Republican Congressman Claims That Obama And Democrats Are Waging A ‘War On Whites’



Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show on Monday and declared that the Democratic Party is now waging a war on white people. The discussion centered on the inability of Congress to get an emergency funding border bill passed that would not be vetoed by President Obama prior to Congress taking a five-week recess. Ingraham played a clip from Fox News Sunday where the National Journal’s Ron Fournier told host Chris Wallace that the GOP has become the party of white people and that people of other races, especially Hispanics, feel that the Republican Party hates them.

The first 10+ minutes of the interview was pretty standard fare as Ingraham and Brooks spent most of the time telling each other how awesome they are for having such rabid anti-immigration views and wanting to send refugee children back to dangerous areas. However, after playing the Fournier clip, Ingraham turned to Brooks for a response. The response she got was likely not what she was hoping to hear.

“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true.”

Brooks then stated that everyone in America, regardless of race, is hurt not just by an influx of undocumented workers, but by legal immigration. Basically, his position is that even having people come here legally lowers wages. Essentially, his argument is that we need to completely shut down all immigration. Period. End of story. Brooks also said that the Democrats have to “demagogue” on immigration so as to appeal to Hispanics and other races. However, if Republicans are able to treat this “as a thoughtful issue” then Republicans “win big.” Apparently, claiming that there is a “war on whites” is making this a thoughtful issue and not demagoguing.

After Brooks’ little venture into crazy town, even Ingraham tried to distance herself from what he had just said. She told Brooks that she doubted other Republicans would jump on board with his claim that Democrats are waging a race war and that his statement is “a little out there.” Mind you, this is a woman who just a few minutes earlier said that Eric Holder was keeping young migrant children in the country and not deporting them so they could become Democratic voters down the road. Even she was shocked regarding Brooks’ comments.

This is exactly what House Republican leadership feared would happen during the August recess. Not only was the House unable to adequately deal with the humanitarian crisis at the border, the most radical members of their caucus now feel emboldened to say extremely offensive things as they feel they are truly appealing to their base. And while that might be true to a degree, it is doing massive damage to the Republican Party as a whole. Sure, the old, angry white people that make up the vast majority of the GOP might revel in this type of divisive rhetoric. However, the blatant racism and ignorant bigotry shown by Republicans like Brooks constantly inform Hispanics and other minorities that the GOP does not welcome them.


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27 Replies to “Republican Congressman Claims That Obama And Democrats Are Waging A ‘War On Whites’”

  1. “by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”

    Nice try, but that’s not correct: Democrats are saying that REPUBLICANS hate everybody else.

    And quite frankly, it’s kind of hard to refute given the GOP’s body if work…

  2. Mo Brooks is my congressman and one of the dumbest politicians ever. He has no clue. I wrote him about a tax which would have been regressive and hurt the poor and got a response from him saying my letter was interesting but asking what a regressive tax was. He will win reelection by a landslide in November.

  3. Social conservatives made similar ludicrous claims when lamenting the implementation of the Civil Rights Acts back in the 1960’s.

  4. Even if the Democrats were “waging a war on white people” (which they most certainly are not), as a person of paleness with a basic knowledge of the history of white people and well, everyone else in this country, all I can say to Brooks is boo-frickin-hoo. My heart weeps for you. No. Wait. It doesn’t.

  5. Man republicans are so crazy!!!! The man is half white for goodness sake. If these crazy, lying, racist people get control of both Houses in Congress, we’re SOL………..

  6. Essentially, his argument is that we need to completely shut down all immigration.

    Such a shame for a country that was built by immigrants.

  7. Now they trying kick-up a race war.. And watch msm ignored this then played the stupid role.
    They’re no longer wearing the white sheets, they’re wearing Brooks Bros. suits..

  8. I’ve noticed that it’s always some white person in the GOPTP who brings up the subject of race and then claims that Pres. Obama, who rarely talks about race, is the one who is dividing the nation on the basis of race! Recently, we’ve heard Cliven Bundy, Rush Limbaugh, Chris McDaniel, and now, Mo Brooks talk about race and project their thoughts/words/actions onto democrats. I think that if anyone is obsessed with race, it’s GOPTPers. What I’ve been trying to figure out is why, and I’ve reached the conclusion that they are obsessed with race because they have alienated POC and they know there’s no way in hell they can get the majority of their votes in any election.

    Projection, thy name is GOPTP!!!

  9. I want to ask if you’re being sarcastic about him winning again, but realizing the state you live in, that might happen sadly.

  10. The media needs to wake up and call these politicians out when they know they are lying, they can’t be that dense.The republicans run to the microphones and outright lie about President Obama.

  11. The media needs to wake up and call these politicians out when they know they are lying, they can’t be that dense.The republicans run to the microphones and outright lie about President Obama.

  12. In the history of man, there has never been a group of people so harshly persecuted as the American white male is today.

    It’s absolutely incredible that so many people continue to deny the traumatic suffering of the American white male.

    First of all, we were harshly reprimanded for the genocide on the native Americans. What the hell kind of treatment of the white male is that?

    Then, they take away our absolutely free slave labor force. And no one spoke up for us.

    Then, we weren’t the only ones allowed to vote anymore. And still no one spoke for us.

    And here’s the uber straw: we don’t even have that crushing hold on the American presidency anymore. After only a short, short, brief 230 year stint, we had the American presidency stripped from us. My God, man, is there nothing scared anymore?

    We celebrate MLK Day…some want Cesar Chavez Day…we celebrate Chinese New Year like there’s no tomorrow…

    Where are all the white male, Christian holidays?

  13. So divisions are becoming more and more evident in USA in a racist way. As they say, you reap what you sow. Now USA is beginning to reap what they have sown. All the time USA has tried to divide the world and the countries for them to remain in number one spot. But now the differences are becoming evident and it will not take much time to reach surface. Prior to 2001, the Sunni and Shia differences were not evident. But look at it today after invasion of Iraq by US led NATO, the countries have become killing fields. Still there is time for USA to bring together other countries with friendship and resolve these global issues of terror. Will USA do so?

  14. Where are all the white male, Christian holidays?…..
    Like Washington’s Day, Columbus Day. Santa Claus, and General Pulaski Memorial Day, along with the whole month of March to celebrate Irish American heritage.

    There is nothing special about a white male Christian.

  15. The ‘pale’ patriarchal system has failed society because it assumed that it is quite in order to abuse power and consider anything less than regal or a white male inferior. Wake up to the 21st century, you’re quite right nothing is sacred anymore and white males should get used to it. I’m a white male, disabled and bankrupted by debt incurred to re-skill myself for the slim chance of getting a job which obviously didn’t work out for me. So as a white male from my lowly position I exclaim to all those pale wannabe patriarchal elitists,get over yourselves and try fighting for a just cause like a fair go for everybody….yes including you.

  16. They make it impossible for a Woman to make her own decisions regarding health care, but there is NO war on Women.

    They make it Impossible for poor people and minorities to VOTE, but there is NO war on the poor or minorities.

    It’s NOT a war on Whites. It’s a war on Stupid people that constantly LIE to Voters to keep their jobs.

  17. “Prior to 2001, the Sunni and Shia differences were not evident. But look at it today after invasion of Iraq by US led NATO, the countries have become killing fields.”

    Hmmm, conveniently forgetting the Iran-/iraq War of 1980-1988, are you?

    No, the divisiveness between religious sects is as bad among muslims as it is among christians, and has been in existence for many centuries, it’s the nature of religion itself.

  18. Unless his ancestors are all Native Americans he and his family are or were once immigrants. Maybe he should be deported back to wherever his family came from. Isn’t there a provision that you cannot enter the country if you are mentally defective?

  19. Hey Priebus how is that GOP rebranding thingy going for ya?
    PS the autopsy is back and your party STILL is racist as hell!

  20. Does this numb scull really believe only non whites support the president? And like was said earlier in this string, the man IS half white and was raised by his Mom and grandparents, I don’t see that as a recipe for raging war on whites. If anything this President should have been the one to bring everybody together. It is the GOP’s hatred that has divided us. They just never thought it possible a darker skinned person could win the Presidency.

  21. You have put your finger on an important hot-button issue. The media has the responsibility to cast doubt on what bomb- throwing half- wits say–if they have countering information. But they are on deadline to scoop the competition and can’t or won’t sniff out the correct factual debunking information. MSNBC cable news pundits talk about this all the time. Constitutionally protected free speech should not become lightly veiled racism and lying–but it does all too often.

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