Giving A Voice To Those Seeking Justice — PoliticusUSA Talks To Protesters After Shaw Shooting

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PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was on the scene at the Shaw shooting in south St. Louis late Wednesday evening. 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers, Jr. was shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer at approximately 7:30 PM local time Wednesday. Soon after, a group of people gathered in the neighborhood and started protesting. You can check out Justin’s story about the shooting and aftermath here.

Late in the evening, with well over a hundred protesters blocking off the intersection of Shaw and Grand, two activists approached Justin and struck up a conversation. One activist, Scoolo, is a member of Lost Voices, a community organization that is trying to mobilize and energize young people in and around Ferguson in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. Justin spoke to Scoolo and Kate Breslin, a graduate student at Washington University’s Brown School, for an extended period of time.

Below is a video showing some of that conversation:



Due to the large amount of background noise from the protesters on the street, below is a partial transcript of the video:


Scoolo: I do! If Darren Wilson doesn’t go to jail it’s going to get violent.

Breslin: What?

Scoolo: If Darren Wilson doesn’t go to jail it’s going to get violent.

Breslin: What if Darren Wilson doesn’t go to jail until January or so?

Scoolo: There’s supposed to let us know sometime this month.

Scoolo: No justice, no peace. I’m out here every night. Lost Voices.


Scoolo: A-1 since day one. I’ve been out here since Mike Brown was laid out for four hours — dead.

Baragona: So, umm, with you being with Lost Voices, so I’ve heard that they’ve gotten rid of where you’ve gathered, you can’t gather there anymore. Have you gotten a new place? Now you don’t have to say any of that…

Scoolo: No. We haven’t got a new place yet. We’re still trying to establish it. You can go to

Baragona: Yeah. But I know there was a building that you guys were using now they kind of boarded it up.

Scoolo: Police came and removed us unlawfully. We had permission to be there.

Baragona: Yeah, that’s what I understood.

Scoolo: Stepped on us. Stepped on us.

Scoolo: No justice, no peace. No racist police. No people.



5 Replies to “Giving A Voice To Those Seeking Justice — PoliticusUSA Talks To Protesters After Shaw Shooting”

  1. NIXON should have listened to the PEOPLE, and appointed a special prosecutor ….fired the entire police department.. And dumped the military hardware…!!

    The citizens of Ferguson have no confidence that their elected officials have their safety and interests in mind.

    THEY DESERVE TO BE HEARD.. They matter.

  2. In as much as Gov. Nixon won’t do the right thing for the people in the Greater St. Louis area the Feds should by taking over local law enforcement.

  3. One way they can let their concerns be heard by a National Audience and let the world know about the feelings of the people in St. Louis county is to organize a massive march during the Baseball playoff game.

    Then everyone from the village to sports media will be forced to cover the protest and see for themselves the unconstitutional acts of law enforcement

  4. There is too much evidence that the black community in St Louis county is not fairly treated and not fairly represented. I hope there is a large voter registration and turn out being organized there. African Americans in Ferguson are entitled to be heard and to be treated justly and with common courtesy. Voting will assist somewhat to that end, but the most pertinent response will be the action of the Justice Department on their behalf.

  5. Scoolo is an amazing, articulate & charismatic leader.

    He reminds of another community leader: Barack H. Obama.

    How can I contribute to Lost Voices?

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