Rudy Giuliani Lies While Blaming Obama For The Murder of Two New York Police Officers

In order to blame Obama for the murder of two New York police officers, Rudy Giuliani had to tell a massive lie about the president that had no relationship to reality.


Giuliani said, “We’ve had four months of propaganda starting with the president that everybody should hate the police. The protests are being embraced, the protests are being encouraged. The protests, even the ones that don’t lead to violence, a lot of them lead to violence, all of them lead to a conclusion: The police are bad, the police are racist. That is completely wrong.”

Rudy Giuliani was lying. President Obama has never said anything that would encourage hatred of the police.

On August 14, Obama spoke about Ferguson and said, “There is never an excuse for violence against police, or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting.”

Obama had this to say after the grand jury decision was announced in the Michael Brown case, “I also appeal to the law enforcement officials in Ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that may occur. Understand, our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day. They’ve got a tough job to do to maintain public safety and hold accountable those who break the law. As they do their jobs in the coming days, they need to work with the community, not against the community, to distinguish the handful of people who may use the grand jury’s decision as an excuse for violence — distinguish them from the vast majority who just want their voices heard around legitimate issues in terms of how communities and law enforcement interact.”

There is nothing in the president’s public remarks that would back up Giuliani’s claim that Obama has been spreading anti-police propaganda. Giuliani’s comments are straight from the Fox News talking points that President Obama is responsible for any violent acts or protests against the police.

Fox News has been stirring up racial divides since President Obama took office, but Giuliani’s blatant lies are new low, even for Fox.

Jason Easley
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