President Obama Takes Down Chuck Todd and His Obama Bashing Book

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President Obama had one comment when he saw Chuck Todd’s Obama bashing book in a bookstore. With one word, Obama summed up Todd perfectly.

According to the New York Post (take it with a huge grain of salt),

Shopping at a Washington, DC, bookstore Saturday, President Obama spotted a copy of “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd’s new book about his presidency.

“Oh, Chuck Todd!” Obama exclaimed. “Let’s see what Chuck has to say here!”

“How is he writing a book already? asked his 16-year-old daughter, Malia. “Sad.”

“He’s just sad,” the president joked in response.

The idea that Todd “wrote” a book is highly debatable. I am working on a review of Todd’s Obama bashing book, and it can be summed up as less of an exploration of the Obama presidency, and more of a dear diary entry from a member of Beltway press centered on why Obama is big meanie who won’t kiss the rings of the D.C. media elite. There is very little in Todd’s book that hasn’t been voiced by President Obama’s critics on the right a million times before.

Chuck Todd is sad. He wasn’t even the first choice to replace David Gregory as moderator of Meet The Press. Chuck Todd was NBC’s safety date, which the network turned to after the people that they really wanted turned them down. Meet The Press is continuing to flounder, because Todd is David Gregory with a love of politics. Notice that I used the terms politics, not policy or journalism.

No one expects the president to be friends with the people who are covering him/her, but the media’s openly hostile treatment of this president has more to do with petty grudges than a job description. The DC media hate this president because he won’t play their game. He doesn’t suck up to them or buy into the whole DC hierarchy. If Obama embraced the symbiotic relationship between the DC media and the White House, the treatment he received would probably be different.

Instead of playing the ego game that the media demands, Obama’s White House has consistently demonstrated how unimportant the DC press are. The most recent example of this came when the president used Facebook to announce his speech outlining his executive action immigration.

Faced with a changing landscape that is making them irrelevant, the Beltway press has taken out their rage on Obama. Chuck Todd is sad, and I would also add pathetic. He is quickly becoming a dinosaur facing extinction, because the way political leaders interact with their constituents is changing and no amount of sad whining can bring back the status that is evaporating for the mainstream press.

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  1. Everyone knows that there is no liberal media. It is one of the biggest scams foisted on the American people by the repubs going back 30+ years. The MSM is repub owned and repub corp board run. Chuck Todd is just one of those media whores telling repub lies.

  2. I expect this book to be marked down to 50 cents and placed in the “fiction” department, just likr Palin’s books. How can you write a book about an individual without speaking to that person, family, friends, and acquaintances?

  3. Chuck Todd is a poor excuse for a journalist. He’s been extremely disrespectful to President Obama on any number of occasions. How can he possibly expect respect from this President? He and Gregory both are just walking GOP talking points. Jon Stewart wouldn’t take the position. Meet the Press is not watchable anymore. Most of MSM is not watchable anymore. I just can’t handle the lies, sensationalism, misinformation and GOP slant.

  4. Every time I see Toad I think about that MSNBC ad for his show, where he’s driving around DC as if he owns it. He pulls up to an empty White House, apparently uninvited, and says something about how he has “special access.” To drop in on the president any time he wants? Yeah, right. I’ll bet he’s never spoken to the man other than to ask a press conference question.

  5. A hurry up and write it “BOOK” is what Chuck put out out there. It probably has no “depth”. Something like Sarah Palin’s “BOOK”? Nothing there…..simplistic, maybe. Irrelevant? Possibly? Deep and thoughtful? From what I’ve heard: NO! Chuck is a lightweight, why he was chosen for MEET THE PRESS I don’t know. Somebody else is being groomed right now I bet. Chuck is just holding the position temporarily. Bet on that folks. I give Chuckee six more months (or less) in that seat.

  6. Chuck Toad wrote a Book?

    This is an Awesome Business Opportunity !!!

    Take Chuck’s “Book” and bundle it together
    with a large Box of Crayola Crayons.

    Instant Best Seller with Village Idiots !!!

    Act Now and get a Second Bundle Free !!!
    (Just pay extra shipping & Handling)

  7. Safety date? Now it sounds like NBC had to date the ugly goth chick (Todd) instead of getting the hot cheerleader with the nice rack and great legs (Stewart).

    Either way, how this guy wrote a book is nothing short of bewildering. Same could be said for many on the right who write books.

  8. He is not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination. He is a political hack. Many of the people masquerading as journalists are no more than lazy political hacks.

  9. Chuckie Todd is a media tool and apologist for the Fascist Republican Party…
    The best we can expect out of him is the ridiculous “false equivalency” argument.
    The worst is what we see constantly from him: ignoring the greed, Fascism and corruption of the Republicans and Libertarians.

  10. Fox for example is owned by Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia and Rupert Murdoch – I don’t believe either are America citizens. MSNBC is even connected to the conservative media As every election nears most of the MSNBC news casters move to the right. De-educating the population and controlling the air ways ( TV Radio Papers )……propaganda. That’s the drug Putin was talking about that turns people into zombies

  11. Chuck’s book will end up on the 75% off the last marked down price table along with Palin, O”Reilly and Beck books. There are not enough Republicans who read to buy them. [WINK]

  12. As you know, NBC is now owned by Comcast ,an ALEC sponsor, soon the longest running show in the history of the world will be indistinguishable from FOX,WND or not so Britebart?

  13. Amen.

    And I say that even though I am not a fan of Obama. Voted for McCain and Romney, would argue that the media is not as anti-Obama as you think, etc etc etc.

    But seriously, the president’s daughter hit the nail on the head: How/why is Chuck Todd writing a book already?!?!

    Todd’s endless horserace-only coverage of politics is bad enough, but now he’s opining on the people he covers as an “impartial journalist”?

    Sad, indeed.

  14. This is a statement by chuckie.
    During a panel discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Chuck Todd casually made the shocking statement that correcting Republican lies in pursuit of the truth is not his job.

  15. Or doing research on how PBO was raised, how it may have influenced how he analyzes and makes decisions, normal “researched stuff” that real authors employ when they write a book.

    Toddler has been anointed the official Scribe of The Airing of the Grievances regarding how PBO has hurt the Press Corpse’s delicate feelings.

  16. Typical RWer. Todd is a bought and paid for GOP whore ..paid tripletime! The man is thinking about his$$$$ . That’s all Joe todd oreilly hannity sarah and all those RW racist bloviators are thinking of is their $$$$.The only ones capable of such bloviating. They really need us all to hate Pres Obama like they do. And It scares them that ALL OF AMERICA will not. Their actions of last 6 years have not helped the racial divide as they’ve used stereotypical terms against this president since day 1 to keep that racial divide alive. Denying jobs to piss you off. They are not ashamed of speaking and expressing their racism openly and then say Obama is using the race card. its just fkn incredible how they get away with it. All I want is for republicans to rot in hell. And soon please. oh yes..Chuck is not a writer. He’s a RW Koch bros Citizens United Alec Fox whore… insulting our integrity daily. He can take his insulting book and shove it up his stupid GOP racist FOX ars!

  17. If only MSNBC would bring back Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann! Then I’d start watching their afternoon shows again.

  18. Chuckie Todd aka GOP’s Water Boy.

    Toad’s book — I wouldn’t offend my birds by lining the bottom of their cages with it. Actually, lining the cage bottoms would be too good for a book by the hack.

  19. Snoopert Murdoch is a naturalized US citizen. He was naturalized under St. Ronnie of Raygun with his citizenship fast tracked by good ole Newt Gingrich. It was so he could purchase the San Antonio Express News newspaper, because he had to be a US citizen to purchase any of our media. That was the first newspaper he bought in the US, and if it hadn’t been for Newtie, he probably would not have been able to buy it. So that’s one more thing to despise ole Newtie for.

  20. Exactly, if Fox has more of the listening audience like they claim all the time, then THAT makes THEM the (mainstream media).

  21. Amen to your great post!

    I looked forward to watching Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir every day, but since MSNBC got rid of both, I’m no longer interested in MSNBC. I now find them untrustworthy in the delivery of “news.”

    Olbermann and Bashir are both honest and weren’t afraid to speak truth to power. I respected and admired them for this!

    MSNBC forgets(?) that Rachel Maddow and Melissa Harris Perry were both Olbermann’s guests prior to their employment with MSNBC.

  22. Chuck Todd is a Moron, in fact that is even too good a name for him,if the Man had half the brain President Obama has he would know better than try to write a book if that is what u could call it.

  23. I remember that comment he made and I have to say that it was a perfect insight into everything that is wrong with TV journalism today… it is not about pursuant of a story or truth. It is about access. and THAT is all what Todd cares about.

  24. Russert was a neighbor and friend of Cheney. The difference is you would never have guessed it by the questions he asked….. although even Russert too had the tendency to be deferential to high ups. You can be polite and still ask tough questions. The fact that you are citing Russert as an eg. is testament to how right wing the media has lurched.

  25. Chuck had to rush a book through; regardless of content, because that’s what these guys do. Also, because he knows he working on borrowed time. He will be replaced.

  26. It would have not even dawned in my mind, Chuck Todd would ever bash President Obama.
    I’m appalled!

  27. Todd is a piece of Sh*t, has always been a piece of sh*t and always will be. He’s a little, little man(?).

  28. I couldn’t STAND that commercial. I almost wanted to put a brick through the tv so i could imagine that the brick was hitting Chuckee in his fakearse smug piehole.

  29. I am quite sure, that Chuck Todd’s book, will be in the 2-for-$1 pile, by the 1st of the year. gw bush and dick cheney’s books, pretty much went that way.

    Actually watched a store clerk, use cheney’s books, as sort of a stand, for other books. lol

  30. What always amazes me, is that anyone actually believes that any political party is superior to any of the others. They are completely and totally comprised of liars, cheats, and nest feathering crooks. You are not going to ever get the truth from any politician, if you think you do, good luck.

  31. Early in his Presidency,President Obama dodged the WH press to attend one of his daughters games. They haven’t forgiven him for that to this day.

  32. It is all about selling medicine (drugs), news today is just a filler between commercials. Nothing has really changed in politics since the 1800’s. The extremely wealthy think they can buy the government, and there are still those that will sell themselves. Chuck Todd and some others are just trying to make some bucks off talking about it, and making it sound more complicated than it really is.

  33. The book is Chuck Todd’s sour grapes lament. When I watched MSNBC regularly, I didn’t care that much for Chuck Todd when I first saw him a few years ago. I don’t care for people who call themselves journalists and then appease the crazies in the name of objectivity. Rachel Maddow handles these guests better than anyone on the network. She is rude to them like Laurence O’Donnell, nor is she an appeaser. She is very polite and respectful to her guests without giving in to them. People like Todd and David Gregory could learn from that if they would.

    Todd is a politico who wants to be a journalist, but he is pretty miserable at it. He whines and is not objective. He had his feelings hurt, I suppose, by this president not kowtowing need for validation.

  34. The arrogance of the msm’s presumption of entitlement cracks me up, as if we can trust them with the news.

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