RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Flips Out and Blames President Obama For Ebola

Reince Priebus blames Obama for Ebola

Faced with the fact that the economy is getting better under this president, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus blamed Obama for Ebola on Meet The Press.


Chuck Todd pointed out that unemployment is below six percent and asked him how this was bad for Democrats.

Priebus answered by blaming Obama for Ebola, “I think you guys spelled it out pretty well when you had Mr. Pfeiffer on. From the real unemployment rate, for how many people are out of work. The labor participation rate is at record lows. People don’t feel better off than they were five years ago, and obviously whether it’s the GSA, the IRS, Syria, Ebola, the Secret Service, I means what’s going well in regard to this administration and those senators who have followed him in lockstep?”

Priebus can’t discuss the fact that the economy is doing better, so he had to change the subject by blaming President Obama for Ebola. Republicans, obviously, do not understand how crazy they sound. The leader of the Republican National Committee is blaming the President for a fake IRS scandal that Republicans created, a Secret Service scandal that is based on the agency’s repeated failures to keep the president safe, and Ebola.

Out of the roughly 320 million people in this country, two people got Ebola. In the Republican mindset, this means that Obama is now responsible for unleashing Ebola on the American people. Republicans never seemed too concerned about the real unemployment rate when George W. Bush was president, but under Obama falling unemployment rates no longer count.

The Republican Party would rather not discuss the improving economy. Another thing that Priebus never mentioned was Obamacare. It wasn’t too long ago that Republicans believed that Obamacare would help them win back the Senate, now it is something that they don’t discuss beyond a vague promise to “reform health care.”

Republicans really will blame President Obama for anything, including Ebola.

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  1. Obama represents republicans universal “the dog ate my homework” excuse for everything they would rightly be blamed for, including erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and stupid offspring.

  2. I don’t know how people cant see the conspiracy. Obama is a Kenyan. Africa is a country. Obama unleashed Ebola to wipe out god fearing real Amerikkkans so he can put in place his communist mooslim agenda with the new black panthers so the blahs can ravaged your pure white daughters.

  3. It is getting to a point (IT HAS) where the idiotic assumptions of the Republican mouthpieces, pundits, cable talk show host, hate radio, etc. can be attributed to the fact that they are warped in their thinking, and have a desperate sense of gloom, rightfully so, that their party is in the dumps, on the wrong side of history, and will lose House members in November, thereby giving full power to the Democrats in those three branches of government. Plus, Republicans show how pathetic they are, by blaming Obama FOR EVERYTHING! Whether it’s his fault or Impossibly NOT; nor can’t be his blame.

  4. now that is a stretch going from employment numbers to Ebola in one breath. And what does one have to do with the other anyway? The GOP must pride itself on how well they preform their magic show. The slight of hand tho seems to be getting out of hand.

  5. I did enjoy the image that Todd chose, with the short desk, and Priebus looking like a prospective new employee, to Todd’s Human Resources grilling. But still weak pushback on GOP talking points about the labor participation rate. The Texas abortion clinic interrogation was a bit of a surprise, though. We’ll see how hard he comes at the next democrat, knowing as he does who are the real impediments to economic progress in the country — republicans.

  6. at least there are cures for ED that are covered under the ACA, unlike the pill which would stop a lot of the GOP’s problems. They could mate and not worry about kids.

  7. The Republicans (and not even necessarily conservatives) use scare tactics and red herrings to distract voters like this nonsensical criticism by the ‘prince’ of greed, Reince Pribus. They want to hold onto power. They are not so much ideological as they use ideology as an excuse to hold onto their money regardless of whether it makes logical sense for any long term benefit outside of their own interests. ‘Some’ registered Republican voters are waking up to the fact that the right wing power structure probably couldn’t care less about ‘right wing values’ but rather how they can vacuum up more money and hold onto it. Ideological is just a convenient tool. Conservative voters are just being hoodwinked big time and regularly.

  8. Gee, didn’t Chuck point out that several of these problems arose because of things like lowered Sequestration funding and a botched Iraq War based on mythical nukes?

    I thought not.

  9. Thomas P-51 MUSTANG FLY BY

    True sir, but I am worried that Democrats will lose Senate seats, at least for the next two years. Still President Clinton did some important things with two houses in GOP hands. It might be president Obama’s chance to shame them more effectively if the GOP has a majority. Their greed and real reason for being in office could be revealed – money.

  10. As so often I am astounded at just how much President Obama can do.. He can now reach across the world and bring a germ into the nation, without even going to where the germ originated… And he did this right after Republicans took funding way from the disease control centers I am sure he figured THEY would be blamed… Wow that man sure is talented.. This statement is not nearly as stupid Preibus

  11. This man is a real piece of it. Do you think he ever has that honest conversation with his bathroom mirror where he just spits, slaps himself and screams “SHILL”?

  12. There’s very few people in this country with Ebola and you’re going to blame the President for this, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with a killer disease that is wrecking West Africa at this moment.

    All this is about is grandstanding to the lowest common denominator.


  14. I have to say, as a Greek-American and as a fluent speaker of German, that this toadying critter makes me ashamed of both.

  15. it is a fact that the GOP congress when they slashed and cut recklessly a year or so ago, absolutely decimated the budget for the CDC, which if fully funded and fully staffed might have been able to address this ebola issue earlier than they have. those are the facts. Obama has been named best economic president in the modern era by…. wait for it…. conservative and pro-GOP nationwide financial publications, experts, and analysts. then the jobs report was released which was great news, more jobs created, record low unemployment rate under Obama dropped to 5.9%. the rightwingers had a collective freakout, and desperate for a distraction, any distraction… so they now are trying to blame ebola on Obama. excuse my French, but how fucking pathetic and desperate can these rightwing clowns get? blaming obama for ebola? are you kidding me? c’ mon man. the GOP is up against the ropes, they have nothing to offer americans besides no, and I hate Obama. enough of the BS. vote nov 4th for dem…

  16. does he want an Obama miracle for gop? As in getting congress to actually do something? It would seem to me that the philosophy prof for gop is limburger

  17. Republicans hate regulations of anything, anytime; if these mooks are elected and control the government expect full blown plague type illness across the entire nation.

  18. Carol, Carol, Carol.

    Obama is black.

    His father was Kenyan and therefore Obama is Kenyan.

    Kenya and Liberia and Guinea and Sierra Leone are all in Africa, so they are automatically linked together by the Great African Sameness Link.

    Therefore, Obama, as a Liberian Guinean Sierra Leonean Nigerian Senegalese Ugandan Congolese Kenyan used his magical black-man powers to transport Ebola here. Because those Africans believe in witchdoctors and all so they can do stuff like that.

    And the people in Africa are sick because Obama needed somewhere to grow the virus and they’re black and Christian so black-on-black violence and War on Christmas.


  19. Meanwhile thousands of people died or were maimed because of W/Cheney. Remember “You are either with us or against us” Even after a memo was delivered to a vacationing W at his “ranch” while he rested. He told the messenger “Tou have covered your ass. Now you can leave” and went back to his boozing. Worst president in this country’s history. Now his “smarter” brother wants to get into the WH? Can the not-so-Supremes pull another miracle out of their robes for Jeb?

  20. Priebus is such a pathetic little man and easily the worst Chairman that the GOP has ever had which is great for our side! Hey Priebus piece of advice lay off the sauce before you get interviewed because you sound more crazier than usual and that is saying a hell of alot!

  21. the GOP congress when they slashed and cut recklessly a year or so ago, absolutely decimated the budget for the CDC, which if fully funded and fully staffed might have been able to address this ebola issue earlier than they have. those are the facts.
    No…that’s poppycock and nothing more than a superficial and inaccurate accusation that is completely lacking in depth and scope…which btw, doesn’t help anybody.

    Let’s see…where do I start?
    Okay… the budget of the CDC – prior to having to endure the unspeakable fate of a reduction in the rate of growth in their budget – allowed for the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars. ( I won’t even talk about their effectiveness and how the CDC has made no progress toward eliminating malaria or AIDS )
    Want links?
    Can anyone show me that the CDC fraud and scamming of the American taxpayer has stopped?


  22. And since we’re once again discussing funding… how much would it actually cost these days to say “No more flights from Liberia until further notice”? (Fair warning…if anyone responds about Freidan’s nonsensical claim that it “might” make the crisis worse, I’m going to get very unhappy.)
    The inexplicably fat coffers of the CDC were never in their entire history been “decimated”.

    Now with that said, what about some of the other *what if’s* in the ebola scenario?

    What if local health workers in the region actually knew what to look for and could identify ebola as soon as they it? Health care workers in West Africa didn’t know what they were seeing in those first critical months and when the virus made the leap from rural villages to crowded cities, local officials, health workers and the Liberian government became overwhelmed.


  23. I’m not a violent person at all but I just want to punch that little twerp dead in his little twerp face. That is all I want for Christmas.

  24. What if all the foreign aid that is given to sub-Saharan Africa had actually been able to somewhat educate more of the poverty-stricken population? The U.S. (and other countries) have given massive amounts of aid to Liberia alone, and yet the citizens of that country responded to the ebola outbreak with denials, continued high-risk, ebola-inappropriate cultural burying practices, disregard for the advice of health workers and for the warnings by the Liberian government. Protests erupted over an attempted quarantine in one community and the police were met with violence. Isn’t it fair to say the disease was not able to be controlled- at least in part- due to a vast reservoir of ignorance about the disease? The Liberian President seems to think so.


  25. What if the World Health Organization (the one actually charged with coordinating a response) had actually done it’s job effectively? U.N. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon lost confidence in the organization and appointed a troubleshooter as the U.N. coordinator for ebola. It was the U.N. that put together the coalition to respond. The WHO failed (Chan is a disgrace) and it was NEVER within the purview of the American CDC just to jump in and start dishing out orders. The CDC must be INVITED and even then it only plays a supporting role to local officials and the WHO. Care to speculate why – when the CDC requested more authority from the WHO – they were met with bureaucratic resistance, or why the WHO needed to be PERSUADED to allow the CDC to take a more active leadership role? Alot of fat to chew there. Nevermind, that’ll probably take at least a half dozen more posts.


  26. Six months into the outbreak (last month) and there still was no agreement among the major global health organizations and governments on how to respond to the epidemic and for the first time ever, Doctors Without Borders felt the need to implore countries to deploy their military assets – which they had always previously opposed for health emergencies.
    The very notion that more funds for the CDC “might have enabled the CDC to address this ebola issue earlier”
    …couldn’t possibly be any more ludicrous.

    Okay…I’m done.

  27. Actually, it is now officially ( Morning Joke ), morning joe just does not cut it any longer. sarcasm, but not really

  28. Your also forgot to mention that Pres. Obama is such a powerful man, he can create a bacteria, by the flick of his finger.

  29. You and Sarah Palin must have went to the same school. Africa is a continent. There are countries in Africa.

  30. Reince Priebus always looks like he’s going to burst out crying in about a minute if you say the wrong words to him!

  31. Put a cowboy hat and a crazed look on Reince Priebus and you have Ted Nugent! I really enjoyed your snark,wish I had thought of it Very clever.

  32. Comparing ebola the the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918,which is an airborne disease,and the plague which comes from rats and fleas,is plain stupid. Shows how far conservatives will go to draw attention away from their treasonous behavior in congress the last six years

  33. The Republican imposed sequester,in hopes of cutting off funding for the ACA. Instead funding was cut for the CDC education,embassy security(which is why Benghazi happened) and a whole host of other important programs,like SNAP etc. Of course they wanted to allocate more money for bombs and bullets. But that backfired,so they,as usual blame the Prez. for their own incompetence.

  34. When it comes to Republican appearing on Meet The Press, just like the last host (David Gregory) Chuck Todd will never challenge them when they say something stupid. He lets the get away with it. Morning Joe, same thing.

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