Tony Perkins’ Latest Money-Making Scheme: War on Common Core

Tony Perkins and his favorite documentary
Tony Perkins and his favorite documentary
Tony Perkins, head of the hate group Family Research Council, hates the Common Core. He hates it so much he’s calling it *gasp* “Obamacore.” On August 13 he put his fear-mongering into overdrive and let slip the hyperbole of religious war, telling his fellow haters that “no child will escape”:

In just a few short weeks, millions of American students will head back to school.

You should be very concerned about the spreading, hidden nightmare facing them in school today: public schools, private, religious, even home schools.

I’m not talking about bullies, playground predators, or school violence; I’m referring to . . .

The morally corrupt federal takeover of education called Common Core — or as I prefer to call it — OBAMACORE.

So a sound education is more dangerous than bullies, child molesters and school shootings.

There you have it, from the Religious Right’s own mouth.

Perkins claims,

Common Core was originally an effort by the National Governors Association (NGA) to create national standards and tests to unify what children are taught in school. These standards were adopted by 45 states. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong!

Since it’s been hijacked by the Obama administration, Common Core has all the earmarks of the President’s other power grabs: attacks on religious values and freedoms; central control; secrecy; skyrocketing costs; and catastrophic ineptitude.

It essentially takes away the rights of parents and local communities to direct their children’s education and puts it under the control of an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

Oh, so the public education our Founding Fathers yearned to give to America is really the fault of President Obama?

Oh no, it’s much worse than a black president teaching little white children otherwise destined for flourishing careers in the KKK and neo-Confederate groups, or even as tea baggers who can’t spell, you “morans,” that they must get “smartified” in them schools. Much more worser than that! You see, because our president is a demon-possessed Marxist Muslim terrorist gen-u-wine Antichrist, the souls of these future haters has been put in dire peril. You hear me? DIRE peril:

If Obamacore is allowed to take control of America’s educational system, I foresee a nation where children are indoctrinated with a liberal ideology that celebrates sexual perversion, worships the creation rather than the Creator, all at the expense of academic achievement and our nation’s Christian heritage.

I can assure you, having a child in school and exposed to Common Core standards, in no way is sexual perversion part of his education. Sure, he’s not being taught David Bartonism but no child should be taught David Bartonism. Not only would he learn to dress very badly indeed…


…but he’d get all sorts of wrong-headed ideas about American history, like the slaves actually enjoying their slavery and white folks just helping the Native Americans out of their land for their own good, don’t you see.

Then Perkins says something we can actually determine via statistics. Ooops, Tony. Bad move:

All indications are that the standards imposed by Obamacore will actually hamper education rather than improve it.

In point of fact, Common Core has some positive attributes according to the NEA. And kids are showing improvement with the second year of Common Core under our belts.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that,

State test scores improved this year after plunging last year during the rollout of the new Common Core math and English tests.

In the second year of the new standards, scores improved slightly statewide, according to the test results released today by the state Education Department… Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch said the improvements are “modest, but show real progress.”

Uh oh, she used a dirty word: progress. Can’t have that. Gotta go back. Gotta go back to the 13th century.

I mean, just yesterday I watched a nurse try with great futility to eradicate the little disease demons from the site of my son’s port-a-catheter prior to accessing it with a needle to deliver the enzyme them eddimicated idjet elites think he needs for his body to combat his Gaucher Disease.

You can’t kill demons with alcohol pads or other chemicals. You need prayer! You need the power of God Almighty! We’ve got no time for no stinking germ theory of medicine because there’s no germs. Only little demons! Ya hear me??

Oh sweet baby Jesus, kill them little demons in they mercy.

Perkins goes on to claim, more practically speaking, that,

Obamacore opens education to even more propaganda in class than we are experiencing today. Its “one-size-fits-all” approach not only eliminates more advanced material, but also makes it difficult for teachers to teach students individually. Typical of other liberal programs, rather than raise up underperformers, Obamacore will lower standards of higher-performing states in order to “level the playing field.”

I can tell you, my son got plenty of individual assistance and that his school took the motto “Every child – every day.” In fact, as the NEA says, “The Common Core allows educators to take ownership of the curriculum — it puts it back into the hands of teachers, who know what information is best for students and how best to deliver that information.”

And as far as I could tell, the staff at my son’s school lived it. Sure, not all schools are equal. We’ve seen some bad ones too, but you can’t blame Common Core for all the ills of our education system. In fact, we can blame, more than any other contributing factor, lack of funding. And there we must look squarely at Tony Perkins’ own Republican Party.

Look, I’m not saying Common Core is the best we can do for our kids. But Perkins is merely using Common Core, as he would use any replacement offered, to wage war on public education.

Like other Religious Right haters, Perkins wants control. He wants Bible-based obedience education to bring kids back into the fascist patriarchal fold. Among other evils, education makes kids – particularly female kids- uppity and gives them ideas that they’re as good as boys and that they can have man-jobs when they should be making babies and caring for their men.

Perkins says, “Here’s what you can do”:

First, get informed. Start by reading the “Ten Reasons Obamacore is Wrong for America.” Be sure to share what you’ve learned with other parents.

Second, find out what your school district’s Common Core policies are and voice your objections at school board meetings.

Third, contact your state and federal legislators and governor. Tell them you think that Obamacore will make American education worse, not better.[so you New Yorkers tell your state government that you don’t want to see any more improved academic performance from your kids!]

Finally, fight nationally. Send your most generous gift to Family Research Council. FRC is leading the way in exposing Obamacore for what it is — a takeover of local schools by Big Government.

As George Carlin quipped, their god is really bad with money, so by all means, send him money.

A more genuine problem facing many of our children are racial. In March, The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released “the first comprehensive look at civil rights data from every public school in the country in nearly 15 years.”

Yes, it compiled data “from all 97,000 of the nation’s public schools and its 16,500 school districts—representing 49 million students. And for the first time ever, state-, district- and school-level information is accessible to the public in a searchable online database at”

“This critical report shows that racial disparities in school discipline policies are not only well-documented among older students, but actually begin during preschool,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “Every data point represents a life impacted and a future potentially diverted or derailed. This Administration is moving aggressively to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in order to ensure that all of our young people have equal educational opportunities.”

The problem isn’t a lack of god or a parcel of absent Bartonian fictions. The real concern is offering equal opportunity to all our kids, regardless of color, regardless of creed.

Common Core isn’t the enemy. The enemy is Tony Perkins and his hate group, the FRC, a seething cauldron of bigotry, racism, and religious oppression intent on controlling every aspect of your lives and you’re children’s lives in ways that would make the most dedicated totalitarian bureaucrat green with envy.

19 Replies to “Tony Perkins’ Latest Money-Making Scheme: War on Common Core”

  1. Great article. The far right pseudo Christians and the Koch Bircher/Libertarian robber barons want to privatize our education. Keep them uniformed, ignorant, manipulated and enslaved.

  2. The “religious” far right wing nut job preachers and all of their followers must truly be possessed by demonic beings from hell. They are evil and dangerous people (if you understand exactly what it is that they are preaching to the world). In my opinion.

  3. As one scam goes away because there is no substance Brother Perkins and his type must create another to keep the money rolling in.

  4. I guess they won’t be happy until our education system is that of a 3rd world nation… Common core is just what it says … A common level of education introduced by the states to make a national standard..

  5. Concerned housewife:

    “You can’t kill demons with alcohol pads or other chemicals.”

    Now, you can… With Jesus Spray!

    Do your children say things that embarrass you? Does your husband often come home late from work, smelling of alcohol and sex?

    It is the work of demons, and they will not stop until they control you and your family. You need Jesus Spray, for those times when a Bible reading might not be enough. Jesus Spray allows you to do housework, AND ensure your entire household is safe from those Hell-spawned pests!

    [Jesus Spray has been successfully tested with crotch demons, the most insidious and difficult to clean from all those hard to reach spaces. Jesus Spray is not affiliated with any other demon repellent product, and can cause blistering, stigmata, and speaking in tongues. Consult with your clergy, to see if it’s right for you.]

  6. Isn’t “Common Core” what were learning back in the 70s and 80s? When exactly did this change, and BTW, whatever happened to phonics lessons? Do they ever show those old Jiminy Cricket short safety films any more? When did everything get so weird?

  7. ‘Finally, fight nationally. Send your most generous gift to Family Research Council. FRC is leading the way in exposing Obamacore for what it is — a takeover of local schools by Big Government.’

    ‘As George Carlin quipped, their god is really bad with money, so by all means, send him money.’

    I am sure that God has a nice place in Hell for Tony Perkins. Tony Perkins does nothing but collect money from stupid people and spout shit … what else does he do?

    I always loved George Carlin’s wise words about religion. There is more truth in this one sentence from George Carlin than Tony Perkins as Tony Perkins is Satan’s PAID liar.

    I’d be curious to see Tony Perkins charitable contributions … but I’m sure he gets some kind of tax exempt status on it. This is the type of person and organization the IRS should be targeting.

  8. ‘Finally, fight nationally. Send your most generous gift to Family Research Council. FRC is leading the way in exposing Obamacore for what it is — a takeover of local schools by Big Government.’
    I would but I don’t think you can mail a bag of shit

  9. Christians! Meet the Christians they’re the modern stone age family! Minds made out of bedrock! They hate science and deplore history….Sung to the Flintstones Theme.

  10. Obamacare has been a success, so if this is Perkin’s idea of an insult then he is even stupider than I thought.

  11. Dear Rho …
    The weirdness took a solid hold along with Reagan’s ‘Trickle Down’ policy … it went along with Demonizing everything Progressive and Democratic.
    Examples of their loud finger-pointing and public kerfuffles:
    ‘Reverse Racism, Single Mothers, Welfare Queens, Minimum Wage, Open Carry, Anti-Choice picketers … ‘
    All distractions while billionaires pick our pockets clean.

  12. Intellectuals, Scientists, Computer Wizards…any highly educated groups of people would not fall for the lies and hypocrisy of the current Reaganomics Conservative Religious Fundamentalist Republicans.
    Amazing brainwashed spew of hate speech against the people that are attempting to raise the standards and what is best for our national educational status for all of Americans in comparison to the Globe.
    “Tom Perkins’…are you really that uncivilized and stone aged!?!”

  13. So much evil comes from him. Everyone is bad,everyone is wrong,only he knows what is good or bad. Sounds more like a dictator. Listening to him makes you feel depressed and miserable. Never any good thought or news from him. He wants you to hate everyone who isn’t like him. He has those crazy eyes. They are totally soulless,so blank and empty. He refuses to be like a disciple of Christ,he is more like Satans son. They want you to despise those who are not exactly as they are. Their thought are stuck in the Old Testament instead of reading and preaching from the New Testament. Too bad so many people are listening to them. They are being led away from Jesus by these haters.

  14. As long as you realize that Perkins is still focused on Target One: Same Sex Marriage and Laxity of Laws Against Homosexuality. Perkins is a homophobe extraordinaire. He is not against Common Core for its standards other than a perceived gay agenda incorporated into the curriculum. Same old Tony. Doesn’t he have any fun with his wife?

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