Conservative ‘Christians’ Show No Class By Placing Obama Figurines In Urinals At Conference


This week in Washington, DC, the Freedom and Faith Coalition is holding their Road to Majority conference. Basically, this is a chance for conservative Christians to get together and discuss policy ideas as well as electoral strategy for 2014. This also happens to create an opportunity for Republicans from around the country to pander to the Religious Right in the hopes of gaining their support and approval ahead of the 2014 midterms and perhaps the 2016 Presidential election. Therefore, besides the usual suspects scheduled for an event like this, we also saw the likes of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) placed on the guest speaker list.

As one can only imagine, President Obama has not been well-received throughout the summit. Pretty much all of the speakers that appeared Thursday and Friday devoted large portions of their speeches criticizing the President and his policies. Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), during a speech where he pitched Dominionism to the crowd, exclaimed “Stop voting for the village idiot!” Ralph Reed, who heads the Faith and Freedom Coalition, wants the American people to burn the IRS offices to the ground. Gary Bauer used his time at the podium to claim that President Obama will bring down America because he is obsessed with gay issues, which shows a stunning lack of self-awareness as Bauer has been publicly railing against homosexuality since the Reagan years.

With a large group of white conservative Christians gathered in a large hotel and whipped into an ideological frenzy over their mutual hatred of all things Obama, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised by the following action:


The Huffington Post sent Igor Bobic and Sam Stein to cover the event. Bobic discovered the figurine placed in the urinal. It was obviously done as a way to show total disrespect towards the President while being willfully offensive. Even the figurine itself appears to be a caricature of the President with at least a hint of stereotypically racial overtones. Besides witnessing this total lack of class on display, Bobic and Stein tweeted out the following observations Friday.  


As you can see, this is basically just another situation where Republicans get together, trash the President, say mildly to extremely offensive things and prove to sane people that they are really not serious about, well, pretty much anything. At least when it comes to finding solutions to real world problems.


75 Replies to “Conservative ‘Christians’ Show No Class By Placing Obama Figurines In Urinals At Conference”

  1. It’s not really that surprising: they’re mostly a gang of seriously inbred jumped-up peckerwoodies and we should expect this sort of crap from them, as well as other forms of s**t!

  2. there attacks on Hillary will be worse (we’ve seen the beginning), as always President Obama will handle every hatred, every racism with Grace and Dignity.

  3. And we get called out for being so mean because we point out their idiocy. I want all you people who thought they were chastising me for the terms to describe you braindead, racist pigs to speak up about this. I know you wont because you are cowards and laughing at this BS

  4. And they call themselves ‘Christians’ – as if they have a clue what a Christian is! To them it only means they’re not Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc. Perverted morons!

  5. With world information internet, I am ashamed of the USA Hate, bigotry, and stupidity of the so-called “christian” in a large swath of our Country.

    “Jesus wept”- the Holy Bible, New Testament John 11:35.

  6. Another reason that “churches” should no longer be exempt from paying taxes like other businesses….the separation of church and state standard disappeared decades ago and created uber-rich televangelists and mega churches and less help for the poor and downtrodden children of God.

  7. They have to hold these little pep rallies to make themselves feel better about their circumstances. They know deep down that Obama is doing things right. They know they can’t best him at anything. So they hold these little bazaars to trash him.

    It reminds me of the Titanic. The ship is sinking and the band plays on. They have deluded themselves into thinking of sweeping victories in November. We’ll see about that.

  8. Holy sh-t pissing morons, from the Christain theist with sick racist, and sinner hate embedded into their sick moral brains!! What else can we expect from this sheeple sick bunch of haters!!!……………… joe

  9. I don’t really believe this is the kind of behavior that real christians would display anywhere at any time. I also have a small question…why if Ted Cruz’s father speaking here? Does that sound reasonable to anyone except him and his son?

    I thank God we have a President who chooses not to react to this disgusting behavior and is always classy and dignified.

  10. These people are not christians, they do absolutely nothing in a christian manner, they would let the poor and sick die without health care, they would let children go hungry, they are nothing but evil people filled with hate against gays, hispanics, and
    anyone not bowing down to them. They also have
    a sick inter4est in control of a womans body.

    Who would Jesus hate? He even said love thine enemy.

  11. “Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), during a speech where he pitched Dominionism to the crowd, exclaimed “Stop voting for the village idiot!”

    You mean even THAT nutcase doesn’t think people should vote for his son?

  12. WTF? This is far newest low for the anti Obama crowd and certainly not the last one. That is why I always call them a douchebags.

  13. That was interesting, wasn’t it? Here he is, speaking to his party faithful, and telling them NOT to vote for the GOP? Good work, Rafael..the man who lived here 40 years before he even became a US citizen. Someone should make sure he never voted before 2005.

  14. It’s sad that Christians are destroying themselves by the hateful things they say and do. Wasn’t there a poll a while back that said more Americans now classify themselves as atheists? When I hear Christian these days, my mind automatically translates that to scumbag.

  15. Jesus would be so proud of what his followers do in his name…all that time on the cross, and for nothing. Imagine if he was real and not just a fable foisted on the ignorant for the attainment of power and money.

  16. And where is the evidence that this was placed there by someone at the conference? The conference is at the Omni Shorham Hotel. Is this writer saying no one else uses the public restrooms at the hotel?

  17. You cant be serious? For six years all we heard and seen are the most racist depictions of a African American man and his family since Jim Crow and you have the gall to question the Reich’s bigotry? Let me guess, you are a full blown real American AKA teabagger. GTFOH WITH THAT BULLSHIT

  18. This is not very Christian-like at all. I don’t believe that the person who had the idea to put these in urinals was a Christian, more of a Satanist!!

  19. Who expects anything “Christian” from these morons? And if there is a devil, we know where and who it is– These people push guns to fools via the NRA every day, they lie and dissemble on Fox News every day, They try to ruin and tear down FDR’s legacy programs for the middle class every day, and they obfuscate and block legislation every day. And it all makes sense. After all… if there was a devil, wouldn’t he be a fascist, and take over the Christians if he could?

  20. These people are neither conservative nor Christian.

    The headline puts Christian in scare quotes, as it should be, but “conservative” needs to be changed to “radical right wing.”

    These people are not trying to conserve anything. They are trying to DESTROY everything good that this country has ever stood for or offered to its citizens.

    It’s time for the media (most of all liberal media) to call them what they are. Reclaim the political spectrum from control by these nut cases. They are NOT CONSERVATIVE. Not by any concept of conservative imaginable.

  21. These people like to talk about WWJD and about this bible they believe in (but don’t seem to have read). Personally, I think that if the jesus guy they talk about showed up there would be some serious ass-whoppin’ “cleansing of the temple” going on. Den of thieves is right.

  22. They would kill him again, if the story is true. One he wont be blond hair and blue eye and two he would be about helping the poor and sick. Perfect storm for a lynching

  23. No, Dave, it is not.

    This is PERVERTED Christianity, not true Christianity.

    Look, I was brought up in the Church of Christ (and no, not the Latter Day Saints one) and my Dad was a preacher. THIS is not the Christianity he taught me or my sisters.

    Judge us not all equally, Dave.

  24. I always love when the folks with “WWJD” bumper stickers turn left 3 cars after the red, don’t use a signal, won’t let you merge, don’t let a car back out of a disabled space because “THEY can’t use it”, turn without signaling, don’t stop for a pedestrian trying to cross in a marked crosswalk, and text while driving. All things I’m fairly certain Jesus would NOT do.

  25. The real Jesus would have been Dark haired, dair eyed. Semitic looking man. He would have looked like a modern day Middle Eastern Muslim man. So of course the religious right would have hated him.

  26. Plus, Jesus had long hair, was considered a radical by the establishment, was Jewish, was homeless at times, helped people for free, and wasn’t a fan of worshiping money.

  27. What’s wrong coward? You can give a down vote but cant refute what I said?

    be a grown up and speak your mind or are you so insecure that you cant? Coward

  28. Calling one’s self a Christian does NOT make you one.anymore than calling yourself a car makes you one!!!!!! WhoTF are they kidding – Jesus is gonna sic his angles on their ass so fast, that they’re heads will spin off!!!!!!

  29. Stay classy, conservative “christians”, and you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES CALLING YOURSELVES “CHRISTIANS” WHILE NOT BEING CHRISTIAN AT ALL!

  30. Joan you said almost what I was going to say with one exception. The rethugs are not very classy. But they sure are from the bottom of the barrel scum ,manure, with a veneer of being respectable. Thinking they are on the top of the heap when in actuality they are the bottom. Their right wing Grandmothers would be so ashamed!!!!

  31. I could picture him texting while driving. I could imagine him as this dark, wiry M3 doing a rotation in the oncology ward, or maybe Emergency. “Looks like an Ay-rab” they say, “dresses like a slob in those carpenter’s jeans, talks like a Commie,but even hopeless cases get well. Sure can multitask. Black thumb,though. Fig trees curl up and die around him.”

  32. Give Me That Good New Time Religion
    Welcome to 2014 folks, where even Christianity is beginning to realize that the battle to stop marriage equality is a losing one
    Presbyterians Vote to Allow Same-Sex Marriages

    I guess they are not Christians either and the American Taliban know who I am talking about. LMBAO. At this rate the way they think their will be no more Christians.

  33. They are not christians. They are Dominionists. And they are continueing their stated mission of trying to gain control over our free society and government to pave the way for their second coming. They must not be allowed to destroy this country. Remember that in November and every election after. This is America, land of the FREE! Not a theocratic, fascist state. If they want another crusade, I say bring it on. I would galdly fight to the end to eliminate them and their ideology of pure hatred from the face of this earth.

  34. Actually, the senior Cruz has a long record of not missing any of these types of events. He loves to listen to himself spew hate. The apple is nearby.

  35. This was as disrespectful to Obama, like me putting bibles in the urinals because these morons consider my lifestyle a sin.

  36. And none of it makes a tinker’s damn worth of difference to me. I will still vote my usual straight Democratic ticket in November. How does that grab you, GOP? Like a bear trap on the privates? Hope so.

  37. Yes, anyone could have put those there. However, the organizers of the event should have asked the hotel maintenance to remove the figurines once they were discovered and issued a statement denouncing it. That would have been the decent thing to do. The only sound we have heard from the organizers of the event is crickets, which leads me to believe they are fine with it. If they weren’t, they would have spoken up loud and clear. No word if the figurines have been removed.

  38. Greg has left the building. Like all impotent baggers they hit and run, then when you ask is that all, they slink back to their mammas basement thinking I told them off. Like I keep saying, COWARDS

  39. @Greg, well gee let me check and see if I have a handy Obama figurine in my pocket. Nope, damn I usually never leave home without it, especially when I’m going to a hotel.

  40. Don’t lay this on the Devil, who at least makes a mean chocolate cake and some damned spicy stuffed eggs. These people don’t even cook.

  41. Make all religions illegal.

    Make a black man president, and immediately His believers turn Jesus into an instrument of Hate. You people are more frightening than Muslims.

  42. Really…..and these are adults doing this? Forget about Christians….again the reich wing party shows themselves again to be the party of children, giggling in the back room like the little girls they are! Stomping their feet throwing temper tantrums every five minutes if they don’t get their way…….yes, the GOP! Put a Pacifier in their mouth so they will shut up and straighten up……before the DOJ gives them a thumping…. :)

  43. One of my mom’s oldest friends (since before I was born) is a conservative Christian. She and her husband are not supporters of Barack Obama. However, they are true Christians, and would never behave like this. They would, literally, give you the shirts off their backs if they thought you needed it more than they did. The worst thing she ever said about Barack Obama is that she would pray for him. The people who would do something like this are not real Christians. Real Christians are like my mom’s friend.

  44. I am a Democrat, and shall always be a Democrat. I have been saying for 20 or 30 years now, Television Evangelists are NOT real Christians, for they have gotten rich, and forgotten what Christianity is about. They always water down parts of the bible they disagree with, such as “It is impossible for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God” or “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of e needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” –JESUS SAID THESE THINGS! . . . if the Bible is correct about what he said. This is one of hundreds of examples. But these rich ministers then try to water down his words, and make it seem like he didn’t mean these things “literally” but then turn around and say other things, NOT things Jesus said but others, MUST BE TAKEN LITERALLY! But lets not be as evil as them. Please no more comments about them being ‘inbred’ as you become as they are. Are they acting as Nazi’s — YES! But inbred, I don’t know, and I prefer facts.

  45. They act as if Jesus opposed socialism. But in Acts chapter 2 it says “all that believed were together, and sold their possessions and good and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” In the book of James it says “weep rich men, for the misery that shall come unto you” . . . (paraphrasing) “your riches shall be a testimony against you.” But television evangelists require tons of money to remain on air, and to live the abundant lifestyles that they live. They say that “God has blessed them with riches”, thus assuming that God as also cursed the poor with poverty because of some sin or another. God did NOT bless one while cursing the other! Take a class on statistics and probability theory — it is, not completely but largely but a flip of the coin as to who is wealthy and who isn’t. Most born into wealth die in it, and most born into poverty remain in it, unless an outside force acts upon them. We determine whether that outside force is ultra conservative or liberal.

  46. Okay, one more thing, and then I will shut up. I used to have no opinion on “gay” issues. But the far right has misused Christianity so much on this issue, and on abortion as well, that it makes me sick. FIRST — The Bible says NOTHING AT ALL about abortion! When people say God hates abortion, how can they possibly know God’s opinion about it when he never expresses an opinion on the topic? SECOND — the other thing. Read Matthew 19:8-12: Jesus talks about ‘eunochs’. After Jesus talks about adultery his disciples say “it is good not to marry then.” Jesus then says something curious — “not all men can receive this saying, save to those to whom it is given”. In verse 12 he starts talking about ‘eunochs’, saying “some were so born from their mother’s womb”. Literally ‘eunuch’ is a castrated human male, but to be castrated requires an act of man — not a ‘birth from the womb’. So what is it talking about? Jesus ends by saying, “Him that is able to receive it, let him re…

  47. Greg,

    Let me guess what your conspiracy is on this one? You believe those damned liberals planted these, right? Straight from Alex Jone’s site, I’ll bet too, huh? Give us all a freaking break!

  48. I guess these conservative Christians have already forgiven their perceived “enemy” (President Obama) seventy times seven times and this is seventy times seven, plus one.

    Way to keep it classy, Christians.

  49. LOL.. Thanks for that Viva. I needed a good laugh to help me start this day. Because of the Death Panels that passes for Health care for the poor and old in NC… Thanks to our Floridian, now running for the senate …Thom Tillis. Its is going to be a rough day.

    I had another laugh the other day when I saw him speaking of “traditional” people in NC being people that has lived here for generations. Coming from a carpet bagger that moved here to help destroy this state too. I had at least a weak smile at him and his gall.

  50. Hope you don’t live in NC. Thanks to our Governor from Ohio that moved to NC to work for Duke Power We see why and the results of that now.

    Another gift from him and the dark money is changing voter laws. What the public has seen mentioned a lot is just skimming the surface of the REAL agenda to steal votes. Just one of the real game changers is and very little mention of this.

    Beginning January 1, 2014

    Voters will no longer be able to vote straight-ticket, meaning they must mark the ballot for their preferred candidate in each race they choose to vote in.

    Not only this.. But the party in power names will be listed first on the ballets. So unless someone has a computer and the time and energy to look up every single person they are allowed to vote for in their district chances are good they will tick the first name.
    I intend getting a sample ballot as soon as possible. Looking every name possible up with every bit of information I can find. And early voting the first d…

  51. And who is papa Raphael Cruz to be a speaker at this convention? Big time podium time for huge time crazies.

    One line seems like he’s talking about Republican leaders especially in Texas: “Stop voting for the village idiot!”

  52. So sick and tired of the so-called Religious Right. It is just a front for their perverted leaders to milk the people and indoctrinate them. They learn certain cherry picked pieces of scripture and can only relate to them. Naturally they are all negative. Whoever follows these morons are not leader material at all. It’s the old “don’t do as I do,do as I say.”

  53. These people are nothing but trash. They complain about the elitists in D.C. because they have no education and are extremely stupid so they think if they take over they will force everyone to be as stupid and uneducated as they are hence the defunding of education in this country. They can’t even read the book they claim they believe in. Totally incapable of understanding anything is said book. The ignorant masses indeed have risen up and we will regret this.

  54. wouldst that some “mole” would get into the restrooms and put little ceramic bibles in the urinals.

  55. LOL @ Religion! Thats so retro, come on I thought we were educated people! If you have a college degree you should be smart enough to realize the truth

  56. I think this is totally disrespectful. Whether you like this President or not (I personally do not) he still deserves a little respect.

  57. As a Christian, I’d just like to say that the people this article is talking about are not genuine Christians. Read the Bible, Jesus NEVER condones that kind of hatred, instead he commands us to love others. A true Christian knows that and lives by that, no matter how personally difficult it may be. There are plenty of Christians that are genuinely good people, don’t throw us under the bus with those who care more about themselves and their personal agendas.

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