Mike Huckabee Slams “Trashy” Women At Fox News For Cussing Too Much

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Apparently, Mike Huckabee’s puritan sensibilities were offended while he worked at FOX News. In an interview, on the Iowa-based Mickelson in the Morning radio show, the former Arkansas Governor griped that women out East cuss as readily as the men do. True to form, when Huckabee denounced the women for their use of foul language, he rooted his criticism in a regional argument. Extolling the special virtues of the South and the Midwest, while condemning people who live in the liberal coastal areas, is one of Huckabee’s go to themes. So it should come as no surprise that Huckabee voiced his disgust in explicitly regional terms, arguing:

In the South, or in the Midwest, there in Iowa, you would not have people who would just throw the F-bomb or use gratuitous profanity in a professional setting. In New York, not only do the men do it, but the women. My gosh, this is worse than locker-room talk. As we would say in the South, that’s just trashy.

Although he is talking about employees at a conservative news network, his commentary implies that cussing is a unique cultural malady, found only in horrible liberal places, like New York City. The profanity virus is so widespread in these places that even the women folk are not immune. This is horrifying to Mr. Huckabee. He assumes that this kind of foul language is only spoken by women in “bubbleville”. In Huckabee’s Manichean worldview, the more virtuous ladies in “Bubbaville” wouldn’t dream of dropping an occasional “F” bomb. They know their place, after all. Swearing is just for men, and even they probably shouldn’t do it much.

Mike Huckabee may have a point that gratuitous cussing in the workplace is unnecessary. Many people would probably have no quarrel with that premise. However, because Huckabee expresses his criticism with remarks that fuse regional chauvinism with his transparent misogyny, his disdain for the “F” word is overshadowed by his animosity towards East Coast women. Huckabee can’t even bring himself to like coastal women who work at FOX News.

Long before Huckabee began preaching jeremiads against the cultural influence of Beyonce, he made his contempt for women known with his infamous Uncle Sugar speech where he railed against ladies and their libidos:

And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it, let’s take that discussion all across America because women are far more than Democrats have made them to be.

Mike Huckabee can complain about “trashy” women all he wants, but his continued insistence on trashing women, is the real problem that needs to be addressed.

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  1. He is a racist sexist asshole. He is a charlatan who preys on people to enrich himself. I don’t know why people think he is some lovable person, dammit people he raise his sons to torture and kill dogs!! At least Michael Vick paid for his crimes this hypocrite used his power to get his sick son out of trouble.

    And lets not forget he freed a known rapist only for that person to kill and murder again. But since he didn’t look like Willie Horton people gave him a pass

    For him to say dainty southern belles don’t talk in vulgarities, the first time I heard this joke was when I moved to the bible belt and some gray haired white women a Southern Baptist who is sweet told it to me

  2. This from the man who performed “Cat Scratch Fever” with self proclaimed pant-shitting, draft dodging, pedophile Ted Nugent.

    I guess Huckabee’s well acquainted with trashy.

  3. Q: What’s the difference between northern girls and southern belles?

    A: Northern girls say “Yes, you may”, southern belles say “Yes, y’all can”.

  4. How about the trashy executives (i.e. Roger Ailes) who insist the women of Fox were skimpy skirts or dresses then sit behind clear glass tables?

  5. I’ve lived and worked all over the ‘South’. Sitting in a law office right this minute with various women who have used the F-word several times today and none of the ‘menfolk’ blinked an eye! In NASHVILLE.

    Huckajesus is stuck in a 50s that never existed. I am older than he is and I am from Texas, so………..

  6. From what I read I see that a lot of you have been raised by one of those 1960’s hippies,get a life. It’s a real world out there. Get some backbone in you, before you critisize the republicans, just look at the mess the country is in because of you freeloaders wanting a cheque in your mailbox, free food stamps so you can trade them in for a free ride to Hawaii, . The debt of food stampe has climbed to 65 billions per year. That’s with a ‘B’. The more freebees you get, the more you want. Go to school first, I presume you’re drop-outs, then get a job. No you won’t be President- we got one already and he don’t do nothing.Then if you don’t blow it on pot you might have some left over to pay your rent and you food,[oopps I forgot] you’re on food stamps.I think you get my drift. Wake up America

  7. Was he maybe trying to take a jab at Sarah Palin as well? She was recently photographed with a sign that included the “f-bomb”…hmmm.

  8. I have thrown a nearly identical screed in the trashcan before. You have no more originality than you have decency. You have still less idea of your real place in the scheme of things– one of the ewepeople who serves as a convenient Judas-wether, trying to lead them to slaughter with your castrated bleatings, witless that you’re mutton next.

  9. It looks as if the person to whom I addressed this (Roger Tetrault) got trashcanned even as I wrote.

  10. I see someone fished you out of the garbage can again. I reiterate, Judas-wether: don’t ever imagine you’ll be one of the diners instead of the dinner.

  11. I agree. This is a setup to the take down of Sarah Palen. Someone should have asked him how he felt about being on the same program with the trashy woman holding the Fuc You Michael Moore poster!

  12. He’s doing a great job of alienating women, gays, minorities and immigrants. Yeah ole Huck will be out of the race before it even starts because he has diarrhea of the mouth. Go back under your rock mr snake huckabee.

  13. Mike Huckabee maybe a sex addict,first it was Beyonce, he couldn’t take her shaking her big a*s all over the place…now it’s womens with trashy mouth, but, the only way we will know is when… he starts to complain about women who beat men with peacock feathers!

  14. his commentary implies that cussing is a unique cultural malady, found only in horrible liberal places, like New York City.
    Heh…well, the amount of S-words and F-bombs that come out of the mouths of NY’ers is no doubt a wonder to behold.

    But fer chrissakes, leave NY’ers be.
    Cursing is still one of the few simple pleasures in life that NY’ers can enjoy that the city hasn’t figured out how to tax yet.

  15. The Word says, “The Lord honors clean conversation”. Charlie, why be so proud of bad manners? I know many NewYorkers who do not have such bad manners, and do not use those words. Do you know “christ” means “Messiah”, or “saviour”? Maybe you could say, “fer ‘Charlie’sakes”? Bless you, you may not know all of this. You do now. Your tongue can either bless you or curse you. Please keep that in mind for “yoursake”.

  16. Ozzie and Harriet

    Ozzie never worked but had an office upstairs. All he ever did was solve problems for Harriet and the boys.

  17. It always amazes me that people as sick as Huckabee gain national promence. This guy is really f…..up. Excuse the expression

  18. Charlie, why be so proud of bad manners?
    Because I’m a NY’er?

    Personally I find “too” much swearing to be tedious and makes the perpetual user of unseemly language appear foolish and illiterate. But some appropriately placed curse words during polite conversation can also be quite funny. There’s a time and a place for everything…including using foul language.

    In the end, the word choices of NY’ers or anyone elses for that matter is their own business, not mine, and is an issue I don’t give a shit about it.

  19. Hmmm. funny but every “trashy” women I’ve ever met was a Republican or a Conservative or a Tea Bagger..

  20. I got a few things to say to the Huskser.

    F*ck You & the self serving horse you road in on!!
    Your a Damn Disgrace to all REAL preachers!
    You Are Absolutely Nothing but a Self Absorbed ZEALOT, & WILL NEVER EVER BECOME PRESIDENT!!!!!

  21. ” you need to kill pigs to make sausage” so lets kill some pigs” He was almost as funny as Palin.
    Never has he once said men are responsible for pregnancy. Neither has any one else. Men are not responsible for any of it

  22. Roger..those moochers your talking about were raised by Godfearin’democrat hatin’REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES!! NOT those 1960’s “hippie types” My parents were from the greatest generation and worked for everything like the DEMOCRATS they were! You are quoting nearly label by label the Goebbels Channel and every anti-reality Reich Wing screed site. Face it Roger you’re a loser and a gullible moron.

  23. The GOP seems to be going whole hog on pigs…
    Ernst the pig castrator.
    Huck and sausage.
    Of course, some pigs are more equal than others…..

  24. I am a constitutional conservative. I think that women should take the initiative to take birth control into their own hands because ultimately it’s their body. Plus women (myself included) always go on and on about how capable we are…yet when it comes to birth control we all of a sudden don’t want to be in “control”? Give me a break. Pregnancy is something that we can and should control ourselves. It’s called being responsible. As far as the swearing thing goes, i am a proud woman from Texas and i curse like a sailor. Trashy? Maybe according to some, but i would rather judge a person based on how they treat people and their contribution to society. I wish everyone in this once great nation would stop allowing the public figures to set the divisive tone during campaign season. If we change our response to the bullshit that we are fed, then the candidates would have to change their strategy. Maybe even be accountable. Wishful thinking.

  25. Women taking charge of their own birth control implies both access and knowledge, and the rightists are Hell-bent on denying them both.

  26. Though i completely respect your faith and way of seeing the cursing issue, i would hope that you could find it in your heart to accept that not everyone lives their lives based on the word. Even those who do and fall short (which everyone is a sinner) are only to be held accountable on judgment day. Not by other sinners. No sin is worse than another and i feel that leading by example would help us all be more open to communication that is productive. I would love to have a civil conversation about your views on my point and maybe we can each grow through healthy dialogue. ;)

  27. But if contraceptives are part of a womens heath and you being a women its use more for birth control but even if its just for B/C being the conservative that you are wouldn’t be cheaper for the corporations to provide it other than paying for pre-natal care and the birth itself? We know that when it comes down to it your god is the almighty dollar

  28. I don’t think ol’ Huck has ever hung around with sistah Palin. I am sure she cusses with the best of them, wherever she is. Huck probably hangs out with little old blue haired church ladies. Get a life Huck, women who cuss (appropriately and at the right time and place) are, in my opinion CLASSY. Not phonies, and have a good, exciting s-e-x life, something poor Huck probably don’t have ;)

  29. I can’t help but wonder if any of you here have any education, as you do not seem to understand plain English. Huckabee did not call women trashy. He called cussing trashy. Where I live in California, cussing is still considered trashy, though many do it. Also in the second quote that you are saying is an attack on women, is actually defending them. Read it! He is putting down the Dems for saying that women aren’t capable enough to take care of themselves.

  30. Before you go around talking about how we liberals need to go to school, you might want to re-check your post for all of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in it. When you can understand the uses of commas versus the uses of semi-colons and properly determine which one you should have been using where within your post, get back to us.

  31. This story is a lie. Huckabee never said anything about the women at Fox News. Read his book and find out what he said, before you hate.

  32. Diarrhea of the mouth is really bad, but when combined with constipation of the brain, it is even worse. I wonder why Huckabee does not condemn Miley Cyrus and her porn performances. Oh yes, it’s because she is from Bubbaville, not Bubbleville.

  33. John, I see your brainwashing is complete. Pick up your tinfoil hat and take your place in line to be screwed by those you vote for.

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