Another Conservative Myth Busted As Michael Brown Had A Clean Juvenile Record

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Another right-wing lie was exposed on Wednesday as the St. Louis Juvenile Court revealed that Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old who was shot to death by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th, was not facing any serious felony charges at the time of his death. He also had not been found delinquent of the juvenile equivalent of Class A, B or C felonies, per Cynthia Harcourt, a lawyer for the court who was arguing that the records should stay sealed.

This information was eventually revealed today, despite the opposition of the Brown family, who felt it was confidential and an attempt by media organizations to try to further assassinate Michael Brown’s character, due to two requests. One request was by a local newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The other request came from Charles C. Johnson, a right-wing blogger who had made spurious claims that Brown had a juvenile arrest record that included a second-degree murder. Johnson insists that two contacts of his within the St. Louis Police Department provided him with this information.




After a while, much like with the fake X-ray purported to be of Darren Wilson’s non-existent fractured orbital, this story took off in the conservative blogosphere. And, just like with that story, or right-wing claims that the audio recording from Brown’s death was a hoax, conservatives who have pushed all-in on defaming a young black man are left floundering. Of course, Johnson thinks there is a conspiracy afoot, still feels this is a victory for him and is hyping up more ‘blockbuster’ stories he is working on.


In the end, there was nothing to report. The reason the family didn’t want to release any juvenile records (if there were any) is because they feel that those should remain private. The argument that Johnson and The Post used is that since Brown is now dead, he shouldn’t have any right to privacy. Obviously, Brown’s family and the juvenile court knew that the only reason anyone wanted to see Michael’s juvenile records was to use it against him. The fact is, beyond calling Michael Brown a murder, Johnson has made a lot of other crazy accusations, such as claiming Brown was in a gang. He even took a shot at Michael’s mom for saying he wasn’t in a gang.


You know, I get why Johnson was suing to get these records. He was hoping to find something, ANYTHING, to justify the pure conjecture he’s been floating out on the net that wingnut racists have been gobbling up for weeks. However, what I don’t get is why The Post, a respected publication, jumped on board this tasteless attempt to smear a dead kid. We can talk all we want about freedom of information and what not. In the end, Brown is the victim. He was shot at over 10 times and was hit with at least six bullets. Why the need to needlessly trample on his grave? Thankfully, the paper didn’t get its tabloid headline on Wednesday.

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  1. There is a Michael Brown with a record as long as your arm. But its not this Michael.

    The idiots never even looked to see where the other Brown lived or how much older he was.

    @ChuckCJohnson could be a presidential candidate soon. He has all the gop traits

  2. Everything that has been said seems to point to this kid as being a good kid with a clean record.

    Why this neanderthal blogger wants to drag his name through the mud is beyond me.

  3. The pd knew he didn’t have a record but they didn’t bother to stop the media because they knew it wouldn’t do any good. Plus, they had already put their foot in their mouth with the video and not showing it from the beginning or talking to the owner and see what he had to say. The owner didn’t seem upset on the video, it seem more like something between them as a code thing that people have that go to a store a lot. The beginning of the video shows the young man paying for cigar and I think his friend lied because he was scared he had just lost his friend. The crap that weren’t going to charge him because he was just a bystander is bull, everyone knows if you are with someone who commits a crime you are just as guilty as they are. So the police department have to get themselves out the bind some kind of way and don’t know how. Guess who threw the people looking for something bad on the kid under the bus? The police department, just like they did Wilson.

  4. This article is very misleading. The DA didn’t say Brown lacked a record, only that he was not convicted of any Class A or B felonies nor was he pending charges of such at time of death. That is entirely different from pronouncing he had a clean record.

    The video of Brown brutalizing and robbing a convenience store owner would have become a felony charge, but as circumstances materialized sufficient time did not exist prior to his death to proffer charges.

    Not that any part of Brown’s record is relevant as to whether the police officer was justified in shooting him. That is an entirely different question begging a a thorough investigation that will determine whether the police officer was assaulted by Brown, whether Brown attempted to take his gun and whether in that case the officer was justified. The legal system must have time to work and the nation should stop passing judgement on either party until the facts are in. That’s how the rule of law works.

  5. If his record is clean, why does it need to remain sealed?

    Could be his past is like Trayvon’s, no convictions, but plenty of crimes that should have been prosecuted.

    People should not be so afraid that a little sunlight on their preconceptions is a bad thing.

  6. let me break this down for you in a really simple manner. I won’t got into the legal aspects of it.
    You get a speeding ticket, you pay the fine, go to traffic school you have a clean record. It does not appear on your record, your insurance is not raised, you do not incur points. You have a clean record. Get it?
    A clean record is just that, a clean record. Not subject to your interpretation of it.

  7. Jesus Rick, you are one racist idiot if there ever was one. Too damned dumb to read what is presented to you with factual info, you have to take the Fox news route and twist into the racist shit you want to hear.

  8. Mikes record(if one exists or not) has nothing to do with the case. He was accosted by a cop for a reason only known to the cop, which had no connection to any crime committed. None of that should be admissible in court. The entire crime starts with the cop meeting the 2 fellows on the street. Not at the store or anyplace else.

    If the cop were looking for a suspect from whatever crime was committed at the store, that would be admissible. But no crime was admitted to by the store owner

  9. Dustin the problem here is that according to Southern thinking being born black is all the reason needed.

  10. @Rick! Having been a lawyer for the last 20 yrs I know a thing or 2 about the legal system. This case would not be considered a felony by the simple fact there was no evidence that a weapon was involved in the theft. This would have been classified as at best simple battery 3rd degree assault which would be a Class C misdemeanor. Even if the DA decided to upgrade the charge to 1st assault trust me NO charges would have held up the best he could do is charge it as a Class C which at best found guilty is 1 yr in jail NOT DEATH!

    The fact that you are yours constantly claim let the legal system do its job; however criticize everything about the legal system that doesn’t benefit your theory. Remember this is the same legal system that indicts blacks 4×1 for the same crimes committed by whites…..EQUAL JUSTICE??

    Since we dived into Michael’s past why aren’t we doing the same for Darren?

  11. Your same argument needs to be highlighted for Darren’s record!

    Since you brought up Trayvon…George is certainly a model citizen? Or do you condone domestic violence????

  12. Hmm, the Rethugnicans lied in an attempt to defame a victim of police violence. When did that ever happen before?

    What? Almost every time? I am shocked!

  13. No, the Demoncrats are declaring him “clean” before the record has even been released. Nice Try. No matter what though, you cannot erase the record of his felony battery and theft in his abuse of that poor store clerk. Keep drinking the koolaid.

  14. BTW, the Democrats never declared him anything. However there are people vastly smarter then you who look at what his teachers and people that know him say and can make a decision on who he is. You on the other hand have to go to Fox News and be told he is a criminal. Without any thought of your own

  15. You must believe in gnomes and fairies if you think that the police would ever admit wrongdoing‚Ķever! I can list news account after news account in which police officers have been caught lying big time. I challenge Carlos and all others who read or post here to read the following please, then comment on them maturely and fairly. I’m not saying who’s side I believe, because I just like ALL of you, was not there, but to insist that the officer is telling the truth just because he says he is, is insane!. Consider just a few below

  16. I love how the media and left wings love to twist words around. And no I am not a right wing. The lawyer said and I quote “Brown has no high level felonies” she never said “Brown has no juvy record and is clean” Do you understand the statement she gave?. Ever hear or lower level felonies?. Also she refused to answer questions about his criminal offences also. She didn’t say he does not have one. She did say he does have one but no high level felonies. So that means pretty much he can have lots of low level ones and lots of criminal charges. So there you go. Have fun twisting words around to suite you. Because all left wings know that brown was reading his bible when he was gunned down. And that brown was doing the lords work robbing stores and attacking clerks. You know the left wings said the same thing about his store robbery and attacking the clerk?. It’s a myth.. He didn’t do anything wrong he is innocent. Its just a lie to make him look bad. Then bam. The video proof comes …

  17. Also I see the videos posted of police being bad. So I guess your trying to say because a few police are bad it means they are all evil. But wait.. I just seen a bunch of videos of blacks attacking whites screaming DIE WHITEY DIE!!! KILL THAT WHITE @^#*@!. And so on. Soooo By the lefty logic that means all blacks are bad also. Nice to know. I guess this just shows that the left is hot or cold. Never warm. If you are white you are guilty even if proven innocent. And if your black you are innocent even if proven guilty. Pretty sad to be honest. My step father is black and he just said to tell you all. “You make me sad.. Judging a man before a trial even goes out.. Nothing even went to court yet and you already convicted him”. So to be honest why not just grab a rope and drag him outside and hang him in a tree. You already said he is guilty with out due process. Whites are not allowed to due process. Only blacks I see. Even tho he robbed a store and attacked that clerk. He is a criminal…

  18. And you are judging him as well. You do not know if he robbed the store. The store owner said he didnt.

    And you didnt see a bunch of videos with blacks screaming for whites to die.

    Never forget you are exactly what you say others are. Except you lie a lot more then most

  19. Where are these videos you have seen where blacks say die whitey? I would think the real man of genius that you are you would have posted at least one link to this bunch you claimed to have seen

  20. Oh. Low level felonies. Those are just felonies. Just not important ones. They are worse then criminal charges. But it’s ok tho. Because the left wings said his record is clean. Didn’t you hear? Brown was reading his bible when he was gunned down by a cold blooded white racist (He has to be a racist.. he is white!) And before his last breath he cured cancer aids and helped 200 old ladies across the street. And also saved 2,000 kid’s from apartment fires. All before hitting the ground.

  21. Hey dummy “Oh. Low level felonies. Those are just felonies” is not answering my question. Again what are low level felonies?

  22. I’d like to see the blogger’s record, just as I’d like to see the results of Darren Wilson’s drug test he would have been required to take had he not been permitted to skip town.

  23. It makes no difference what is on his past record. Wilson went after him for jaywalking. Wilson knew nothing about Brown or his past before he killed him for something that was not a capital crime. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in his past justifies a police officer killing him *now* for those past actions.

  24. Your dumbass offered no evidence , refused to answer any question, out right lied and you expect for your idiotic racist statements to be heard? Did your mommy drop you on your head while trying to breastfeed you and that’s why you want some attention. You have change your name and IP address to post your nonsense and you still don’t get the hint. YOU ARE STUPID. If you cant comprehend that then you deserve to wallow in your own piss and shit ignorance. Now please go away

  25. What about the theft of cigars at a Convenient store? And what about the assault of a small, oriental lady who tried to stop him and make him pay for those cigars? His dad called this “normal teenage behavior.”

    Maybe his dad should have listened to Texas Longhorn coach Charlie Strong. One of his rules is: “respect women.”

    He had this message for four years while head coach at the University of Louisville. Evidently the elder Brown wasn’t paying attention or didn’t want to hear it coming from one of the first black head coaches in college football at the University of Louisville.

    Quit trying to cover up the facts. And, what happened to Brown’s clothing and blood spatter report? Oh, the clothing have suddenly gone missing?

    Who’s covering up what and why?

  26. Demonizing the victim is standard procedure now. I would, however, think that if supporters of the police position in this case had such strong arguments in favor of their position, then there would be no reason for them to demonize Michael Brown.

    Yet, they started demonizing him shortly after he died.

    Wonder why?

    (And yes, that is rhetorical.)

  27. Mr. Baragona,

    A well-written article, and I agree with most of it. You question, however, the motive behind the involvement of the “Post Dispatch.” It’s pretty obvious, to me: they wanted to provide a credible voice and demeanor to the proceedings, regardless of the outcome. “Chuckie” has become, to respected journalists, what Westboro Baptist Church has become to respected Christians: they can’t shut him up, so they have to smile uncomfortably and hope they can undo the damage after the circus has left town. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am very confident that the “Post Dispatch” will give equal time and space to Judge Siwak’s ruling. If Siwak allows his juvenile record to be released, I predict the “Post Dispatch” will give the record proper space and context, whether Brown’s record is a yard long, or if his record is a blank piece of paper.

    Who wouldn’t love to watch Chuckie get stuck with a big legal bill, for a blank piece of paper? It could happen! ;)

  28. BTW, am I the only one that has noticed the picture here resembles Gary Coleman? (Whatchoo talkin”bout Willis?)

  29. It is not your business, since his record is clean, it is not relevant to the issue. The fact he was murdered by Wilson, is the issue.

  30. He did pay for the cigars, and the store owner did not file charges.

    It is very obvious the FPD is covering things up, as to why, one of their officers murdered a 18yr old kid, and the FPD has a history of racism.

  31. Since he has no significant criminal record, why do his parents oppose releasing it? They should be insisting on releasing his record to shut up those who believe Michael was anything other than an angel.

  32. And where did you find this nugget that his parents didn’t want the records release never mind its THE FUCKING LAW that they remain sealed. You are a racist go get your sheets

  33. What difference does it make concerning a record? The matter that seems to be over looked is an unarmed young man was brutally shot & killed. Yes, it is a concern in the black community. White officers ARE killing unarmed black men-young & old. They are also assaulting black women of all ages. I’m tired of hearing it isn’t a race issue, when it is. If black officers acted in this manner, there is no doubt in my mind, he would’ve been hung by a noose the day it happened. Justice needs to be served. This is suppose to be a wonderful country where everyone is treated equally & fair, but if we do our history, this country was founded on theft, lies, fear & deceitful manners. Stop trying to persecute an innocent person. Pull the records of wilson, stop hiding & taking up for him. Wasn’t he part of a unit that was disbanded for corruption just 3 years ago? Hasn’t he accepted money from the KKK? If he isn’t racist, why accept their money? Let him stand up like a man….

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