Lindsey Graham Melts Down and Claims ISIL Is Going To Invade The US and Kill Us All

lindsey graham ISIL kill every american

On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) fell apart while ranting about ISIL and claimed that the terrorists are going to come to the US and kill every American.


Sen. Graham said,

This is a radical Islamic army that’s pushing the theory of a master religion, not a master race like the Nazis. This is not about bringing a few people to justice who behead the innocent in a brutal fashion. This is about protecting millions of people throughout the world from a radical Islamic army. They are intending to come here, so I will not let this president suggest to the American people we can outsource our security, and this is not about our safety.

There is no way in hell you can form an army on the ground to go into Syria to destroy ISIL without a substantial American component, and to destroy ISIL you have to kill or capture their leaders, take the territory they hold back, cut off their financing, and destroy their capability to regenerate.

This is a war we’re fighting. It is not a counter-terrorism operation. This is not Somalia. This is not Yemen. This is a turning point in the war on terror. Our strategy will fail yet again. This president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home.

Sen. Graham proclaimed Obama’s strategy to be a failure because it doesn’t involve sending American combat troops to die in Syria and Iraq. Lindsey Graham’s comments reveal that he is a bigger threat to American security and the lives of Americans that ISIL. Experts agree that ISIL doesn’t have the capacity to invade the United States. Intelligence experts are uncertain about the degree of threat that ISIL poses. The number of ISIL fighters ranges from 10,000-31,500.

One thing is certain is the US sent combat troops to Iraq or Syria, Muslim extremists would view this decision as a call to arms, and the number of ISIL fighters would grow even more rapidly. In one very specific way, Lindsey Graham shares a common goal with the terrorists. Both Sen. Graham and ISIL want to use fear to create more war.

Lindsey Graham’s rant was borderline emotionally unstable. ISIL isn’t going to come to the United States and kill every American, but Graham could get thousands of young Americans killed by pushing for combat troops to be sent to Iraq and Syria. Sen. Graham is a danger to his country.

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  1. OK, how is Obama’s plan a failure when it’s been working. It seems to me that his approach to this has been more effective then the plan spewed forth by this war mongering troll, which is basically ‘hey, you know that war in Iraq that we had? You know, the one that was started by lies and propaganda and used to give us right wingers extreme boners and still does to this day? Let’s do that again’.

    No. If anything, this current plan should hopefully kibosh the threat of ISIS.

  2. What seems obvious to me is that Repugs are using these fear tactics to drum up voter support come November because of polls that show Americans believe that Repugs are stronger on defense. So they scare everybody into voting Repug and do whatever they can get away with to get money to defense contractors.

  3. When I was a kid the fear was(besides the Russians) that China would walk under the sea and come here and destroy us. They certainly have enough people to do it

    And now, with our vast military improvements, this complete idiot who is in the Air force himself thinks a small band of people are going to kill us here?

    The people that vote for this guy have to be complete idiots. As ever, going over there and fighting will not stop anyone from coming here and doing what they will. Get this man out of Congress immediately

  4. Sooooo…..Mz Lindsey is having another tizzy fit, flouncing her petticoats and all. Well…fiddle dee dee.

  5. I didn’t see the program… what color dress was Ms Gharam wearing?

    is s/he who they refer to in the South when the talk about a Cracker?

  6. Knock the price of a barrel of oil back to 25 and they will disappear. Wall street should be proud of themselves.

  7. I guess he was on Faux News because Meet the Press did not invite him this time (finally). Let’s hope this holds. Dare I hope?

  8. When I was a kid, we had Boris and Natasha (Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoons)used as U.S. propaganda against the Soviets.

  9. Senators Graham and McCain shook their hands and wanted President Obama to arm ISIL freedom fighters. Now both Senators are going on the talk shows ginning up their base by scaring them and, of course, talking bad about the president, but not mentioning what they did in the past. So typical.

  10. If Lindsey Graham wants troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq, etc. …then he, his kids and grand kids must be the first to go, at the front of the front lines…no hiding in Washington, DC…put his money and his family where his mouth is….he can join the foreign legion.


    This garbage Lindsay Graham is spewing is not American. Americans are not cowards. America is the land of the free, home of the brave. Graham needs to go lock himself back in the closet with his loverboy Phil Robertson, and pantsshitter Ted Nugent.

  12. Democrats and Republicans are converging on this ISIS Propaganda.

    FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are Manipulating the american people.

    Poll: 50% of americans do not trust the media.

  13. I guess they wouldn’t let Gramps McCain out of the home today. He normally doesn’t miss an appearance on an MTP bombapoluza fest. Graham’s an idiot and can’t be taken seriously. His chicken little act is getting very, very, old.

  14. The true enemies of the USA are the ALL the TPGOPers. I get so tired of these guys that keep their own families save at home and pocketing all kinds of money from the companies that make military equipment. If they are all so gunho for war let them go.

    What we need in this country is an understanding that if any more boots on the ground action is going to occur. Then there needs to be a DRAFT, that does not allow any allowances for not serving. This as well as if any members of families leave the country to avoid service they forfeit their citizenship and any assets that were made in this country.

    Want WAR then all must know that any member of their family between 18 and 37 may have to go. I bet these people would shut up fast.

  15. Didn’t something like this happen when shrub wanted to invade Iraq? Something about al Qaeda invading us and killing us in our bedrooms? Ashcroft showing us how to seal off our doors and windows with duct tape and plastic in case they attacked with chemicals?

    Now we have Lindsey Graham telling us we are going to die. Don’t we understand All 35,000 ISIS are going to invade us and WE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE. (place back of hand on forehead and whither to the floor)

    Miz Graham, ah do declah, y’all would jump at your own shadow. Thas ok we ladies will protect y’all.

  16. Blanch DuBois and her ilk want to begin the end time so Jebus will take them to their golden mansions in the sky.

  17. Yes, and we were all supposed to go out and buy duct tape and plastic to stop the poison gas they were bringing

  18. I wonder if FOX news could really sell their crap without exploiting the women on their sets… I say ladies… pull your skirts down… You are selling lies… NOT SEX!

  19. I am pissed that I did not get to see the video. To watch mis graham lose it on camera would be priceless.

  20. Citizen United has opened the gates of hell!
    It makes one wonder why they have so savaged this Prez and all the hatred for Democrats.

    Never have I seen such a Propaganda Hate Campaign! Look how it weakens American unity.

    “The Brainwashing of my Dad”

    BTW…There is not a single Liberal Radio Show all across America.
    We need the Fairness Doctrine return!

  21. Will Lindsey and the rest of the Republicans vote to raise taxes to pay for sending American troops back to Iraq and into Syria? Or will they just use it as an excuse to gut domestic programs and borrow more money from China?

  22. Charles, good question. I also have a question, will the GOP give the veterans who DO come back the benefits due to them? Or, will they fight taking care of our veterans like they have been doing?

  23. Cut domestic programs of course. Republicans despise average Americans, and are the average Americans worst enemy.

  24. Lil’ ol’ Graham Cracker peckerwood…why don’t you gather up all them “open carry” yahoos walkin’ thru Chipotle, Target (how ironic!) and wherever else these mopes wander, with their penis-proxy guns hangin’ out, tell ’em there’s plenty good shootin’ over in the scrublands of Iraq & Syria (don’t worry…somebody will tell all y’all how to find it on a map), and then we’ll have material for a whole new reality show:
    bozo-on-bozo warfare, and Brave Hunter Ted Noogie will be eminently suited to lead them, long as he has plenty of fresh pants to change into. Git ‘er done, boys! Yeee-Hawww!

  25. Unfortunately, a draft does not accomplish what you wish to accomplish. Neither the sons of politicians nor the sons of the wealthy ever went to war the last time we had a draft. I, for one, will never vote for a draft or for war. I have three sons of draft age, and am not willing to send them off to fight any damn war in some other country.

    Graham, Chicken Little himself, with his “sky is falling” approach, simply wants war. Anywhere and wherever, with anyone or whoever, and he, the racist prig, hates Obama. That’s what this is all about. Hatred and racism.

  26. OK, there are 10k to 31k ISIL guys, and how many million americans? Armed americans? With a thoroughly trained and armed military? The only way they could kill us all is…. still thinking……see, Mr. Graham, there is no way!! So stop burbling in your tamales and grow a pair.

  27. It’s good to see liberal “open-mindedness” and “tolerance” are alive and well. How disgusting of you to denigrate these women and slander them simply because of where they work, and perhaps their political leaning. Calling them “…whores in every sense of the word.”, and “…bimbos…” is repugnant. What do you even know about these ladies, other than where they work? Is this how you judge women? You must be a real catch.

  28. Well you got to admit they do lower the intelligence of the idiots that watch that bovine excrement and I guess that would include you

  29. William Rivers Pitt | Meet the New War, Same as the Old War

    Not much has changed in 50 years. Two presidents, each with an inherited war, and events spiraling beyond control. We’re working with our ally, Vietnam/Iraq, so they can take matters into their own hands, right? The war in Vietnam lasted some 25 years. The wars in Iraq have spanned almost exactly that same amount of time, and promise to go on and on. Nearly 50 years of warfare, for which a few people neither you nor I will ever meet get handsomely paid, and the blood runs into the mud, until we do it all over again.

  30. It would be nice to know how much “free speech” this clown and McCain have banked from the Military/Industrial Complex to keep up their fear and smear campaign.

  31. I loved that group picture with McCain standing in the middle with a bunch of ISIL fighters, smiles all around. Jeez.

  32. I enjoyed watching Linsie squirm as another politician said troops-on-the-ground is not necessary and would, in fact, involve us in another civil war. Linsie even invoked the name of his butt buddy, McShame. If we paid any attention to these war-monger profiteers we would invade North Korea and Syria simultaneously, then send in ground troops in Ukraine. I know Sen. Glam served in the military. What did he do? Pick lint out of his commander’s navel?

  33. I think that is insulting whores and bimbos. Seriously though, could they wear any more make up, over style their hair, and wear tight short clothes? Way to be professional journalists gals. LOL …. Professional journalists! Edward R Murrow is rolling in his grave.

  34. Miz Lindsey doesn’t have any kids? I’m surprised because she has those nice wide hips for birthin’ babiez.

  35. Why doesn’t Graham call them what they are? They’re religious fundamentalists. Or would that be too offensive to the Republican’s base?

  36. Aren’t there some meds for this? Does this lunatic have a gun permit? That is surely a disqualifying statement on the mental health portion of any gun permit.

  37. Did anyone notice they pulled the Graham interview tape?
    I can’t even find it on Fox News Sunday’s website.

  38. I know you don’t mean it that way, but calling ‘Puzzy Galore’ Graham a woman is an insult to the female gender. (And I suspect a lot of gays would be insulted, too)

  39. I so not watch Fox but our neighbour swears by it. He was in a tizzy yesterday about how they are going to invade us. My husband pointed out that if they came here in droves Americans are so well armed they would not only have the military but the citizens to contend with. This man-child has never served in the military,is obsessed with hunting, has had a secure job in a plant that makes military equipment,will inherit his parents home and never goes far from home. Suddenly he’s a born again because you only have to say a few sentences and you are automatically saved. Leave out the words of Jesus and he is a perfect Christian in his eyes. Everything frightens him,that’s why he can’t go far from home. People want his postage stamp property,his goods and his life. This is what watching Fox does to you.

  40. …ahhh, the ‘Desk Pilot” {AKA REMF} spews again…McCains bitch, being a polymorphrodite pseudoChristian Teahadist hypocritical two bit, four flushing son-of-a-bitch is a CHICKENSHIT HAWK…wants war…BUT don’t want himself or his kin in harms way.
    To see who gets money where, check out a nice little add-on called “GREENHOUSE” causes politicians names to become highlighted, when you scroll over the pols name, a nice little box showing all known political income appears…IT WORKS!!!
    Now, if Ms.Lindsey Graham wants war, {s}he should lead the charge…as a matter o’ fact,all those Teahadist Ammosexuals who wanna kill,Kill,KILL,KILL,KILLKILLKILL!!! Draft ’em and let them discover if war is really to their liking…let Ted Nugent command this ‘army’ and see how many shit their pants when ‘open carrying’ around real terrorists gets ’em shot at, and killed…

  41. McCain, Graham and all the other chicken hawks who preen bravely before the TV cameras and scream for “boots on the ground” would never have the guts to call for a draft. Not because their kids might have to go to war, that’s a foregone conclusion they’ll never go.
    It’s the wrath of the voters they are terrified of.
    They’re just showing off for their clueless base.

  42. …btw, for those not familiar with military acronyms,{REMF} stands for “Rear Echelon Mother-Fuckers”…lol

  43. Well, well, well according to Ms. Graham we can expect 30,000 ISIL / ISIS to put boots on the ground in America and kill us all, eh? What got into the beaaatch? McCain whispered into his ears again and told her to go forth and provoke the weak minded out there? Just so that we be clear on this…..Our security has been greater than ever, it will just have to up the game a couple of notches to keep us as safe as they have been doing from all the other Terrorist / Jihadies off shore. BTW, some Republicans are goading us (Obama)into getting our warriors on the ground to kill and BE killed–again! Is this the same tactic used with Iraq? The WMD scare tactic—-Oooooooh Sadam is going to NUKE us (Mushroom cloud) pitched by Bush on behalf of Cheney and Rumsfeld and the others. Look! Lindsey go hide under a desk and STFU! Please.

  44. In my foggy world of what I pretend to be sanity, I can envision, 31,000 plus/minus a few terrorist ISIS invading the US. At the same time, I can also envision about 300 million armed Americans not putting up with their presence in the US and would do any and everything to stop them. It wouldn’t be pretty for ISIS. But, I am truly not sure who side the republicans would be on though.

  45. That’s why you make such ludricrous statements. You are totally in the dark and have NO thoughts or facts about what you’re talking about.y

  46. They going to kill us all according to the southern belle. And you consider that intelligent? Go buy you some duct tape and go hide under mommies bed

  47. I would call the women on Fox worse that whores because they sell themselves by spouting such nonsense, lie like rugs and they denigrate other women. Accomplished women at that.

    Most of them are supposed to have had some type of education so it is puzzling that they think so little of themselves.

    Whores and bimbos are apt descriptions.

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