Bernie Sanders Obliterates John Boehner For Wanting To Send US Troops To The Middle East

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) unloaded on Speaker of the House John Boehner for his suggestion that America should be troops on the ground in the Middle East.


Transcript via CNN:

CUOMO: Well, you know what my answer is going to be, Senator. You guys do something about it and we’ll cover it. You know, listen to speaker Boehner, though, on what your big concern is about not wanting kids from Vermont to wind up having to fight this war. Boehner is singing a different tune. Listen to what the speaker had to say.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And if no one else would step up, you would recommend putting American boots on the ground?

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R), OHIO: We have no choice. These are barbarians. They intend to kill us. If we don’t destroy them first, we’re going to pay the price.


CUOMO: George Stephanopoulos asking the obvious question. Now, I have the speaker of the House giving an answer that, yes, he would have to commit U.S. troops. You guys won’t even debate the issue, and he’s already making a decision?

SANDERS: But don’t be you, guys. You know, Chris, it’s not you guys. Some of us are prepared to debate this issue. What Boehner is saying basically, people should hear carefully, is perpetual warfare in the Middle East, billions and billions of dollars of American taxpayer money, the loss of lives while the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia laughs all the way to the bank with their oil money? So this senator does not agree with that. And maybe Mr. Boehner also, before he said – talks about sending American kids into the Middle East might want to raise the minimum wage, might want to deal with pay equity, might want to ask his billionaire friends to start paying their fair share of taxes.

Sen. Sanders was right. Boehner was calling for perpetual war in the Middle East, when there are so many more things that our government should be doing at home. It is important that the debate over this issue not get too caught up the black and white argument of war or no war. A better question to ask is why the Republicans consistently vote for sending billions of dollars in military aid to Middle Eastern countries while at the first sign of any conflict their default position is to put American citizens in harm’s way?

Speaker Boehner was more than willing to spill more US blood in the Middle East, but he won’t expand veterans care so that troops who have fought for this country can get the medical care that they were promised. Boehner’s big solution is to privatize the VA, because we all remember how well turning war over to private corporations worked out when Republicans did it in Iraq.

Only Republicans want troops back on the ground in the Middle East. John Boehner is willing to send young Americans off to die in a foreign land, but he isn’t willing to guarantee them a living wage when they get back home. If Republicans in Congress want troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria, they should go first.

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18 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Obliterates John Boehner For Wanting To Send US Troops To The Middle East”

  1. I wish the village would call out the hypocrisy of the blood gurgling sociopaths but they are only looking at ratings because lets face it Amerikkkans think war is a video game and its just entertainment

  2. not a nickel for healthcare or education, but billions and billions for war.

    Paging Sen Ryan! Sen. Paul Ryan? yoo hoo!

  3. —-Only Republicans want troops back on the ground in the Middle East. John Boehner is willing to send young Americans off to die in a foreign land, but he isn’t willing to guarantee them a living wage when they get back home. If Republicans in Congress want troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria, they should go first.—-

    Or send Bill O’Reilly’s MERCENARY RAIDERS.
    It’s a hot item out there: Bill O’Reilly is suggesting that we put together an exclusive Mercenary Army to go fight Jihadist, Terrorist–ANYWHERE in the world?! HA! HA! True, look it up….We should tell Bill to lead the charge. Call themselves “Bill’s Marauders” and not to forget to include some Militia types who were eager to fight for that rancher Bundy. They were dressed for a fight so tell them to sign up O’Reilly.

  4. Oh it gets even better feeding the war machine. Congress and the Department of Defense, together with New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), are gearing up to dramatically increase production of nuclear weapons cores to numbers not seen since the cold war.

    This plan to expand the production of nuclear bomb cores as already been approved by the armed services committees in both the House and Senate. It’s contained in the proposed 2015 Defense appropriations bill, and is expected to cost $355 billion over the next ten years. The effect will be to ramp up production of nuke cores by thirty times the production rate in 2013. Which is odd, since we already supposedly have 15,000 reserve cores on hand.

    Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with the ones we already have?

  5. The SOTH needs to get off his lazy, fat ass and do his job! He wants troops on the ground? Where’s the money coming from? Does he expect it to fall from the sky? He needs to call that good for nothing Republican controlled Reps back to work, and authorize the funding first!
    Has there beeb a debate yet? Did I miss something? Cameron and the British Parliment, I saw it on the news. That’s called LEADERSHIP!! Why is it the Republicans, who are always hawkish, not breaking their necks to authorize funding?
    Are they trying to set the President up to take the fall? Cuz if that is what they are trying to do, again, the President will box them in, again. Obama will come out of it smelling like a rose, while they incur the wrath of voters, just before midterms!

  6. Here is one American that does not think war is a video game. Want all of this TPGOP warmongering to stop give them what they want but with four conditions.
    1 A no deferment for anything other then medical conditions making the individual 4F, ages 18 to 37. Anyone that tries to skip out of the draft via going overseas, just forfeited any real property and monies they have in the USA. If Mom and Dad helped them skip the country. Then they also lose all property and monies.

    2 All military pay will increase 300%. Those in combat receive combat pay equal to 500%. All prior cuts to any benefits will be ceased and amount increased by 200%.This would be family moving, housing so on…

    3 All Veterans will receive full medical, dental and vision care with no co-pays of any kind for life.

    4 All VA hospitals currently running will be remodeled. Every county in every state of the USA will have a fully functioning VA clinic which provides all services and an emergency room.
    Want War the…

  7. this country is really pathetic. we cut food stamps, deny unemployment, cut funding for education, but are willing to finance wars!#

    how can the gop be pro life and pro gun, pro death penalty, and pro war at the same time? while cutting food stamps, which stsrves people. wars kill and injury soldiers physically and mentally. their ideologies conflict

  8. If Boehner is so concerned about the ”Barabarians”, why aren’t he and the rest of Congress and the Senate in Washington? What a hypocrite!!!

  9. And that’s why neither one of them will ever be President. The powers that be will stopped that before it even gets started.

  10. See, if you starve the poor minority kids, let their schools go to ruin to ensure they cannot get a proper education, refuse to pay a living wage to their parents so they live in rundown, rat infested apartment buildings, and then offer them free health care for life, a them…salary, and housing for their families, they will all jump at the chance to wield a gun for the good old USA. That is what is wrong with your scenario. A better one is having the American people say NO to this insanity. ISIL is not going to ‘kill us all.’ Last I looked, they hadn’t a plane nor a boat…let alone the resources to head this way. We cannot afford another war, and we should not be bullied into it by a GOP that has no money for this country, but unlimited funds to send abroad. Everyone send an email to Boehner…”How are you planning to pay for another war?”

  11. John Boehner needs to volunteer his services, the services of HIS family and the same from all others who make this lame suggestion, for the ground war. He and they are not doing anything else, at least they’d be earning their salaries after doing nothing since 2008 but stealing and spending taxpayer money!

  12. Our American “Boots on the Ground” should sit this one out. We went into that ring to fight in that Arena (Middle East) too many times already. Now it’s the countries in THAT region that must stand up to a threat to THEIR collective countries in their own backyard. The USA have supplied those countries with Billions of dollars in armaments and certainly have trained them in military planning, execution and usage of the weapons we send to them, including how to fly those planes. SO WHY CAN’T THEY —USE THEM! ??? USE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEM! ??? And if they are not willing to to their boots on the ground—Why do they need all that expensive, high tech military stuff we give them? Shiny boots, crisp uniforms, clean Aircraft, Plenty of ammo, many tanks, Night vision goggles, GPS instruments, Bombs, Humvees, etc. (You get the picture). And its all stored, unused. Well the time to unpack and use the stuff is NOW! Otherwise, no more shipments of “toys” for them to “play soldie…

  13. Let me be clear: I do not support either Liz or Bernie running for POTUS. The are way more effective for supporting the American public where they are, and by their perpetual goading of the TP/GOP establishment, encourage the general public to see the insanity that we are living under.

    Of course, not everybody is willing to open his or her eyes, but you know what they say about leading a horse to water. And a proverbial rising tide lifts all boats.

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