Americans’ World-Leading Ignorance Empowers GOP’s Immigration Opposition

Ignorance is power

It is one thing to be embarrassed by something one is personally responsible for, but quite another to be embarrassed by, and for, another person. Many Americans may be proud of this nation, although one can hardly fathom why, but if the majority of people took stock of the level of rank stupidity and willful ignorance of the population at large they would be embarrassed for America and, more to the point, the people themselves.

Over the course of the past six years since Americans elected an African American man as President, there have been a mountainous studies, research, and reports denoting the sad state of affairs in America that can be attributed to the population’s stupidity and ignorance. A couple of weeks ago, another study revealed that Americans are inherently ignorant and, if not for one other more ignorant developed nation, would rank as the world’s stupidest people.

The astounding ignorance or, more aptly, stunning stupidity of Americans is certainly a function of availability bias  generated by mainstream media’s habit of reporting Republican lies as verified facts. The conservative media’s successes at propagating American ignorance was revealed in a new Ipsos Mori “ignorance indexsurvey revealing that the American people rank second among all developed nations as being incredibly ignorant about a wide range of subjects in their own countries; including immigration. Republicans are well-aware of the overwhelming ignorance plaguing the population, most of whom make up the GOP base, and it is why they claim the President’s immigration action is illegal, unconstitutional, dictatorial, a prelude to ethnic cleansing, and something about internment camps.

There is just one problem for Republicans, the conservative Roberts’ Supreme Court has already ruled that the President is well-within his Constitutional authority to, like every Republican president since Eisenhower, use his executive authority regarding prosecutorial discretion on immigration enforcement. However, yesterday, de facto Speaker of the House and presumed incoming Senate Majority Leader Ted Cruz, referred to something unrelated to legal statutes as “the law of the land” to prove the President’s immigration actions are “unconstitutional.”

Forget Cruz’s absurd assertion that the President’s immigration enforcement actions have anything whatsoever to do with granting amnesty; only the world’s second most ignorant population would accept that as reality. Where Cruz likely impressed the stupid Republican base is when he said, “We should use the constitutional checks and balances we have to rein in the executive. You know, if the read the Federalist Papers, in the Federalist Papers, ‘they talked about’ a president who would rule by diktat and decree rather than follow the Constitution.”

If the Fox News host, Chris Wallace, had an ounce of integrity, he would have stopped Cruz in his tracks, slapped him into reality, and clarified something Texas Ted certainly knows is a true and a verifiable fact; particularly since he swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The Federalist Papers are not the law of the land, they carry no legal authority, and are no more the U.S. Constitution than the Ten Commandments or the bible are.

However, due to Americans being the second-most ignorant people in the developed world, it is likely a relatively large majority believe that if Cruz cited the Federalist Papers as proof the President’s immigration action is dictatorial and unconstitutional on national television, it must be true. Especially since the Fox host did not inform Cruz that the U.S. Constitution, and not the Federalist Papers, is the supreme law of the land.

Obviously, the Founding Fathers envisioned the future when a manipulative cretin like Cruz would attempt to fool ignorant Americans, so they included a clause in the real Constitution to preclude a malcontent like Cruz from fooling what they likely anticipated was a population steeped in ignorance.

In Article Six, Clause 2 of the nation’s founding document it says, “This Constitution, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land.” It is “this Constitution,” that the Roberts’ Supreme Court, including two of the Court’s most conservative members, cited in striking down most of Arizona’s immigration law in 2012 and specifically addressed immigration enforcement discretion.

Writing for the majority ruling, Justice Anthony Kennedy included language highlighting the “broad discretion” the executive branch enjoys in matters relating to immigration. He wrote that, “Aliens may be removed if they were inadmissible at the time of entry, have been convicted of certain crimes, or meet other criteria set by federal law. Removal is a civil, not criminal, matter. A principal feature of the removal system is the broad discretion exercised by immigration officials. Federal officials must decide whether it makes sense to pursue removal at all.”

President Obama, like Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, all decided that it did not always make sense to pursue removal and used executive action to order immigration officials to exercise broad enforcement discretion. In fact, when it came to using executive action to order immigration officials to use broad discretion, Eisenhower issued 3 executive orders, Ford issued two, Reagan issued four, Bush I issued five, and Bush II issued four.

pensito-infograph-gop-executive-amnesties (2)

Not one of the Republican presidents faced even one threat of impeachment, lawsuits, or claims that the stinking archaic and impotent Federalist Papers proved their actions were ethnic cleansing, socialism, internment camps, unconstitutional, or ruling by “diktat or decree.” However, those five presidents were Republicans, but more importantly to Republicans and their inherently racist base; they were white guys.

Despite anything the lying Republicans claim, their only opposition to President Obama taking executive action five of his Republican predecessors did is that he is exercising Presidential authority while being Black. Interestingly, there is nothing in the Constitution, the Federalist Papers Republicans think is the Constitution, or the Christian bible for that matter, that remotely resembles a prohibition on a Black man being elected as President. Unfortunately, since Americans are the second-most ignorant people in the developed world, it is likely there are a significant number of racist, religious, Republican sycophants who believe Barack Obama is violating the Constitution by sitting in the Oval Office while being Black.

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  1. Ignorance Empowers GOP’s Immigration Opposition
    …and may I add
    “Empowers Talibangelico Christianity”

    This is odd, of course, because The Path of Christ openly and generously embraces the tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    Does the JeeeZusss-bleating Hallelujah Chorus of righteous bible thumpers even begin to smell the stench of hypocrisy?

  2. Virtually all Republicans, and probably most Democrats as well, are convinced that immigration destroys wages. It makes intuitive sense- immigrants take jobs native born Americans could get. But, it actually isn’t true at all. In actuality, our economy is starving for both highly skilled and unskilled labor. We have an over-abundance of middle-skill labor and you can never have enough highly-skilled labor. So, immigration actually boosts the economy dramatically by adding in high skill visa workers and unskilled laborers, which causes far more middle and high skill jobs to be created. That’s why median income is so much higher in states with more immigrants: immigration and income.

  3. I miss the “good old days” when there were real journalists who would ask the hard questions and not be afraid to call out the liars for what they were and the ignorant for what they were. Regretfully, the media has been bought up by the big corporations and they don’t want real journalists. They might reveal what their corporate bosses are really up to, the corporatization of American government and eventually world government. Orwell was a prophet.

  4. That is all well and good for this article to state the obvious to the “progressive audience”, however, how do we get it out to the ignorant masses. It seems money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys the media, the Congress and Republicans. How do we stop that? What is the course of action? I am flummoxed and speechless to provide an answer. How do we temper domestic enemies?

  5. Nailed it. Unfortunately, Americans are about as curious about all things as G.W. Bush was. Still, I have hope.

  6. The morons azre reaching for anything they can find to prove Obama is changing the constitution. Everyone of them is failing to hide a complete lack of intelligence and a complete lack of knowledge

  7. Only 9 of the 50 states require civics/social studies testing for HS graduation.

    And thank you for calling stupid stupid and not using some bs euphemism like “knowledge gap.” The U.S. population is being steadily forced into ever-deepening ignorance simply so the commons, our collective property like the air, the soil, the water AND OUR GOVERNMENT can be more easily stolen.

    Some days I yearn to be dumb enough not to care. It would be so much easier. And that is really the problem: Stupid is easy, and when it comes to generating a critical or analytical thought of any kind, most Americans have become too lazy. Let somebody else do the thinking.

  8. The GOP are only raising hell because Obama is Black!…No other reason whatsoever. If Mitt Robme were POTUS the GOP would praise him out of one side of their mouths while cursing him from the other. In other words typical hypocritical ignorant childish behavior from the people who have it in their very DNA.

  9. Poll results released by the Public Religion Research Institute on Friday showed that sixty-nine percent of Americans believe there is solid evidence that Earth’s temperatures are increasing. This is good news, as so far this year has been the hottest ever recorded, despite the recent chill covering the United States. But the pollsters also asked about the cause of recent natural disasters, and the responses from some religious people could impact how America responds to climate change.

    While 62 percent of total respondents ascribed the cause of recent natural disasters to climate change, 49 percent also thought biblical “end times” were the cause. For white evangelical Protestants, these numbers basically reversed — 77 percent pointed to the apocalypse, and just 49 percent attributed extreme weather to climate change (the numbers add up to more than one-hundred because people could offer more than one cause).

  10. And “king” Cruz willfully, and skillfully, plays into that stupidity, in fact encourages it. If he and his minions (Faux “news”, the msm and SCOTUS) can convince people that the President is violating our Constitution and acting as a dictator those people will believe that only he can save them from a fate worse than death, having another Democrat win the election in 2016.

    He knows that there is absolutely nothing in the Federalist Papers that states “a president who would rule by diktat and decree rather than follow the Constitution” because the Constitution hadn’t even been ratified when the they were published. In actual fact the Federalist Papers were written to SUPPORT the ratification of the Constitution.

    But the “king” sure isn’t going to tell the American people that, he prefers that they remain stupid.

  11. Immigrant labor harvests the fruits and vegetables, cares for our children, cleans our homes and offices and do many jobs that we Americans WILL NOT DO.
    There ARE jobs out there but we don’t want them, but the immigrants will.
    Many states are dependant on immigrant labor, like Texas and my state of California.

  12. California isn’t on that list but it is a required course in the 8th grade here.
    At least it was in the 1970’s when California had a great school system, but it has gone to hell in a handbasket thanks to the republican governors of the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

  13. No wonder FOX’s lineup of BS throwers, brain-cleaning slugs can say anything that’s not fact to the base who will take anything at face value and repeat it like little brainless parrots. The narrow minded Fox viewers, followers are the prime audience to convince the world is flat, and that the Pilgrims are the first “Americuns”. Tsk, tsk.

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