Republicans Put The Clown Car In Drive As Ted Cruz Is Running For President in 2016

The Republican clown car is gassed up and ready to crash and burn in 2016 as Ted Cruz will be running for president.

According to National Journal, Cruz’s candidacy is virtually a done deal,

According to sources close to the Texas senator, Cruz could be preparing for an end-of-year announcement and is now dedicating considerable time and effort to cultivating a foreign-policy foundation that might help his candidacy stand out in what is guaranteed to be a crowded field.

“At this point it’s 90/10 he’s in,” one Cruz adviser said. “And honestly, 90 is lowballing it.”

The senator’s choreography since arriving in Washington has long pointed to a presidential run. His office meticulously documents the details of his meetings and events to guard against opposition research. He has aggressively pursued visits to important primary states, including Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Late last month Cruz hired three prominent consultants with experience in national campaigns and extensive contacts in early nominating states. And he recently moved his chief of staff, Chip Roy, from his congressional office to the campaign operation, sending the clearest signal yet to allies inside and outside the Capitol that a bid for the White House is imminent.

You read that first sentence correctly. Ted Cruz is planning on running for president as the foreign policy candidate. Sen. Cruz thinks that Republican voters will flock to him if he stakes out a foreign policy position that is somewhere between John McCain and Rand Paul. Cruz is overlooking a the fact that he has no foreign policy experience, and conservatives like him much more when he is doing things like shutting down the government.

A quick look at the potential list of 2016 Republican candidates reveals one that is under indictment (Rick Perry), another that is the focus of a criminal probe (Scott Walker), a third that is under federal investigation (Chris Christie), and a fourth that is so desperate to win the nomination that he changes his positions often (Rand Paul). There is also the has been (Mitt Romney), the never was (Rick Santorum), and the never will be (Jeb Bush).

A Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio might jump in as well, but they aren’t putting together serious campaign organizations like Cruz, Paul, and Christie are. Republicans voters will have to choose someone out of this crew of broken pretenders to represent their party against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Cruz and Paul sharing a debate stage while trying to out crazy each other should be comedy gold. Paul and Cruz will be fighting for many of the same voters and could cancel each other out. Cruz will also be fighting with Santorum, and potentially, Mike Huckabee for the hearts of the religious right.

It is almost a certainty that his Republican opponents will use Cruz’s citizenship against him, even though he is eligible to run for president due to his mother being born in Delaware. Cruz is a natural born citizen, but that won’t stop the dirty smear campaigns early in primary states like South Carolina.

Citizenship questions, criminal indictments, and a whole trunk full of crazy are sure signs that the Republican clown car is gassed and ready to roll down the road to defeat at the hands of Hillary Clinton.

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51 Replies to “Republicans Put The Clown Car In Drive As Ted Cruz Is Running For President in 2016”

  1. Did not think any Republican could scare me more then Mitt Romney. I was wrong Ted Cruz, is should scare the world. This man and his crazy Daddy will destroy America.

  2. Cruz will have too hard of a time holding back the Christo-crazy side of himself to make it to the general election. The stories about his religion-crazed father will start to get wider media exposure. His current foreign policy consists of killing Muslims and kissing Netanyahu’s ass. If he enters the primaries, we may see the TPers sticking with him instead of jumping from nutjob to nutjob like they did last time. But that batsh*t crazy Texan will never make it to the nomination.


    If “Carnival Cruz” is eligible to run, he’s eligible to run.

    In 2016, we will have two clear choices for the White House.

  4. In what world will the junior Senator from Texas be able to gather enough votes to win in the general election from Women, non-Cuban Hispanics, Blacks and Independents (not to mention government employees and those who finally have healthcare)?

    Another crazy ideological Texan still leaves a bad taste in many Americans’ mouths… and he actually got Mexican-American votes.

  5. The term “natural born citizen” does not apply to Mr. Cruz. The term as used in the Constitution is a standard that **only applies** to the office of President. It has **always** been defined as a person born within the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America.

    Constitutional law precedes all laws passed by Congress, including those of naturalization.

  6. You’re wrong Tim. President Obama could have been born on Mars and he would be a natural born American citizen because his mother is an American citizen, it only takes one parent.

  7. Let him jump in….it will be more entertaining to watch the mishaps and follies of the debates among the Class B contenders in the Republican Party. He certainly will NOT win. If he got it as their nominee for President—He will Loose the General elections. Because he will NOT have the vote of the : Hispanic, Blacks, Other minorities, Other naturalized citizens from other parts of the world who vote, Women, College students, Catholics, Military people, Gays, Elderly and sick (who vote), Liberal Entertainers, Athletes….. So, who he kidding? As far as the rest of the Republican field of losers??? Who crosses the finish line with the win of their Primary? (By default)? I say Rand Paul

  8. This country is loaded with nuts. Just look at all the nuts that vote TPGOP and you will see who will vote for any one of nutjobs that they nominate to run. The more right wing the better and who ever has the highest “good Christian” values.

  9. “Describe a nut who would support this fruitcake for President”.

    Probably, at minimum, the same group from Planter’s that elected him to the Senate.

  10. clearly you’ve never made fruitcake… there are LOTS of nuts in fruitcake… most often that Texas fave, pecan…

  11. It does apply to him – it applies to anyone born in another country who has a parent that is a natural citizen.

    He is eligible.

    I don’t think we should get into “birther” territory when it comes to Ted Cruz. According the law (including immigration law), he is eligible. Let’s just leave it at that and focus on ensuring he doesn’t ever get elected.

  12. Permit me to respond:
    The Talibangelicals, the ParaMilitaries and Militias, the racists, haters, and bigots; the jobless Affhan/Iraq vets; the trailer trash, NASCAR, bowling league set; the uneducated, the illiterate, the bubbas.

    It would be a grave mistake to underestimate Cruz.


    Look, I expect that people who seek political office will try to calibrate their positions to electoral realities. What’s surprising about Ted Cruz’s upcoming campaign for president — yes, he’s almost certainly running, as this National Journal story makes clear — is how unapologetic he is about his political calculations:
    Read More

  14. WOW, so this Canadian/Cuban whose Daddy is/was Fidel Castro’s right hand man wants to be POTUS so he can shut down our Government for good!

    Talk about a wake up call!

  15. The Canadian who feigns a southern drawl and doesn’t quite comprehend “Green Eggs and Ham;” whose daddy was a Communist rebel that slaughtered for Castro then ran away because Castro decided to go all Plato on his boys and start taking them out; who whines like a child and mewls like a sick rat, is going to run on “foreign policy”?

    Here’s a good slogan, Ted:
    Ted Cruz
    Cruzin’ for Armageddon 2016

  16. jobless Iraq/Afghanistan veterans? Really?

    Mind you, I doubt all that many will vote lockstep for either party but of the vets I know and have met (hundreds) they won’t tolerate a Ted Cruz or another Obama (especially after he personally lied to a few hundred of them in Denver 2008). The ones who will…look to your lifers and officers – they love themselves a good war.

  17. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and his mother was born in Kansas.

    That hasn’t stopped the crazies on the right of screaming that Obama was a Kenyan and not eligible to be president.

    Ted Cruz has already admitted he was born in Canada. Yes, his mother was born in Delaware, but his father was born in Cuba. By the rights own twisted logic, that makes Cruz ineligible to be president.

    Right or wrong, Cruz should be prepared to have that thrown in his face.

  18. I have to agree with you, John. It’s a long way to the nomination; anything can happen. She was the presumptive candidate for 2008, too, and along came Barack Obama.

  19. It seems you have not receive the Republican’s memo. Ted Cruz mother was an American citizens when he was conceived. He was only born in Canada. There for his is considered eligible to run for office.

  20. He was not born in the US, After having to listen to the rights birthers for the past 6 years, I’m going to stick to this wholeheartedly. That was their whole point, not “born” in the US. Except in his case he was, Cruz was not.

  21. Obama’s mother was a natural born citizen and he was born in the United States…..still didn’t stop the birthers. Of course they will probably change their tune, since this is so different. (NOT!)

  22. Under Title 8 of the US Code, Section 1401 defines the following as citizens of the United States upon birth… or natural born citizens:

    Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.—strike one

    Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national— strike 2

    Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)— this one qualifies him.

    the rules that were in effect from December 24, 1952 – November 14, 1986. A person born abroad between those dates is a US citizen upon birth if all of the following are true:

    The person’s parents were married at the time of birth
    One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citi…

  23. The rules that were in effect from December 24, 1952 – November 14, 1986. A person born abroad between those dates is a US citizen upon birth if ALL of the following are true:

    The person’s parents were married at the time of birth

    One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person was born

    The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;

    A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday.

    It appears that Cruz is a natural born citizen.

    There is only one question that needs to be asked. We know his father and mother were NOT married when they went to Canada. So, when did they get married? Does anybody know?

  24. Aside from the question of citizenship, is this nut case really qualified to be even considered. The way his crazy christian ideologies he voiced makes him truly unqualified to be considered beyond dog catcher. Further, he is another Texan and this country should have had it fill of Texans since we are still recovering from the last Texan drunkard.

  25. Derrick, my father was a bowler and I know plenty of people who bowl including myself who are staunch Democrats. I know of what you speak but some times it’s hard to be accurate with such a wide brush. Bowling requires some talent and thought.

  26. No one should under estimate Cruz and his kochroach friends. To underestimate these people is a very grave mistake. Kochroaches have plans, big plans. Plans to take over this country with the help of all those who feed on their money. Those who bow down to their supposed greatness. The kochroaches are spread through out our country, Hardly any thing you buy eat or build is not connected to these kochroaches. These men are not to be considered impotent. They are dangerous!

  27. You can’t compare Obama and Cruz. Obama was born in the USA, Cruz was not.

    Cruz only qualifies to be “naturalized” and therefor able to run for President if his mother was “physically present” in the United States for 10 years prior to his birth, five of which had to be after she reached the age of 14. The only definitive way to prove Eleanor Cruz’s 10 years of physical presence would be with documents such as leases, school registration, utility bills or tax records.

    Apparently Cruz is unable to do this which is why he isn’t saying on this subject anymore. If he could produce the records he would’ve already. I guess his plan is to just bully his way through and play the martyr-card with the lunatic fringe that supports him.

  28. I had not thought of it before, but in this context, Ted Cruz may be the only guy able to run for president in three countries.
    Canada – where he was born.
    Cuba – where his father was born.
    The USA – where his mother was born.
    I can’t help but wonder if there is not some way he could hold this office in all three countries at the same time?

  29. Actually it depends on what happened in Canada after he was born…

    From the actual Department of State’s website ( childbirth abroad by US Citizens…

    “The child’s parents should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (CRBA) to document that the child is a U.S. citizen.”

    Sounds to me like ‘no form = no eligibility’. But Democrats don’t grasp at straws quite so much as Republicans, and so will probably not put up a fight over it – they’ll just eat popcorn & watch him crash & burn all by himself!

    I’m going to love to see how they will spin the ‘his mother was a citizen so he’s a citizen’ excuse/explanation/rationalization after all the garbage they spewed about President Obama (who’s mother was from Kansas. – KANSAS! right there in “America’s Heartland”). Should be fun to watch the mental gymnastics.

  30. If we can just convince batcrap crazy Michele Bachmann and the half-term Governor, Sarah Palin, to hop into the Republican clown car, 2016 could be a heck of a lot of fun. My prediction is that the Republicans will nominate a Tea Party demagogue like Ted Cruz this time around. They will use the failure of “mainstream” candidates like John McCain and Mittens Romney to defeat Obama as an excuse to go all out extreme this time around (a sort of modern day Barry Goldwater move). “Extremism in defense of liberty is [still] no vice” will be their cry as they hoist the Canadian narcissist Cruz to the top of their ticket.

  31. Isn’t Ted Cruz part of the Tea Party that pushed this whole Birther investigation? Let’s see they were saying that Obama shouldn’t be President because he was born in Kenya. Well he has a Hawaiian Birth Certificate which wasn’t good enough for the Tea Party so they had our Sheriff Joe investigate BLAH BLAH BLAH. Ok Obama’s mother is a Natural Born Citizen, his father is from Kenya. Cruz was actually born in Canada and his father is from Cuba. How is this not the exact same situation even if indeed Obama was born in Kenya??? I am not an Obama fan but this whole idea that Cruz can run for President is ludicrous!!! Is there something divine or special about Cruz that the laws all of a sudden don’t apply to him?? How idiotic can the Tea Party be? You have spent 6 years about this whole Birth Certificate situation and then you people want to turn around and say it’s ok for the Republicans? How stupid do you think people are?

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