Chuck Todd Lets Paul Ryan Lie About President Obama’s Economic Record On Meet The Press


paul ryan meet the press

Chuck Todd allowed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to lie and distort the president’s economic record without even the slightest push back on Meet The Press.



Ryan completely distorted the president’s tax plan, “So what I think the president is trying to do here is again exploit envy economics. This top-down redistribution doesn’t work. We’ve known it for six years. Look, it may make for good politics, but it doesn’t make for good economic growth.”

What did Chuck Todd do when confronted with a series of obvious lies, and a rewriting of recent history? He moved on to his next question as if Paul Ryan had spoken the gospel truth.

One chart blows Ryan’s claim that raising taxes on the wealthy while lowering taxes on everyone else doesn’t work:


The chart above comes from a study conducted by Princeton economists Alan Blinder and Mark Watson that found that the U.S. economy grows faster under Democratic presidents, “The U.S. economy has grown faster–and scored higher on many other macroeconomic metrics–when the President of the United States is a Democrat rather than a Republican. For many measures, including real GDP growth (on which we concentrate), the performance gap is both large and statistically significant, despite the fact that postwar history includes only 16 complete presidential terms.”

Repeated studies have also shown that Ryan’s favored tax cuts for the wealthy don’t grow the economy.

It also would have been nice if Todd would have let Ryan know that Barack Obama is the biggest tax cutter is American history.

There is also the matter of Paul Ryan’s claim that the country has practiced top-down economic redistribution for the past six years. The truth is that President Obama came into office saddled with Bush tax cuts. Republicans threatened to throw millions of people into poverty unless Obama extended the Bush tax cuts in 2010. Republicans didn’t realize it at the time, but they were set up by the president for what eventually became a tax increase on the wealthy.

Paul Ryan told several lies that would have been easy for Todd to push him on with a follow-up question, but the Meet The Press host chose to do nothing. It is tough to take any “public affairs” program seriously that makes facts optional. To his credit, Chuck Todd has been open about why he feels like he has to let Republicans lie on his show. Todd has argued that if he doesn’t allow Republicans to lie, they won’t come on his show anymore. Todd is right. If he started calling out lies, Republicans would abandon his program, but he does have a responsibility to not let blatant untruths go unchallenged.

Paul Ryan’s economic policies don’t work. The only way Ryan can justify his policies is to lie. It is up those who interview Ryan to correct basic facts. This interview was a perfect example of why many Americans no longer trust the media.

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  1. Boycott Meet The Press!!! But I think every-one knows Ryan is a BIG Liar just like the rest of the GOP!!!

  2. So what if they would refuse to come on the show if you wouldn’t let them lie. What is more important to Todd, integrity, honesty, the truth or a non-factual show based on guests lying? Also, let them go only on faux fake news & preach to their choir who loves their lies, no new voters there. If they refuse to go on honest network news or political shows, they will be shooting themselves in the foot over time & they know it.

  3. Chuck Todd is unwatchable. Thanks to Politicususa and Charlie Pierce for watching for us and reporting.

  4. This statement by Chuck is why this show will gradually lose Independents and Democrats watching it…. —-“Todd said that he allows guests to lie on Meet The Press, because if he didn’t, politicians (Republicans) would refuse to be on his show.”——— So in other words, he is aiding and abetting the LYING Republicans! This is NOT the way to set up a show. In other words, Chuck needs to get lying Republicans to appear on his faltering show to get ratings? Guess what? That is not ethical in no way shape or form. Chuck and Meet the Press need a shakeup, fire Chuck and the producers. There seems to be no fair and balance with the lineup weekly of Lying Republicans without follow up Democrats to rebut the statements made by the LYING Republicans. I quit watching that show…I will stay tuned to CNN or Melissa H. Perry on MSNBC at that time slot. Chuck the Todd soon, they made a mistake putting him as host of that prestigeous [Sp.]show. His days are numbered I feel… He is …

  5. So my answer is to not watch any Republican on any show. It was nice that Raddatz pushed back on wily Walker this AM though. Maybe SHE should be doing MTP if they refuse to let their only real journalist, Rachel, do it?
    Raddatz has more foreign policy chops than anyone on the GOP side.

  6. This is why I no longer watch Meet the Press. I stopped watching it when David Gregory was the Narrator. Gregory and Todd I believe both disliked the President and will allow Republicans to come on the program and tell all kind of lies without the slightest challenge to the contrary. Chuck also needs to be fired from the program.

  7. Let’s get RACHEL MADDOW to do that show. Republicans will be afraid to come on, and those that do will find out that their BS won’t fly or pass the smell test Rachel will give it; and then after getting schooled by Rachel they certainly will NOT COME BACK! Good. Certainly McCain and his sidekick Lindseeeey will not be regular guests, and spare us the Obama bashing and sabre rattling that seems to be their MO.

  8. I just watched a good hour long interview with President Obama on Fareed Zhakaria on CNN. When you listen to President Obama you notice how he is head and shoulders above all the know-nothing Republicans we are hearing in the news. President Obama is one class act.

    We need more journalists like Fareed Zhakaria, and no more Todds or any of the myriad other people who have no idea what it is like to actually be a journalist.

  9. I watched that and could not get enough. It was so refreshing to hear an American president speak so eloquently with so much knowledge. I was really very very proud.

    If only a few more Americans would listen to him but I guess they are incapable of understanding. .

  10. Oh, Chuck. You are missing out on an absolutely awesome shamer. Just picture it: We invited (Senator so and so, or Representative thus and such) to speak with us today, but they declined to Meet The Press. Here is what they said, these are the questions we have about that. Our invitation stands. Come on out and Meet The Press (SEN/REP). And then you can tear into them in absentia. Please hold them accountable, otherwise it is just free advertising for their talking points.

  11. TerryLF: I watched that show too on CNN with Fareed Zacharia and Obama. Obama was on point with his answers. He impressed me, and I could see into why and how he makes his decisions. Clear, measured, sensical and logical. Republicans don’t get it—Obama does! His answers came out in a measured, thoughtfull way. His words were well chosen and precise. Even Sarah Palin would understand. Speaking of Sara…can you imagine her (as President Palin) sitting down to an interview like this and giving coherent, plausible, logical, intelligent answers or would we be cringing and reaching for the remote to tune her out? !!! This morning also, did you hear McCain defending her? He still believes she is capable of being an asset to their party and, WOULD HAVE MADE A GOOD PRESIDENT!!! He said he has no problems with her, if she decided to (really) run for President. Is he NUTS! ??? What’s HIS problem? How in the world could he still admire that empty headed embarrasment? Guilt?

  12. Conservatives seem to have lost track of traditional value known as truth. Or just how dishonorable it is to lie

  13. What good will it do to have these idiots on the show if there is no audience left. I refuse to watch them lie, and I am sure that I am not alone.
    Let Chuckie and MTP broadcast to empty space. That should bring them lots of revenue.

  14. I sure hate these rethugs, and according to VOX the Israeli ambassador who was conniving with Boehner is now making jokes about it on twitter.

  15. Lying is all they got. If appearance is based on truth, we might never see a teapublican on tv ever again.

    Its already minute 16 for Palin.

  16. If Todd confronted the repugs with the truth, they wouldn’t come back on his show. His words not mine. So Chuck is just fine with liars on his show. Which makes his show not worth watching and Todd not worth anything.

  17. OK so I’m nuts but I continue to say that Democrats left Republicans win this last election for just this reason. They have to tell us their agenda in full now and it will all come back to haunt them in 2016. Romney is already a product of that truth telling and the Republicans know that with what he has said in the past he is unelectable. Now the rest of the Republicans are being made to do the same, tell the truth.

  18. Chuck Todd was such a poor choice to host Meet The Press. Grow a pair Chuck, be a journalist not a bobble head

  19. I don’t watch this show, but all I seem to hear is that he allows Repubs to come on and lie. Does he never have Dems on the show for counterpoint? Isn’t this a panel discussion format? Or, is it just solo guests? Surely he can talk to more than one person at a time.

  20. Hate to break it to you Todd but I won’t watch your show because you let them lie. I’m fairly certain others are doing the same.

    You have a choice, have them on and lose viewers or don’t have them on if that’s how they roll and prove they’re liars but have viewers. You can’t have it Both ways guy!

  21. There have been several studies over the past few years of who exactly is invited on the chat shows.

    A very thorough report was done by Media Matters in Jan 2014, which includes several categories with charts. Long, but worth the time.

    REPORT: Ideology And Partisanship On The 2013 Broadcast Sunday Morning Political Talk Shows

    P.S. When Dems or liberals are invited they are almost attacked by the host and treated with such disrespect.

  22. I noticed that this morning too. All Chuck Todd had to say was that President Obama is also not happy that everyone isn’t sharing in the recovery and that is why President Obama wants a raise in minimum wage, higher daycare tax credit, free junior college tuition. Ryan himself mentioned higher daycare tax credit. Todd did not defend Obama policies at all.

  23. There have been several studies over the past few years of who exactly is invited on the chat shows.

    A very thorough report was done by Media Matters in Jan 2014, which includes several categories with charts. Long, but worth the time.

    REPORT: Ideology And Partisanship On The 2013 Broadcast Sunday Morning Political Talk Shows

    P.S. When Dems or liberals are invited they are almost attacked by the host and treated with such disrespect.

  24. (Please excuse vulgarity)
    ChuckTodd aka F**kTard, is a product of “I’ll do and say anything you want as long as you pay me a bloated salary.” It is in the interest of Tim Russet’s wonderful legacy that Chuck gets replaced with someone who respects the American viewer, and isn’t afraid to question and challenge a lie, to get at the truth, in a journalistic sense, like Tim Russet.

  25. I have been blocked from viewing and tweeting Chuck Todd. I guess he could not take any more of my tweets to him many articles calling him a dumb excuse of a journalist.

    I also regularly told hum that the was the epitome of the Peter Principle and was so far out of his depth that he might as well have been in outer space.

    He did not have the man parts to take the criticism so he blocked me from viewing his tweets. Not that they amounted to any level of great intelligence.

    I did not know that you could be blocked from viewing tweets.

  26. …OK Chucky…you’ve had your chance to prove you could be objective, and you failed spectacularly…now get the FVCK off of MSNBC and go to Fox, the anti-fact channel…
    President Obama has more integrity in his little toe than you’ve EVER been able to claim…you and Junky Joe are dragging MSNBC down to Faux Snooze’s level…you lie so much and condone lies so much if you said the skies here in Southern Wisconsin were blue, I would think they were purple until I had the chance to look…{no matter which NeoConArtist or Teahadist backed you up}there’s a real good reason that your latest Teahadist propagandist is called “Lyin’ Ryan”…I have nothing but contempt for you and your ilk…as my Dad, a US Army veteran, another group you treat disrespectfully, said “A firing squad’s too good for these Arseholes.”

  27. Meet the press should be about discussing issues and facts and not the place where politicians go to lie. If you know they are going to lie and you are not not going to confront them regarding their lies, then change the name of the show to Liars Meet the Liars.

  28. Chickie Boy, you have become a sham! Maybe Bill O’Reilly will retire soon. That would be a golden opportunity for you!

  29. I wonder if Jason Easley is distorting the work of the Princeton study. The economists, Alan Blinder and Mark Watson, cite other issues… like luck… for the growth in GDP during Democratic presidencies.

    I don’t believe in Reaganomics, or in GOP policies, but Easley’s use of the Princeton study doesn’t pass my journalistic standards and it shouldn’t for

  30. I would nominate Lawrence O’Donnell to moderate MTP. Leave Rachel’s tIme slot alone — we need her at night!

    Lawrence would kick their a**es sideways and to the moon, and screw them if they’d not come on the show!

  31. I have written to the President, Senate Republicans and Democrats on 3 important issues that would bring back jobs. First of all, get rid of the “Temporary Employee” tax write off. This is where companies hire temporary employees and it is written off to the taxpayers! Why are the tax payers paying for labor that is provided to companies? If this write off was eliminated, then companies would hire people permanently! Secondly, get rid of the “Reconstruction Tax Write Off!” This is where companies take down their facilities, move overseas and rebuild in another country ON OUR DIME! Why should the taxpayers pay for a company to move jobs overseas????? Thirdly, get rid of the 35% export tax! American companies can not compete when they have to pay 35% to export their products while foreign companies can ship in their products at 2%!!!!!!! These are major problems and should be easy fixes but can’t be fixed when we have Corporate HOE politicians who sell America down the drain…

  32. I guess Romney is not the only Republican who does not worry about the problems of poor people.

    Sorry Ryan, you cannot continue to pee on the shoes of financially struggling Americans and call it “trickle down economics”.

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