Dozens Arrested (Including Santa Claus) At Walmart Black Friday Protests

The biggest Black Friday protest ever hit Walmart today, and so far dozens of people who are calling on Walmart to pay their employees a living wage have been arrested. Santa Claus was also cuffed and taken away in California.

Protests were scheduled today at 1,600 Walmart stores in 49 states, by workers and their supporters who are demanding that the nation’s largest private employer pays their workers a living wage.

According to OUR Walmart, 11 workers and supporters were arrested at the store located outside of Chicago, and 35 Walmart protesters were arrested in Sacramento, CA, including the world’s most famous resident of the North Pole:

santa claus arrested walmart protest

Thousands of protesters gathered at Walmart stores around the country to deliver a simple message. A family can’t survive on what Walmart pays their workers. As CBS Detroit reported, “Organizer Reverend Edwin Rose said that the average Walmart employee makes around $25,000 per year. ‘They’re having food drives for their own employees — most places have food drives for other people, for poor people,’ Rose said. ‘In this case, the poor people are inside working.'”

Walmart donates heavily to Republican candidates and the Republican Party, “Since 2000, 69% of Walmart PAC’s and the Walton family’s political donations have gone to anti-gay, anti-environment, pro-gun, pro-business conservatives like Ted Cruz and John Boehner.” Walmart lures Democrats and liberals in the door with cheap deals, but the money that the left spends in their stores supports John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the Republican Party.

Behind all of the homey television advertising featuring Melissa Joan Hart and Anthony Anderson is a corporate behemoth that is increasing the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Those cheap deals on televisions that Walmart is offering on Black Friday come at a heavy price. Just remember that those always low prices that get you into the store are keeping workers poor, and Republicans in power.

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  1. I’m in solidarity with all the WalMart workers and supporters being arrested today. I’ve not shopped at a WalMart for a very long time, and will never until they start paying their workers a decent salary and benefits.

  2. Even if Walmart did start paying a decent salary, and benefits I will still refuse to shop there. They deserve a corporate death penalty for what they have done.

  3. I can’t stand these Wal-mart commercials saying, “the true face of Wal-mart is opportunity”. Do they really think that some PR campaign is going to fool people and make them look good. It is insulting that they would believe that people are that stupid; but, then again, I guess given the number of poor working stiffs who vote Republican, maybe they have something there.

  4. Wal-mart needs to understand that without their workers, they have no business. I read a quote the other day that they need to pay attention to. It reads: “Labour was the first price paid for all things. It was not money, but by labour, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased.” Adam Smith.

    Workers make the world go round, not the opposite.

  5. WalMart dumps their employees onto the taxpayer by failing to pay a living wage and to provide benefits to their employees. The Republicans know this and allow this and then join the chorus of chastising poor Americans for their reliance on the taxpayers, calling them ‘takers’. No American who goes to work, often to two part time, no benefit jobs, should be reliant on food banks and food stamps in order to feed the family. It is a national disgrace. The Republicans are a national disgrace. WalMart is a national disgrace. And anyone who shops at WalMart is disgracing this nation.

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