Joe The Plumber Says Residents Would ‘Scatter Like Cockroaches’ If Ferguson Held A Job Fair

joe the plumber


Political has been but never was Joe the Plumber (real name Samuel Wurzelbacher) decided to offer his opinions on the situation in Ferguson through his Facebook page on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wurzelbacher posted two different images on his page. One image stated that one way to stop rioting and looting in Ferguson was to hold a job fair because the people would “scatter like cockroaches when the lights come on!” The other image said that one item in Ferguson that hadn’t been looted is a pair of work boots. Obviously, Wurzelbacher was looking to appeal to the racist idiots that actually read and like his Facebook page.

Below are the two Facebook images:

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joe the plumber facebook2

joe the plumber facebook


As one would expect from people that actually listen and respect Joe the Plumber, some of the comments on his Facebook page were pretty reprehensible. Below are a sampling of some of the worst comments I saw posted to these photos.

You don’t think any of these worthless people who are looting actually work for a living…they have obama, and the democrats, they don’t need to work…just mooch off the white people who work for a living

Cut their welfare and the foodstamps off and give the police real bullets and kill the worthless bastards

True. I heard they broke into the Payless Shoe store, but no work boots were stolen!

Of course ! Look who the looters are ! They’re probably stealing tennis shoes tho so they can run to the mailbox faster to collect they’re welfare checks !!

Set out a bunch of yard tools, bet they will be there til the cows come home, lol

That would mean you would have to go to work, why do that when you got a fist full of Obumer money coming in?


Joe the Plumber has a history of saying vile and ignorant things. Part of it could be his desire for publicity, no matter how negative. However, it could be that he actually believes the things he says, writes and posts. Regardless, he has a knack for wingnuttery that is only rivaled by Sarah Palin. In May of this year, after Elliot Rodgers went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, Wurzelbacher, in response to a grieving father, said, “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.” He also claimed that guns were needed in order to hunt down politicians.

Thankfully, Wurzelbacher is a person of little to no consequence on the political landscape. He is a one-trick pony who got a limited amount of fame due to a confrontation with Barack Obama during Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Since then, he’s tried, to no avail, to cash in on his notoriety. He ran for Congress in 2012 as a Republican. He lost by 51 points.

Now, he’s reduced to making racist posts on Facebook hoping to get some attention. While he’s succeeded somewhat (I am writing about him) it isn’t going to do him any good in the long run.


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