Hillary Clinton Tells Karl Rove and The Republican Party To Bring It On

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During an interview on NPR, Hillary Clinton blasted Karl Rove and the Republican Party for planting false information that is designed to distract people. Clinton’s message to Rove and the GOP was bring it on.

Audio of the interview:

Transcript from NPR:

GROSS: So I have to ask you about the kerfuffle over the People magazine cover that you were on. You were standing with your hands resting on the back of a chair, apparently a patio chair. But the photo was cropped, so all we saw of the chair was the bar across the top of the chair. And your good friend, Matt Drudge, tweeted, is Clinton holding a walker? Now, you know, obviously it wasn’t a walker but – and he didn’t lie. He didn’t say you were holding a walker. He just asked a question in the tweet. Is that a technique that you’ve become used to, like…

CLINTON: Yes, it is to me. (Laughing).

GROSS: Planting ideas in people’s heads, not by making a statement, but just by – I’m just asking a question.

CLINTON: Right, well…

GROSS: Is that a walker?

CLINTON: Yeah, Karl Rove tried that with my health and got totally, you know, shot down. I am so used to these people. They’re like a bunch of, you know, gamers. They are trying constantly to, you know, raise false canards, you know, plant, you know, false information, and that’s what they do.

They don’t want to have a real debate about what the tax policy of this country should be. They don’t want to have a real debate about how we begin growing the economy again and putting more people to work. They don’t want to have a real debate about climate change and clean energy. They want people to get diverted and totally off subject, and that is their modus operandi.

But I have to say, Terry, that if that’s the best they have to offer, let them do it because that is not the debate that I think the American people want to have. And, you know, there’s a difference between fair game and playing games. And it is, unfortunately, too common in today’s political environment that people want to play games that divert attention from the real issues that affect our country and its future.

Republicans have been editing clips of Clinton in the same interview trying to make it sound like she is anti-gay marriage, which is ironic because they are the party that has pushed “religious liberty” and marriage bans all across the country. The striking thing about this nearly forty five minute interview is how much Hillary Clinton sounded like a presidential candidate.

The pretenses are coming down, and little glimpses of Clinton’s 2016 strategy are becoming apparent. Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be afraid of Karl Rove and the Republican Party. She was correct. This is the same crowd that she and her husband have been dealing with for more than twenty years. Republicans are already demonstrating that they haven’t learned any new tricks and if the best they can offer is a rumor about brain damage and a nutty conspiracy theory about a walker being visible in a photo, they are already well on their way to losing in 2016.

Bill Clinton rolled through the right-wing rumor machine to the presidential election victories twice in the 1990s. President Obama steamrolled them in 2008 and 2012. Hillary Clinton will likely shred them in 2016. Despite their fierce reputation, these guys aren’t very good at their jobs, and they definitely don’t seem up to the challenge of stopping Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Hillary is the GOPT’s worst nightmare. She would squash them to smithereens in a debate.

    You go Hillary!

  2. I hope we can vote out more idiots like Cantor this fall, and help President Obama finish what he’s begun. We need 61 Senators and 220 in the House. We can do it. The right is now so far right they look like religious fanatics. They are more worried about women’s vaginas than they are about the shrinking debt. They are more concerned with being the looniest guy on the radio than they are about helping real people. The GOP has no record to run on. What have they done? 50 votes against a settled law? Votes against vets, women, the poor, education, infrastructure..but hey, give ’em a new war and they’d be all in! It terrifies them that Obama has been successful despite all the crap they have thrown out there for five years. People love healthcare. They like a new minimum wage. They like fair pay. They want contraceptive coverage. They like that our wars are ending at last. The GOP has become the party of the very elderly who are not on the internet to catch their minute by minute lies…

  3. I can’t wait for the debates. Whoever the repub nominee is will look like cole slaw whether it’s Hillary or somebody else. My dream debate would be Hillary vs. Cruz, but they will probably parade Bush 3.0 out there for 2016.

  4. The Republicans are in trouble for 2016. Chris Christie, will be lucky if he stays in Governor mansion and not in Prison, Jeb Bush-problem is his last name. Rand the Plagiarist Paul has convinced no one outside libertarian wing of him winning the White House. Ted Cruz is a delusional nutjob that helped caused a Government shutdown and might not be eligible to run anyway. Sarah Palin-national Joke Michelle Bachmann-national joke Marco Rubio-can’t make a speech without drinking a reservoir (LOL) Bobby Jindel is unpopular in his own state. Have I missed anyone?

  5. Girl Power!!!!

    Hilary is not Sarah Palin. She is intelligent, tough, and thick skinned. Hilary knows politics, and the games politicians play.

  6. The Koch brothers and Karl Rove are a bunch of evil doers who are trying to buy this government. Hillary is going d to be a force they are not accustomed too. They have helped the republican parties attempt to stoop President Obama and he still finds a way to go around or over where he wants this country to go. They have called a halt to much of what Obama had plans for and they have done it with lies, inuendos, and back stabbing all the while calling them selves Christians . There is nothing Christ like about the people at Fox channel, they are very anti-Christ .

  7. Is Hillary going to wait to bring out the big guns, that is talking about her accomplishments.
    “Smart “diplomacy, you know the kind that… brought back Russian influence and power in the middle east, brought stability Russian style in the Crimean, ensured the slaughter of Syrians and the rule of Bashar Assad, lent no hand of support to western/freedom loving protesting across Iran, left our diplomats vulnerable and ultimately dead in Ben Ghazzi, telegraphed our withdrawal and weakness from Iraq, supported our withdrawal of missile defence from Poland, could not figure out if an oil pipeline from Canada was a good thing.
    Of course foreign leaders will respect her strong hand, after all look how much respect she got from her husband and the input she had with our leader from behind. So thats what he likes about her! Formidable indeed. I would rather see a real candidate.

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