Republicans Have Been Secretly Helping To Elect Bill and Hillary Clinton By Watching Fox News

By watching Fox News, Republicans were helping to get Bill and Hillary Clinton elected as Rupert Murdoch has donated $3 million to the Clintons.

Here is the chart from The Wall Street Journal:


The chart revealed much of what is already known about the Clintons. Wall Street and the financial sector love them, and they dominate with big donors, in a way, that President Obama never has. The great irony is that eighth biggest donor to the campaigns of Bill and Hillary Clinton has been News Corp. Before the phone hacking scandal caused the company to split their media and publishing holdings into two separate companies, News Corp was the parent company of Fox News.

It is a delicious irony that some of the people who hate the Clintons most were responsible for profits that in a small way went towards supporting the Clintons. News Corp has donated $3 million to the Clintons since 1992. The more Fox News viewers hated the Clintons, the more they watched Fox News. By supporting Fox News, they were helping to finance campaigns against their own Republicans.

This is the latest example of how Fox News is selling a lie to their viewers. The network is built on marketing itself as a counterweight to the liberal media while their parent company was donating millions of dollars to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The donations are just part of the relationship between the Clintons and Rupert Murdoch. While reporting on a fundraiser that Murdoch held for then Sen. Clinton in 2006, The New York Times noted, “Nonetheless, both Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have nurtured ties to Mr. Murdoch and his organization over the last few years. Mr. Clinton recently accepted an invitation from Mr. Murdoch to speak to a gathering of executives in Pebble Beach, Calif., later this year. He will also include Mr. Murdoch in his Clinton Global Initiative conference on climate change, poverty and corruption this September, for the second year in a row.”

The joke is on the right-wing viewers who thought they were being represented by Fox News. Murdoch donates to Clintons, who win elections, allowing Fox News to pretend like they are fighting against the “liberalism” that their boss is funding. Think of it this way, every Republican who watching Fox News is actually working against their own interests and helping to elect the Clintons.

Who knew that Rupert Murdoch could be so fair and balanced?

4 Replies to “Republicans Have Been Secretly Helping To Elect Bill and Hillary Clinton By Watching Fox News”

  1. FOX wants our nation divided!

    The RightWing Propaganda-Rabble-Rousing Machine is working people into a frenzy!
    Even a reasonable facsimile of the Fairness Act would allow us to make so much more progress.

    Half our nation is being lied to and filled with hatred! They’re even talking, seriously…War!

  2. Or, Murdoch’s public support will make it certain that Hillary won’t get the nomination. That and his immigration bill pleas.

  3. Anyone else see the poll the FOX and CNN cannot get enough of saying that Obama was voted worst president – notice none of them explain (as Rachel did) that the people voting against Obama were all of the rethugs, the dems split their vote between Bush 2 and
    Richard Nixon, thereby giving the rethugs the majority, the poll was not worth the paper it
    was written on.

  4. Murdoch and others have been cynically capitalizing on the worst fears and basest prejudices of the Republican base with one hand. With the other, they contribute to people their base hates the most, like Hillary Clinton. It’s a cynical way to play both ends, because the money they receive from peddling their hate goes toward funding their so-called enemies.

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