Obama Press Conference Turns Up The Heat On Republicans To Get Things Done

Obama press conference on the 2014 election

President Obama wasted no time in turning up the heat on Republicans. During his post-election press conference, the president said that he was willing to work with Republicans, but he made it clear that it will be put up or shut up time for Boehner, McConnell and congressional Republicans.

Obama said that the American people sent a message that they expected us to work as hard as they do. Obama said, “To everyone who voted I want you to know I hear you.” The president pledged to do the best job that he could for the rest of his term. He ran through an impressive list of positive accomplishments and said that we have to keep at it.

The president said that he would measure ideas, not by partisanship, but on their merits. President Obama said that he and the Republicans have common ground on tax reform, trade, and funding for education and college. He said that the success of the minimum wage as a ballot issue opens the door for increasing the wage.

Obama said, “The point is, it’s time for this country to take care of business. There are things this country has to do that can’t wait another two years or four years.” He said that he still believes what he said when he was elected six years ago last night. We are more than a collection of red and blue states. We are the United States.

The first question was if Obama felt the need to recalibrate after last night’s loss. Obama said it was his responsibility to push through the gridlock and get stuff done. He said the key is to make sure that his ideas overlap with some Republican ideas. Obama said that he would continue to fight for his ideas on the economy.

Obama said that he was looking forward to Republicans putting out a specific agenda. (Aren’t we all.) The president talked up the prospects of an immigration bill and said that he is still going to do his executive action immigration.

The president repeated that the American people are sick of arguing and want action. He called on Congress to pass an immigration bill and get it to his desk.

There was a theme to this press conference. President Obama has positioned himself in the reasonable middle and was putting pressure on Republicans in Congress to act. It was easy for Republicans to complain and criticize when they were in the Senate minority, but beginning in January, they will be expected to act.

When Obama was asked about build relationships with Republicans, he emphasized that Boehner and McConnell have no more excuses, so they need to come together with him to get stuff done. Obama said, “Anywhere where we can find common ground I’m anxious to pursue it.” The president said McConnell has always been straightforward with him, and never made a promise that he couldn’t deliver. The president said that he thought he could have a productive relationship with McConnell.

The problem in Washington has been internal Republican congressional dysfunction. If Republicans fragment and become bogged down with infighting, they will take all the blame for the gridlock in Congress. The president sounded all the right tones, and politically was laying the groundwork for the argument that America needs a Democratic congress in 2016.

The heat is on Boehner and McConnell to deliver. President Obama’s quest for compromise could be very fruitful if Republicans are interested in doing something. However, it is more likely that the Republican agenda for the next two years will be to give President Obama nothing to boost their argument that the obstruction will only end when Republicans are in total control of the government.

Obama gave the first yank of the rope in what should be an epic tug of war between the White House and congressional Republicans. Republicans can’t blame Harry Reid anymore. President Obama is almost out office. Congressional Republicans have to put up or shut up, or Hillary Clinton’s coattails could bring a big blue wave with her to Washington in January 2017.

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  1. I have been puzzling all day, wondering how
    people who have shown they are in the lead all of the follow up top this election, like
    our rep in NC, and then lose in the election.
    I know computers can be programmed to fix an election and I think there is just too much unbelievable stuff – like Brownback in Kansas and the Florida result, also Nunn in Georgia losing to an outsourcer of jobs.
    Perhaps it is just me – but I really have my doubts – does anyone else?

  2. NOT. VOTING. FOR. HILLARY. It’s not going to happen, and I’m not the only one. Hillary is the answer to “who do we think can win”, not “who will we run that will represent us”.

  3. I fully expect the Reichpublicans to get crazier–that’s who they are–that’s what they do. The only way they will work with the president is if he “compromises” and agrees to everything they demand. Otherwise, expect impeachment hearings.

  4. Compromise to Reps means doing what they say, the silver lining is they don’t have a veto proof majority

  5. This election was a purge of the Bluedog Democrats. Democrats who ran to the left won. I hope the DNC listened to that. In order for Obama to lead, and have his way over the republicans is for him to go hard left which I doubt he will do.

  6. Joan, I agree. I have said all along that it was fixed. The GOP did all the destruction to people of our country, because they knew they would win anyways.

    No group is stupid enough to create the havoc they did, shutting down the gov, denying UE extension to millions, etc., unless they knew it was a done deal.

    Yes, they bought and cheated their way into office.

  7. Blame the whole Democratic leadership. All that money we sent in and we get this? 3 election cycles in a row? Heads got to roll. Steve Israel, Debbie Wassemen Shultz, Steny Hoyer, and even though I like her she is most responsible for this debacle Nancy Pelosi. No more DLC, CENTRIST BULLSHIT.

    Look at this graph and it will sum up why we lost
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Old white people who watch fox and piss in their depends will not vote for the future. Quit trying to appease them.

  8. Just for the heck of it – I wonder what the
    result would be if you looked at the margins the repubs won by and compared them
    to the number of people they did not allow
    to vote, that 40,000 new dem registrations in Georgia might have made a big difference. How about Florida where machines did not work and Crist begged for the people to be given an extra hour to vote.

  9. NOBODY.CARES.IF.YOU.DON’T. Vote for Hillary. She is likely to run, and if she does, she is going to do well.

  10. Idiot you better care. The Democratic base rejected her before and don’t be a fool if you think they wont again. I am a pragmatist I think Hillary gives us our best chance to right this debacle but do not for one instance think everyone will be like sheep and say okay

  11. Obviously, you don’t get it. The country said “NO!” to almost everything Obama is and wanted. They said no to his executive and dictatorial actions. They said no to Obamacare. They said no to the economy. They said no to un American leftists who want to “fundamentally transform” THEIR country.

  12. 36% VOTED IDIOT. That’s about 1/3 of the country. But gloat when your money gets suck up and lost like during the last time you idiots had power then you will know. Don’t come back here again

  13. You’re absolutely right. As long as the center right leaning DLC is in charge of the DNC nothing will change. The DNC has to, and must turn hard left to defeat the republicans. We need people like Elizabeth Warren, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders (even though he isn’t a democrat), Al Franken, and Alan Gresyson to take over the leadership in the DNC.

  14. Kindly piss off. A 36% turnout is hardly a mandate, or rejection of Obama.Get lost, and don’t come back.

  15. The statistics tell the tale, and us old folks, in our wet Depends, voted in droves. What does this graph tell you?

  16. Obama turns up the heat on Republicans to get things done…that’s a novel idea! Too bad he didn’t have the fortitude to put a little fire under Harry’s seat to get the job done! Now that Reid is out of the way, I have no doubt the new balance of power can get something done. They can start by taking off the shelf the 370 bipartisan Bills the house put before Congress for a vote, you know the one’s Reid unconstitutionally refused to allow Congress to vote on. Put them before Obama and the people will finally see who the party of no is.

  17. Its really funny that you think they are bipoartisan bills. And you will love it when the presadient vetos them and tells you what they are beucase you were too lazy to look.

    Environmental laws gone, massive tax breaks to corporations, breaks you will pay for. Not one of the bills is a job bill. Not one. Every single one is for corporations

    You will be sorry you never looked a them. And even sorrier when you understand you have no idea how the congress works and that nothing Reid did was unconstitutional.

    Dont be stupid. You will be paying for everyone of those 370 corporate tax break laws

  18. LOL none of the above.

    Remember, Obama is really low on numbers when it comes to executive actions compared to past presidents. Every president uses them.

    How low brow you are

  19. You seem to think your little group of obstructionists and whiners is “the whole country.” Let’s face it. You corporate shills STOLE yet another election by a combination of MONEY, rigging the voting machines, voter suppression, purging voters from the voting lists, gerrymandering and everything else crooked that Republicans know how to do. If you think people actually “like” or WANTED these people, you need your head examined. Why do you think they influence SCOTUS to vote so that Republican money could BUY OUR ELECTIONS?? They’re all in it together. This is NOT government “BY the people, OF the people and certainly not FOR the people.” These are the rich Koch bros. and their cronies and the Republicans OVERTAKING America with intent to do great harm to the 99%. As they say, “be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it.” Well, you got it .. . now you’ll suffer like the rest of us.

  20. What planet are you on? This election was clearly about Obama’s policies and all who supported them with any consistency was voted out. No more passing Bills without a bipartisan vote, no more waiting for Congress to be out of session to pass bills and no more nonsense of having to pass a Bill in order to know what is in it. Accountability is coming. The Republicans may not have the votes to veto, but they have something more powerful, they have the power of the purse.

  21. I know you failed civics in high school but the republicans always had the power of the purse. “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives” (Article 1, Section 7). Damn you just prove the point that you people are stupid

  22. Answer me this. Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigned for DLC/Bluedogs, and LOST. Al Franken, and Jean Shaheen ran to the left and both won tough races. America is a center left nation, and purging the DLC/Bluedogs is a start at getting moving the government there.

  23. It tells us that the over 60 crowd votes but does not think about what they are actually voting for. The Republicans want to do away with Social Security and Medicare which would be horrible for the elderly now not to mention the people in their 50s. It is inane that the elderly would vote for a party that has been horrible for the 50+ crowd as well as everyone else. If they get their way our elderly will be faced with no health care and homeless. They need to use those votes to vote Democrat!

  24. Those bills that did not go anywhere, well most of them were not even expected to go anywhere – how about 54 to kill the Healthcare law?

  25. Hilarious! Accountability? Power of the purse? Did you just get here from Gilligans Island? Obama hasnt done one thing that past presidents didnt do on a regular basis. Why is it you guys are totally uneducated and think the world started with Obama?


  26. In a few weeks, the Zebra paint will wear off, and republicans will see the donkey underneath. They thought they were voting for limited government, and fiscal restraint. But that’s not what Wall Street, and big money republicans paid for. They want corporate-friendly big government, with tax breaks, low environmental/financial regulation, and only infrastructure improvements/repairs that benefits them directly. Expect more man-made catastrophes, unlimited gun ownership, and more school bloodbaths. More homeless living in modern Hoovervilles, no increase in the minimum wage, and an explosion of wealthy, isolated enclaves, paid for by middle-class taxes. By the next election, the standard of living for most Americans will be the lowest in 70 years, and students will only have access to student loans that shackle them to debt for their entire working lives, unless they hit the lottery.

  27. First they aren’t bipartisan bills. Quit with that lie. Second every single one of them dies when the new congress is sworn in. But I have come to expect that conservatives like you have no idea how government works because all you do is seek to destroy government.

  28. Tea Party, you obviously were not present when brains were handed out. Dumb as a box of rocks.

    President Obama won the election TWICE because people wanted HIS IDEAS for this country. What a fool you are, dumbed down, you fit right in the Tea Party.

  29. The winners of the GOP election must be writing lots of thank yous to the Koch brothers.As Billionaires with the mind set for becoming an oligarchy, not a Democracy they own lots of puppets in DC and state offices. Americans wake up, this is more than majority in the Senate, it is where the rich will own you aND i.

  30. Can’t wait to see what happens under GOPT control the next time a Red state is in shambles because of a hurricane, flood, or whatever.

    GOP answer: I am not responsible for the weather.

  31. Please provide examples of dictator actions. There is a catch, however. You must use things called facts, and not blow more hot air with right wing talking points, which have been debunked and not based in reality.

    You’re being duped, conned, lied to, taken advantage of, used and screwed by the very people you support in politics and who you listen to/watch in the media. You’re carrying water for the 1%, the very people who f#cked up the country.

    The pols and corporatists are laughing at you all. How gullible, misinformed (deliberately at that), and yes, how willfully ignorant of reality.

  32. Last night our party won across the board. I said it before, the democratic parties belief doesn’t align with Christianity, or in some cases common sense. I pray that more black people start to see what our party has to offer hardworking people. The Democrats think black voters are stupid. The country has spoken. We want the working people treated well!!!! Less entitlement, better schools, choices for schools. No more abortion. The rape and incest argument is insulting. You will still be able to get one in those cases. When Scott Walker won the first thing he said is he wanted to thank God. All you people that lie and say Republicans don’t care about God or women you are ridiculous because the assistant governor is a woman. Everything they say about us gets discounted. A fake recall, people are mad because he focused on the people. He focused on the people. Republicans focus success on how many people are not dependent on how many people who are not dependent on the Government. The …

  33. And you are about to see some very unchristian like actions from your party. Walker is not for the people, he is for the koch. Perhaps you missed the fake phone call he took and admitted he would do the koch bidding.

    The gop has nothing to offer people of color or minoritys. Your problem is you listen to Fox and never heard about the voter suppression and the things said about minority’s.

    The Democrats beleive in the rights of the people, not the rights of christians over the people. Your fake religion has no place in the government

    The christians in charge are dominionists. And they dont consider you a christian. Wise up. I hope you dont have young daughter. Soon they will be called baby machines

  34. Those so-called “bipartisan bills,” which really are not bipartisan, will die at the end of this session of Congress. They are not carried over to the next Congress. If the House Republicans really want those bills to be voted on by the new Senate, they will have to bring them up for votes by the new House in January when the next session starts, then they will have to go to the Senate to be voted on. IF Mitch McConnell is elected the Senate Majority Leader, he may bring them up for a vote, but I think old Mitch is smart enough to know they would never get cloture, which requires 60 votes. And if they do get to the Senate, a single senator can place a hold on a bill. You think the Democrats won’t use that little rule in their favor?

  35. Oh the rethugs will get things done it just wont be for you but for the kochs. They now have the votes to pass the keystone pipeline. Now with the dummycrats they already bought off they just need about 3 or 4 more to make this idiocy veto proof.

    You could say its a jobs program for about 35 people after its built and the kochs will have billions more money for oil that would will never see.

  36. If what you say is true, then what was 2012? Or 2008 for that matter.

    The people said “NO!” to Bush & Republicans in 2008 and “YES!” to PBO on Obamacare & the economy in 2012.

    So why didn’t the Republicans in Congress follow the people’s will?

  37. I overwhelmingly tend to agree with Jason Easley’s views.
    My dear Mr. President Sir: it’s time to start talkin to republicans like you are
    Chris Christie going after a voter that disagrees with him. That is what they like and that is what they want because they all crave John Wayne father figures.[WINK]

  38. This election was stolen, why is it that people are afraid to say it. Almost all The Dems were up and poised to win then all of a sudden their numbers tanked. Here in Chicago our Governor Quinn was up 50 % and then suddenly he was 43% down.. I am not blind crippled or crazy and I sure am not afraid to say it. We have never had a problem with the doors being opened to All here in Chicago. We in Chicago are Dems and down state is where the Repubs are, you going to tell me that the fire department had to tear down the doors at one polling place, and our attorney G had to make others open, and the voters had to stand 6-8 hours outside to get in and once they were in had to stand another 6 hours. Here is this Repub, and yes he paid owners not to open the doors. But our Senate and congress is still Dem strong so he’s going to have a really rough time of it. Good. Lying cheating bastards aren’t worth the water they drink. And scared of what? Ask me and I will tell you The Rags can KISS THI…

  39. Dems ran on The Repugs talking points, “Hate Obama”. They should have ran on his polices, he can draw people as far away as Asia. That’s one reason they lost instead of running from him they should have had him on the trail with them he would have ginned up their base, but noooo. He won twice that should have told them something. The one woman that won did not run from The Pres. and she won. Talk about his policies and not their hatred of him. And that’s what The Rogues wanted and The Dems fell into the trap hook, line, and sinker. Stoooopid. They didn’t even speak his name, and denied even voting for him, and as a Dem I wouldn’t have voted for any of them either.. they gave that away.. The SOB’s even bought the press.. Nothing but Republicans on the news and in the papers, only a fool devoid of intelligence would deny it, and refuse to see what was happening.. They all were bought and paid for…and I believe a good of The Dems were bought off. Truth is stranger than fiction…

  40. Reid and the Senate is what saved your ass from bills that were bad. What you need to do is research before you open your mouth. The Repugs knew those bills would not pass because they had so much poison in them, so much so, the Repubs wouldn’t even debate on them. They knew The Pres. wouldn’t sign that BS, so they’re sitting on the orange mans desk, collecting dust. The vets bill, countless other bills, the unemployment bill that they refused to extend for the people who had paid into for when they left the workforce and the Jobs Bill that Boehner fooled you with to get your vote is still sitting on Boehner’s desk. Remember Jobs, Jobs, Jobs? Jobs??? Ignorant bagger.

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