush/Cheney/Rove/Palin/Romney/Lott Republicans, we’re Barry Goldwater Republicans! We aren’t actually Republicans, we’re just registered as Republicans so we can, um, strategically vote in the primaries to, um, change the party from within!”. So ashamed of themselves that they have to make up lame excuses that fool nobody. Every tapdancey excuse boils down to “We don’t have to care about icky, messy social issues; we’re rich enough and well enough connected (and most of us are white enough) that it doesn’t affect us. We got ours, screw everyone else.” Theirs is noxious, toxic complicity; they deserve scorn for supporting a party eager to legally subjugate gays. 

  18. “the religious conservative base has no use for gays and lesbians period”

    Lesbians period is of no use to a lot of people.

    (Commas are important.)

  19. Uh guys, you were doing it wrong. Gay Republicans take a public stand against what your are doing, or even making the effort to enact government policies along those lines, all the while keeping your personal affairs in private (or shall I say, in the closet?)

  20. They should go to the Libertarian Party. Around the 1970’s and 1980’s Alaska elected some libertarians and the Gays that are very free market should do just that.

  21. Ah I hate to break it to you but libertarians are nothing more than republicans who like to smoke weed. They still believe in I got mine to hell with the rest of you and don’t believe in taxes for infrastructure

  22. Libertarians today are little more then corporate whores. They are not interested in your personal freedom or your part of the free market

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