RINO Hunting Tea Party Purists Set Sights On Defeating Senator John McCain


A pair of Arizona Tea Party Congressmen are reportedly drawing up plans to challenge Arizona Senator John McCain in the 2016 Republican Senate primary. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) and Dave Schweikert (AZ-06) are rumored to be discussing plans to take on McCain. Making matters worse for McCain, the two Tea Party Congressmen have apparently agreed that only one of them should enter the fray, eliminating the risk of splitting the anti-McCain vote.

McCain will turn 80 years old by Election Day 2016, but so far, he has made every indication that he plans to run for his sixth term as U.S. Senator. He was first elected to the Senate in 1986.

McCain’s problem, however, is that while he is a reliably conservative Senator on most issues, he is not far right enough to please the Tea Party extremists in his state. The Arizona Republican Party censured McCain in 2014 for being insufficiently conservative. Activists were especially upset by his willingness to consider some type of immigration reform. Any compromise on immigration is viewed as political heresy by the purist wing of the Arizona Republican Party.

Although McCain fended off a primary challenge from J.D. Hayworth in 2010, analysts expect that Salmon or Schweikert would be more difficult opponents for the Senator to defeat. Salmon, in particular, has already amassed the start of a significant campaign war chest, suggesting that he could be a capable fundraiser for a high-profile Senate race. With the rightward drift of the modern GOP, a politician like John McCain, can not afford to breathe easy.

McCain has long been targeted by Republican purists as being a RINO (“Republican In Name Only”). Now, it appears that the potential candidates gearing up to purge him from Congress, are serious about their efforts. Salmon and Schweikert are not mere partisan gadflies contemplating a futile vanity campaign against McCain. They are members of the U.S. House who can mobilize both Tea Party supporters and establishment Republicans to rally to their cause.

Should Salmon or Schweikert choose to run, they would pose a threat to John McCain’s ability to secure the Republican nomination. If either of the Tea Party Congressman were able to oust McCain, the race would also present a window of opportunity for the Democrats to wrestle the Senate seat away from the GOP. With the RINO hunters poised to take out McCain, Democrats need to be prepared to put a strong Senate candidate forward. If they do, they are in a position to exploit Republican infighting, which could turn McCain’s red Senate seat blue in 2016.

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  1. It couldn’t happen to a nicer old cannibal, yet it confirms the suspicion that the Republican “Party” is no longer any such thing, but one of the many arms of a fascist octopus.

  2. The repugs in AZ could run a cocker spaniel and win if the dog heisted his leg on immigration reform. AZ will stay red until the demographic changes take full effect.

    2016 – redder than red
    2020 – maybe, 50-50
    2024 – very good chance of turning blue

  3. Anybody who thought Sarah Palin could function as VP with a chance of becoming President in an emergency doesn’t deserve to hold office.

  4. This is a good way to describe McCain. There were code pink protesters in the senate today, here’s how it went down. They protested Henry Kissinger and McCain threatened to have them all arrested saying “get out of here, you low-life scum,” Later that day McCain referred to them as rebel freedom fighters and insisted giving them grenade launchers as part of a stimulus (watch cspan to see more, the only fictional part being the latter and it isn’t THAT fictional).

  5. Not that I give a damn, but it makes me wonder: Does she slosh when she walks?

    I mean, water-on-the-brain is obvious, but T&A too?

    I need to stop wondering. I’m getting nauseous.

  6. Stupid person owns a home in Arizona wouldn’t it be delish if she runs against McCain for his seat in 2016?

    It would be a death spiral of hate, hubris and zombies eating one another better than the walking dead.

    I’d pay to watch that dead match!

  7. As a Scottsdale Arizona resident, I would dearly love watching the RWNJ death spiral between John McCain and Sarah Palin in a GOP Primary. We Dems would have one hell of a good time!

  8. There should be an age limit for these politicians running for office. McCain should retire, unless he is terrified that if he does someone will unseal both his military records and his medical racords?? He STILL supports PayMe running for president!!Unless he feels he has to say that, or face questions about her qualifications for VP.

  9. Saw that way back when DJ. Also watched many other rethugs doing the same. She always was just a sex doll for them and if,( a big If) John had won don’t believe any one of the thugs would have wanted her to be used as a Vice A Pres. Imagine what she and her hill billy family would have done to the reputation of our country.
    On the other hand, I think McCain dodged a bullet, by not winning. Don’t believe he would have lasted one term.

  10. “McCain has long been targeted by Republican purists as being a RINO (“Republican In Name Only”).”

    In Tea Party speak means “We hate everyone who does not agree that we are the greatest thing on the planet”

    These guys have to be worst than Warmonger McCain. That’s scary in itself!!!!

  11. As bad as the warmonger McCain is, he is still better than any Tea Party candidate. Arizona will be totally lost forever with the Tea Party running things there.

  12. There is something fundamentally wrong with the title of the post!

    The “RINO Hunting Tea Party Purists”
    are the real RINO’s as they are NOT Republicans, they HATE the Republicans and they want to destroy the Republicans.

    RINO Hunting Tea Party Purists are Republicans in Name Only. I’m not saying that they are wrong but they are the Real Rinos.

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