In 2014 America Abandoned Its Constitution And Devolved Into a Fascist Theocracy


It is usual at the end of another calendar year to look hopefully at the New Year, but at this point, and judging by the events of 2014, there is very little to look forward to in America in 2015. In fact, it is getting extremely difficult to look ahead at the coming year with anything other than dread and despair as America devolves into a theocratic, racist, and fascist police state that the government cannot, and apparently will not, even attempt to stop. It is not that 2014 was devoid of good news; quite the contrary.  But no amount of jobs, Wall Street profits, economic growth, or falling gas prices can counterbalance the distress Republicans, racists, and religious Supreme Court justices have wrought on this sad nation with no end, or hope, in sight.

First, it is noteworthy that the only good developments of 2014 were at the hands of President Obama and his executive actions; particularly acting on the existential issue of “global” climate change and his landmark agreement with China. The President’s action on immigration enforcement was long overdue, but in his defense he did wait patiently for House Republicans to adopt, or at least consider, the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill to no avail. What his action did was reveal why 2015, like the past six years, will be depressing for Americans who will watch a Republican-controlled Congress waste taxpayer time and money in a crusade to undo a valid executive order the GOP has deemed unconstitutional; despite the conservative Roberts Court already ruled the President was well within his constitutional authority like every Republican president since Dwight D. Eisenhower. But that is the price Americans have to pay for living in a nation with a party so steeped in racial animus for a  Black President that they have deemed his entire Presidency is unconstitutional.

Maybe more than anything, seeing the U.S. Constitution treated like an afterthought, if not a worthless comic book, by conservatives, evangelicals, law enforcement, Republicans, and the Supreme Court is all the proof a reasonable human being needs to realize America is doomed. Republicans claim anything President Obama does in unconstitutional at the same time they attempted to pass legislation authorizing approval to build a foreign corporation’s tar sand pipeline across America. That decision is the exclusive right of the Executive Department and yet, one of the first actions a Republican Congress will undertake to repay their Koch debt will be patently unconstitutional and no-one will dare utter a complaint any more than they will over the Republican drive to enforce Vatican rules banning all forms of birth control with personhood legislation; more on that in another article.

Republicans in state after state were hastily passing legislation abolishing other Americans’ 14th Amendment rights due to their adherence to bastardized American Christianity and empowerment by the Vatican contingent on the Supreme Court. History will show that it was in 2014 that 5 conservative Catholics on the Highest Court in the land deconstructed the religious clauses in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution to expedite evangelical Christians and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops’ ascendance to wield ironclad authority over the religious freedom of the rest of the population. Through it all, not one politician had the courage or conviction to inform the American people that every dirty attempt to deny women the right to make their own health choices, or gays to marry the person they love, was founded in an archaic religious text because they were, and still are, terrified of committing the mortal sin of speaking out against or opposing theocracy. Speaking of mortal sins, the past six months have revealed that there is no greater sin than speaking out against out-of-control and murderous law enforcement officials doing their due diligence to eviscerate the Constitutional protections afforded all Americans.

If racist police officers were not gunning down unarmed African Americans with impunity  ending their Constitutional right to life with approval of the judicial system, they were threatening Americans opposed to fascist police tactics complete with battlefield gear. Instead of supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution, they took great pleasure in denying Americans their First Amendment rights of free speech and free assembly. All, by the way, with approval and support of Republicans and conservatives as blatantly racist as the police abusing African Americans whether civilians or fellow police officers.  Law enforcement was also complicit in aiding and abetting, through direct support, a seditious  white man and his well-armed Oath Keeper, Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association (CSPOA) militia intent on initiating a second revolution; with impunity and ardent support of conservative media and Republicans with no more regard for the Constitution as they do African Americans, poor people, elderly Americans, Veterans, or children.

America may have been an exceptional nation at one time, but the country began its downward spiral thirty years ago when Republicans and conservatives decided, and convinced many Americans, their mortal enemy was the federal government; a federal government created by the U.S. Constitution. Now, that very Constitution has all but been rendered null-and-void either by government fear of opposing sedition, or an all-powerful evangelical movement with avid support of the conservative Catholics on the Supreme Court.

Throughout history, other peoples have sat idly by and watched their freedoms eroded, and finally abolished, by fascist religious, corporate, and military-style enforcers, and America is rapidly heading in the same direction with the same results. One would like to say this country is at a crossroads, or nearing a tipping point, of which there is no return, but according to what this nation has suffered throughout 2014 at the hands of fascist police, armed militias, evangelical fanatics, and a theocratic Supreme Court, the scales are tipped. America is on the same course as 1930s Nazi Germany and the Koch brothers are more than happy to fund this country into oblivion. If 2014 is any indication, 2015 is not going to be a Happy New Year.


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  1. Don’t count us out just yet. A lot can happen in just a year, it can still turn around to the positive. We haven’t yet reached that tipping point. That is, too many people are still too comfortable with the status quo but that can change overnight.

    Here is an article by Charles P. Pierce (he wrote American Idiot) about how things can change fast.

  2. ever hear the one about people get the government they deserve?

    uninformed voters with I don’t see the point attitudes allow themselves to be herded like sheep…

    you cain’t fix stupid…

  3. As the article noted, it all started 30 years ago. America reached it’s zenith the day before Ronnie
    RayGun was inaugurated. Is it too late? Or will there be blood?

  4. The right wing nut jobs have done an incredible job of creating hate for the left. On every level, every state, district and local governments have pushed hate for anything Dem. Look how they call out Obama for doing illegal acts, that mirror republican acts. Why? They are not told the republicans did it too. The propaganda war is something the Nazis would have given awards out for. The republican base will do nothing until their rights are all gone to the catholic’s and theocratic morons. And you cannot get those rights back

  5. There will be blood!

    The pointers to this conclusion?
    – the Bundy Standoff
    – an army of returning soldiers, unemployed/hopeless
    By any means if in God’s Name
    – an irresponsible Press
    – Citizens United
    – Hobby Lobby
    – Community of Blacks aching for vengeance/retribution
    – … … …

    I believe the Right Wing thuggery, Florida Y2k, was the opening act. A GOP senate and House can be stopped only by Obama’s veto. But this personalizes the Govt dysfunction in a way not seen before.

    Given the clear target,
    it s only a matter of months.

  6. I, as a Canadian, wish we could open the border to all you liberal left and progressive Americans. What a great country we could be. Unfortunately, that would no doubt upset the fragile political balance there and the US would be a total Nazi Germany-like fascist, oppressive, and aggressive nation. Also would probably cause apoplexy to those RWNJs and they’d declare war and immediately invade our wonderful new country because we would be just too anti-American, too happy and too functional for them to allow us to exist.

  7. The uneducated poor Christians believes
    that all their sufferings will be rewarded in the afterlife. This is why they don’t fight for a better life. This is why they don’t fight for higher wages. They really believe that by allowing their poor children to go hungry because after all they think they’re going to go to heaven when they die. This is how the rich control the masses. Although Napoleon Bonaparte was a dictator, he was right when he said.’Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.’Folks, he said this over two hundred years ago. Why are the majority of the pathetic poor allow themselves to be brainwashed about this?

  8. “America may have been an exceptional nation at one time”

    Nope. Kill that myth NOW. We’ve always been a nation of acquisitive scumbags. We always will be unless we can get over this idea that building a white-supremacist and male-supremacist nation on the backs of people of color and women of all colors somehow makes us “exceptional” or “a great nation.” We have a chance, and always have, to do the necessary self-examination and come to terms with what we are and decide to change for the better. But as long as we continue lying to ourselves, that will never happen.

    We ASKED for this. We permit it. It’s practically written into our DNA.

  9. I haven’t got out from the shock of the 2014 Midterm Elections yet. What happen to the voters? Did they think Republicans after all that pounding on the Obama administration are finally truthful? When did they get that? But nothing further from the truth, conservatives, were, are and always will be against the goals of the everyday citizen of this country of ours. These next two years is a test, not for Congress or the Senate because we already know why they became politicians, but for the voter to see what the GOP does and show Joe Elector if the guys in power do something in the general interest.

  10. The folks who sit on their duffs and bitch about everything but don’t vote are just as responsible for this catastrophe as those who are ill-informed. This includes the left –

  11. It was a mistake to choose as our symbol the bald eagle, which, impressive as it is, lives by reiving. Such a role model was ill-auspiced.

  12. Rmuse: Your posts are actually like the “Warning” beams of light from a light-house that are directed out into the “political” fog and the “religious” darkness that our country (The United States of America) has become disoriented or lost in. Save as many “souls” as you can Rmuse. When the statue of Liberty’s torch shines bright again you can take a break. Shine on…

  13. That is some pretty bigoted and partisan rhetoric. No wonder you don’t use your real name.
    I do want to congratulate you on winning the Bullshit Bingo award by using every hot butting word in current partisan use. I especially liked your novel use of “comic book” referring to the constitution and “Nazi Germany,” that old cliche, in describing our future. Thank you for your inspiration on the first day of the new year.

  14. My dad fought the Nazi fascists at the Battle of the Bulge, in 1944-1945. My heart breaks to see it coming to America, but we have all been asleep at the wheel while they did their deeds in secret. Now the cat is out of the bag and we have to fight as hard as they did in the Bulge, our only weapon is to get out the word, unite and vote.

  15. I would like to point out to Grand1, it is not “hot butting word”, it is “hot button word”. And yes Rmeus did, because its true.

    What do YOU say to the spokesman for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association who claims the NYPD is a “wartime police department” that will “act accordingly.” Apparently the “serve and protect” motto ONLY applies to themselves.

    The SCOTUS 5 has totally shredded the 1st, 9th and 14th Amendments by involving themselves in a religious dispute and finding on the side of religion. Apparently the Constitution is only a piece of paper for them to wipe their tushes with.

    Article VI states “…no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Yet evangelicals claim that THEY should be allowed to select presidential candidates.

    This country is in deep trouble. And as stated previously, the only thing protecting it is Obama’s veto pen.

  16. Since you appear to have double-posted, I’m taking out one of the duplicates. No disapproval is intended.

  17. Benjamin Franklin wanted that bird. I might have gone for the osprey, myself, an honest fisher whom the bald eagle regularly plunders.

  18. Five words I have had the unwished-for privilege of saying over and over again since November, 1980:

    “See, I told you so!”

  19. Donal your comment touched my heart. We are fighting so hard to save America!
    Your words give us strength.

  20. I would go for the lesser known little Arctic Tern. North American Arctic Terns fly about 40,000 kilometers – or 24,000 miles – each year. That’s a distance about equal to the distance around the Earth.
    The fly high and far and live about 25 years.

  21. The militarization of the police automatically makes we the people enemy number one. Ferguson police arresting journalists which is clearly against the constitution was just as frightening as seeing all the military gear they had.

    The only light shining on that front is the amount of people waking up to the fact these things are happening in our country.

    When you look at the black lives matters protesters you can see there are many young people out there of all colors and nationalities saying “we’re not going to take it any more”. May the protests go on with vigor and strength. And may the likes of the Koch Bros and the fascists in the GOP go to hell.

  22. This abuse of rights, privilege and power, and this imposition of “morality” (and I use the term loosely), is not exclusive to the U.S.; here in Australia, we unfortunately have a conservative government(though it is called the Liberal Party – go figure), who is following in the footsteps of Republican values and mismanagement, abolishing taxes on big business, cutting welfare, de-regulating education (i.e. the fees they can charge for higher education). The deficit has doubled in nine months (though the finance minister “promised”, again a term used loosely, a surplus in the first and every year of the government), unemployment is at its’ highest in years, and the right to marriage equality is not even on the table any more. The one promise they kept was to ‘stop the boats’ (i.e. stop refugees landing here by boat), which is in breach of 11 acts of International Law and/or treaties to which Australia is a signatory. When you’re finished with him, can we have Obama? Please…?

  23. The one big thing we need to do is to get the MSM to value truth over ratings and I have no clue how to do that. If the public cannot get the truth, they will believe the lies of the right-wing. Many on the right are totally brainwashed and will not tolerate dissension in the ranks. You’re either with us, or against us, is their motto and they will turn on anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

  24. Aussie Jimmy– you’ll have to wait in line, I hear that Canada wants President Obama too after his term is up.

  25. I am grateful to you for what you are aiming for a global improvement of the third world, a lot of doing to it. I do not doubt before the show in Geneva, also had a lot of studies – it easier for you with the organization of the educational system for the Third World (I translate text using Google) write with Belarus. Sincerely, a member of the Union of Belarusian Writers, disabled Staszko Greenwich – a former journalist and television journalist, since 2007, received persecution for one word “ana-laser”, which is in a working version of the book was the word – analyzer, what it is I do not know, something very fashionable … book something – fiction – about robotomire and something akin to “rotoinfektsiyu” when on Scientology, not meditsinechto something happens – I work salivary glands, eyes, anal – this has never there were. I totally normal person was unfinished until this book … then it began … Please stop the persecution as an infection. I’m with non-congenital epilepsy…

  26. Imagine that the autocratic regime there since 1994. It would be a mistake. This mode is known since Allende, Fidel Castro and others. Terrible death was Saddam Hussein, put the world at a memorial service – so he chose the desert, where no one could remember the his and in the wilderness, who found his death, was buried elsewhere. Autocracy called “hidden democracy” regime exists in my country, where there were no significant non-governmental organizations, as organizations acting – they were rated, nothing insignificant, and even appeal to such organizations could respond distant echo, says Sergey Byalatski sitting in jail and two years referring to similar organizations in other countries. Now, as we know (messages passed all the papers) in Belarus there is no UN, not the EU, but there are Russian Union of Belarus, which means that there is a Chairman of the CIS – a free and independent states, and there are organizations that replace the UN and the EU – so, according to the newsp…

  27. I got news for the Theocrats. There are a lot out here who are just like me.

    I choose death before dishonor
    I’d rather die than live down on my knees

    I will NEVER bow my knee to a theocrat. They come for me….they better have their wills written out.

    All those vets, etc…spoken of in this article? Feel the same freaking way. Believe me, it will not be an easy a take over as these theocrats would like us to believe.

    The rich and the theocrats should have thought about it before they screwed over the vets.

  28. Damn straight. Hypocrites paste a yellow ribbon and flags all over their rigs,
    bawl loudly about patriotism and how our armed forces are “heroes,” send other people’s spouses and kids off to get shot up, maimed, and killed, and then vote in a congress that de-funds the Veteran’s Administration and hospitals.

    Jesus wept.

  29. I am not going to read any other comments here yet. This post has many worthwhile comments; it is a shame its author has such a coloured opposition to the Catholic Faith that it chooses that faith to point the finger at as the cause of all of Americas problems. Take out any reference to the Catholic Faith and you have a worthwhile well considered article. Despite all of its problems and image, I am a Catholic if one must label oneself. I assure you I hold with none of those cruel rulings by the court and I do not consider those Justices who proclaim their Catholicism are in any way using their Catholicism to cloud there decisions. They are certainly not Christian, and even then their Christianity is not the hall mark of any decisions they have made. They are a powerful group of ultraconservative people who align near 100% with the Theocrats, and they a most certainly not Christian. The conservatives could not be more anti Christian if they tried. Jesus would be frowning down upon.

  30. True Frank; there are many who are unhappy with what is happening in our world. One book a friend got me onto is Dennis Marker’s “Fifteen steps to Corporate Feudalism” (I got it for my Kindle for about ten bucks), which, whilst it gets a little condescending and preachy on occasion, has some really interesting history in it, along with a good explanation of what seems to be going on…

  31. Take a deep, calming breath. The Palace coup has failed.
    The military no longer has a ‘war-footing’ fig leaf. Sen. sanders on the Senate Armed service Appropriations committee would have a blast paring the military off its war-bloat budget. The Orange One’s Whip is a member of the KKK. Joni Ernst.

    I can’t wait until Congress returns to the place of Slaughter.
    Their triumphal march into Washington looks more like a circus freak show.

    China is our environmental partner, not our military rival.

    The 2nd Prohibition has failed as badly as the 1st.
    Domestic terrorism by police just wiped any interest in colonial adventurism off the map.
    Television is no longer relevant Fox News killed it. Parasites often kill their hosts.
    Consumers cannot consume, because they have no spare money.
    Euro-Jesus, with its deification of death and white males, is past its ‘sell by’ date.

    It’s loud and messy because 400 years of European Empire is over. Too bad, white guys.

  32. I hardly think it says the catholic cult is the cause of all of Americans problems. Put down your I am discriminated whine and face the facts your church is trying to take rights away from you

  33. I don’t think it’s specifically aimed at Catholics, Mike (if I may call you that?), but rather those who force their own interpretations of Christianity (be it evangelical, pentecostal or sacramental), upon society as a whole. There is a separation between Chuch and State built into the Constitution on many levels and these abusers of power seem to have little regard for either; even if their spin on Christianity were anywhere near Biblical, it is effectively creating hypocrisy among the populace to expect them to have values they neither embrace nor even, in many cases, feel are right. These are people who truly worship control and use Christianity, or rather their version of it, as a tool for control, every bit as bad as the Muslim overlords they rail against… They are no more representative of Christianity than the KKK, any more than Isil represents true Islam.

  34. wait, didn’t the author say all the Republican religious nuts were devolving the country? then said, “the country began its downward spiral thirty years ago when Republicans and conservatives decided, and convinced many Americans, their mortal enemy was the federal government..” Seems he proved them correct since the R’s ARE the federal gov’t and enable/increase the fascist police state we now face the larger, more ponderous it becomes… agree w/ the rest, nonetheless.

  35. You should have lived through post WW II RW extremism – HUAC, McCarthy, blacklists, summary firings, etc. The Religious Right was rampant, “Moral Re-Armament” was the word of the day. This is when they introduced “under God” into the pledge of allegiance, and it was horrible beyond anything we know today.

    Yes – it can come back IF people do not vote wisely. No more ‘they’re both the same’ crap – they are nowhere the same. We need to stand in the streets AND outside legislators’ doors demanding what WE want – then in 2016 take care of this at the polls with wise votes at even the lowest levels of government where the RW gets its toehold.

    Democracy is NOT a spectator sport.

  36. “How many fundamental American rights and values will we violate in order to preserve fundamental American rights and values?”

    — Alden Loveshade, “Stripping Away American Freedom: A Call to Action” Dec. 1, 2001

  37. There is no difference between democrats in government to the GOP both are corporate trickle down Wall St whores.

  38. I have been predicting that, within 50 years, the USA will split into several mutually-antagonist countries. One will certainly be the totalitarian theocracy this article recognizes. Let’s hope that there will also be a socialistic country modeled upon say, Denmark, or Sweden. Both countries where the socialist policies have resulted in a more successful economy, stable government, and contended citizenry than the USA has.

    Unfortunately, all of those former USA countries will also have nuclear weapons. The theocracy, at least, will not hesitate to use “god’s holy fire” to impose their will upon the others.

  39. It isn’t as if any rational person still believes the USA is a free country. 

    Think about it.  No-warrant wire taps, indefinite detention of citizens without charges, approval of rendition of prisoners and torture, stop and frisk without probable cause, search and seizure without a warrant, no-knock entry, confiscation and destruction of cameras that might have been used to film police acting illegally, police brutality, police shootings that go without  investigation, managed news, and the civil-rights destroying “Patriot” Act.

    Acts of police behaving illegally, with shootings, Tasers, and unwarranted violence now appear almost daily.  Rarely are these offenses punished.  Most often “an investigation” is claimed, but soon forgotten.


In addition, the USA, with 5% of the world population, has 25% of all of the prisoners in the world.  That means the USA has the most people in prison of any nation in history.  USA is #1.

  40. I have been thinking about the way the GOP has brainwashed Americans for many years and I thought that people would finally come around to seeing the truth if only the people who are doing the brainwashing could be exposed. Well I don’t think that is happening. There is always hope. However until people’s basic human rights bare taken away I fear nothing will change.

  41. Dear Rmuse: you really hit the nail on the head because the Damn GOP/TEA PARTY are indeed FASCISTS who are truly dedicated to turning America into the same kind of nightmare Germany was in 1933-1945. Whe ions if democrat volunteers likeyself worked as hard as Hell to not only help get Pres. Obama elected but to get great majorities for him in Both senate and house and also win most state governor seats we really thought we had a chance to take pour country back fiom 12 years of economic abuse of REAGAN and BUSH 41 and 8 years of fear mongering, costly war and destruction of separation of CHURCH And HATE of BUSH 43 but only 9 months after our great victories the whole thing was SPOILED! Because in August of 2009 the Damn GOP unleashed a huge army of VICIOUS TEA PARTY THUGS who ran wild all over America and destroyed every town hall meeting that Pres. Obama set up to explain his healthcare agenda to the
    People. Failure of the DEMS to Fight Back has allowed the Neo-Nazis to POISON the US…

  42. Being a closeted brownshirt

    Closeted? Who’s closeted?

    These red armbands make quite the fashion statement and my knee-high stompy-boots are really hawt.


  43. SCOTUS has all but dismantled the First Amendment. In the Greece NY decision, it ruled that legislative bodies can prescribe sectarian prayers, preferably fundamentalist Christian prayers.

    In its Hobby Lobby decision, it ruled that corporations have a consciousness and soul and therefore have the religious freedom right to impose its (i.e., the owners’ views) on its employees.

    And, in the Boston family planning ruling, it ruled that domestic terrorists have the right to assault, harass and intimidate anyone who goes to a family planning clinic for any reason. SCOTUS calls these domestic terrorists acts, “free speech.”

    With its Citizens United decision, it ruled that since bribery is generally money, it has the right of free speech. Consequently, we now have a government where bribery is a First Amendment free speech protected activity as long as it is money.

  44. Thought about it.. drumming up nationalism by fear mongering so a pol can cover up/distract from their corporatism is fascist.

  45. “In 2014 America Abandoned Its Constitution And Devolved Into a Fascist Theocracy” This started after September 11th 2001 and has continually getting worse ever since then. Bush started it and Obama hasn’t done anything to change it or prevent it from becoming worse.

  46. Patricia, that’s exactly what GWB said about the Constitution. ” It’s nothing but a GD piece of paper” He and the rethugs have no problem trashing it.

  47. Wonder about the one vote down. What kind of person would object? Yes, the thugs are wrong in trashing the vets. Just don’t forget in the next election. You were used and now being abused by the rethugs. Rethugs want a population uneducated, born to serve them, willing to die, be wounded for life. Simply because they have more money. Kind of like Cheney, Romney who had better things to do, instead of fighting for their country. One traveled Europe, the other started making money. Both had deferments.

  48. People blame voters for not voting. Thats not all true. 600.000 votes were lost in Georgia. The machines in Chicago were closed. That is because a Republican came in and bought two Black church pastors,and paid places not to open. Our States Attorney had to step in and have the fire department to open some places, but since this had never happened it was too late. Sorry,I, and a lot of other people voted, some stood in line until late in the night waiting to vote. Some stayed and others had to go to work,People were out until 4:Oclock in the morning. There were robo calls to the judges that if they showed up something would happen to them.I got a call such as this. This only happened in Black neighborhoods. Gov. Quinn was winning by 50%, when I looked again, he was losing.Congress was told to put voting provisions back that had been stripped, they did not.This was voter supression, I know it and you know it too. Congress did not correct this. I am a Democrat, There is an investigation.

  49. The vote in Chicago was tampered with. People voted, but a lot of voters votes were blocked. And the judges were threatened with harm if they showed up. There is an investigation going on against Republican Rauner.

  50. I wish this article didn’t seem to have such an anti-Catholic bias, as though all negative Christian practices emanate solely from that denomination. Give Protestants and Anglicans equal time in the hot seat.

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