MSNBC Gets Pranked During Live Coverage of Malaysian Jet Crash In The Ukraine


MSNBC got pranked by someone claiming to be from the US military in Ukraine during their live coverage of the downing of the Malaysian jet.


The prank came during MSNBC’s The Cycle when a caller pretended to be someone named Staff Sgt. Michael Boyd. He claimed to be at the US Embassy in Ukraine. He said that he saw the plane shot down with a missile. He said that it appeared that the plane was, “shot down from a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.” Krystal Ball kept going and asked if he could tell from his military training what sort of missile system that may have been. The prankster replied, “Boy. you’re a dumbass, aren’t you?”

At that point, Ball quickly ended the segment and went to break.

This sort of thing is common every time there is breaking news. Pranks like this happen because the cable news networks are in such a hurry to quickly obtain “exclusives.” MSNBC clearly didn’t do much of a background check on this guy before they put him on the air.

The country would benefit if our media stopped rushing to be first with every story. What good is being first, if the story is wrong? Being first doesn’t matter if the information is bad. In a way, MSNBC was lucky that it was just some Howard Stern fan who made it onto the air.

If somebody wanted to be malicious, he/she might spread false information that could have dire consequences in the midst of an international incident such as this one. At a press conference, the Malaysian Prime Minister insisted that the plane was shot down. There is a good reason why political leaders are speaking so carefully right now. The situation in the Ukraine is a dangerous war zone, and one bad national media report could trigger dire actions.

News networks have a duty to be responsible with who they put on the air during a breaking news situation. MSNBC got caught being overeager, and will see their credibility suffer another blow.

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  1. Because David Gregory has nothing to do to prepare for Meet the Press on Sundays, MSNBC has decided to save a few bucks and now has Gregory operating the phones during week days.

  2. O! Krystal…..
    I kinda felt it coming when she said
    this person had seen the missile hit
    the plane. Didn’t ring true….
    Then it happened…I won’t repeat what
    he said but clearly Krystal didn’t hear
    it. Seems she had already planned her
    next question. That just gave the guy another opening & he took it. Should
    be a good lesson for Ms. Ball, LISTEN
    to the answer before you ask another
    question. That’ll save you all that
    embarrassment,which she obviously was.

    Valerie Martin @WILLDYE4U · 3h

    @krystalball just got fooled by a @HowardStern fan. Some SICK SOB to do such a stupid prank! 100’s DEAD is NOT a JOKE! #TWISTED @MSNBC

  3. Hey newsroom…! Take a deep breath, make an effort to validate unknown callers… THEN give us the news. We’ll wait two minutes until you’re really ready! Really… we will!

  4. Today’s cable news media is getting lazier and lazier in order to be first with the news — facts don’t matter or who is giving the information. This is beyond ridiculous and shows the MSNBC anchor wasn’t listening when the caller said he saw the missile hit the airliner — that should have been a big clue.

    Give me websites like this any day over the so called MSM where facts don’t seem to matter today and getting worse.

  5. It’s not like I needed another reminder why I don’t watch any network news. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for these so-called journalists if they lack the preparation and skills to avoid embarrassing incidents in the rush to be first with a news scoop.

  6. Oh the pretty babes that are not even journalism graduates , are put on air so they can try and keep viewers from turning to Fox’s “foxes”. it’s hilarious , not anything having to do with deaths of 295 is funny, but the fact that this girl kept going, after the wind of Stern comment! douch says what? What? Exactly! Move over Burgundy, We Have a New Lead Anchor reader!!

  7. Unexceptable……….she and the team responsible should be terminated, there is no excuse for this. We the people need to demand better and hold these people accountable for the misinformation.

  8. What do you expect from a democratically biased news station?

    Liberals are well known for their lack of common sense

  9. This guy should be ashamed of himself for even considering this prank at such a serious time when all the networks were scrambling for info.

  10. The Weather Channel had the highest ratings of all: FAKE NOOZ; CNN; & MSNBC during that morning slot that the Repub/baggers are on MSNBC. I hope MSNBC drops them, even I ended up watching the Weather Channel instead. All had crappy shows on at that time slot; but I never watch FAKE NOOZ anyway, but get plastered with their stupidity from reports of them on CNN & MSNBC. Please, if I want to see the lies on FAKE NOOZ I would have watched them.


  11. Actually, the prankster was making a valid commentary on the idiocy of TV news. CNN has become a joke and MSNBC a shill for FAUX News. There are no longer unbiased news sources in America. We have been manipulated and opined out of the news stream for the profit base of a few megacorps. As for the outrage displayed by John McCain, remember Iran Air Flight 655?

  12. OMG! That one is inexcusable. Thought she could see clearly the past, present, and future, being (pun aside) Crystal Ball. John McCain, where were you when the Cycle needed you?

  13. 1. The producer definitely should have thought something was off putting on the air about some sergeant at the “U.S> Embassy in Ukraine.” Uh, that would be in Kiev, right? A long way away. Even a summer intern should have seen that right off the bat.

    2. The on-air anchor stupidly continued treating this guy seriously even after he made the Howard Stern comment. She obviously was not listening to the guy, or half-listening so that she could rush on to her next breathless question. Absolutely no excuse for that, even if the initial blame rests on a producer who failed to vet this character.

  14. So apparently there was quite a screening for this caller. He had to speak with MSNBC’s Military Analyst who was a for Colonel in the US Army. He was grilled with specific questions right down to the type of middle system used and the caller BS’d his way through it all. So good that the Colonel even told the caller that ‘he knows his s***’.

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