Kansas Senate Race Gets Even Weirder As Republicans Fight To Keep Democrat On The Ballot


Republicans are fighting to keep the Democratic candidate in the US Senate race in Kansas back on the ballot as the state’s Republican Secretary of State said that Democrat Chad Taylor’s name must stay on the ballot.

Democrat Chad Taylor announced yesterday that he was dropping out and removing his name from the ballot, but Kris Kobach who is Sec. of State, and a supporter of incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Roberts said that Taylor did not meet the legal standard for having his name removed from the ballot.

Taylor put out a detailed statement that refuted Kobach’s claim,

Yesterday afternoon, I contacted Brad Bryant, Director of Elections and Legislative Matters for the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office, to inquire about the requisite steps needed to terminate my candidacy for United State Senate and to withdraw my name from the ballot. Mr. Bryant provided explicit instructions as to the information required in the letter to remove my name.

I proceeded to draft and deliver a letter to the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office of Elections, giving notice of my withdrawal from the United States Senate race. I specifically asked Mr. Bryant if the letter contained all the information necessary to remove my name from the ballot. Mr. Bryant said, “Yes” affirming to me, and my campaign manager, that the letter was sufficient to withdraw my name from the ballot.

Upon confirming that my letter would remove my name from the ballot, I presented identification, signed the notary ledger, and signed the letter before a Secretary of State employee notarized it. I again confirmed with Mr. Bryant that this notarized letter removed my name from the ballot. He again said “Yes.” My candidacy in this race was terminated yesterday.

2014 has been a fairly normal election so far. No Republican candidate has had to claim that she isn’t a witch like in 2010, or explaining to the country that only some rapes are legitimate like in 2012. Our first dose of surreal weirdness is coming from the supposedly politically dull state of Kansas.

Republicans are fighting to keep the Democratic candidate’s name on the ballot, because Sen. Roberts would be in grave danger of losing to Independent candidate Greg Orman. The Independent has promised to caucus with the Senate’s other two Independents who caucus with the Democrats. Republicans are terrified that Orman will unite the left and center of the state, and defeat Sen. Roberts.

Roberts is in so much danger that the national Republican Party has taken over his campaign. Republicans are hitting the panic button as they could lose a Senate seat in Kansas. This is the why the fight over keeping Taylor’s name on the ballot will be heading to court.

If Taylor is off the ballot Democratic chances of keeping the Senate improve as Republicans may be denied their majority dream by a Democrat, who quit in Kansas

14 Replies to “Kansas Senate Race Gets Even Weirder As Republicans Fight To Keep Democrat On The Ballot”

  1. So now the GOP think they can force a man who does not want to run, to run anyway. They seem to be a party that likes to force people against their will.

  2. “did not meet the legal standard for having his name removed from the ballot.”

    if he drafted the letter correctly indicating he wants out of the race, there isn’t a”legal” reason to keep him on the ballot.

    He’s only objecting because Roberts will loose big time if Taylor leaves the race. I love how Republicans have temper tantrums that make all 2 year olds seem mature by comparison.

  3. Republicans dont think they have to abide by the laws. Lets McDonald their asses. The GOP plan to restrict voting seems to be falling on its face. Courts ruling against them right and left.

  4. Another Catherine Harris of Florida.. Lie, steal, and cheat. A close second would be John Husted of Ohio! Corrupt to the core!

  5. All Taylor has to do is leave his name on and urge everyone to vote for Orman. This is a very interesting issue If Taylor has backup that he was told his name was off the ballot.

    Lie Cheat and Steal

  6. Well, he could paraphrase Sherman by saying, “if nominated, I will not run; if elected I will not serve.” That should tell the voters they should vote for the other guy. It also would save court and attorney fees for defending himself against any lawsuit.

  7. omg, Now the Republican Party is personally trying to FORCE a man to RUN for Senate seat who has said “NO” an legally removed his name from the Ballet!! An if he wins, What the hell will they do then——-Force him to got the Washington an DO THE JOB? Come on people! He took every LEGAL step under KANSAS LAW to bow out of this race! So stop your damned whining,

  8. He could temperarly move out of the state an that would disqualify him! That would just shut them up. Some one from anther state cannot run in Kansas! So if they want to try to push into it, he could pick up an leave the state for awhile to disqualify himself. Simple way to end that story

  9. Republicans are acting like whining little dictators. It’s getting harder and harder to take any of them serious. I am so so sick of them. Our country needs leaders; not power hungry little boys that will lie and cheat to get their way. Enough already… The Kansas US Senate race should be between Mr. Orman and Roberts.

  10. …fuck Kobach, Roberts,Brownback and every Teahadist in Kansas!!! The answer was simple:Taylor moves temporarily out of that Hellhole, establishes residence, calls Kobach and yells “GUESS WHAT TOTO??? I’M NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE!!!”

  11. What? The GOP is suddenly concerned about disenfranchising Democrats? Color me shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya.

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