David Gregory Is Toast as Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough Fight For Meet The Press Gig



A new report says that David Gregory is toast as host of Meet The Press and that Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough are battling to replace him.

Lloyd Grove at The Daily Beast followed up on yesterday’s report on Gregory’s expected dumping from Meet The Press:


In multiple conversations that I had with people inside and outside NBC after the item appeared, it was taken as a given that Gregory is toast.

In multiple conversations that I had with people inside and outside NBC, it was taken as a given that Gregory is toast.
The principal pretenders to the MTP throne are NBC News’ chief White House correspondent and political director, Chuck Todd—who anchors The Daily Rundown, MSNBC’s weekday 9 a.m. show—and the cohosts of the three-hour-long Morning Joe program that precedes it, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

According to my sources, Scarborough, 51, a Washington-savvy former Republican congressman from Florida, and Brzezinski, 47, the supremely well-connected daughter of former White House national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, have been aggressively angling for the job in the event of Gregory’s all-but-certain demise.

NBC can keep denying it, but it is obvious that someone is sowing the seeds for David Gregory’s firing.

Joe Scarborough posted a tweet stating that the story is false:

It is possible, but not probable that two stories in two days that quote people inside NBC saying that David Gregory is going to be fired could be wrong, but it seems like a mighty big coincidence that both of these stories also named Todd and Scarborough as the two that are vying to replace him.

Joe Scarborough would be a disaster for Meet The Press. MTP likes at least to create the illusion of playing it down the middle. There is no mistaking where the former Republican congressman comes from. If a report from last year is to be believed, NBC is seriously considering changing Meet The Press so that it would be more like Morning Joe.

Chuck Todd wouldn’t be much of departure from what David Gregory is doing now. Todd is a frequent panelist on Meet The Press, and he is loaded with the same Beltway groupthink that plagues Gregory’s version of the show. NBC would be wise to go out of house to bring in a fresh voice for the program, but they seem hellbent on taking one of their least popular talents on MSNBC and elevating them to Meet The Press.

Gregory’s stint on the show has been bad, but replacing him with a Chuck Todd or Joe Scarborough could be even worse.

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  1. Can’t stand any of them. I don’t see an improvement. Might as well leave Gregory there if they’re the only choices. Really, really stupid.

    How about a REAL journalist? I would be looking at someone like Christiane Amanpour, Joy Reid, or Steve Kornacki.

  2. In a country the size of the US it’s a source of shame that three such lightweight nobodies could be considered up to the job.

  3. what is worse than worse? that’s what nbc will have if they hire laurel and hardy from morning joe.
    since the demographics are changing, wht not hire a non white person (s) to replace gregory?

    right now the morning shows are more vanilla than vanilla.

  4. The perfect person would be a complete shift…….Christiane Amanpour! Her resume leaves all others in the dust!

  5. Scarboro is unbearable, of course with his rethug ideology, and Chuck Todd is the one who said it was not his job to know the facts, what a revolting choice.

  6. Chuck Todd would be excellent on Meet The Press. His calm, respectful demeanor with guests puts them at ease. His grasp of facts and the dynamics of politics nationwide is without peer. His Daily Rundown informs with accurate data and he easily explains polls and possibilities in contests. He is more politically even than any other possible host.

  7. You must be kidding! That Gregory needs to go is obvious, but those milk toast blandies for replacement? Gross. Meet the Press used to be impressive when it didn’t have such toadies as hosts. Why not a REAL Journalist for a change? Keith Oberman, Christiane Amanpour, Steve Kornacki, etc. are all great suggestions. Morning Joe is another piece of crap show not worth watching.

  8. Don’t you people ever listen to these people? John Heilemann and Mark Halperin? The baby jeebus is crying

  9. I think MSNBC knows what the people want and why MTP has such poor ratings. I dont think they will step right back into the same pile of excrement

  10. You know I think we can satisfy the old white guy demo with the calm demeanor of a person who knows their shit.
    Bill Moyers

  11. Is it possible to find a bipartisan host? The host needs to moderate, not let certain views be heard and then cut people off in mid sentence if it doesn’t agree with his views, as Gregory does. If NBC thinks the viewing public doesn’t notice, they’re wrong. The viewing public wants to hear both sides of an issue, not just one parties view.

  12. The only way the show survives is if people want to watch it. Casting other beltway stooges via some sort of insider contest will only doom the show. It’s on it’s last iteration, if they don’t cast wider, and bring in an unknown. Someone down-market, who the audience hasn’t yet already formed opinions about, will give the show the necessary gravitas to make it worth watching. But if they hold true to the current formula of choosing guests, with it’s heavy emphasis on republican voices, it won’t matter who they choose, because it will be the same old, same old.

  13. You talkin about the Halperin that called the prez a slur name calling him a dick? pleeze get your shite in order. Halperin is nothing but a disrespecting thug.

  14. Whether MoUrning Joke or Toddlin Todd, getting rid of Gregory would make no difference because it would be… same s#!T different day..

  15. Getting back to Mourning Joke,now he is the head cheerleader for the Rethugs cheering & bashing the prez with gimme,B-A-S-H-O-B-A-M-A! with his barefaced lies. MSNBC, better wake up instead of digging a deeper hole.

  16. Whoever it is needs to be able to ask intelligent questions (no todd, no joe), and have enough knowledge of the subjects to be able to call people on their bullshit (the preferred substance of politicians).

    I would like to see a woman in that position. Discussion of Women’s in completely lacking.

    I use to watch all of them. Now I watch none of them.

  17. NBC’s “Meet The Republican” with another host like either of these two is still MTR.

    Morning Joke is already running the show at MSNBC (who else has a 3-hr daily propaganda program? Oh, yeah, that racist sexist disgusting creep on AM radio whose initials are RL) and Chuckles is a DC Press Corpse who has no relation to the ordinary person’s world.

    Just my several cents.

  18. Chris Hayes is at least smart, along with the other young talent at MSNBC. Joe and Todd would not bring up the ratings, they are both hacks.

  19. If either one of them gets the gig, I still won’t watch the show.

    Time for NBC to hand over the reigns to people who are actually interested in facts and truth and will press politicians for both.

  20. They need an independent hosting the show. Someone who is going to tell the story on both sides fairly and impartially. None of the above will do that.

  21. Of all the suggestions over both posts today, this is the one that makes the most sense.

    Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Steve Kornacki all have shows currently.

  22. Lets hope all of those mentioned are gone as well as the show which is just a sunday morning republican talk show; that won’t change with any of the mentioned replacements .

  23. Luke Russert’s pedigree is, undeniably, superior. That being said, he continues to prove himself to be a clear thinker and speaker, and very fast on his feet. If David Gregory’s time is up, NBC should think outside of the box and remember that younger viewers should be offered the chance to observe debates on national and world issues. Luke Russert is a logical choice and can fill the seat.

  24. Luke Russert’s pedigree is, undeniably, superior. Exactly what does that mean? He was born under the right circumstances? Since his father did it its his turn now?

    Wow I thought we gave up birthright of hereditary peers when we declared our independence. I guess its not what you know but who you know. Welcome to the United States of idiocracy

  25. Russert might be good.. in about 10 years. Right now he doesn’t have the experience for the position. It isn’t just about the name or about being “not gregory.”

  26. Surprise, surprise, two other white guys fighting to replace a white guy for the job of hosting a show that only puts on other white guys.

  27. I wanted Gwen Iffil to step in after Russert’s untimely death. She’s a proven journalist who trained at his knee. Her chops have only increased as anchor of The PBS NewsHour. Smart and nonpartisan.

  28. She might be good.
    Except rethugs are still trying to deny they have a race problem. To them she is one of “those,” you know, muslims from kenya and since mtp is mostly for them these days… well… management would have to grow some, ah, “testicular fortitude.”

  29. Toad is nothing but a Repig shill with zero credentials.

    The Sunday Shows no longer gain audiences because they hire idiots as hosts and have the same old white Repigs on week after week.

    The 24 hour pundit class is useless. People are burned out by Sunday morning from the week of BS that has been re-hashed for days.

    Sunday Morning on CBS is the only ‘Sunday show” worth watching. I call it the ‘happy show’ and they profile actual PEOPLE!

  30. Rachel Maddow actually does investigative reporting. It would be refreshing to see her on MTP providing some FACTS rather than the typical right wing propaganda of Gregory, Todd, and Scarborough.

  31. Getting both sides is fine but, when one side is so wrong, I want to see and hear them be corrected. Not allowed to keep on mouthing the lie after lie put out there with not a single objection. which happens all the time. Joe gets is some times when his partner gets her dander up, not enough tho- Chuck lets this happen all the time.

  32. Moyers would be an inspired choice. He would actually ensure there was a breadth of political opinions. I’m sick and tired of nothing but right center views–with damn few “center”. And never a left voice–not a Democrat, a REAL leftist.

  33. Noooooo! Gregory is awful, Todd is the same with even less gravitas and charm, if that is possible. Scarborough is so partisan the show would be of little value — like it is now — but at least Joe is honest about it. You know he is anchored in the right — and is hopeful to be elected to something again some day — but at least he’s honest about it. And he is honest enough to call out some of the crazies in the Tea Party, and others (like Palin) for their looniness
    . This is no vote for Joe, but he would be better than the other Gregory or Todd, by far. I’d love to see Robert Reich heading up MTP. Wouldn’t THAT be great?

  34. David G. is doubtless a decent person. However, he is beyond per adventure a lousy MTP host. Why? I don’t know. I watch MTP very occasionally. Gregory is dull, desultory and apparently afflicted with OCD preventing him from questioning his guests even when they spout positions totally beyond incredulity. Gregory too often impresses one as though he is optioning in a job interview. Hey, dude. You are the interviewer. I don’t do “your fly is open.” David you may have it, but your current gig isn’t working. You have too much talent to continue to be exposed to the “Gregory, soon to be fired.” Screw ’em, including me. Remember the cliché for the Library of fusty clichés: “You are fired.” No: “I quit.”

  35. I believe that David Gregory is doing a good job as host on Meet the Press. I don’t see any reason to replace him.

  36. The only choice that make any sense in this new face to Meet The Press would be Rachel Maddow. She’s smarter than any name mentioned.

    My vote and all my friend’s votes ar for Rachel

  37. Rachel Maddow is the only one who “prepares” or studies the topic and the guest .Accuracy not opinion is her forte. Todd is looking for acceptance, Gregory and Scarborough are biased toward the right wing.

  38. Chris Hayes, original host of “Up” and current host of “All In” with Chris Hayes would be the best choice for the job. He’s an intelligent, articulate, liberal journalist with a lot of heart. In fact, he’s a real journalist and not
    a teevee personality or a corporate shill. But I look forward to his show on MSNBC M-F. MTP is a Sunday morning show.

  39. Rachel Maddow leaves all of them in the dust. Amanpore did the one on ABC and was let go. Ari Melber, Thomas Roberts, Willy Geist. Scarborough would not let a guest say 2 words and Chuck is visibly very unappealing and leans to the Right. Maddow Maddow Maddow is the only one that can save that program.

  40. Amazed that you did not mention Rachel, the men and women admire her and know she is brilliant. She can handle the opposition with grace and in a calm manner. She never interrupts. Is attractive and charismatic.
    Phil Griffin should be fired in my opinion for all the shows he is letting fall off the radar screen. If you read all these posts Rachel has the most votes. Let us tell Griffin.

  41. Neither would be good for the job. Todd is too nice and there isn’t enough room for Scarborough’s ego. He is too self-selfcentered for Meet The Press.

  42. There’s no bigger fan of Rachel Maddow than me. I don’t think MTP is the right fit for her nor the best use of her talents. She would be good. She is viewed as “extremely liberal” by the right and I believe it would be difficult to increase audience because of that. Mostly, though, I think the world needs an hour a day of all excellent analysis and reporting she brings instead of wasting her as a moderator once a a week where we’d net only a few minutes of her input.

  43. Chuck Todd tries to pretend he is presenting balanced sides to each political party. In fact, what he actually does is present GOP liars in congress and Fox News as exactly the same as truth-tellers like Maddow and other Democrats. GOP lies about the minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare, immigration, Obamacare, climate change, and now impeachment are repeated again and again and again because they know that you tell a lie enough times it becomes accepted as truth. Chuck Todd smiles and repeats the lies never even questioning the veracity or motive of the liars. He then says that the GOP has a point and never corrects the record when the lies are exposed. A pox on him!

  44. When David was first chosen, I believed he’d do a good job. But it became obvious that he really was not in the Russert mold.
    What is really needed is a middle aged (white or black, man or woman) with a strong background in political news that is recognized as being independent in thought, and willing to listen to guest’s thoughts without letting them run on and on. Of course, such a person would have to be able to walk on water too!!
    In my estimation, someone closer in style as Robert Schaffer.

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