Horror and Hubris: Steve King Is Keeping An Enemies List As He Destroys the Republican Party

Just a few short years ago, Steve King (R-Iowa) was persona non-grata in his own party after the tea party Republican accused DREAMers of being drug mules with “calves the size of cantaloupes” due to all of that pot smuggling he imagines immigrants do. It was so bad that Speaker John Boehner called him an “a$$hole.”

Well, he’s back and he’s taking names. Republican names.

In an interview with MSNBC, King gloated over his success in winning control of the party’s immigration policy and noted that he keeps a list of those Republicans who criticized him:

Since then, King has decisively seized control of the House GOP’s immigration agenda. He forced through an amendment in 2013 to block DACA, which grants temporary deportation relief to DREAMers. He also personally crafted a border security bill with Boehner’s approval last summer that again targeted the program, and whipped conservatives behind a Homeland Security bill this month that would expose virtually all undocumented immigrants to blanket deportation. Boehner backed away from immigration reform entirely last June even though a comprehensive bill had passed the Senate in 2013 with bipartisan support. And, despite some happy talk from GOP leaders, the prospects for legislation look bleak this year.

King is not above gloating. His staff kept a running list of some 12-16 prominent Republicans who’ve leveled personal criticisms against him. The congressman said he went over it himself the other day, just for old time’s sake.

“Their agenda has been marginalized,” a smiling King told msnbc. “Mine’s been strengthened.”

So for those Republicans who feel like somebody’s watching them, chances are good it’s Steve King. Maybe he’s keeping track of the calf muscle size of his party members, lest he suspect any of them who actually want to address our immigration problems of being drug mules.

Now King is running the House Republican immigration agenda, and that should explain a lot. MSNBC noted the horror of the GOP, “Meanwhile, immigration reform advocates spent much of the last two years trying to make King politically radioactive only to watch in horror as the party has moved closer and closer to his hardline position.”

But the hubris is far from over. Instead of having learned a lesson as he destroys his party with Latino voters, King is upping the ante. He’ll take the White House hopefuls down, too, thanks so much.

As certain Republican 2016 hopefuls mull over skipping Iowa caucuses in order to avoid being “bullied” by King, he pushed back reminding them they need him:

“I would say to Jeb Bush that, since Ronald Reagan, no one has ascended to the presidency as a Republican without first winning the Ames straw poll and the Iowa caucus,” he said, referring to Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush and brother, George W. Bush. “If you can’t sell your positions in Iowa, what’s the argument as to where you can?”

Horror and hubris. Sounds about right for the modern day Republican Party. This is the party that is also currently trying to explain that they are not pro-rape. Okay?

King may have let his last name go to his head, but it’s the Republican Party that can’t control its extremists and instead has been letting them wag the dog for far too long.

23 Replies to “Horror and Hubris: Steve King Is Keeping An Enemies List As He Destroys the Republican Party”

  1. Hey King won on Republican Immigration. What a joke man! The GOP let you have it for they have no plans of doing anything about immigration. This is the GOP way of pushing you way out of the picture. Enjoy spinning your wheels in a dead head job man.

  2. Steve King For President; yep he’s the true face of todays REPUBLICAN PARTY; no more hiding it; the man is Mr. Republican 2015:0)))

  3. Wanker of the Day: Sarah Palin
    This is real, not for The Onion:

    Just before she heads to Iowa for the first major conservative showcase of the 2016 election cycle, Sarah Palin said “of course” she’s interested in the 2016 presidential election.

    “Yeah, I mean, of course, when you have a servant’s heart, when you know that there is opportunity to do all you can to put yourself forward in the name of offering service, anybody would be interested,” Palin told ABC News’ Neal Karlinsky while serving wild boar chili to the homeless in Las Vegas Thursday.

  4. Do forgive me, but the Hispanics voters/nonvoters, voted for this. In my state 60% Hispanics males voting for the republican, 30% female.

    They let rich pundits tell them “both parties are the same” BS (in Spanish or English). And now they’re really getting screw (in your face screw). The sad part is, we all getting screw. Social Security, Health Ins., Pension, Min. wage, Roe v. Wade, Education etc.. And this is all in 2/3 weeks.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  5. these republicans are worthless and petulant man children and do not deserve to have any part in our democracy and don’t belong in any level of our government.

  6. This guy is awesome. I mean, Latinos already hate the GOP, overwhelmingly voted for Obama, and this guy just reminds them why on a daily basis. He’s doing more for Hilary than he can imagine and he can’t see it because he’s a narcissist.
    Thanks Steve!
    What a freakin’ tool

  7. I hope the GOPTPers are enjoying that vice grip King has on their gonads. May he twist and twist to his little heart’s delight because these suckers have let him get away with this BS for years. Now that he’s becoming more of an embarrassment for them, I suspect the 2016 GOP nominees will try to keep him as far away from themselves as they possibly can. Imo, it’s way too late. The bull is out of the gate and is wreaking havoc in the pasture. Let the GOPTP rodeo begin!

  8. I’ve never seen such racism and, it must be said: treason. This party sat down on inauguration night 2008 and pledged total noncooperation with the Obama administration. They turned their back on every citizen and immigrant, held the country back from financial recovery, foment national and international crises with their invitation to Netanyahu–all for partisan politics and personal aggrandizement while they dismantle Obamacare, weaken the country by withholding appointee confirmation, and roll back environmental and immigration orders while threatening women’s rights, minority rights and educational opportunities, not to mention the steady erosion of voting rights.

    The don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but power and money. Boehner, M cConnell et el should be impeached and charged with treason.

    Where the hell are you, American normal people????

  9. ‘Useless as balls on a brood mare.’

    To bad for King that DHS is defunded.
    And the President declared the war over, ending the funding Act authority.
    Chasing Cubans will not be well-received, either….
    Too bad, so sad. Hubris is not only a bitch, she is THE bitch.

  10. Our election season needs to be limited to two months primary, one month general. Then maybe our elected officials could do some work and stop sucking off the tit of special interest groups while they’re collecting a salary paid by our tax dollars.

  11. He doesn’t really bother me, seems like a good guy if the worst he’s done is the calves remark (the drug trade is a mess, though decriminalization would clean it up a ton).

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