Joe The Plumber Says Residents Would ‘Scatter Like Cockroaches’ If Ferguson Held A Job Fair

joe the plumber


Political has been but never was Joe the Plumber (real name Samuel Wurzelbacher) decided to offer his opinions on the situation in Ferguson through his Facebook page on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wurzelbacher posted two different images on his page. One image stated that one way to stop rioting and looting in Ferguson was to hold a job fair because the people would “scatter like cockroaches when the lights come on!” The other image said that one item in Ferguson that hadn’t been looted is a pair of work boots. Obviously, Wurzelbacher was looking to appeal to the racist idiots that actually read and like his Facebook page.

Below are the two Facebook images:


joe the plumber facebook2

joe the plumber facebook


As one would expect from people that actually listen and respect Joe the Plumber, some of the comments on his Facebook page were pretty reprehensible. Below are a sampling of some of the worst comments I saw posted to these photos.

You don’t think any of these worthless people who are looting actually work for a living…they have obama, and the democrats, they don’t need to work…just mooch off the white people who work for a living

Cut their welfare and the foodstamps off and give the police real bullets and kill the worthless bastards

True. I heard they broke into the Payless Shoe store, but no work boots were stolen!

Of course ! Look who the looters are ! They’re probably stealing tennis shoes tho so they can run to the mailbox faster to collect they’re welfare checks !!

Set out a bunch of yard tools, bet they will be there til the cows come home, lol

That would mean you would have to go to work, why do that when you got a fist full of Obumer money coming in?


Joe the Plumber has a history of saying vile and ignorant things. Part of it could be his desire for publicity, no matter how negative. However, it could be that he actually believes the things he says, writes and posts. Regardless, he has a knack for wingnuttery that is only rivaled by Sarah Palin. In May of this year, after Elliot Rodgers went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, Wurzelbacher, in response to a grieving father, said, “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.” He also claimed that guns were needed in order to hunt down politicians.

Thankfully, Wurzelbacher is a person of little to no consequence on the political landscape. He is a one-trick pony who got a limited amount of fame due to a confrontation with Barack Obama during Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Since then, he’s tried, to no avail, to cash in on his notoriety. He ran for Congress in 2012 as a Republican. He lost by 51 points.

Now, he’s reduced to making racist posts on Facebook hoping to get some attention. While he’s succeeded somewhat (I am writing about him) it isn’t going to do him any good in the long run.


61 Replies to “Joe The Plumber Says Residents Would ‘Scatter Like Cockroaches’ If Ferguson Held A Job Fair”

  1. “Joe the plumber has a history of saying vile and ignorant things.” So, why in the world would anyone report on anything that further spews from his maw? Why continue to enable him? Don’t rent him any more space in your head.

  2. Of course he did. More thought leadership from America’s favorite not-an-actual-plumber.

    The fact that a sizable portion of the American population agree with this douchecanoe makes leaving my home increasingly difficult.

  3. Remember who Joe the douchebag campaigned for, Yeah thats right, Sara Palin. Enough said, just another clueless teapubiot. No knowledge, no facts, no nothing.

  4. Don’t forget, this guy ran for Congress.
    Kinda makes ya wonder how many have
    ‘slipped thru the cracks’, right?

    On what qualifies him to run for Congress,Samuel Wurzelbacher says,
    “Politicians… live off the backs of broke taxpayers. They constantly
    take advantage of us. They don’t get anything done. There’s never-ending
    money from the taxpayer, not enough American people are stepping up. My
    qualification is that I’m an American and I’ve served my country in the
    military, and I’m going to serve my country in Congress. The whole idea
    from our Constitution and the creation of our country is for people to
    come out of the community, represent their constituents, their fellow
    Americans, and then go back to the community. Right now, unfortunately,
    you’ve got career politicians that lose touch with the reality of what
    is America… So, I have lots of qualifications.”

  5. Why do you give him any type of space? He’s not even a plumber! He’s a glorified sewer snaker! And that puts a bad name to sewer snakers and sewer snakes!

  6. I was in Belle Glade once looking at a job running plastic extruders. Setting on the john in my hotel room, there was a constant perp walk of cockroaches walking out from under the tub to a hole in the wall. Very entertaining. A single file line

  7. Cognitive Dissonance:
    Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    … … … … …
    Joe plumber. Sarah Palin. Mitch McConnell. John Boehner. Michelle Bachmann.

  8. Comparing African Americans to cockroaches, seem like one time in history another comparison was made

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    Is it okay to call republicans neo Nazis now?

  9. In fact, I believe characterizing the targeted group as vermin is the third step of the seven stages of genocide.

  10. I’ve had a bad day, so thank you for the laugh. I pictured the little stinkers doing a conga line, or maybe the Bunny Hop. :)

  11. what Job does Joe the Plumber have? he’s NOT a licensed plumber and he lost his bid to congress so he just unemployed media whore living off right wing welfare like Palin!

  12. Furthermore, does this idiot have a list of names of who is employed and who isn’t employed in Ferguson? Nope, didn’t think so..another right wing Nazi talking out of his ass.

  13. I wonder if there were no Internet and no 24/7 media anymore, if people like “Joe the Plumber” would even be given the time of day, much less have articles written about him.

  14. All of joe the plumber”s supporters AND joe are all probably living off of the government. They think they’re entitled to government assistance but not people of color. Hypocrites the whole bunch of em ….

  15. JOE THE DUMBASS NEED TO.SHUT THE HELL UP.BLACK PEOPLe IN THIS COUNTRY Have always works for over 400 years black people have always worked.

  16. Golly, Joe, and what fine job are you doing other than shooting off your mouth like Sarah? I don’t recall you being employed at any time since you made yourself famous in that Obama setup you and McCain pulled off in 2008. Six years? What are you doing for money? Food? Are you living off the Ohio taxpayers? Or does your mental instability qualify you for Disability checks from all of us?

  17. Although he professes to hate unions, JTP has a job with GM/Chrysler. If he hates unions so much, one would think a UAW job would be the LAST job he’d take.

    “”It appears plausible that Joe the Plumber may not have gotten this auto job if it weren’t for the hated bailout of the auto industry, which was first championed by George W. Bush and then became a leading symbol for years of Obama’s penchant for big-footed government intervention in the private market.”

    “Sean McAlinden, who has studied the auto-bailout as the chief economist for the non-profit Center for Automotive Research, tells me it’s likely Joe’s new job is at one of two Chrysler plants currently operating in Toledo, Ohio, Joe’s home town.”

    “”He wouldn’t have gotten a job in Toledo if Chrysler hadn’t been bailed out,” McAlinden tells me. “The unemployment rate in Toledo would have been at 15 percent.””

  18. Oh, it is Joe, shut the fuck up, plumber. His only notoriety was was from silver spoon Romney claiming he was the average person, like that wanna be Christian would know anything about the common man.

  19. So, Joe, how long have you lived in Ferguson? How many people do you know there? In other words, what is it that gives you authority to make this assessment of the people in Ferguson? Or are you just blowing smoke out your Palin?

  20. Never stop asking questions, exactly….. Why are we publishing anything this idiot is saying. No one cares, he is irrelevant.

  21. Of Course Wurzelbacher is a vile racist, but he is an example of the ignorant, hateful mindset that we can show to those who espouse the Teabigot/Conservative mindset. We can show the conservatives you are acting like this and praising this hate; We can say- can’t you see how sick this is? Stop, and support peace with us!

  22. Please vote.

    Feel anger at the racism and make a promise that you are going to vote this November.

    Please vote.

  23. Joe’s comment may have been fueled by racism or bigotry, but nevertheless, liberals are irritated by such comments because they are based in fact. We liberals know this, yet we try to pretend it’s not so. There is certainly a problem about work ethic among certain communities in this country, including poor whites. Poor whites in Appalachia have much more in common with the blacks of inner cities than most people are willing to admit. They suffer from the same maladies, yet they look very different. I support welfare programs because I am a progressive, but I think we must do more to lift poor people, no matter their color, out of poverty. We need politicians to secure good jobs for young people and everyone needs to realize that there is nothing wrong with working a blue collar job. Our country has gotten so caught up in the idealism of education that we’ve forgotten, all of us, that everyone can’t have a cushy desk job. Our public schools should do more to address this is…

  24. …issue. However, we must raise the minimum wage so that people can make a reasonable living working a blue collar job. You can’t blame folks for choosing welfare over work, if the work doesn’t pay enough to feed a cat, let alone a family.

  25. Joe the Plumber is a worthless stinking crab at the bottom of the putrid barrel of wasted racist low-lives. Together with all of his so called “fans” who send their despicable rants I say: I see Only trailer park denizens, beer guzzling, road-kill eating throw-aways. You are just as worthless as the unwanted looters in Ferguson. The upright people of Ferguson have been kicking those looters out and turning them in to the police. The upright citizens of Joe the Plumbers town should kick him to the curb and ask him to clean up his dooo from the sidewalk, he is stinking up their town.

  26. Sam the sham should be kissing “Obummer’s” ass. I mean if not for this black man, Joe the plumber would never have had that 15 minutes of fame.

  27. Typical Neo Nazi Republiscam mindset. Every one I have ever met as a Christian minister was an open racist and full of hate. I have yet to meet one Republiscam who was a true Christian. They all advance the White Racial Superiority theory, and applaud Bush for having planted Heroin in Afghanistan so that Blacks would be killed by addiction in the Inner Cities, or would be killed by gang wars in the Inner Cities. The offical name of the Northern Alliance was the Northern Alliance of Drug Merchants. Bush, via the CIA got a cut of the Drug action from Afghanistan after he put Karzai in as dictator. In case you did not know, the Taliban had eliminated Heroin cultivation because it was Haram (forbidden by the Koran). Yes, that it right, we fought the war in Afghanistan so that we could plant a very lucrative Cash Crop for Republiscam profit, just like CIA Bush organized the Cocaine pipeline through Panama after he killed assisted in the assassination of JFK.

  28. Thank you! I was wondering the same thing myself. Why continue to give him a platform? But then I think we all know why–=it gives sites clicks and that’s all that matters—internet traffic to your site.

  29. Sam, from a REAL Joe to you..STOP using the name Joe!! Your giving a good solid name a bad name!!Oh and for good measure…Go FU(K yourself…In your work boots of course!

  30. Joe might want to call in sick for a few days, until the blacks he works with daily, forget about his racial belch.

  31. So what is Joe “The Plumber” doing these days? Since he is not a plumber (a sometime plumber’s helper), he lost when he ran for office, and tweeting and posting on Facebook does not pay what work is he doing?

    I cannot find any record of his being regularly employed.

  32. Exactly, ccc3. This is exactly what they think.

    They actually believe PoC should work their behinds off for them, and for no one else who doesn’t have the Right (see what I did there?) skin color.

    This isn’t hyperbole. This is fact based on the RWers I’ve had the displeasure of meeting – each and every one of them – and the fact that the largest viewing audience of Faux News Channel are drawing social security, medicare, and SSI. They’re not against a social safety net. They’re against that social safety net benefiting PoC.

  33. With a name like “Wurzelbacher”, if indeed it is his name, he should know enough to keep his mouth shut. His ancestors were immigrants to the USA and I’m sure no one called them the names he calls others who are “different” from him. And if they were called names for being different, they would have taught him good manners. However, those like Wurzelbacher usually don’t know any different because they weren’t taught in any other way so that when they grow into adulthood, they still act like uneducated children still playing in the sandbox and refusing to grow up!

  34. With a name like “Wurzelbacher”,
    Looked IT up and some say it comes from Ireland or Scotland maybe its German might even be Jewish in other words a MUTT

  35. Maybe the 1/2 gov., Sarah Palin and this Wurzalbacher fellow can team up and start to compete with Faux Comedy News?

    Why is this stink hole, even in print, unless it is his obit.??

  36. That man did not get killed on the spot because he is white, the right skin color in this republican society.

  37. I followed links from another website to this story. Have you guys compared your comments to what you accuse others of? Labeling all others but yourselves as racists, idiots, and inbreds because you disagree? And WOW the use of sexual references and profanity on here! Quite the academic arguments.

    Bush started a cocaine pipeline through Panama after he assassinated Kennedy?? Really?

    “he is an example of the ignorant, hateful mindset that we can show to those who espouse the Teabigot/Conservative mindset.” And to prove you’re better than them you call him a name. nice.

    “trailer park denizens, beer guzzling, road-kill eating throw-aways.” Um… I thought the poor were our party…

    And I don’t know if anyone noticed, but that Joe dude never used the word “black.” This site did. You guys did. So who’s stereotyping?

    So much for tolerance, unity, and taking the high road. If this is how we behave, no wonder other parties aren’t chomping at the bit to cooperate.

  38. We African / Americans are a family and it is time that we begin working toward our own family’s interests. The idea that, “Charity begins at home” is not separatism nor selfishness. The neglecting of ourselves and relying on others to provide for us nurtures that negative perception other families have of our community.

  39. I am sorry we called out your fellow traveler but we are tired of it. So you can take the so called high road and stick your head in the sand
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  40. O.K. Folks, Old Joe isn’t a RACIST but, I am. Here’s Proof:


    Now, go find a job!!!!!!

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