Obama Drops A Bomb On Republicans With Plan For Free 2 Years Of College For All

obama proposes free community college
In a preview to the State of the Union, on Thursday President Obama unveiled plans to make 2 yrs of community college free for those willing to work hard. Details will be announced Thursday evening and the full announcement will come on Friday.

Watch here:

President Obama said, “Put simply, what I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for anybody who’s willing to work for it,” he said. “It’s something we can accomplish, and it;s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anyone in the world.”

This plan will require congressional approval, but judging from the initial reaction to the idea, the White House has hit another political home run. For the third time in less than two months, President Obama has caught Republicans completely off guard. The expectation is that congressional Republicans will immediately turn up their noses at the plan. Boehner and McConnell will roar that the country can’t afford the cost that will come with developing a better-educated workforce.

After creating nearly 11 million jobs over the past 57 months, which is the longest streak of private-sector job growth on record, President Obama isn’t about to sit still for the last two years of his Presidency. In fact, he is going to work to implement the ideas the American people re-elected him (in a landslide) to do. In spite of Republicans.

The President said of his last two years, “My presidency is entering the fourth quarter. Interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter.”

Community college free for two years? What a great way to even the playing field for those who are willing to work hard. There is nothing more fundamentally American than opportunity for hard work.

The latest idea by the president is another body blow to the new Republican controlled Congress, who believed that this week was going to be their victory lap. (The Republican victory lap has so far consisted of getting mired in a racism scandal and passing a bill that the president is certain to veto.) Once again, President Obama is two steps ahead of his opponents. Republicans are left on the defensive and wondering what this president will hit them with next.

Update 9:00 AM Jan 9th: The White House released a fact sheet on the President’s proposal Friday morning. You can read it here.

75 Replies to “Obama Drops A Bomb On Republicans With Plan For Free 2 Years Of College For All”

  1. If the next two years are anything like the past two weeks, many right-wingers won’t survive until the next election because they will be in such a fury that a lot of them will stroke out.

  2. The President is turning it up these last years of his administration.
    Watch the repuges squirm.

  3. While I do think this is sounds like a good idea, there is no such thing as free. I would like to hear what he means by people who are willing to work for it. I earned my “free” education by being dragged through the desert for two wars. Does he mean people with a track record of good work ethic before the education, just through school, or get the schooling and hopefully find a job after its over?
    It is easy for me to take $20K and say sure I will try to find a job after I am done. But really what is the incentive? A chance to get a job, that now you have to have a 4 year degree to get because so many 2 years are out there. And would there be any type of repercussions for failing to work for it?
    Just handing out stuff for free looks good in the polls, and we all know it helps for elections, but we have to really look and know if it is good for the people. I would love for this to work, but I have my reservations about it.

  4. djchefron, I sense that you feel that I do not believe people should receive an education, where you are completely mistaken. Maybe if you actually go back and read my post with an open mind next time, you would understand what it says.

  5. This guy is awesome! About the time the conservs think they’re gonna wreck the gains of the last 6 years, he comes at them with more fresh ideas.
    Programs like this would give the poorer dropout prone high school kids more incentive to do well and graduate. A decent future is attainable.

  6. Correct me if I am wrong but you feel you were entitled to your education because you serve this country. Cool I can understand being a disabled vet myself. But what I don’t understand is what criteria you have to determine on what good works someone has done to deserve a chance for a better life?

  7. There is no better investment a country can make than in it’s youth. Keep them healthy, educate them, keep them out of harms way in unnecessary wars (kudos and respect for your service). This is socialism at it’s progressive best. It’s what the best societies in the world today do. Not socialism to re-distribute wealth, that’s RW hyperbolic BS, democratic socialism where an educated populace votes realistically on how revenue is spent. We can cut the DoD budget by 50%, still be totally safe, and try to catch up with real First World countries. The GOP will hate it, of course. They want a desperate, uneducated, scared population, one too distracted to watch their environment and rights get swept away. It’s worth the fight. There is nothing better in life to aspire to than to be a true liberal.

  8. I got a 2 year degree, and they still treated me like crap because of my disability. I should have the right to make my own health care decisions, and not be tortured and abused simplly for reporting a violent crime by a now ex-cop. PLEASE OBAMA, MAKE THE UNIVERSITY ACCESSIBLE TO MEDICAL RAPE VICTIMS AND OTHERS HOW CAN NO LONGER TOLERATE ORDINARY SOUND BECAUSE OF RISPERDAL.

  9. then you completely understand that under the Chapter 31 GI Bill we had to actually pay a kicker into it($1200 for me) to receive the college benefits, also you would understand it is not an entitlement, it is an incentive to serve and yes I used my incentive.
    But to clear up the confusion, POTUS said that it was for people “willing to work for it” I was simply stating the question of what does he mean by that statement. and pointing out there are flaws in his thinking. When all people see is “free” then they don’t see the cost. This has nothing to do with anyone’s character, this is all about how will the schooling be paid.

  10. But to clear up the confusion, POTUS said that it was for people “willing to work for it”
    Great question. Maybe its community service like tutoring at risk children. It could be cleaning up the environment. I don’t know but I do know Germany has provided free college for Americans

    The question should be why we cant offer the same unless you want a dumb down people so you can feed the prison industrial complex

  11. I bet the GOP wish the old Obama would come back! I love the nd Obama! He’s kicking GOP @$$! Kabob! They don’t know what to expect from him! He’s got them completely off guard now, on defense! I love it_

  12. Now we are getting on the same page. To me I would be all about some type of community efforts, and really think that would be a best outcome. Then we would not only educate people, but that would also put pride into seeing how well their community can work together. That is a win/win. One side the community grows better and the other side the populace is educated.

  13. Let’s all come up with a feel-good platitude, present it as what we’d LIKE to do, offer no ideas about how to PAY for it, since nothing in this world is free, then declare victory for presenting an incomplete plan which has as its only strong point good intentions!

  14. We already provide an “free” education for every child until adulthood, age 18. Oh wait, adulthood starts at 25 now.

  15. now that he has the economy on track…he can now focus on those changes…he was elected to do

    early start education…now in place

    national health care…uninsured Americans down to 12% from over 20%…and the cause of most bankruptcies “medical bills” far less of an issue…raising premium cost of double digits for the past 20 years…now less than 4% annually

    immigration reform

    freedom from imported oil…down 58%

    increased domestic production…up 70%

    fuel economy standards…will double in the next 10 years

    stem cell research…his federal approval now being credited with the Arnold Schwarzenegger California Voter Approved Stem Cell Research Center…with developments today that will cure 50% of current deafness…with expectations for the same with blindness in the next 10 years

    tax reform…reduce business taxes…but ensure that every business…pay it’s fair share

    a restructure of America’s foreign policy

    then he will need to start…the 2nd month of the New Yea…

    A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. – Greek proverb

  17. Tim, I agree with your comments. As a Vietnam Era vet, I got a college education and worked for another service term to pay back my scholarship money. For this new Obama initiative, we obviously need more details. Maybe Obama wants Congress to pick the idea and figure out more details. I think it is a terrific plan for updating the USA workforce.

  18. One more comment…A way to pay for the cost of tuition is to levy a tax on high-tech corporations (Intel, Cisco, MS and more). Those high-tech corporations bring in plenty of educated (skilled) workers from India (and more) to run the computers in the corporate data centers. We ought to be training Americans to do this work.

  19. No matter who is in the house that we the working class tax paying individuals are paying for nothing changes. I have to pay for programs that are suppose to be available to you in a crises, hmmm, they said I don’t meet the requirements! Well explain to me who does, cuz I will go to jail if decide not to pay taxes and yet the label ho standing next to me is complaining about a $6 difference in her foodstamps! I am now disabled, but I can’t get foodstamps because I have to pay insurance for it, keep in mind the vehicle is paid for! I am not the type to sit back and watch, I take action, so I need some questions answered…if it is the law for me to pay taxes, why can’t I pick where my money goes? I look at my paystub and I am seeing alot of names but I don’t know them…who the hell is FICA, State, and Social Security? They don’t live with me, they don’t help me with my work, and I sure as hell ain’t sleeping with them. I would like for you to stop stealing my money!!! GIVE IT BA…

  20. One last thing…someone needs to send some of these case workers back to school, there is no logic in telling me you are denying my application for assistance because I don’t meet the qualifications…ok lets see; I am starving, my bills are past due, and my children need things, WTF more do you need? Say it with me tax payers “IT’S MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. So, you dont want to drive to work on a road? You dont want kids to have an education? Or do you think some church will give everyone what they need?

  22. The only question I have is, how will this be paid for?#The GOP controlled House are not going to fund this, and they are not going to raise taxes on their pimps. Ummm, corporate pimps. Much better

  23. Anyone can have a free education by working hard. Its called getting good grades, if you didn’t work hard the first 13 years of school, your not going to start working hard now. FAIL

  24. One correction – Schwarzenegger had NOTHING to do with stem cell research at all. Otherwise, spot on summation of PBO’s accomplishments.

  25. For years California had free community college. Free to students whose own taxes and those of their parents were pooled or who, yes, had veterans benefits (for 4-year). But FREE from extra costs for fees, tuition, etc. That is an investment – we pool our total resources and thereby provide free access to those desiring and earning an education. It benefits all of us, even those who don’t themselves go. We lost the art of understanding investments. We decided that everyone should pay individually for everything. That’s just not how society works best. The communities that went to private fire insurance not for their homes but for fire FIGHTING discovered that it doesn’t work. No social goods work well that way. So FREE education is a benefit to everyone since educated people are productive, and that makes a stronger nation overall.

  26. Why limit it to just 2 years of community college, Mr. President? By your logic, it would be even more beneficial if nobody is ever again made to pay for ANY 4 year college or ANY graduate school.

    Why are you drawing a wimpy line at community college when you know it’s more fair to make ALL college free?

    Who’s pocket are you in, Mr. President?

  27. It’s a republican governor’s idea, not Obama’s. But good job leaving that part out of the story.

  28. You know, we arent holding you here against your will, go to Russia where you’ll know that all your hard work and money goes to your glorious Putin. We wont miss you and your dumbed-down gop worthless politics. Did you care when gotp wasted billions shutting down govt? That could educate lots of Americans. Interesting note, I learned about who the payroll deductions went to in a high school civics class, did you skip school alot?

  29. Really? In Oklahoma if you have the GPA they will pay for your college if you stay in state. What the President is doing is taking it nation wide. But having ODS you cant see that

  30. Actually, it isn’t MORE fair to make all college free. There are right now free colleges that community college students will never have access to. You don’t, however, have a problem with those; only the free COMMUNITY colleges the President will be proposing.

    Not all college should be free and not all jobs require a four year degree. If a four year degree is required, the Associates Degree will get them a well paying job to pay for their own Bachelor’s Degree. Plus, why should we foot the bill for Private, Ivy league colleges and universities of CHOICE? No student has to attend colleges or universities that leave you in insane debt, that’s ego.

    This guy made a point of being very insulting, his FATHER does shit. He doesn’t qualify for tuition assistance. His father can afford his tuition. Bully for him.

    I’ve found that the meanest, nastiest, and most insulting respondents are those that have had every advantage from birth.

    Born on third base and think “they” hit the tri…

  31. This sounds stupid to fight over which isn’t about dems or repubs. It has to do with people making their lives better( and)( yes) I have to ask is it free for those who are willing to work for a goal. I have a friend at the state capital who say’s this has been talked about for some time and sorry it wasn’t Obama’s idea. The point is it doesn’t matter just as long as it’s offered to all who will work for it.To make lives better

  32. The incentive is to CONTINUE GETTING EDUCATED. For those kids (parents) who CAN’T afford 4 Year Colleges and/or Universities. At least we will have a better educated population, which in turn will not turn them into dumbass Republicans.
    The details for this plan can be worked out, a la GI Bill for Education. So let’s get started on this.

  33. Sleepless nights for the opposition as they try to pack riders onto this bill.
    They ain’t as dumb as you think. They’ll make it so unpalatable he’ll have to veto his own child.

  34. Free? Like California? You mean the California that has cities declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying for all of these “free” programs?

    Nothing is free. It is one thing to suggest things for pure political motivation, it is another to suggest something and have a way to fund it so it will work for all.

  35. So you have researched the plan and come up with this?

    Educating people is politically motivated? And drop the democrat stuff.

  36. Democrats off in La La Land again thinking we can just put this all on a credit card. How is that FREE health care working out for everyone?

    NOTHING is free.

  37. I’ll wait and see what his definition of Working Hard is. If these people really have to work for it, there’s no reason we Republicans shouldn’t like it.

  38. How is that FREE health care working out for everyone?
    First of all its not free

    The Affordable Care Act’s Lower-Than-Projected Premiums Will Save $190 Billion

    CBO: ‘Obamacare’ cuts deficit

    How does it feel going though life as a DUMBASS

  39. Except for the Kneejerk-Negative-Response-to-Anything-the-Black-President-Proposes Syndrome that conservatives have been victims of since 2008. But, yeah.

  40. American workers ARE qualified to do it. They just want more money than the indian equivalent. Probably because they have to pay for all the entitlements like this one.

  41. Well that’s one way of looking at it. To hell with your fellow citizens because egads they want to be treated fairly lets just outsource the labor so the rich can get richer. Great job there bub

  42. “American workers ARE qualified to do it. They just want more money than the indian equivalent. Probably because they have to pay for all the entitlements like this one.”

    Your first sentence is correct, but the rest is silly. The American worker doesnt want more than the Indian equivalent. They simply want to make what they were making before the outsourced cheap labor from a foreign country showed up. Until this gets resolved, giving out more degrees isnt going to do a whole lot. Corporations controlling our politicians is what has led us down this path. We need a govt that works for the best interest of the people, not just serving a minute slice of society that has no interest in cultural/societal standards, but only profits and in doing so, have turned a respectable “free market” concept into corrupted, backroom dealing, volatile, Las Vegas style experiment, funneling our economy into very few bank account holders who have the right networking and know how.

  43. There goes tax money!

    First illegal immigrants, now this (which I must admit is a bit better way to use the taxes, but still.)

    Amazon from now on :)

  44. “Obama drops a bomb on republicans…”

    You mean the Republicans that hold a majority on the House and Senate now? Good luck getting that proposition passed. Obama hasn’t made it happen yet, he’s only suggested it. Why are people already praising him? Granted, you have to start somewhere, but there’s no guarantee anything will come of this. We can start thanking him when the idea comes to fruition.

    And to reiterate what a few here have already said, costs don’t just disappear. Anyone happy to have their tuition costs covered should also be willing to cover tuition for others later in life.

    I’m not even saying it’s a bad idea. I’d probably take advantage of it myself if it were available right now. I just want to make sure everyone is maintaining a correct perspective on this before they get too excited.

  45. For my part, I find it fair that what I have received, I pay forward, and that what I have freely given, may return in some form when I am in need. Social creatures operate like that; most mammals are at least somewhat social, and we are more social than most. Water hoarded in a pond becomes stagnant and then poisonous before drying up. Water flowing from basin to basin runs clear and strong.

  46. this man, barrack Obama, will go down as one of the most successful American presidents in the history of this great nation. for all he has accomplished despite the unprecedented, preplanned GOP obstruction, sabotage, and division from day one, makes him one of the greats. if a republican president accomplished just a fraction of what Obama has done, righties would put his face on mount rushmore and on our currency. president Obama one of the greatest American presidents ever??? absolutely!!! and this is what fuels the rightwing hatred. they know it. I know it. America knows it. Obama has done a great job CONSIDERING the unprecedented resistance from republicans. history will very kind to Obama and trash the GOP and conservative bigotry and hate.

  47. That is absolutely fair right there. Everyone should have this kind of attitude. In fact I think it’s a good rule of thumb to follow for taxes in general to only support a tax if you carefully consider the needs of both the benefactor and the recipient. If a recipient would not want to pay their share dictated by the conditions of the tax if they were in the benefactors shoes or if they determine they do not need to receive those funds then their responsibility is to not support the tax. If benefactors would put themselves in the recipients shoes and consider if they would want help with those costs, and then they determine that they could afford to pay their share, then they have a responsibility to support the tax. As it is, I’ve only ever found this kind of attitude with voluntary donations rather than mandated taxes.

  48. Not entirely sure what you mean, Shiva. Do you mean using the donations to churches like tithing? I can’t answer for all churches, but I’m Mormon, and I know that it uses a large part of its donations to help subsidize tuition at BYU Provo/Idaho/Hawaii/etc. These contributions are voluntary and sufficient to pay for a good portion of college costs. I don’t mean to be preachy or self-righteous about this, I just think it reflects the kind of system I think would actually work. The people who have enough to give, give voluntarily.

  49. Thank You! Mr. President OBAMA and You Family you got Good Idea! Anyway I would like to wish you to get good luck,good healthy,happiness very lovely, Successful in you life both all you family wealthy and so cute ; make fun in you life!!!.

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