Wendy Davis Blasts SCOTUS, Says We Need to Trust Women To Make Their Own Healthcare Decisions

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Women are on fire Monday after the Supreme Court gave corporations the power to make medical decisions for women at the behest of conservative Republicans, because GOP “freedom” and “liberty” don’t include women.

Thus, Democratic State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D-TX) issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case, “Today’s disappointing decision to restrict access to birth control puts employers between women and their doctors. We need to trust women to make their own healthcare decisions — not corporations, the Supreme Court, or Greg Abbott.”

Republicans are crowing about their “victory” right now, but what they don’t understand is they just gave Democratic candidates, and especially women like Wendy Davis, a new pathway to independent voters. Standing against birth control is an extreme position.

As the Republican tent grows smaller, smart women like Wendy Davis are there to own their reasonable, rational position of trusting citizens with their own medical decision. No sane person wants to hand the state power over their medical care. It’s ironic that the party of death panels has now become…

The party creating corporate death panels for women.

9 Replies to “Wendy Davis Blasts SCOTUS, Says We Need to Trust Women To Make Their Own Healthcare Decisions”

  1. I believe the Hobby Lobby’s argument is flawed
    and the SCOTUS knew it.
    All one has to do to ferret out the truth is to define
    the terms pregnancy, abortion and abortifacient .

    Pregnancy: After the egg is fertilized by a
    sperm and then implanted in the lining of the uterus, it develops into
    the placenta and embryo, and later into a fetus

    Abortion: : the termination of a pregnancy, a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus.

    Abortifacient: a drug or agent that causes abortion.

    Hobby Lobby and Conestoga, object only to
    emergency contraceptive methods, such as Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
    Ltd’s Plan B morning-after pill, and ella, made by the Watson Pharma
    unit of Actavis PLC.

    The specific drugs HL object to, DO NOT cause ‘abortion’.
    These drugs PREVENT a pregnancy from occurring.
    Therefore, if you have no pregnancy, you have no abortion.
    You have no argument.

  2. Women still have a right to make their healthcare decisions. They can choose not to work for a company that doesn’t offer the contraceptives they want.

  3. Another one who doesn’t understand the 14th amendment. When being homeschooled they didn’t explain to you equal protection under the law to you? If not, its a waste of time telling you about the 1st amendment

  4. You have to understand this decision has limited the prospect of a woman to have a choice in employment, and a father for that fact, as it puts the supposed religious right of the employer above the individual right of the prospective employee and family. The decision also allows choosing one’s religion over another based on law, as certain religions have defining different legal rights then others.

  5. True, they can always change jobs, but only if the jobs are out there. Somehow, I don’think it’s that simple.

  6. I’ve been a customer at Hobby Lobby many times over the years and have always felt a little out of place; usually I was the only male in the checkout line. I bet 90% of their customers are women!
    Did the ultra-religious owners stop to consider how many women customers they offended with the scrotum-inspired SCOTUS decision?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hobby Lobby’s sales go into the toilet.
    I wonder what the Michael company’s attitude is toward their women employees’ personal habits concerning birth control?

  7. We need a woman in the White House and More in Congress along with a Democratic House and Senate ;WOMEN must vote these anti women people out.

  8. I think these idiots just put their religion above their business. Say bye bye to profit margins Hobby Lobby!!

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